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Day 36 8 PM

Neha says I realized Raqesh would cut mine yet it was ruthless. For what reason did they cause everybody to do this. Raqesh embraces Nishant and says sorry yaar. Pratik embraces him. Nishant is weepy. He cries. Pratik cries also. Pratik says I am sorry brother. I had no alternative.

8:45 PM

Devolina and Rashmi go to the house. Everybody invites them. Rashmi says sit with who you need. Divya says everybody can sit solo at this point. Devolina says 6 days and 6 hopefuls. How would you feel Nisho? He says I don’t have a clue. Rashmi says don’t cry. He says I will be fine. I disclosed to Neha you make as phony or genuine an association as you are. My association with Moose was genuine. It’s a stunner for me. Rashmi says part of your excursion. She says however the most genuine association is Pratik and Divya’s. Everybody snickers. Devolina says how about we play your game with no channel by any means. You need to address our inquiries transparently.

Devolina says the primary visitors are Raqesh and Shamita. Rashmi asks Shamita you think Nishant lost his shot at a pass to the finale? Shamita says it was a hotshot and like Karan said it was arrogance. It was out of his person. He plays every one of the errands and gives 100%. Rashmi asks Raqesh. He says Nishant is capricious. Rashmi asks do you concur with Shamita? He says 50-50? Raqesh says I feel as he did it for me. Rashmi asks Nishant. Rashmi says you get pomposity. Nishant says I know the slight line between presumptuousness and certainty. As indicated by me I didn’t feel like I ought to get it done. Devolina asks Raqesh after the association broke would you say you were glad or tragic? Did you feel free? He says I feel free. Individuals saw me diversely as an individual in view of that association. It went on an alternate level. Devolina says yet you were glad in those days as well. He says I am consistently cheerful. Devolina asks Shamita. she says I concur. I feel free as well. BEfore that a ton was said to me. Bossy, disparaging. I was diminished. I needed him to play his game and let me play mine.

Devolina says that was simply because would you say you were in association on the grounds that bigg supervisor made it? Or on the other hand was there a genuine association? Shamita says it was constrained to start with. We needed to play the game together and we made a decent bond. He was confounded in the primary week. We both idea it wasn’t working. Shamita says he likewise figured he would make a superior association with Divya. He didn’t have a clue how to play so I revealed to him I do know. Allow me to design. In that cycle, I began looking bossy. Devolina asks were your affections for the game or certified? She says it was certified for me I don’t think about him. Raqesh says it was a natural association. Devolina says it broke a similar natural way? He says when you are together your musings become blurred. Devolina asks would you say you are alright playing solo? The two of them say they are however would uphold one another.

Rashmi asks Shamita who shouldn’t have been here. Shamita says it’s hard for me to respond to this. Everybody has played and they have the right to be here. Rashmi asks who is seriously meriting? She says Zeeshan was deplorable. In case I were in Divya’s place I would have attempted to control him and not incite the battle. Zeeshan ought to have been and Divya ought to have been out. Devolina says as much you might suspect she’s not meriting? Shamita says I am not saying that. You said on the off chance that one individual ought to be out and the other ought to be in? Devolina asks Raqesh. He says all of you know my condition with Pratik. I will take his name. He doesn’t discuss the point. He drives me exceptionally crazy. I’m going to blast one day. Rashmi says when will that one day? Pratik says essentially void vessels are superior to clear spaces and outlandish things. Essentially I go to bat for what’s right. Also, I am not s*xist. Raqesh says better believe it was right of him to take finale tickets from everybody. Rashmi says you are adorable Pratik.

Devolina asks Shamita and Raqesh. In the event that you get a possibility will you forfeit the prize for Raqesh? Also, Raqesh you tell something similar. The two of them say no. Devolina says Nishant and Pratik bring something from the store. Devolina requests that Shamita and Divya remain there. She says we will do OTT undertakings now. We should perceive Raqesh’s opinion about Shamita and Divya. Rashmi says there’s no 50-50.

