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Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

salman welcomes all of us to the episode. He says this residence become divided into vips and non-vips. They needed to advantage money from vips. The nominated inmates are karan, tejasswi, umar, shamita, pratik and rajiv. He connects the call to the house. Salman talks but his voice is distorted.

All inmates appearance on. Salman asks if they may wager what he said? Rajiv says we couldn’t recognize you. Salman says you communicate over each different so we will’t hear you, it’s my request to no longer overlap every different’s voices. No person would understand you. Salman asks rakhi if she modified her call after the marriage? Rakhi says no, i didn’t trade my call. Salman says it’s exact that you maintained each different’s individuality. Salman asks rakhi to not expose her husband’s tummy. All chortle. Salman says we have given you a health club so that you all should use it. Salman asks rakhi if a person wishes recovery then who wouldn’t it be? Rakhi says shamita wishes it. I’m a healer. Salman says shamita has a desire of having healed via rakhi or abhijeet. Shamita says i select rakhi. Salman asks rakhi to heal her.

Rakhi prays for shamita and says the pain should leave her bones, leave. Shamita appears on. All silently snigger at her prayer. Salman asks shamita if she is healed now? Rakhi wants the ache and shamita to leave the house. Rakhi says no, i supposed her pain should depart her. Shamita laughs. Salman asks rakhi if she healed ritesh? Rakhi says he doesn’t sit with me, he doesn’t let me contact him, he doesn’t supply me time. Ritesh laughs. Rakhi says i take care of him but he doesn’t give me time. Salman says you’re lucky to have a husband who’s over the pinnacle of you. Rakhi says he continues announcing that he’s higher than me. Salman says i need to percentage ritesh’s iq with all of us. He continues talking approximately others’ iq so inform me what’s the overall-form of iq? Ritesh seems on. Salman says you preserve the use of this phrase but you don’t know the overall which means? Ritesh guesses it incorrect. Abhijeet says it’s intelligence quantum. Shamita says it’s intelligence quotient. Salman says now ritesh knows the which means of iq. Salman asks ritesh what’s taken into consideration below iq?

Ritesh says under three. Pratik says under 75 is considered as low. Salman says he is right. Ritesh says i quoted from five. Salman asks what’s rashami’s iq? Ritesh says she is above common. Salman asks him to present her various. He says she is four out of 5. Salman says ritesh continues speakme approximately iq in the residence that’s why i’m asking him, i am no longer scolding him so you all can relax. You people didn’t do anything this week so i don’t have to scold you proper? All look on. Salman says permit’s speak to our future prime minister abhijeet. Salman says he’s a good-looking hunk. Abhijeet says i’m. Salman says you visit the washroom once in 24 hours? He says yes. All snicker.

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