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Bigg Boss 15 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 61
three PM
Nishant tells Shamita that permit’s pass and feature tea withinside the VIP room. Umar tells Rakhi that I won’t wash your non-public dishes from now on, you humans blatantly cheated today. Rakhi says don’t threaten us. Nishant says permit’s have tea withinside the VIP room. Umar, Karan and Nishant pass and take a seat down withinside the VIP room. Umar tells Ritesh that we won’t do your non-public paintings from now on. Rakhi says you’re breaking regulations. Umar says we’re deserving to win the trophy. Rakhi says they even stole your meals, what type of VIPs are we? Shamita comes there and sits with Karan. Devo angrily leaves from there. Nishant says we’re the actual inmates who need to win. Ritesh tells Rakhi to allow them to do it, they’ll get punished. Karan brings VIPs meals and stocks it together along with his group contributors. He offers them pastries. Pratik comes there and says eats too. Rakhi says I need to devour too. Ritesh says don’t do it Rakhi. He asks Umar to head farfar from her. Umar says she desires to devour it. Rakhi says I won’t.

three:forty five PM
Tejasswi sits withinside the VIP room together along with her inmates. Karan tells Tejasswi that you may comply with the regulations, I will do what I should do here. Tejasswi says I can’t forestall making meals. I can’t deny them meals. Nishant says I will take their orders now.

Umar throws garments on VIPs beds. Devo comes there and throws the whole lot at the ground, she says don’t mess with me guys. Pratik says don’t do all this. Devo says Umar had messed our beds so I did the equal. Abhijeet says I will begin cursing now. Ritesh asks who did it? Rashami involves the VIP room and tells everybody that you may’t pass on that level. Umar says I did it however I simply threw the bedsheet. Abhijeet says you threw away my non-public stuff also. Pratik says you all are stooping too low. Umar brings Abhijeet to his mattress and says I didn’t contact your bedsheet. Umar tells Rakhi that we can retaliate in case you maintain cheating.

Karan, Umar and Nishant begin cleansing Pratik’s mattress. Nishant name callings that we can display humanity now. Pratik says forestall taunting me.

four PM
Nishant tells Shamita they need us to paintings withinside the residence, if we forestall running withinside the residence then it’s incorrect for us also. Rakhi asks Nishant to smooth the dustbin, Pratik is asking. Nishant says I don’t should take orders from him.

five PM
Tejasswi asks Karan if I am making meals for a person then how am I gambling a game? I am simply making the primary meals, Pratik is doing more for them however I am now no longer. Karan says Pratik has completely modified, I don’t recognise this Pratik however you’re following him also, why do you need to prepare dinner dinner for them? Tejasswi says I simply make a one-time meal, I can’t deny meals to a person. You humans can dispose of me from the kitchen obligation so I don’t have that guilt of preserving a person hungry.

five:forty five PM
Umar tells Pratik which you desired to clean your non-public dishes while you have been VIPs however you’re running for them and cleansing their dishes? Why did you exchange your stance? Pratik says due to the fact we performed wrongly as VIPs. Umar says so that you need them to stay VIPs until the end? Pratik says no however I won’t do some thing unfairly. Umar says I need to grow to be a VIP however what are you doing to grow to be a VIP? Rakhi says Pratik is a lion. Pratik says in case you misbehave then I will combat also. Tejasswi says you fought with us while you have been a VIP however now you take their aspect? Bigg Boss asks them to accumulate withinside the residing room. Pratik says I simply made a tea however that’s a massive deal? Have a few humanity. Tejasswi says your humanity simply woke up.

Bigg Boss says we need to speak to non-VIP contributors. He says you all had the danger to grow to be VIPs however you broke the regulations as in keeping with your dependancy and misplaced your danger. These new VIPs are following the regulations however non-VIP contributors maintain breaking the regulations, you maintain stealing from the VIP room. This display desires your intelligence, now no longer your retialiation. You can’t win the trophy or extrade your popularity with this mindset. You can extrade your popularity best in case you get cash from a VIP briefcase. The BB vault is open however you humans are involved approximately stealing meals objects also. We have closed the BB vault and you may earn the cash from duties best. The best manner to up your popularity via way of means of incomes extra cash from duties. Pratik says you humans maintain breaking the regulations. Tejasswi says I am making meals for them, we’re doing the whole lot we will however you’re being a hypocrite.

6:15 PM
Shamita tells Karan that I am stunned via way of means of Bigg Boss’s words. He needs us to play the duties however they may be now no longer fair. It’s nearly like they need us to earn the cash. We will play the duties and display them we may be fair. Umar says no, we can get the duties rejected.