Devolina requests which one from them doesn’t continue on? He says I don’t know Divya much. So I don’t have a clue. Devolina says you have invested sufficient energy with her. He says our association isn’t simply profound. Divya says I revealed to Raqesh I have continued on from Shamita’s battle and I don’t care to keep feelings of resentment. How about we start new without returning. I don’t that way. Then, at that point Raqesh turned out to be calm after Shamita came. She said why I became shaky? Devolina says we asked Raqesh. Raqesh says Divya’s head in the water since she began exactly the same thing once more.

Rashmi asks who is more difficult? HE says Divya. He places her head in the water. He says she gets difficult with assignments as well. Devolina says who’s more cranky? He says Divya. Everybody chuckles. He says she gets enthusiastic then she’s glad. Pratik says Shamita see he knows Divya to such an extent. Then, at that point he says he doesn’t have any acquaintance with her. Raqesh says he doesn’t exist for me. Devolina asks who is more insolent. Divya places her head in water. Raqesh says Divya began the battle. Induction began from her side. Devolina says we are asking who is more? He says the two of them are. The two of them have an equivalent clash. He puts both their heads in the water. Rashmi asks who’s exhausting? He says not one or the other. Rashmi says then put your head in the water. Raqesh says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Rashmi says you need to do it. He says Divya. Rashmi asks who’s seriously intriguing? He says Shamita. Rashmi says as much Divya is exhausting? Divya says I feel like Bigg Boss is here. Devolina asks who would you not like to find in top 2? Raqesh says I need Shamita there. He puts Divya’s face in the water. Devolina asks who’s less hot? Shamita says it’s an off-base inquiry. Devvolina says it’s an assignment. He says I will suffocate the two of them I am less who. They ask what will he say? Neha says he discovers Divya hot. He said she’s a diva. Divya says what are you saying. Shamita is stunned. Nishant says I heard it as well. Devolina says come on Raqesh. He puts Divya’s face in water. Devolina says you are not legit.

Devolina says Nishant give a survey of this assignment. He says Divya is a companion. She will remain silent. In the event that he said anything against Shamita she would destroy his life. Shamita says I am tired of paying attention to it. There is no third individual between us. I don’t have to shield it constantly. Divya says for what reason would you say you are on this show then, at that point? She says we have experienced a great deal in this week. Everybody has their perspective here. I trust Raqesh. Nishant says charming. Divya says we just chill. See I have a relationship as well. I’m here and he is out chilling, we are cool. Nobody can come in the middle of two individuals on the off chance that they love one another. HE can suffocate my face. It’s fine. He’s my companion. I will save him from your yells. Raqesh says I like Shamita. We are two distinct individuals. Devolina says nobody can see your sentiments now. She communicated better. He says I am an alternate individual. SHe’s more expressive than me. I can’t change myself here.

Rashmi says as much Divya is more in water according to Raqesh. He says obviously. Rashmi calls Nishant and Neha. Devolina says to begin with Nishant. She says say something regarding everybody. He says Raqesh surrenders without any problem. He began treating association in a serious way. Raqesh isn’t playing a game here. Shamita looks cool to me the manner in which she conducts herself. She needs to play and say, she is a force pack. I don’t have the foggiest idea why she doesn’t talk now.

— — –

Pratik says about Divya she attempts to discover an association and make a bond. Furthermore, next is Raqesh in light of the fact that he doesn’t have a position. Devolina inquires as to whether she would have a decent association? She says on the off chance that we played well it would have been acceptable. Be that as it may, he would later talk it like some help. He needs individuals to demonstrate kinships constantly. He called moose counterfeit yet he cut Neha’s wire. Pratik says Neha has been exceptionally genuine to me. The two individuals who have given every one of their endeavors are Nishant and me. Devolina asks Divya who is your adoration disdain? She says Shamita.

