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Nomination Special
Day four
nine AM
Vishal tells Pratik that you could combat with others however reflect onconsideration on your mother looking it. Just reflect onconsideration on it. I don’t have a mother so don’t harm her if you have her. You can do errors however don’t harm yourself. Pratik nods and hugs him.

nine:15 AM
BigG enters the residence with a letter. Simba offers him kisses. Ishaan reads that a person is gambling in hiding.

nine:30 AM
Nishant tells Pratik that we must make portions of the map. Pratik says we are able to do it. It’s secure in my bottle. Nishant says we must be careful. Pratik says we must now no longer allow them to discover it. Nishant says we are able to hold a % in a few utensils. Pratik says we are able to hold a chunk below the carpet also.

10 AM
Simba asks Ishaan if he’s wondering something? Ishaan says Jay will combat with anybody. Simba says I will combat with him too. These vintage human beings’s profession is ending. Simba tells Ishaan that Umar is beginning his profession and there are those who are at height in their profession however we’re withinside the middle. We have made our careers however we should make our names still.

10:30 AM
Karan tells Jay that Pratik’s method is to annoy us. Umar says he’s going to hold poking you and ask you to hit him. It’s his method. Karan tells Jay why are you letting him do what he needs out of you? Jay says I didn’t improve my hand.

Karan asks Pratik why did you smash the glass? Were you simply doing drama or genuinely indignant? Pratik says I became indignant however I became in control. Karan says you’re affecting me, I became seeking to make you pay attention however you don’t. I am seeking to be exceptional to you. I were given indignant with you however then I understand you have been simply gambling a sport. Pratik says you calmed me so thank you.

Nishant tells Jay and Vishal which you human beings should make the route to return back into the residence. I am telling you that we 3 don’t get along. We will all turn however you all have to interrupt us first. Vishal says anybody will misbehave however we are able to’t be insulted.

12 PM
Jay tells Karan that we won’t allow OTT inmates come at the jungle side. Vishal says we are able to hold accumulating portions. Karan says we are able to hold the whole thing in Afsana’s bag and hold it in a corner. Vidhi says we are able to should idiot them. Vishal says we are able to disguise the portions below the mattress and act like we’re maintaining the whole thing withinside the bag. Even in the event that they get the bag they won’t get something. Karan says don’t inform this plan to Afsana. Let her combat with them openly.

2:15 PM
Donal tells Shamita that we don’t have any fueloline. Shamita asks Nishant if we must permit them in our kitchen? Nishant tells Tejasswi that you could deliver your gadgets to us and we are able to prepare dinner dinner for you. Shamita tells Donal that we are able to’t permit you in our kitchen as in step with the rule. Tejasswi says we are able to’t use your services so allow me come and prepare dinner dinner there in case you are glad to prepare dinner dinner for us. Donal asks Tejasswi to loosen up and allow’s wait. Tejasswi says they’ll say in a while that they made meals for us.
Pratik tells Nishant that we are able to prepare dinner dinner for them the use of their gadgets however we are able to’t permit them to apply our kitchen.
Sahil tests the fueloline and tells Shamita that we’ve fueloline now. Tejasswi tells Donal that they may be so inconsiderate. Donal says they didn’t deny us, they stated they might decide. Shamita comes there and says all of us sense terrible which you human beings don’t have meals. The hassle is if we don’t comply with the policies then all might be in problem. Donal says we don’t need to problem you. Shamita says it’s now no longer approximately being stubborn. Donal says our inmates want to consume the meals that we prepare dinner dinner best. Tejasswi says it’s now no longer like that. Donal tells Tejasswi we’re at the equal factor proper? Tejasswi says I didn’t listen you.
Shamita tells Jay that we have been ok with cooking for you all however Donal stated which you human beings consume her meals best.

2:30 PM
Karan asks Akasa if she drifts in the direction of Pratik then doesn’t emerge as a part of his method. Akasa says I like speaking to him however he stated that if my pals have a hassle with me speaking to him then he won’t speak to me. Karan says it’s his sport method, Miesha and him are gambling a sport with you. Pratik has performed a whole lot of truth suggests so he’s gambling a sport. You can meet him and be pals with him out of doors the residence however don’t be performed via way of means of him right here.