6:30 PM
Tejasswi reads a challenge for Rashami and Rakhi. They will do their facials. They will make a song video with Ritesh and Abhijeet. Nishant will direct the video.

7 PM
Rashami and Rakhi do their facials. Rakhi says I desire my husband might cuddle me now. Ritesh laughs.

7:30 PM
Rashami-Abhijeet, RakhiRitesh shoot a video with Nishant. The 4 of them dance collectively.

10:forty five PM
Nishant tells Rajiv that I sense like slapping Pratik, he isn’t well. Rajiv says in case you leave out him then communicate to him. Nishant gives meals to Shamita, he says it’s tasty. Rajiv asks Shamita if Nishant and Pratik must communicate? Shamita says now no longer proper now, I don’t assume Pratik is correct.

eleven:15 PM
Abhijeet tells Devo that I won’t cheat you in the sport, we can be collectively until the end. Devo says sure.

12:forty five AM
Pratik is sitting at the sofa. Shamita asks him to take her mattress if he needs. Rakhi says Abhijeet continues searching toward Shamita’s mattress whilst sleeping. Abhijeet says don’t shaggy dog story approximately that.

1:15 AM
Tejasswi tells Karan which you don’t spend time with me, I sense such as you do the whole lot you need to the entire day however then you definitely need to speak on the night. Karan says you maintain spending time with Nishant the entire day. Tejasswi says you don’t make me a part of the conversation, you’ve got got modified absolutely. You speak the whole lot with Umar and Shamita. You forget about me absolutely. Since they’ve referred to as you romantic, you’ve got got modified absolutely and it’s affecting me. You can see it. Shamita continually asks for you for the whole lot. I am getting too deep into this, visit sleep. She leaves the mattress.
Umar does Rashami’s massage. Rajiv asks if they may be exceptional buddies? Rashami says I am the wife. Umar says I recognise her for two years. Rashami says Umar is closest to Rajiv also.

eight AM
The inmates awaken to the music uncha lamba kad. They all dance.

nine AM
Abhijeet says I actually have written a music for Devo. Rakhi says you appearance good-looking today. Abhijeet says if I lessen my tummy weight then I turns into a good-looking hunk.

nine:forty five AM
Rashami involves the kitchen and says I am now no longer capable of discover my cup, inform me in case you discover it. She takes Umar’s cup and leaves. Pratik says you stole their cups so they’ll take ours now. Umar asks in which is my cup? He is going to Rashami and says deliver my cup back. Umar says Devo is the usage of a person else’s cup also. Devo says I am the usage of Karan’s cup as you humans aren’t washing my cup, it’s your obligation to clean our cups. Umar says that is the ultimate warning, don’t drink in others’ cups. Tejasswi says Rashami has taken your cup also, you’ve got got to reveal the equal mindset to everybody. Umar says you aren’t part of it, you’re making meals and displaying humanity to them. Pratik says he’s permitting Rashami to apply his cup however Devo can’t. Tejasswi says he’s biased toward with Rashami. Umar tells her that when you have an trouble with Rashami then communicate to her face. Tejasswi says you’re displaying favoritism. Shamita asks them to forestall preventing. Umar says Tejasswi is jealous, permit me do what I am doing. You simply need to appearance first-rate to everybody. You and Pratik simply need to reveal humanity however I don’t care. Tejasswi says don’t begin my tune with Rashami, you observed I am jealous of Rashami? You have a susceptible notion process. Umar tells Rashami that I don’t prefer you in the sport however this Tejasswi is blaming me. Tejasswi says you observed I am jealous of Rashami? Umar says she can’t do some thing however she desires to extrade her aspect now. They have made new buddies. Pratik and Tejasswi are gambling collectively now? Umar tells VIP contributors that Tejasswi made much less meals the day gone by and that’s the truth. He says she acts goody goody however she isn’t. Rakhi rolls at the ground and says I became hungry the day gone by due to Tejasswi.

10:30 AM
Tejasswi tells Karan that I simply requested Umar to now no longer do favoritism, if he’s towards one VIP then be towards all VIPs. Karan says don’t intervene in his matters, you’re doing what you need to do so that you don’t have any proper to taunt him. At least he’s doing some thing to pressurize VIPs, simply don’t query him. Tejasswi says he stored taunting me, announcing I am jealous of Rashami, I make much less meals and whatnot. Karan says you taunted him, you can have spoke back him back. Tejasswi says I notion Umar became my pal. Karan says why are you wondering him? You taunted him so he taunted you back.