Devolina asks you need to tell how these individuals engage? He gets some information about Shamita?? Pratik says by crying. Divya says by controlling. Devolina gets some information about Pratik. Divya says by being a radio. Pratik says about Divya. He says by dozing. Divya says he’s a heartfelt Raqesh. Pratik says Nishant is amusing. Divya says Neha is moronic. Pratik says Neha is frantic. Rashmi says Divya has felt forlorn in the entire association. Be that as it may, you came here all alone. Devolina says you generally said you needed somebody here. See we have somebody for you.

Varun comes in. Divya cries. She surges and kisses him through the glass. The two of them cry. Divya says I missed you to such an extent. Much obliged to you for coming. I could embrace you. She cries. Divya says thank you Bigg Boss. Varun says it’s insane day in and day out. Varun talks about everybody. He says Nishant is extremely savvy. Everybody is his companion. He has played shrewdly. At the point when I saw Raqesh I resembled say thanks to God I didn’t go in the show. Yet, don’t shout. Keep yourself firm. Try not to be terrified. He says about Shamita so much is said about me. She says I never referenced you. He says you did. He says you are exceptionally solid as a player. Simply don’t get individual. He says Pratik we battled at the last game. You turned into my companion. I will consistently wish bravo. In any case, I felt stunned that you didn’t become companions with Divya. Sort it out. Divya says I attempted. He says I know. He says Divya you were standing when nobody was with you. Just Raqesh came to you. Shamita said about me am I additionally aggresive? Certain individuals have given more need to the show than anything. Shamita says the primary week we were companions and it was from heart. She was assaulted a great deal. I was attempting to save her and she said I am controlling her. She became inconsiderate so I chose to remain away. I attempted to patch however she didn’t work out. Varun says Divya stay solid. He embraces her through the glass and says play with a grin regardless anybody says. Divya gets enthusiastic. He says I love you. Varun leaves.

Devolina and Rashmi say it’s the ideal opportunity for us to leave too. We will give this hamper to the young lady who won our hearts with our replies. It’s Divya. They leave..

11 PM

Shamita says to Nishant Pratik is absolutely away. Raqesh comes. He says I am finished with this game. Individuals consider me to be confounded. I can’t be depicted this way. I don’t care for it. I want to go out. I’m never really evened out at this point. This isn’t my game. I could not be right however I am worn out at this point.

11:30 OM

Shamita says to Divya I needed to figure it out. Divya says it was never that way from my side. I have no aims. I don’t want to examine what he said however you perceived the amount I love him. Shamita says it’s adorable. Divya says I will welcome you to our wedding. Raqesh says as much glad for you. Divya says I have nothing for Raqesh in my heart. Shamita says to Raqesh we needed to sort it between us. He says you folks see and he leaves. Shamita says individuals call him confounded and gutless. I don’t care for it. It is influencing him.

12 AM

Shamita sits with Raqesh. He says I would prefer not to talk about anyting. I can’t do this. I’m shaken. I’m being decided for everything. I was informed that I am s*xist. I was simply attempting to persuade Nishant. I’m worn out. I can’t continue to advance my highlight get disparaged.

12:45 AM

Shamita says to Neha Pratik I am advising you as a companion, what is your distinction with Raqesh, he’s human as well. He is being told he doesn’t stand firm, he’s cowardly. You don’t have the right to be here. This is annoying. Pratik says I never called him cowardly. Shamita says I acknowledge you the manner in which you are. Neha says that is not what Pratik said. Raqesh got irritated with his thing. Shamita says being told you’re s*xist is nothing to joke about. Neha says Karan said it to him. Shamita says it didn’t mean it that way. Neha says he ought to talk plainly then, at that point. Shamita says he’s adage he would not like to be here. Pratik says the crowd can’t see his heart. Neha says it won’t land anyplace.

1:30 AM

Shamita says I don’t have the foggiest idea how to not safeguard individuals I love. I need to perceive how he is in external world. Neha says that is not the point at the present time. We are here. Shamita says he believes he’s bombed here Shamita says in my psyche I will not take a choice here. I need to realize how could he be outside. In case he’s off-base for me. On the off chance that my family reveals to me he’s off-base I will consider this is on the grounds that they saw the two sides.

Epsiode closes.


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