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Donal tells Tejasswi if Afsana doesn’t need to devour then permit her be. Tejasswi says she is consuming the entirety however doesn’t contact what I am making. Miesha asks her to speak to her.

The dong jewelry and Akasa pop out of the pool. All clap for Akasa. Tejasswi jumps withinside the pool. Karan says Akasa is a robust girl. Akasa says it turned into now no longer cold. Tajasswi dances withinside the pool.

8:forty five PM
Nishant jokes with Jay and says Pratik please store me, biscuit boys are beating me. Nishant says I am a flour boy at the same time as all others are biscuit boys (six-packs).
Tajasswi asks Afsana to head and devour some thing.

9:15 PM
The dong jewelry and Tejasswi’s time withinside the pool ends. They pull her out and the treasure container comes up. She takes out the container from it. It has a residence pathway blueprint. Karan says it looks as if a puzzle. Jay says they advised me there are numerous methods on this residence.

9:30 PM
Karan reads the coaching which says that they’ve to get puzzle portions to make a pathway. They will want to advantage it from the cave. Once the pathway is finished then they are able to input the residence. This blueprint will assist them. They must make a pathway from the glass door to the principle door. Till this pathway isn’t finished, simplest jungle humans may be nominated and the OTT inmates will stay secure. The OTT inmates will attempt to prevent jungle inmates to now no longer make the pathway. When the lion voice plays, the inmates will move into the cave to get puzzle portions.

9:forty five PM
Karan tells all and sundry that we must discover puzzle portions to get withinside the residence. Karan tells his crew to now no longer allow them to prevent it.
Pratik takes the map and hides it. He tells Nishant that they are able to’t do whatever now. Pratik hides it below the sofa.
Vishal tells all and sundry that they’ve stolen the map. Tejasswi says I will move internal to get it. Karan says we can assault them internal. All inmates input the residence. Umar asks for the map. Shamita says they are able to’t input the residence. Umar says however you could’t take the map. He attempts to go into the bedroom. Nishant says you all can’t come in the residence. Donal says however we want the map. Nishant says that is towards the rule.

All participants visit search for the map. Pratik is going into the washroom hiding from them. Pratik involves the inmates and says wee don’t have whatever. Shamita says you all may be punished. Afsana says we’re already punished. Jay says we can smash the entirety if we will’t discover the map. Nishant says this isn’t justified,

they desired a cause to return back internal. Pratik says you humans are messing with the entirety. Jay attempts to test at the mattress however Pratik attempts to prevent him. Jay shouts at him to now no longer push him. Pratik costs at him and says combat with me. Jay curses him. Pratik says I won’t spare you in case you mess the mattress. Jay asks him to get lost, you’re a small baby, you could observe me Tommy. Pratik asks him to get lost. Jay says come Tommy, observe me. Simba appears round withinside the kitchen. Umar tells Nishant that you could’t conceal the map. Nishant says you could’t mess with my private gadgets.

Tejasswi says you humans have been searching in our private gadgets additionally. This is karma. Nishant says you could’t test my bag with out my permission. Don’t inform me approximately Karma. Jay tells Nishant that Pratik is making an attempt to behave over-smart. I am his father. The new inmates discover the map below the sofa. They all run to their facet and cheer. Sahil has determined it however it’s now no longer the actual map, it’s simply the envelope. Nishant asks why are you now no longer cheering now? Tejasswi says they should have hidden the paper of their pockets. Pratik tells Akasa that I didn’t conceal it. Nishant says they’re throwing my clothes. Tejasswi falls over him and laughs.

10 PM
Jay grabs Nishant. Nishant laughs and says they’re now no longer letting me live. He tears his blouse and cries they’re tearing my clothes. They aren’t even letting me use the washroom. All chuckle at him. Nishant hugs Shamita and says they’re tearing my clothes.

Karan brings Nishant, Pratik and Shamita’s baggage. Pratik attempts to prevent them however they don’t permit him. Miesha blocks his direction. Pratik says deliver my bag returned. I didn’t conceal any map. Donal says we won’t deliver the baggage returned until we get the map.

Nishant says I won’t permit every person sleep as they’ve torn my mattress.

Ishaan says Pratik have taken my cigarettes, who’s he? He takes their culmination. Pratik says you took our baggage so we took your cigarettes. Ishaan says this isn’t your father’s rule. Pratik says don’t curse me. Nishant asks Ishaan to take all of the culmination.

Shamita tells Tejasswi which you have taken my toiletries, my lingerie, it’s now no longer right. Tejasswi says don’t make an difficulty of that.

