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9 AM

Nishant asks Raqesh how are you? He says OK. He says don’t get pestered. This will not spoil your appearance. Individuals who are making statements about you should be cherishing you. It expects mental fortitude to manage this sort of torment and handle it the tasteful way. You make statements where you need to. Also, what Karan said, it’s a point. Your expectation wasn’t according to your words. Regardless of whether I wasn’t there, that point would have been raised. You have accomplished more than Divya, Shamita, and Neha. You haven’t just yelled. So don’t get your spirit down over the most recent 6 days. Divya embraces him. She says be in that demeanor where you couldn’t care less. Nishant says this Pratik will currently yell, snicker at him.

1:45 PM

Divya peruses all of you have made a spot in the finale week. From here, Bigg Boss wishes you best of luck. Bigg Boss is giving you an errand freeze discharge. Shamita says no.. No family. Divya says the prisoners will be provided two orders. The first is freeze. At the point when Bigg Boss says freeze, all of you need to freeze. At the point when Bigg Boss says the delivery, really at that time you can move. This errand will test your understanding. Bigg Boss expectations you will do it with your entire being. Divya says anybody can come. Family, ex-challengers.. We don’t need to move. Bigg Boss says, Freeze. Everybody freezes. Bigg Boss says the delivery. Divya says express gratitude toward God.

2:45 PM

Neha embraces Pratik. Bigg Boss says freeze. Shamita says take a gander at Neha and Pratik. Nishant says Bigg Boss froze therefore. Neha’s sister comes. She says don’t move. Bigg Boss says Neha discharge, she rushes to her sister and kisses her through the glass. Neha says what’s going on with I? Her sister says well overall. Neha says am I making trouble a great deal? She snickers. Neha asks how is Sameer? Her sister says she’s fine. Neha asks would he say he is distraught? Her sister says no. She says we have uplifting news. He has gone to get house’s conveyance. Neha says don’t you miss me? She says we as a whole do. We get disturbed when you are dismal here. Neha cries. Her sister says don’t make that face. Neha giggles.

Neha says how are my companions looking her? Her sister says all of you resemble a family. Neha says I like every one of them. Her sister says yes she prefers all individuals. Indeed, even Divya, she’s simply playing. All of you are making an impressive showing. Much thanks to you Shamita and Pratik for being her spine. For her loved ones are qualities. Nishant you’re playing so well. You are splendid. Sameer says you have been prepared through Bigg Boss Academy. Divya, you have played so well. You did it in isolation and came here. Raqesh you merit an exceptionally huge embrace. Neha says request that he play. She says he’s playing. Neha says quit being a quitter. Neha says he’s my companion. Her sister says Raqesh is doing affirm. Bigg Boss says Neha freeze. She freezes. Her sister says Sameer loves you, he is missing you a great deal. We as a whole miss you. He will reveal to you how he feels when you come. Bigg Boss says Neha discharge. Neha gets passionate. She says is Sam furious with me? Her sister says no. Neha says he just said loves me? He didn’t ask how goes it with I? Her sister says he watches it for 20 hours. He upholds you. Bigg Boss says Neha freeze. Bigg Boss says Rashi you need to go at this point. She says bless your heart. I adored coming here. A great deal of adoration to every one of you. She leaves. Neha cries.

Huge Boss deliveries everybody. Pratik embraces her. Shamita embraces Neha. Divya says would she say she is senior? She looks youthful. Neha says she’s four years more established. Divya says she looks 20 years more youthful. Neha snickers. Pratik embraces Neha. Neha says she said thank you to you and Shamita. She realizes I can’t do anything without help and love. Raqesh asks how would you feel? She says abnormal and unbelievable. Raqesh embraces her. Raqesh says we could hear it inside. Neha says have a great time here. Raqesh says embrace me for her sake. Neha embraces him. She says she may really like you. My sister is shrewd. Shamita and Raqesh chuckle. Neha says simply have confidence in yourself.

