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Day 39 8 AM

Everybody awakens moving to you and I. Neha is disturbed. Shamita embraces her. Nishant hits the dance floor with Shamita. Pratik embraces Neha.

11:45 AM

Pratik says I figured I would figure out. I advised Neha to converse with you Nishant. You both began battling. Nishant says you say an assertion regarding somebody and you respond when it happens to you. I’m not saying it’s off-base yet you can’t place me in a specific position. I was irate and I couldn’t care less. You can ponder what you like? Pratik says I wasn’t anticipating a battle.

1:30 Pm

Nishant says I will be a robot today. Divya says where will you get steel from? He says from the brain as it were. Whose reality do you want to know? Press the button. Divya says Raqesh. He says framework blunder. Divya inquires as to whether she is bossy? Nishant says yes. She asks does she cry a great deal? Nishant says yes.

Shamita says you ought to stay ordinary to Nishant. It’s the most recent couple of days. Neha says he said a ton regarding me. I’m finished. Nishant comes to Shamita and says I am kutti the robo. You can cause me to do anything. She says to figure out with Neha. He says I will not converse with her. I’m modified not to. She says you’re not a robot. He says I am.

3:15 PM

Divya peruses all of you are in the finale week and you realize just a single individual will win. You’re allowed an opportunity to tell who do you think should win. Call the individual who you believe isn’t meriting a discussion. There will be discusses. The remainder of the detainees will put thumbs on the individual they need to win.

3:30 PM

Everybody plunks down for the assignment. Bigg Boss says Nishant has the primary possibility in the errand. Nishant says I might want to call Shamita for a discussion. She says you say yours and I say mine. Nishant says I am the main choreographer. It’s a game, you can’t win it by yelling. You need to utilize a psyche. You need to show your character. I have buckled down. I’m exceptionally meriting winning. Shamita isn’t meriting this show. She made a glass house around her.

Shamita says I have played the game with 100% my way. Nishant has been manipulative to me. He played well. Nishant says there was no contribution from you. Shamita says I have consistently stood firm for wrong. Nishant says you never stand firm against your companions. Shamita says would you say you are discussing MOose once more? At whatever point it is raised to me I have apologized. Nishant says you can’t apologize subsequent to accomplishing something? Shamita says you b*t*h about individuals and converses with similar individuals by the day’s end. That is not extraordinary. Nishant says I b*t*h, I concede. Shamita says did you apologize to Neha? Nishant says you were likewise discussing a body part. Shamita says you don’t have the foggiest idea about the specific situation. Shamita says Moose disapproved of Neha not going in bed with a bra. I said she does likewise. How might he have an issue? Nishant says you can’t clarify it now. You are not a decent tune in. Neha says you say that regarding everybody. Nishant says I am conversing with her.

Ringer booms. Divya and Pratik put their thumb on Nishant. Raqesh and Neha put on Shamita.

4 PM

Shamita says he is so discourteous. He continues bringing exactly the same thing again and again. Nishant says to Pratik what is this desire thing? Pratik says Nishant, Moose, and Divya were sitting. Nishant says I wasn’t important for this discussion. Pratik says it was said the association is finished however they are together a result of desire. Divya says Moose said it out of desire since she didn’t care for Neha. Nishant says I wasn’t a piece of it. Divya says he wasn’t. Nishant says Neha anticipates that I should accomplish something? How can she help me?

Shamita says he converses with me and afterward he expresses this load of things. Neha says for what reason ought to have a phony companionship with him?

4:30 PM

Nishant says to Shamita whose stuff was it there in the egg task? Shamita says I don’t have the foggiest idea. There was an egg on my stuff. Pratik says the fact of the matter is, it might have been said in a lighter way. Pratik says for what reason was it brought back yesterday. Divya says on the grounds that there was grimy clothing. Pratik says there is a noble method of talking. Nishant says it is a slip-up of both of you. Nishant says it’s not. Divya says it was digusting. That is a face. Pratik says it’s a misstep. Divya says simply say sorry. Divya says my toothbrush is additionally there. He says you need to keep it in the holder. Try not to continue calling others sickening. You can likewise rehash such missteps. Divya says I will apologize in the event that I leave a particularly nauseating thing.

4:45 PM

Neha cries. Pratik says I am sorry you’ve to go through this.