10:forty five AM
The inmates come to the lawn and spot coffins there. There is a massive spider prop withinside the lawn.

eleven AM
Pratik tells Nishant which you humans maintain announcing that I actually have modified. Nishant says if I am indignant then it’s due to your doubt on my intentions. Pratik says you maintain taunting me, I sense harm also. Nishant says I became taunting you, Tejasswi and Rajiv for cooking for them. Pratik says I in no way taunt you. Nishant says don’t say which you don’t have a pal. You don’t pay attention to me ever. Pratik says it’s now no longer like that. Nishant says don’t aggravate me, I don’t care approximately different matters however don’t say you don’t have a pal. He hits him. Pratik laughs.

eleven:forty five AM
Rajiv tells Umar that I don’t agree with Tejasswi. Umar says she is wondering me however she calls herself a pal? I don’t want buddies like her.

12 PM
Nishant tells Abhijeet which you maintain announcing bizarre matters. You stated which you are a complete man. Abhijeet says I intended that I actually have extra girl fans. Rajiv says what do you suggest which you are a complete man? Abhijeet says I am a good-looking hunk so what’s incorrect with that? Rajiv says what did you suggest via way of means of your words? Tejasswi says you commented while you needed to sing with Rajiv. Abhijeet says it’s now no longer like that, you humans are making an trouble. Nishant says you taunted me the day gone by also. Abhijeet says I became joking. Nishant says however don’t harm a person’s sentiments. Be cautious approximately your statements. Rajiv tells Ritesh that his statements are incorrect, we’re all humans. Pratik says he became now no longer taunting you Rajiv. Karan says she passes homophobic jokes which might be completely incorrect. Tejasswi says he’s misogynistic. Karan says he’s a chauvinist.

1:forty five PM
Karan reads the challenge wherein non-VIP contributors have a danger to get stored from the nominations. The spider is the VIPs’ pal and every leg of it has a triumphing prize in it. The non-VIP contributors should use clay to make their knives after which wreck the spider’s leg. There may be three rounds, in every spherical, VIPs will deliver clay to non-VIP contributors. Then non-VIP contributors will make their knives and shield them also. The one that makes the overall knife will earn immunity after which reduce a spider’s leg and earn the prize cash. But that non-VIP member will should do 2 sacrifices from the VIPs earlier than slicing the leg. If she or he can’t satisfy the sacrifices then they’ll earn immunity however now no longer the prize amount.

Abhijeet tells Devo that we can now no longer receive their knives. Rashami says he’s a cutie. Abhijeet says I am. Rashami says allow us to determine.

Karan tells Rakhi that you need to determine who gets the immunity. Rakhi says you need to make your knives, you need to forestall Pratik and Umar.

Nishant tells Shamita that nobody will play fairly. Let’s play for ourselves.

2:forty five PM
Devo, Ritesh and Rashami deliver clay to Umar, Tejasswi and others. Devo offers clay to Shamita also. They are all making knives. Devo asks Nishant in case you need immunity or cash? Nishant says I need to earn the triumphing amount. Devo asks Rajiv. He says each are essential. Devo asks Shamita. Shamita says the prize cash is essential because it’s for the group. Devo tells Rashami that they deliberate to earn the prize cash, they don’t care approximately the immunity. They simply need immunity. Rashami says then all of them will make the knives, we will say that nobody made the proper knife. Devo says we will discover faults in all of the knives.

The first spherical ends, Devo says I am rejecting Rajiv’s knife as its form is incorrect. She rejects Karan’s knife because it has weight. Devo rejects Tejasswi’s knife also. Devo says Umar’s knife could be very thin. Umar says Ritesh and Rashami are referees also. Devo says Pratik’s knife is likewise now no longer smooth. Devo tells Nishant which you have made a thick knife. Devo tells Shamita that her knife isn’t smooth.

Ritesh tells the non-VIP contributors that we’ve determined all of you had faults withinside the knives so we will’t determine a winner. Shamita says you all are shit referees. Devo says it became your obligation to make an excellent knife. Tejasswi says simply pick out the least defective one. Karan says it’s approximately a person’s immunity. Devo says allow us to assume.

Rashami tells her VIP contributors that we will shop cash however it’s approximately their immunity also. Devo says however they don’t have a ardour to win the immunity. They aren’t preventing every different for the immunity.

Nishant tells Tejasswi that they couldn’t do their duties of their season however now judging us.

Rashami tells her group that we will say that everybody has a defective knife. We can reject them all.

Ritesh tells the non-VIP contributors that we’re rejecting everybody’s knives as those aren’t flawlessly made. Pratik says take a decision. Rashami says you all made the knives your self so don’t pressurize us to pick out a winner. Ritesh says we aren’t deciding on anyone’s knife proper now. Shamita says I am now no longer gambling anymore, they may be vain referees.

The episode ends.


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