3:15 PM

Divya says he’s going to freeze us once more. Pratik says I am concerned. It’s going on in my mind. Divya gives him tea. Pratik says what would it be advisable for me to eat? Divya says you continue to eat.

Eesha says to Raqesh your mother said Divya is dealing with your food, so she needed to express gratitude toward her. As far as she might be concerned, it’s vital that you deal with yourself. Simply play the game everybody and doesn’t bend the words that it turns into an assault. Nishant says I wanted to surrender. She says act naturally. Play the game. You have experienced more awful. You need to finish this test. We are so glad for you. Raqesh says much obliged. She says everybody is wishing bravo. We feel vulnerable that we can’t do anything. Raqesh says I was missing Aaba. She says yesterday? Raqesh says better believe it. I was missing him so gravely. He generally advised me to have a spine. He was so solid. Eesha says Aaba is seeing. He gets it. Once in a while quiet expresses stronger than words. Bigg Boss says Raqesh freeze. He requests that Eesha leave. Eesha says be solid and fare thee well. I trust I am leaving you with strength and energy. Raqesh says see you soon. Eesha leaves. Raqesh gets weepy.

Bigg Boss deliveries everybody. Shamita embraces him. Neha says your niece is so insightful. Neha embraces him. Divya embraces Shamita. Nishant embraces Raqesh. Raqesh embraces Divya and says bless your heart. She says I realize you’re similar to that. I became more acquainted with. He kisses her hand and says bless your heart.

4:30 PM

Nishant says the letter came from parents in law and the two witches became companions. Divya and Shamita giggle. Neha says for what reason did you leave this flour here? Nishant says anapurna kept it. Everybody giggles at how Divya was suffocated. Neha says Shamita resembled this challenge to suffocate me. Then, at that point Raqesh resembled Divya you pass on.. you pass on. I can’t suffocate her. Everybody giggles. Neha says then Divya cleaned her face like this and she said it’s OK Raqesh I can take this to save you from Shamita. Nishant says will this person get the two young ladies home? Divya says my person came yesterday. Neha says he isn’t here. There’s final straggler for both. Nishant says he’s giggling there are two kanyas after him. Neha says he may need me to. He may need all the radhas around him.

Shamita says I feel like I just woke up with the espresso. Raqesh says truly? Shamita says yeahhhh. Everybody snickers at her definitely.

5:15 PM

Bigg Boss freezes everybody. Pratik’s sister comes in. She says you’re doing incredible. He cries. She says kindly don’t cry. Bigg Boss deliveries pratik. He says for what reason didn’t mother come? She says it was chosen last second. He asks how are you? She says I am fine. Pratik cries. She says don’t cry. I don’t care for seeing you cry. He says I was unable to try and see the letter. She says don’t cry. You know how I am nevertheless I am being solid. It’s mother’s fantasy that you win. Everybody is playing great. Everybody is decent. Neha says howdy. She says there are battles in each house. She says to put forth a strong effort. He says is there anything I should fix? She says there are slight lines, simply regard them. He says it’s just companionship. She says there are limits in all things. Simply that. Everybody loves you. You are doing stunning. Try not to get enthusiastic and play for yourself. This is last week. The companionship and feelings will proceed outside as well. The feelings shouldn’t come in the middle of the game.

Her sister says Shamtia thank you for standing firm for him. Neha and Nishant, thank you for being there for him. She says Divya, you called me such as myself. Yet, we will meet outside and I will stop for a minute the contrast between us. You both can sort what’s between both of you. She says to Pratik don’t get powerless with feelings. He cries. Bigg Boss freezes Pratik. He says I miss mummy. She says simply recollect that there are limits. Prerna says Neha we snicker taking a gander at you constantly. You’re entertaining. Raqesh I generally loved you. I will meet you regardless of whether you don’t meet him. We will both beat Pratik together. Bigg Boss says Prerna time for you to leave. She says fare thee well. He says you as well. She leaves. She leaves. Pratik cries.