Nishant says not Neha, it’s Shamita’s off-base stand. Neha isn’t prepared to tune in. Neha says what I did was off-base, it’s unhygienic. What’s more, leaving garments is likewise unhygenic. However, on the off chance that you want to kid about it, it’s anything but no joking matter. Raqesh says simply say sorry and continue on. Divya says I could never say sorry. Raqesh says it wasn’t something you should chuckle about. Neha says they continue to discuss it. Raqesh says you go to Neha and say to her that it’s not affirm to do it. Pratik says how about we end this discussion. Kindly leave this subject. Talk about it, I will crap here. Talk regarding that. Divya and Nishant snicker.

5 PM

Divya gets an opportunity to discuss. She says since it’s my possibility, I would pick Shamita. Shamita says why. Divya says the primary thing regarding me is that I play with both heart and psyche. I think I am correct and far superior to Shamita. My perspectives are rarely one-sided. Shamita’s perspective and the game have been exceptionally one-sided. you likewise talked about my relationship outside and blamed me for extremely off-base things. It’s an affront. I’m not what you jumped at the chance to depict me as. Shamita says I don’t have to legitimize myself. The world has perceived how Divya is and how I am. I might want to stop this week. Divya says in case I was ousted before a family week, my point will not be clear. Shamita says she is so manipulative. Divya says you body-disgraced a young lady, Moose? Shamita says Moose felt awful on account of Neha and I just thought about her. We commit errors. You apologize for what’s up. I generally did that. Divya says this quality is running in circle.

Bell blasts. Raqesh says I would prefer not to cast a ballot. Neha says you can’t do that. Shamita says I came here as a result of you and I have taken care of it for you. Raqesh says Neha you can’t mention to me what’s going on. Nishant votes in favor of Divya. Neha and Pratik vote in favor of Shamita. Neha says how might you allow Nishant to decide in favor of you? He says for what reason is everybody jumping on me? Try not to place me in this. Shamita says you can’t pull out. Pratik says come on do it. Raqesh says I would prefer not to. I don’t care for the circumstance. Pratik says let me eliminate mine as well. Pratik eliminates his. Shamita says what’s happening with you?

5:30 PM

Shamita says to Raqesh let me be. He says one is my companion and one is you. I can’t pick it. She says as much it’s equivalent for you? He says don’t come close. Shamita says your companion hauled me in it. Nishant says to Neha you make trouble and instruct individuals. She says you are a snake. He says as much are you. Neha says, you weakling. Nishant says take a gander at your own self. Neha says basically he’s battling on the face now.

Divya says to Raqesh for what reason would you say you are staying here? Raqesh says for what reason did you pick her? She says I needed to. He says I would not like to pick. She says that is your call. I will not be frantic in light of the fact that you didn’t cast a ballot. It’s alright. Shamita says to Neha he didn’t pick me. His companion got me there. Neha says you need to pick it for yourself. The best anyone can hope for at this point is to remain by you. I have felt something very similar throughout everyday life. At the point when one individual accomplishes such a great deal for you, you can’t be there for them. Shamita says in my own life assuming I need to be with somebody, I search for a strong man who remains by me. On the off chance that he doesn’t have that quality, I will continue on.

6 PM

Shamita says to Raqesh I am exceptionally clear with regards to my companions. Your mom can call her anapurna. Yet, I don’t permit her in my life. She’s extremely impolite. She doesn’t fit in my space. He says that is OK. Shamita says never compel her on me. Raqesh says I truly worth and regard what you said. You managed it maturely. I can see that trust in you and I preferred it.

6:15 PM

Bigg Boss says Neha gets an opportunity to discuss. Neha picks Divya. Neha says I need to win since I think I am a special individual here. I don’t need Divya to win since she can be exceptionally frightful and impolite. She negates her own self. Her character changes. In any case, there can be a cutoff to everything. In any case, she disparages individuals to such an extent. The game can’t be played simply by disparaging individuals. She generally b*t*hes about me.

Subsequently I don’t figure she should win. Divya says when I was told toward the end of the week, it was demonstrated that I didn’t b*t*h about Shamita. Any place I b*t*hed, I have acknowledged it. She says don’t make faces Shamita. I’m discussing my excursion. Shamita says don’t take a gander at me. Divya says individuals consider it a show. I was expecting in case there’s somebody who might chuckle and converse with me in this house, nobody was prepared to try and converse with me. Neha says you never wished to be with anybody. Nobody has a sorcery wand in this house. Divya says your humankind was lost when Moose said don’t do the dishes. All of you assaulted her. I became acquainted with it there. Neha says the equivalent happened to me. Divya says who designated you? Divya says I have designated everybody alone here. Neha says is just alright? Divya says it is. Neha says I didn’t target anybody. Divya says no doubt you have made your military here. I came here to play my own excursion. Neha says neither did I. Divya you continue to say I don’t battle, my companions do. My way was off-base. I was sorry after Pratik advised me. Divya says you generally should be told. Neha says you don’t see even after somebody advises you. Divya says I have never reviled anybody. Neha says I am done with regards to the discussion. I don’t need a particularly contrary individual to succeed by any means. Divya says you are negative as well. Neha says you put oil in my food, you ridiculed my clothing. As a result of you, Zeeshan needed to go out. Divya says amazing, he is a grown-up. He’s not my child. Neha says you played with his heart. You make food and afterward you offer toxin to individuals with your words. Divya says don’t eat the food then, at that point. Divya says Neha got the game yesterday as it were. Shamita says go Neha.

