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Day 58
11:forty five AM
Devo tells Ritesh that Tejasswi wouldn’t faux a dating for a display. Ritesh says I sense awful for Tejasswi, she is younger and fell for Karan however I recognize Karan from outdoor. I recognize he had many girlfriends however I didn’t in my view assault Karan. I don’t have to reveal off my love as they do.

12:forty five PM
Rakhi tells Ritesh which you dance so nicely, human beings will comply with your dance steps. Ritesh begins offevolved dancing with Nishant.

1 PM
Rakhi tells Rashami and Devo that we need to do some thing withinside the display. Rashami says permit’s divide responsibilities. Rakhi says we are able to make every body paintings. Pratik comes there and says I do reducing nicely, Nishant-Tejasswi prepare dinner dinner nicely so reflect onconsideration on this earlier than finding out responsibilities. Ritesh asks if he’s bendy in converting the responsibilities. Pratik says yes.

1:30 PM
Ritesh tells the inmates that we are able to provide responsibilities. Shamita says I actually have returned ache so I can do the kitchen responsibility only. Umar says it doesn’t paintings like that. Devo says Umar will wash dinner dishes at the side of the bed room cleaning. Pratik says I will do the reducing for lunch only. Rashami says why? You need to do the reducing for each lunch and dinner. Pratik says I won’t do that. Tejasswi says Rajiv can assist him with dinner reducing. Rashami asks Devo why are you discussing with them? Devo says they’re all shouting. Rashami says Pratik began out shouting. Pratik says I am giving my factor of view. Rashami says you’ve got got a vain factor of view, you requested for reducing so why are you converting your stance now? Pratik shouts at her and says I am now no longer backing off. Rashami asks him to get misplaced. Devo takes her from there.

three PM
Rajiv tells Rashami that Rakhi says a few bizarre matters. Rashami says simply inform her to forestall.

three:30 PM
Rashami tells Devo that Pratik takes a stand for vain matters. If he can’t do reducing then what can he do?

Karan tells Ritesh which you began out attacking me for no reason. Ritesh says I stated what I idea so. Karan says I am a totally sincere individual in life. Ritesh says I changed into speakme approximately what I noticed withinside the residence only. Karan says Rakhi instructed me to now no longer spoil Tejasswi’s coronary heart however I took it in a superb manner. My dating with Tejasswi is non-public so permit’s separate the sport from that. Ritesh says we’re all in the sport.

Devo talks to Umar, Rashami is sitting with them. Umar says I like Rashami, she is a great friend. Devo asks Rashami. Rashami says I like him too.

7 PM
Pratik is disturbing Rajiv however he says I am harm so don’t mess with me. Rakhi prays for Rajiv and says the ache will pass away. Rajiv thank you her.

eight:30 PM
Tejasswi says every body is ingesting what they need, there’s no rationing. Pratik says a person concealed butter. Umar says I didn’t cover it. Rakhi says they’ll die combating every different. Rajiv tells Pratik which you don’t make a scene. Rajiv says Pratik is hiding meals items, he’s stooping low. Pratik says he’s combating for meals additionally. Umar says we aren’t hiding such things as you. Rashami asks Pratik if he concealed the butter box? Pratik asks her to head away. Rashami says Pratik is bullying Rajiv. Rajiv says he maintains bothering me. Pratik and Rajiv shout at every different. Pratik says it’s like spitting withinside the meals. Rashami says Pratik is so stupid.

9:15 PM
Umar says Rakhi doesn’t like paratha. Rakhi says I am ingesting it.

9:30 PM
Umar tells Rashami that allow the kitchen crew determine approximately rationing. Nishant, Rajiv and Tejasswi can take choices for meals. Rajiv says they preserve taunting me, I won’t be a part of rationing if Pratik is withinside the kitchen.

day 59
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the track music maari entry. They all dance. Rakhi dances with Shamita.

