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Bigg Boss OTT 17th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 40 8 AM

Everybody awakens moving. Divya says Good morning top 5.

9:15 AM

Nishant says to Divya on the off chance that we go to that house, we will play the correct way. Together. We as a whole must be joined there if every one of the 5 arrive. We ought to have a wolf pack.

Pratik says seeing this house and being so near that house, I feel like I have made it.

12:30 PM

Raqesh says this food isn’t acceptable. Divya says I will take an update from you when I go out. He chuckles. Divya says will I need to call her bhabhi? He says we are companions. She says as much show in companionship. What might occur in relationship. You stroll into issues yourself. Raqesh giggles.

1:30 PM

Shamita prepares. Raqesh helps her. Everybody is sleeping. Divya says I am having a great time. Shamita says we are exhausted Bigg Boss. Nishant says shut the camera and mic and leaves Raqesh and Shamita here. They will eat chocolate here. Everybody chuckles.

5 PM

Bigg Boss says you have gone through 40 days in OTT. You lived with outsiders for such a long time in one house. In this time there were numerous things that made you glad and numerous things that probably made you pitiful. These recollections make it all great. A few recollections live with us everlastingly and a few, we need to abandon them. It’s an ideal opportunity to remember those recollections. Everybody applauds. Nishant embraces Pratik and Divya. Pratik says I can’t see them. Nishant is called out in the nursery.

Nishant says thank you Bigg Boss. It was forever my fantasy. Nishant’s days play when he used to prod Raqesh. Everybody giggles. At the point when he made a sonnet on Raqesh with Milund. They show his battle with Raqesh and when Raqesh got enthusiastic. Nishant began crying. At the point when Pratik said Nishant is superior to this part. They show his minutes with Pratik and their companionship. Pratik and Nishant grin. They show when Pratik gave the letter to Nishant as opposed to getting the stepping stool. At the point when Pratik saved Nishant and Moose. They show his and Nishant’s battle with Zeeshan. Furthermore, when Zeeshan was approached to take off from the house. How Pratik and Nishant stood together. They show his fun with Moose and Neha. Everybody gets enthusiastic.

Bigg Boss says Nishant says there are two pictures here. Which memory would you like to take with your eternity and the one you need to abandon. Shred the one you need to abandon. Nishant picks the one with Raqesh. He says Raqesh and I are old buddies. We had our reasons and we didn’t have a pack in this show. He picks Pratik’s photograph. Nishant says at a ton of times I didn’t remain by Raqesh here. So memory of not supporting him is something I don’t want to take with me. I’m sorry Raqesh. Nishant comes in. Everybody embraces him. Divya says it looked so extraordinary.

Shamita is called straightaway. They show her battles with Divya. Shamita said Divya said she need to play alone. Her conduct doesn’t have consistency. Divya said you’re a braggart. They show Divya and Shamita’s discussion. Shamita said I can’t be your companion. They show Shamita’s battle with Raqesh when he said he doesn’t care for being controlled and he isn’t conversing with her any longer. They show when Pratik pushed Shamita and Raqesh said this is the thing that I implied when I said Pratik was more grounded. Shamita was distraught and yelled at him. Raqesh said I really focused on you. Shamita said I am harmed and you needed to substantiate yourself? Raqesh said simply be glad damn it. Shamita said I felt bright cornered. They show when Shamita said let me be.

Nishant laughs. Divya says for what reason would you say you are giggling? She’s crying. Yours was entertaining. Bigg Boss says Shamita you saw two recollections. Which one would you like to take with you? Shamita picks the one with Raqesh. She says those were extremely upsetting recollections for me. It was extremely agonizing and our relationship isn’t only this. It’s past this and we have left is behind. We needed to go through that stage to be the place where we are today, which is a good glad space. I might want to place this in the shredder and leave back the entirety of my hurt, outrage, and agony. She shreds it.

Shamita returns. Raqesh says come here. Nishant says you alright? Shamita says allow me two minutes. She heads inside.

6:30 PM

Shamita is vexed. Raqesh asks what was the deal? She says it’s simply undesirable. He says don’t stress over it. It’s finished. She says I am not stressed. Raqesh says talk. Shamita says I am fine. Raqesh brings her out.

Pratik’s turn begins. Bigg Boss plays his minutes with Neha. They show when he did her cosmetics and arranged a date. At the point when Neha said you did what I needed. Nia said to him you’re generally excellent looking. Neha embraced him. They show his second memory of the cart task when Moose took his name. Neha battled and didn’t go in and the undertaking was dismissed. Also, when Moose made Raqesh win. Bigg manager dismissed one more assignment for him. Neha remained by him and committed him understand his error. He expressed profound gratitude for being there for me. Neha said I will slap you. They show whenever there was an opportunity to make an association with Divya. Divya said individuals are going to adore, we are both gamers. Raqesh prodded Neha they are really arranging it. Nishant and Pratik intended to prod Neha. Neha got distraught at Pratik. Pratik snickers. Neha said take care of business. Say what you need. Pratik said we were kidding. They show the pinnacle task. They show his minutes with Nishant. Pratik and Nishant giggle. Nishant put his image with Pratik and said now he’s my genuine association.