Signal booms. Nishant says all around done Divya. Shamita offers water to Neha. Nishant puts it on Divya. Raqesh drops his vote. Pratik and Shamita vote in favor of Neha.

6:30 PM

Nishant says where was this force previously? Divya says Neha and Shamita were extremely terrified of me. Nishant giggles and says Raqesh is grinning. Raqesh says we were all accomplices. I became simpler when you had accomplices. In case I were distant from everyone else, I will not have endure. She is daring to live it through alone. Nishant says you are correct. Nishant says they have consistently razzed her. Raqesh says nobody else can play it single-handedly like her. Divya embraces Raqesh. Raqesh says I am exceptionally pleased with you. Nishant says very much played. Raqesh says I have regard for you to be in this house isolated.

Shamita says she repudiates herself all over the place. I was focused on and I designated everybody. Neha says she has offended me alone. She said a great deal of harsh things to me.

7:15 PM

Signal booms. Bigg Boss says this errand was given to you so you can discuss this excursion and why you should win. So the crowd can see you and conclude who should win. There were different sides to this undertaking. The initially was, to discuss and the second was to cast a ballot. For which they needed to pick one individual with approval. Not once, yet double the manner in which Raqesh didn’t cast a ballot, this errand has finished. Raqesh says I am exceptionally sorry Bigg Boss. Bigg manager says now Shamita, Pratik and Raqesh will not get an opportunity to talk about their excursion. Pratik says come on Raqesh, it was ismple. Nishant says you likewise took your off. Nishant says if it’s not too much trouble, give us one more opportunity Bigg Boss. Raqesh says I did what I thought was straightforward. All things considered, I didn’t care for the circumstance. I need to apologize to everybody. Nishant says for what reason isn’t that right? He says it was nonpartisan. Nishant says at any point utilize your psyche. Raqesh says alright fine. Shamita says to Raqesh come in.

7:30 PM

Neha says they are saying he had an assessment? Shamita asks Raqeesh they had an assessment? Neha says on the off chance that you said it individuals probably heard. Raqesh says don’t converse with me. Shamita says we are helping you. Raqesh says hush up. Try not to help me. Neha says you can’t converse with me like that. They are saying you had an assessment. Raqesh says I didn’t. Nishant says you did. You said to Divya. It was a right assessment. Shamita says what right? Raqesh says I was just revealing to her that she’s been distant from everyone else and that is unimaginable. Neha says he additionally revealed to me I worked really hard. Raqesh says it’s not with regards to the vote. Raqesh says you were accusing me Neha. Nishant says you said it according to an alternate point of view however it was your viewpoint. Raqesh says I just revealed to her I am glad. Nishant says you heard the discussions. You thought they are equivalent. Shamita says he additionally disclosed to me he preferred the manner in which I took care of it. Divya says it’s alright Raqesh.

8 PM

Shamita says there’s no set in stone. Raqesh says I am off-base and I have acknowledged it. I’m fine with it. You folks lost a possibility. I’m exceptionally grieved about it. I’m horrible with regards to it. Shamita says let him express. Neha says he continues to advise me to hush up. Everybody is permitted to talk yet I am not. Shamita says he requested that you shut up. That is wrong. Neha says I need to be distant from everyone else.

8:15 PM

Raqesh says what’s nonpartisan is impartial. I didn’t care for the circumstance. Shamita says she picked me not Bigg Boss. Raqesh says I revealed to her she shouldn’t have picked you. He says I would not like to pick one. She says by the day’s end if your companion is doing something wrong you need to advise her. She hauled you in it. She says then you ought to have given me the like. Raqesh says you were likewise off-base. You both were off-base. That is the reason I needed to be impartial. That was my call.

Neha says I have consistently preferred Raqesh. Be that as it may, he requested that I shut up. Will not I feel awful? My clothing was spoken about on the TV? It wasn’t alright.

