Bigg Boss Names All Jungle Contestants Due To Pratik's Violence

The modern day episode of Bigg Boss 15 witnessed a mega conflict among Jay Bhanushali and Pratik Sehajpal. During the fight, Pratik were given violent or even destroyed Bigg Boss’s property.

In a healthy of rage, Pratik dashed into a tumbler wall which led it to break. Eventually, Nishant and Shamita helped Pratik to relax however it changed into too past due until then. Bigg Boss made an statement to punish all of the jungle vaasis for some thing Pratik did.

The nominations occurred like typical however Bigg Boss introduced that due to Pratik’s conduct and destruction of Bigg Boss property, all of the jungle vaasis are nominated for this week. This approach that everybody besides Shamita, Nishant, and Pratik is nominated.

This statement left every person taken aback and livid at Pratik. In the precap for tomorrow, the contestants may be visible bashing Pratik. Amidst all this Vishal Kotian even threatened to hit Pratik.

Why does Pratik move overboard each time? Is he like that best or is it for the game? Leave your remarks withinside the remark section.


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