Donal asks Tejasswi I advised you to loosen up whilst Shamita stated she might prepare dinner dinner for them. Tejasswi says I became now no longer going towards you. Donal says I stopped you from occurring that side. Donal says you have been now no longer at the equal web page with me, I became helping you however you modified your stance. I can’t agree with you now. Tejasswi says it’s now no longer approximately ego however the meals right here. You stated that human beings might consume your meals best due to the fact it’s approximately your ego. Donal begins offevolved crying and says it’s now no longer approximately my ego. I won’t make chapatis now. I became taking a stand for you. Tejasswi says fine. Donal says I can’t agree with Tejasswi anymore. Umar tells Donal that we respect you cooking for us. Donal cries and says I won’t make meals from now on. Nishant tells Tejasswi that I understand you need to offer meals to anybody however crack a code for it.

Donal tells Miesha that I don’t confront human beings however I understand who’s proper and incorrect. Miesha says that’s good.

Karan tells Jay that Akasa desires to be pals with Pratik however he’s gambling a sport. He usually performs a sufferer card, he has made Miesha his messenger to lure Akasa. Karan tells Jay that it’s for the sport. They are gambling a grimy sport via way of means of hiding the map.

four PM
Vidhi asks Donal to speak to her. Donal says I don’t need to speak proper now. Vidhi says we are able to speak whilst you need. Donal says no person can control me. I can sense it so I won’t take any reason. Vidhi says then we won’t speak. Donal says I am assembly anybody for the primary time however I can’t be manipulated. I don’t have any difficult emotions for you however I don’t want an reason behind that remember now.

four:30 PM
Vidhi tells Tejasswi that Donal stated no person can control her. I attempted speaking to her however she won’t pay attention. Vishal says we are able to’t deliver her an excessive amount of importance.
Miesha tells Donal that there are corporations in making. Donal says there are proper and incorrect human beings right here.
Tejasswi tells Vishal and Jay that Bigg Boss is my toddler. She seems withinside the digital digicam and says toddler please ship our garments. Jay says your toddler isn’t on your control. Tejasswi tells the digital digicam which you like seeing me on this avatar? Jay says the digital digicam will pass away if there may be no affair. Tejasswi says my toddler loves me lots. Jay says scold your toddler. Tejasswi shouts on the digital digicam and says toddler please do something. He can’t do much. Jay laughs.

four:forty five PM
Pratik tells Nishant and Shamita that Akasa isn’t speaking to me anymore.

Miesha tells Donal that Tejasswi became joking approximately me now no longer being withinside the pinnacle 10. Donal says she may be very clever, she is over-clever. Miesha says I used to get indignant via way of means of Afsana however she may be very clever also. Donal says they’ll use Afsana via way of means of giving her attention.

five:30 PM
Afsana tells the inmates that I may have introduced a ghost with me. Shamita movements farfar from her and laughs. Afsana says they stated that I am throwing matters round. They hold joking approximately me. She throws matters round and cries. Jay asks her to loosen up.

Vishal asks Miesha when you have to pick among Ishaan and Pratik in the sport then who will you pick? Miesha says proper now it might be him.

Afsana seems into Shamita’s eyes and asks if she desires to kiss her? Afsana movements towards her however Shamita movements away and laughs. Afsana kisses her cheek and Shamita laughs.

6 PM
Vishwa Sundari calls Tejasswi. Tejasswi runs to her and laughs. Sundari says I need to listen a tale approximately what came about on this jungle until now? Tejasswi says we’ve too many feelings occurring however the most important funny story is that we haven’t were given any tiles to make a route. We don’t have any garments and make-up. There is a sturdy odor going round. We stole a few gadgets from the residence also. A right day by day cleaning soap goes on. Sundari says you’ve got got advised me approximately many troubles however we are able to’t remedy them together. I can come up with one thing. This jungle is quite and we’ve quite ladies who aren’t capable of get dolled up. The cave is open so all ladies can move and take their make-up gadgets. Tejasswi screams and says our make-up is right here. She comes into the cave and screams. Tejasswi says my toddler has despatched make-up. I love you, toddler. Jay says Bigg Boss need to have idea those ladies can’t be visible with out make-up.

eight PM
Donal tells Sahil that four-five human beings are creating a plan. Sahil says I can play a sport and I can roam round with ladies. I won’t be intimidated. I noticed Jay and Vishal being intimated.