Pratik says Bigg Boss. This is so troublesome. Bigg manager says Pratik shred one of the photos. One is with Neha and one with Pratik. Pratik says on one side Nishant, who’s my companion since week 1. Also, one the opposite side, Neha, who held on with me and aided me. Divya says don’t get this dismissed. Pratik says Nishant is with me. So no compelling reason to keep the memory. Neha is gone. Nishant is with me. He shreds Nishant’s. Pratik says Neha on the grounds that you are no more. Much thanks to you for everything. Much thanks to you Bigg Boss. The two recollections were lovely for me.

He comes in. Shamita says it was so charming. Nishant says you tore my photograph. Pratik embraces him.

7:45 PM

Nishant says they will show your battle with Pratik. One your battle with Shamita. She says I want to see glad minutes. I don’t need tragic video. Nishant says it will be a battle. That is everything you’ve done. Raqesh says where will they get snickering video? Divya says shut up. Nishant says you were fun on see saw yet that went b*t*hy way. Raqesh giggles. They bother her. Divya says you both are truly malicious.

8 PM

Raqesh comes out. Bigg Boss plays his battle with Pratik. They show when he had a disagreement with Nishant. They show when Divya cried about her father and Raqesh reassured her. He said you can’t be powerless. They show when Shamita was distraught for the equivalent. They show Raqesh’s minutes with Shamita. At the point when he did her foot knead. At the point when Shamita tore her letter for him. They show their enthusiastic minutes. Raqesh grins.

Bigg manager says Raqesh you saw two recollections. You need to shred one. Raqesh says Divya has been a genuine companion all through the excursion. I’m sorry I was unable to represent you and you never thought about it literally. I truly know what you went through. You are an incredible individual and I esteem it. Shamita I associated with you from day 1. We have a genuine bond. I would shred Divya’s on the grounds that I was unable to be with her thorughout. Shamita you’re generally with me so we will inhale more recollections after this. He says Divya I am finishing this awful stage to begin another section. He shreds Divya’s photograph. Raqesh comes in. Divya embraces him. Pratik says we saw great side of his video. Nishant says resembled a saint. Divya says attractive? He says the manner in which he emerged from this stage.

Raqesh asks Shamita would you say you are alright? She says yes. He embraces her. Raqesh is would you say you are truly alright? She says yes.

8:30 PM

Divya comes out. They show her battle with Divya and Akshara when she didn’t tackle her errand. He said you fouled up. He said to Divya about clothing that it wasn’t right and she shouldn’t have giggled. They show when Divya and Shamita had a battle. They show Divya’s battle with Nishant when Divya didn’t make breakfast. Nishant said I get my food in the first part of the day. It’s with regards to obligation. Divya said say softly. I will make it. They show when Nishant gave her discipline in the assignment. Divya battled with him. Pratik says they showed her the whole game.

Bigg Boss says DIvay pick one photograph and shred it. Divya says everybody had clear perspective. For me both were terrible. I don’t want to take it back. Would i be able to shred both? Pratik says don’t do that. Bigg Boss says Divya you can just pick one. Divya says it doesn’t make any difference. They are both awful recollections. I know why Nishant does what he does. I know Raqesh as well. I can’t deal with serious consequences regarding the initial time.

8:45 PM

Raqesh says Divya where are you going? out of the house? She says I will win. She says did you both see how you both dealt with me? Nishant embraces her. She says I felt so awful. Raqesh picks her. Nishant says I look so great in this photograph. She says I needed to shred both. Pratik says Nishant you resembled a miscreant. You monster. Nishant says Raqesh turned into a saint. They all snicker. Nishant says excuse me. Divya says take a hike. Nishant says you suffocated her face. You revealed to Divya she doesn’t continue on. They bother Divya. She’s locked inside the restroom. Nishant says I am being blamed Divya.

9:30 PM

Bigg Boss says today is the last OTT report card. Initially, we advised you if the crowd prefers your day you won’t get any discipline. The crowd is content with the present presentation. Everybody says yayy. Thank you kindly. Bigg Boss says there’s something for you all in the store. Divya bring it and the letter and read it. Divya brings the gifts and peruses Swiggy praises all of you on being finalists. You get an exceptional treat. Do you all want to know the treat? It’s frozen yogurt. Everybody moves. Everybody partakes in frozen yogurt together. Raqesh says cheers folks.

12:45 AM

Pratik says this is 23 year old photograph. Did anybody figure this child will be in Bigg Biss finale? I’m certain my mom is exceptionally cheerful. Glad birthday mom. Loads of adoration for you. I love you the most in this life. I commit as long as I can remember to you. I need to satisfy you for your entire life. I love you to such an extent.

Epsiode closes.


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