Karan takes culmination and eats them. He offers it to Vidhi and Tejasswi.

10:15 PM
Shail tells Nishant, Pratik and Shamita that if we don’t discover the map then we won’t deliver your gadgets returned. Pratik says take the entirety you need. Karan says we’ve got eaten all culmination already.

Nishant asks Pratik to relax. Pratik says in the event that they open my baggage then I will leap round. I won’t spare every person. Nishant says don’t get indignant. Pratik whispers that I actually have stored the map in my bottle. Nishant says we must break up it into halves.

10:30 PM
Afsana tells Nishant that everybody has come to play a sport. All inmates block Pratik’s direction so he can’t input the jungle. Pratik laughs at them. Nishant says at the least they’re wide conscious now. Afsana is withinside the residence and receives blocked there too. Karan cheers for Afsana being on the alternative facet. All new inmates are cheering. Pratik attempts to unblock the direction however he can’t. Nishant attempts to prevent Pratik. All boys have blocked Pratik through the usage of their beds. Umar asks Pratik to reveal energy now. Pratik attempts to get rid of the mattress however Nishant takes him away.

Nishant asks Pratik to relax. Don’t deliver the pictures to them. You can’t smash Bigg Boss belongings, they’re clueless so allow them to be. Afsana is going into the kitchen and eats some thing she wants. All cheer for Afsana. Afsana hugs Shamita and says I am together along with her now. She takes toast for the inmates. All inmates devour bread. Donal says I like this almond butter bread. They all devour it together. Afsana eats bread at the same time as all cheer for her. Afsana stocks bread with Nishant. Afsana says if Bigg Boss scolds me then? Karan says we can all assist you.

11:15 PM
Miesha is blocking off Pratik’s direction and says I can’t depart whilst he’s here. Karan laughs. Pratik says why are you misbehaving with me? Miesha says you’ve got got made me cry times. Pratik says you’ve got got been impolite to me. Miesha says I make faces all of the time. Pratik says you’re deliberately pinching me withinside the heart. Miesha says don’t play emotional playing cards with me. You have harm me additionally. Pratik says to depart it then.

11:30 PM
Umar tells Pratik you could’t conceal it. Pratik says I did so move and search for it. Jay says we won’t can help you come in this facet. Pratik says it has to someday. Vishal says if we’re incorrect then Bigg Boss might prevent me. I don’t have anything towards you. Jay tells Nishant which you are a larger superstar than different (Pratik). Pratik says what’s that? You have a reasonably-priced mentality. Jay asks him to get lost, fu*ok off. Pratik says why are you pronouncing I am now no longer a larger superstar? Jay asks him to get lost. You are a *****. Karan takes Jay away and says don’t be instigated through him. Jay says he’s grabbing my blouse. Pratik says you known as me *****. Jay asks him to get lost. Pratik attempts to get rid of the mattress. Pratik attempts to leap on the alternative facet. Nishant says don’t do it, he’ll get harm. Pratik jumps at the jungle facet. Nishant says you humans are hurting us through pulling the mattress together. Shamita says that is madness, they’re hurting Nishant and Pratik.

Miesha asks Pratik to now no longer do this. Sahil asks Pratik to provide the map. Pratik says I won’t deliver it. Shamita asks all and sundry to give up it. We need Pratik returned. What is inaccurate with you all? Bigg Boss asks all and sundry to relax and don’t harm the belongings. Shamita says that is bullsh*t. Ishaan and Umar shout at Pratik. Umar says you’re a ***. Pratik says don’t curse me. Miesha pulls Pratik away and says why are you getting bodily with others? Calm down.

Pratik says there are 2 towards 12 humans. Shamita says they’re all gambling like goons and classless. Karan tells Pratik which you are getting bodily. Pratik says why can’t I come in this facet? Karan shouts which you commenced combating with us. Karan says if every person calls me classless then I won’t spare every person. He shouts at Pratik which you commenced being bodily, we didn’t push you. Pratik says I desired to return back in this facet so that they commenced pushing me? Karan says we won’t can help you come here. Karan tells Nishant that Shamita is looking us classless however examine Pratik leaping in this facet.

We have been joking round however Pratik commenced pushing first. Vishal says Miesha turned into joking with Pratik however he commenced pushing first. He went mad and got here in this facet. Ishaan asks Pratik to head and cry in a corner. Pratik jumps at him and says what? Ishaan says what are you able to do? Miesha attempts to calm Pratik down. Ishaan says don’t get bodily, you’re a mosquito for me. Karan takes Ishaan away and asks him to relax. Karan says don’t get bodily. Ishaan says he’s pushing me. Karan says the cameras can see him. Pratik says you humans are cursing and searching very nice. Jay says what do you need to devour? You are a small boy to me. You are tense us, you have been out of OTT.