Bigg Boss deliveries everybody. Pratik says I figured mother would come. Neha embraces her and says she’s so adorable. Shamita says he truly is a child. Shamita embraces him and says don’t cry. Nishant and Neha embrace Pratik. Raqesh embraces him as well. Divya says your sister is pretty. He says short of what me. Nishant prods Divya. Neha says to Pratik she was correct. Feelings should make you solid, not powerless. There are individuals who love and backing you.

Divya says I never considered him my sibling. Nishant says accept everything as pride. I see your excursion. Leave it alone. Divya says it wasn’t right. He says everybody will not call you anapurna. She says simply don’t utter a word. Varun remained silent and to Pratik.

7:15 PM

Bigg Boss freezes everybody. Shamita’s mother comes in. Bigg Boss deliveries her. Shamita hurries to her. she cries. She says I miss you to such an extent. Her mother says individuals are considering you the sovereign. We are altogether glad for you. They are on the whole doing great. Shamita says don’t cry. She says I can hardly wait to see you in bed resting cheerfully. Shamita says have I done anything incorrectly? She says you have done stunning. You’re moving constantly. She says Neha loves you. I wish I could embrace you. She says Raqesh, you’re doing well indeed. I love the quality that you hold yourself and don’t yell. Shamita asks how is jeju? Is it accurate to say that he is out? Her mother says everything is acceptable outside. All is great. Shamita says have I done anything incorrectly? Her mother says the words that you utilized against Nishant weren’t right. Yet, you apologized to everybody. So it shouldn’t be raised again and again.

Her mother says Divya you’re playing a decent game. She says I love seeing your work in the house Shamita. You don’t do anything at home. She says Nishant is a sweet blade. She says Raqesh you’re waiting. Play your game. She says we are resilient ladies and I like you to remain as such. Good and bad times are a piece of life. Shamita asks how is Shilpa? She says everybody is OK. We miss you a ton. I’m not crying. Shamita asks how is Raqesh? She says he’s sweet and a refined man. Shamita says I love you. She leaves.

Bigg Boss deliveries everybody. Raqesh embraces Shamita. Shamita says I so required this energy. Neha embraces her. Pratik and Nishant embrace her as well. Divya says I trust she will not hit me when I go out. Shamita snickers and embraces her. Ringer rings. Shamita rushes to the room. She has a gift. It’s modak. Shamita says thank you mom.

6:15 PM

Pratik asks Neha what was the deal? She says nothing. He says you appear to be unique. She says you go overboard. He says you’re not talking. She says I am stressed over the results of the manner in which we have acted. The message your sister has given was indifferent. It was anything but a decent one. Neha says it was coming from a reality that I am not a solitary young lady. We as a whole consideration by the day’s end. Your sister was extremely vocal with regards to it. I have been misjudged by everybody including our families. Pratik says you’re taking it excessively outrageous. I need to say something. Neha says no.. He says query. Pratik says I have had not many young ladies who have were my companions. I have never have a companion like you outside as well. I like to keep it as such. You are distraught and insane. You’re insane and I love it.

6:45 PM

Neha says Raqesh you need to make an association with this young lady who accomplishes such a great deal pho. Shamita pushes her and says set it back. Bigg Boss freezes them. Neha, Shamita, and Raqesh chuckle. Raqesh is under Neha. Raqesh says my balls are harming now. Bigg Boss deliveries everybody. Everybody snickers.

8:30 PM

Nishant says to Neha what might you have done on the off chance that you met him 6 years more youthful/She says I would have eaten him. Pratik says your meaning could be a little clearer. Neha says ask him. Pratik says you advise me. She says I would have dated you. Nishant asks Pratik. He says I will eat. Hold that idea. Neha says such a weakling. Pratik returns. Nishant says respond to it. Nishant inquires as to whether she weren’t hitched how might you respond? He says we would have.. dated.

10:30 PM

Neha says now you know why Shamita and Raqesh communicate in english. Their familis talk englsi

Update in Progress.

Update in Progress


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