10:30 PM

Bigg Boss requests that everybody go to the nursery and remain in an orderly fashion. Everybody believes it’s disposal. They all embrace one another. Pratik embraces Neha. Nishant embraces Neha and says this was only a show. In the case of anything occurs. Everybody goes to the nursery. Divya embraces Neha. Raqesh embraces Shamita. They all clasp hands. Nishant says we have all made it here. Sorry to everybody for whatever occurred. It’s the game. May the best success. We won hearts and that is the reason we are here. We should applaud this accomplishment. The very best folks.

10:45 PM

Bigg manager says it’s OTT finale and we have 6 picked detainees from 13. There will be 5 finalists from all of you. One of you should take off from the house at the present time. Pratik cries. Bigg manager says for one of you these minutes would be rearward in this house. One of you will not have their fantasy about being a finalist materialized. We will report who will be the five finalists. The crowd has chosen it through their votes. Their choice is with us and it’s an ideal opportunity to tell that choice. Divya asks and cries. Bigg Boss says the person who got the most un-number of votes and is going out.. Before tht we need to tell the best 4 finalists.

The main name is Divya. Divya says thank you Bigg Boss. Everybody applauds. Bigg Boss says the subsequent name is Nishant. Divya embraces him and cries. Bigg Boss says the third name is.. Shamita. The fourth name is.. Pratik. Neha embraces Pratik. Divya embraces Raqesh. Bigg Boss says as much Raqesh or Neha would need to take off from the house. He says to remain on the red cross imprints. Shamita cries. Bigg supervisor says since these are last minutes for one of you, say what you need. Neha says Pratik much obliged for being the closest companion I might at any point have. I love you. Pratik embraces her and cries. Neha embraces Shamita. She embraces Divya and Nishant. Neha embraces Raqesh. Raqesh says I never figured I would result in these present circumstances house and met these individuals. It’s been an insane month. I will take these recollections and minutes with me in the event that I go out. It’s been a learning experience. All of you are unique. I figured out how to make new companions and living with them. I’m glad that I came here. Much thanks to you Shamita. I will see you outside. Shamita embraces him. Raqesh says grin. Neha says play well all of you.

Bigg Boss says Raqesh and Neha. There are two entryways before you. You will pick one and there will be one more entryway before you. You will attempt to open the two entryways before you or back. Just one of them would open. One would open for the way back in the house and one for outside this house to your own home. Pratik embraces Neha. Bigg Boss requests that they open the entryway and go in. Divya cries. The two of them go in the entryways.

Raqesh comes back in. Shamita hugs him. She cries. Bigg Boss says Raqesh you’re the fifth finalist of this house. Divya says Pratik we are finalists. They all hug and cry. Pratik cries. Shamita hugs him. Bigg Boss congratulates them. Bigg Boss says now the audience will choose one of you as a winner. Pratik cries. Divya hugs Nishant. Divya says congratulations.

11:15 PM
Shamita sits upset. Nishant kisses her forehead and says congratulations. Divya says congratulations. Divya says to Raqesh I am proud that you’ve not quit. Achievement. Divya says we can call ourselves finalists. Divya says to Pratik I am so happy for you. I am very happy for you. I know you’re upset. Only 3 more days. Nishant hugs him. Nishant says we made it bro. I know it’s heavy on your heart. Divya says be happy for yourself. it’s a bigg moment.

11:30 PM
Bigg boss says the audience is happy with today’s performance. Raqesh says to Shamita I was guilty about what happened. I felt bad. That’s why I reacted that way and snapping. Shamita says apology accepted. Nishant says Shamita, sorry for what I have said. I mean it. Shamita says I am sorry too. They hug.

Nishant asks are you all ready to do another journey? Shamita laughs. Nishant says I will tell everyone’s reactions, Raqesh would cry. Shamita, thank you thank you. Nishant says Divya.. He shouts I will go run from here. Nishant says Pratik, this was my game. This was thinking. This trophy is only mine. Everyone laughs. Divya says now Nishant. She says I don’t know how my 3 5 happened. My dream came true. I will go and see the next one too. I have lots of work. Everyone laughs. He says get a bottle ready.

1:30 AM
Pratik says at this time everyone would sleep and we would chill. Neha would make something for me. Nishant says my friendship with you was very natural. I am a little scared, I am not satisfied. It’s good to day I was Bigg boss finalist. Pratik says I miss Neha. I didn’t know I would miss her so much. I would always tease her. Nishant says I would always tease Moose. Pratik says yeah it was so real.

Episode ends.


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