Pratik costs at him and says you’re a reasonably-priced man. Jay says you known as me ****, snatch my blouse once more and I won’t spare you. I will see outdoor the residence. You are a *****. Pratik pushes him and says don’t curse my mother. Karan grabs Pratik and asks him to head away. Pratik shouts that he’s cursing my mother. Pratik throws matters round and says how dare him.

Nishant attempts to calm Pratik down. Karan is retaining Pratik farfar from Jay. Karan asks Jay to give up it please. Tejasswi and Donal inform Jay that he goes incorrect. Pratik is indignant and says I will spoil the entirety if he curses my mother. Pratik hits the glass and breaks it. He shouts how dare he curse my mother? Shamita asks him to relax. Nishan hugs him.
Jay tells Tejasswi that he can’t snatch my collar. I won’t spare him.

Pratik hits his head at the wall and says I won’t listen every person cursing my mother. Nishant asks all and sundry to head away and permit him breathe. Pratik sits withinside the smoke room to relax.

12 AM
Vishal tells Jay that doesn’t throw whatever away for that boy. Jay says I wouldn’t spare him if he turned into outdoor. Vishal says be intelligent, you aren’t outdoor with him. Don’t bark at him as then he’s turning into respectful. Jay says he grabbed my collar and it made me indignant. I won’t spare every person in the event that they contact me. Karan asks him to relax. Jay says I turned into now no longer pronouncing whatever to him however he grabbed my collar, he turned into poking me. Vishal says I am with you. Umar asks Jay to mention sorry for his curse. Jay says I will ask for forgiveness if he says sorry for grabbing my collar.
Vishal involves Shamita and Nishant that I am sorry for all this. I couldn’t input the combat due to the fact I am sporting shorts and it’d move down.

Donal tells Akasa that they’re nonetheless now no longer giving the map. Akasa says they’re now no longer bowing down.

12:30 AM
Simba tells Miesha to now no longer cry due to Pratik. I will are available among you and Pratik if some thing is going incorrect. Miesha says I will name you Simbesh with love. He says I am quality with that. Miesha tells Simba that Pratik desires to act like he’s outnumbered and he’s being targeted. It’s his approach to play that card.

1 AM
Umar tells Nishant which you known as me Nalla however I won’t spare you for that. Nishant says you’ve got got known as me plenty of factors too. Nishant tells Jay that Umar turned into pushing me and my hand turned into hurting however Umar commenced cursing me. I don’t visit the extent of abusing humans.

Shamita tells Vishal that Ishaan and Umar are very aggressive. I didn’t see Simba being aggressive.

Karan tells Nishant that we have been having amusing however Pratik desired to reveal his manliness to 4-five men, those men won’t permit him do that. He is making an attempt to reveal his machoness to different machos. If he thinks Pratik is a robust contestant than we’re his fathers. Nishant says however you all are practical humans however you humans had excessive energies. Karan says if Pratik pokes then 2-three men may be reciprocated all. Karan tells Nishant to inform that aunty Shamita to now no longer communicate approximately elegance once more. Nishant says what occurred nowadays turned into an identical clash. Karan says I don’t assume so. Pratik commenced it.

2 AM
Shamita tells Nishant that Pratik desired to head on that facet and combat so what he idea that they won’t react? Nishant says however they have been instigating Pratik. Shamita says no, Pratik commenced taking place their facet so he commenced it. He could make the sport exciting however what Pratik did turned into foolishness. I am keen on Pratik however I can’t maintain shielding his mistakes. He need to reflect onconsideration on our sport additionally. I can’t combat with all and sundry for him.

2 AM
Nishant tells Pratik that Shamita additionally thinks you purposely instigated others. This is one sport so we will’t combat with them all. Nishant says we will deliver the map to them as we will’t pass in advance in the sport with out alliance. Pratik says we will’t deliver the map now. Shamita says however you shouldn’t have long gone on their facet. Nishant says you made us appear to be fools. Pratik says in the event that they make the direction then you may move on that facet after which we can be nominated. We are secure due to the fact we’re here.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time for the nominations. The belongings turned into broken nowadays. Pratik broke the glass which turned into incorrect. So as his punishment, all jungle humans are nominated due to his mistake. All appearance on.

2:15 AM
Vishal appears withinside the digital digicam and says they combat on small topics. It’s approximately the way you examine matters. Some humans aren’t fearful of God looking and a few humans don’t say whatever due to the fact they understand God is looking.

The episode ends.


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