Bigg Boss 16 Confirmed Contestant Abdu Rozik Bio Family Age Disease World Record Interesting Facts

Bigg Boss 16 Confirmed Contestant Abdu Rozik Bio Family Age Disease World Record Interesting Facts: For ‘Bigg Boss 16’, despite the fact that the creators had begun uncovering the hopefuls exclusively by wearing veils and running the mission, however presently they have uncovered the essence of a candidate. This is vocalist Abdu Rojic. At the send-off occasion of ‘Bigg Boss’ on September 27, Salman Khan not just told about the adjustment of the guidelines of this season, yet additionally acquainted him with the main affirmed hopeful Abdu Rojic. Salman met Abdu Rojic a couple of months back during an occasion in Dubai. Later Abdu Rojic likewise came to India and was given a warm welcome here.

Watchers will get to know numerous things about Abdu Rozik in Bigg Boss, yet for the time being here we are educating you a few additional things regarding him. How old is Abdu Rojas? How would they help the occupation? Where is Abdu Rojic from? A wide range of things is being looked through on the web with respect to this vocalist.

Most youthful artist on the planet, Age is 19 years of age
Many individuals feel that Abdu Rojic is excessively youthful and he isn’t qualified to partake in Bigg Boss. That is the reason individuals are scrutinizing his age. Though Abdu Rozik is 19 years of age and hails from Tajikistan. Abdu Rojic is exceptionally popular for his tunes in Tajikistan. Abdu Rojic likewise holds the record for being the most youthful vocalist on the planet.

Abdu Rojic couldn’t create it because of this illness
As per the data accessible on the Web, Abdu Rojic’s folks function as groundskeepers. Abdu Rojic was determined to have Rickets in his life as a youngster. Since the monetary state of the family was bad, he was unable to seek the treatment of Abdu Rojic. Because of this, Abdu Rojic’s actual improvement couldn’t happen and his level additionally halted. In a meeting, Abdu Rojic discussed his circumstance.

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Singing at 6 years old, mastered singing by paying attention to tapes
Abdu Rojic told that his certainty was shaken. In spite of the fact that he had said that everybody is unique in himself. Abdu Rojic began his singing vocation at the time of just 6. He has sung numerous Tajikistani melodies, large numbers of which were hits. Abdu Rojic took no preparation in singing from any place. He let in a meeting know that he used to pay attention to tunes on tapes. At the point when he was in strain, he would begin murmuring tunes so his psyche could be elsewhere. Bit by bit Abdu Rojic fell head over heels for singing.

You will be astounded to realize that Abdu Rojic has likewise been an MMA ie Blended Combative techniques Warrior. He battled MMA battles with children and diminutive person players. In the year 2021, he rivaled Russian TikToker and MMA warrior Hezbollah.

Such got ubiquity in India
Abdu Rojic acquired ubiquity in India in 2021 when he sang Arijit Singh’s melody ‘Anna Sona’. Later he was likewise welcomed to an honor show in Abu Dhabi. There he won the hearts of everybody including Salman by singing the tune ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga’. Salman promptly embraced Abdu Rojic. He welcomed Abdu Rojic to India. Here he additionally went to the wedding of AR Rahman’s little girl.

Live execution with AR Rahman, a film with Salman

Abdu Rojic has additionally performed live with vocalist AR Rahman. He sang the melody ‘Mustafa’ in front of an audience with Rahman. Abdu Rojic is exceptionally famous via web-based entertainment and has met numerous superstars till now. He is proficient at playing the melodic console. Abdu Rojic will currently be seen in ‘Bigg Boss’ as well as in Salman Khan’s film ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ka Jaan’.


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