eight:forty five PM
Sahil tells Ishaan that Jay and Karan don’t react to something I say. Donal says Karan and Jay are seeking to hold us separated. Ishaan says Karan and Jay stated Miesha stated terrible phrases for me. Ishaan says I will speak to Miesha. Miesha comes there and cries. Donal says don’t pay attention to them. Miesha says I might in no way terrible-mouth approximately anyone. She tells them that I am now no longer lying, I didn’t say something terrible to Ishaan. Jay comes there so all of them emerge as silent. Sahil tells Donal that we should be clever, this Jay is maintaining a watch on us. Sahil says I will stay with you guys.

nine:forty five PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time for the nominations. The lighting shake to reveal the chance is round. Bigg Boss says jungle inmates are in problem again. He asks Tejasswi to examine the 4th rule of the jungle. She reads that they can’t harm the assets, they can’t cowl their mics. Bigg Boss an incident came about the day gone by and the residence assets became damaged. it became now no longer a few showpiece however it’s an essential a part of strolling the display. The manner Pratik confirmed his anger the day gone by and broke the glass became absolutely incorrect. We won’t be given that in any respect and all of them might be punished. Bigg Boss says Pratik, Shamita and Nishant are secure until they stay withinside the residence and best jungle inmates might be nominated. Because of Pratik’s mistake, all jungle inmates have become nominated. The nominated inmates are Tejasswi, Karan, Akasa, Simba, Jay, Afsana, Ishaan, Umar, Vishal, Miesha, Donal, Vidhi and Sahil. Umar says wow that’s fair. He can smash something however we are able to be nominated? What a loser bro. Pratik seems down. Shamita tells Nishant that we should have misplaced this electricity due to Pratik’s mistake. Nishant tells Pratik to now no longer react proper now, he says they’ll be so bad with me now.
Vishal tells the digital digicam that Pratik won’t be punished for elevating his hand on Jay so we are able to improve arms too? I don’t suppose you’ve got got guts to telecast it however the target target market is looking. You can nominate me all you need however the target target market will keep me.

Nishant tells Pratik that this is a component and parcel of the display however don’t drag it anymore.

Jay tells Vishal that I idea they might scold Pratik. Vishal says I don’t care if he might be nominated or now no longer however as a minimum scold him.

eleven PM
Pratik tells Karan that I need to express regret to you. Karan says you must have apologized at that moment. You understand you’re secure so that you must have apologized as a minimum.

eleven:30 PM
Akasa tells Pratik that even in case you are gambling a sport, I will speak to you. I didn’t speak to you nowadays due to the fact I didn’t need to. Umar comes there and tells Pratik in case you are ashamed of his act so deliver us the map. It will rectify your mistake. You should have apologized to anybody however as a minimum deliver us the map. Pratik says I can’t be unfair to 2 different inmates withinside the residence. We have executed lots to hold the map with us. Akasa says then how are you going to show you’re sorry? Pratik says I don’t want to show it to anybody. Umar says you could display your goodness. Akasa says reflect onconsideration on it. Umar leaves.

eleven:forty five PM
Tejasswi asks Shamit if she doesn’t suppose we must get the map now? Shamita says it became Pratik’s mistake so why must we undergo it? Tejasswi says we didn’t do any mistake however now our households should vote for us. We haven’t even proved ourselves and now we were given nominated. It’s extraordinarily unfair.

12:30 AM
Vishal tells Nishant and Karan that I desired to have a take a observe Shamita as she is a heroine. Shamita laughs. Vishal says my dad might be glad to look me sitting with Shamita. We are all gambling to win however Pratik’s sport is small. You human beings can redeem yourself, that is an character sport. Karan says Pratik doesn’t suppose all that, he desires to be an anti-hero. Vishal says map doesn’t remember, we are able to make the puzzle with out it also. Vishal says we are able to move withinside the residence even with out the puzzle completion. Shamita tells Nishant that such a lot of human beings are towards Pratik now. Karan says he likes it. He thinks if all of us are towards him then the target target market might be with him. Vishal says target target market might be with him if he’s proper. He offers an instance of Dolly Bindra and says she didn’t win via way of means of gambling solo. Nishant leaves from there. Shamita tells Vishal that I am caught in a situation. I can’t backstab my partners. I advised Nishant and Pratik to surrender the map however they don’t need to.

12:forty five AM
Shamita tells Pratik that if I became on your role then I might surrender the map to redeem myself. Nishant says I need us to be at the equal web page. Shamita says I am torn. I sense they’ll come inner anyway, we should play with them. Nishant says they may be speaking well to us. Pratik says inform them which you each don’t understand wherein the map is.

1 AM
Tejasswi is making pakoras. Afsana says you human beings are roaming across the kitchen like bees. I need to sleep however you human beings are shouting. Bigg Boss asks Afsana to put on her mic. Afsana says I need to sleep however they may be making a large number withinside the kitchen, you don’t respond to me Bigg Boss. Karan laughs. Donal asks her to visit sleep. Tejasswi asks her to consume a few pakoras. Umar offers it to her. Jay says now she isn’t shouting at us.

1:15 AM
Pratik involves Miesha and says I need to take a seat down with you. I even have now no longer made you cushty right here. He holds her hand and says I didn’t have an aim of having you all nominated. Miesha says you could take my cream however we aren’t pals.

1:forty five PM
Pratik takes out the map from the bottle and suggests it to Nishant. Pratik cuts the map into three portions. They disguise it in specific places.

Vishal tells Tejasswi that Shamita they may be searching like an idiot. They have made us a winner come what may in all this.

Day five
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the tune sher aya. They all dance. Vishal suggests off his toned body.
Vishal and Tejasswi greet anybody to the digital digicam. Vishal says all of us were given nominated however they have been busy making pakoras.

eight:forty five AM
Jay tells Vishal that we must make our organization bigger. Vishal says those biscuit boys are at the back of ladies. Jay says they may be all getting affected. Vishal says Umar is clever. Jay says Afsana is in our organization. Vishal says we are able to make Akasa pass withinside the path we need. Jay says Afsana will deliver us shocks so be ready.

nine:15 AM
BigG enters the residence and leaves a letter there. They all cheer for him. He leaves. Ishaan opens the letter. Akasa reads that this jungle can darkish nights however the mornings may have light.

10:30 AM
Karan asks Pratik if you want her then it’s fine. Pratik says I like Akasa. Karan says Akasa is harmless so don’t play any thoughts sport with her. Pratik says I am now no longer. Karan says she honestly likes you so don’t play a sport. Pratik says she didn’t speak to me the day gone by due to the fact she thinks I am gambling a sport however I swear I am now no longer.

eleven:30 AM
Vishal asks Donal why are you now no longer cooking? It’s the most important deed in existence so don’t deliver it up due to others’ stupidity. Donal says all of them forget about me like I don’t exist. They say I even have an ego so it’s their stupidity. I will prepare dinner dinner in case you inform me in the front of anybody.

three:forty five PM
Tejasswi asks Afsana to now no longer use consume peanuts as we should use them for meals. Afsana says I don’t like this meals so I am consuming peanuts. I won’t consume something in case you forestall me. Everyone is consuming however I don’t consume this meals. Tejasswi says best I am preventing anybody. Miesha says simply deliver her peanuts as it’s intellectual torture so allow her be. Afsana says she maintains preventing me from consuming. Vidhi says you need to reflect onconsideration on anybody Afsana. She tells her that we should use peanuts in our meals. Tejasswi gives her peanuts and says I became denying you due to the fact we should reflect onconsideration on anybody. Jay tells Afsana that we’re all consuming this meals due to the fact we don’t have a choice. Afsana says you human beings could make pakoras in case you need however I can’t contact any meals item? Tejasswi says however you ate pakoras also.

four PM
Nishant tells Vishal in case you human beings are consuming something you need then why are you preventing Afsana? Simba is making lemonade however no person stops him so why forestall Afsana? Vishal says she doesn’t consume what we make. Afsana says I inform them I won’t consume this meals. Akasa says enough, Bigg Boss please ship peanuts for her as she is a clinical patient. Afsana says you human beings hold consuming something you need however you all have a hassle with me. Pratik attempts to calm her down however Karan asks Pratik to head away. It’s our dialogue so move away. Pratik says I am simply being attentive to her, we’re a part of the residence. Karan asks him to head lower back to his side. Nishant says we aren’t right here to combat. Karan says don’t instigate her, we are able to cope with her. Akasa tells Pratik that she eats something she needs, you don’t understand so live away. Vishal says we are able to speak to her. Karan says don’t instigate her as she can be able to have a panic assault. Pratik says we have been now no longer instigating her, we are able to go away now. Pratik and Nishant move from there.

PREECAP – Nishant asks Karan to comply with the policies. Karan says don’t inform us approximately the policies, we’re already nominated. I am telling you 3 to guard your home due to the fact we’re going to assault it. Kater on, all inmates scuffle for the duration of the task.


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