9:15 AM
Devo asks Ritesh who do you want the maximum until now? Ritesh says I like Pratik and I don’t like Karan. Rakhi says I don’t like Tejasswi. Rajiv comes there to invite approximately the meals menu. Rashami says we’ve got leftovers from the day past so use that additionally. Don’t make greater rotis. Rajiv says human beings get hungry even after the lunch. Rakhi says you don’t need to make greater rotis, they are able to devour bread. Nishant says we’ve got a whole lot of rice left from the day past. Rashami says then use that. Rakhi asks Nishant to heat their meals as we can’t paintings. Rashami says I am simply asking you heat it. Nishant leaves.

Nishant tells Karan and Umar that Rakhi is doing too much. She is even asking me to heat rice for them. Karan says we are able to do as we did earlier than.

10 AM
Karan tells Rajiv that they are able to’t paintings withinside the residence, in the event that they make us indignant then we are able to forestall running. We have to interrupt their attitude. He tells Rajiv to now no longer be too candy with them. They could be VIPs if we paintings for them.

11:30 AM
Rakhi tells Ritesh that I instructed you to now no longer inform Rashami-Devo approximately your enemy (Karan). Ritesh says be silent, I recognize what to do. Don’t worry, I recognize what I am doing. I desired to recognize their reaction.

11:forty five AM
Shamita tells Rashami that Devo has been judgemental in the direction of me. I can’t extrade myself for her. Devo has simply are available in and she or he has been concentrated on me. She have to recognize who she is dealing with. Rashami says I absolutely like you, I just like the manner you’re carrying out yourself. Shamita says thank you, I don’t need to be pals with Devo if she has that opinion approximately me. Rashami says I wish you each crack the space and speak with every different. Shamita says there must be no judgment and recognition for the space to crack.

12 PM
Ritesh asks Nishant to position matters withinside the kitchen. Nishant says I will do it, I don’t recognize whose responsibility it is. Rakhi says you aren’t right here to paintings for others, name them and cause them to paintings. Nishant laughs and asks Tejasswi to return back and assist him. Rakhi says Tejasswi isn’t always a princess so name her. Nishant calls Rajiv and Tejasswi. Rakhi says we aren’t right here to romance only. Tejasswi has to do family paintings additionally. Rakhi says Nishant won’t positioned the matters away alone. Rajiv tells Rakhi that we try this each day. Rakhi says I need you all to do it collectively. Rajiv says I changed into withinside the washroom, you’re a VIP however don’t order me around. Rakhi says I will order you. Rajiv says then I won’t do it, I am now no longer your slave. We are doing the paintings. Pratik asks Rajiv to forestall arguing. It’s fine. Tejasswi says I will do it.

12:15 PM
Devo asks Rashami if Shamita changed into taunting me? Rashami says I changed into speakme to her and she or he stated which you are opinionated approximately her. I agreed together along with her and stated which you each need to speak to reduce the space among every different.

Karan asks Rakhi which season will you win? Rakhi says we come to make others win. Karan laughs.

12:forty five PM
Tejasswi silently is going to the VIP and steals a few chocolates. She indicates it to Karan and Umar.

1:30 PM
Vishwa Sundari calls Rakhi and talks to her. Rakhi is worked up. Sundari asks how is she? Rakhi says I am fine. Sundari says I were slumbering for a while however we’ve got new faces withinside the residence which wakened the residence. Rakhi says I am so glad to be right here with Ritesh. I didn’t have all people to the touch withinside the residence however I actually have Ritesh now. Sundari asks how is she liking the residence? Rakhi says all of them appearance tired, they’re now no longer the usage of their minds. Sundari needs her to do her pleasant withinside the display and ends the discussion.

1:forty five PM
Rakhi tells Shamita that they’re now no longer maintaining the kitchen smooth, you don’t need to smooth all this. You are this type of quite female and you need to smooth a lot of these dishes? Shamita laughs. She asks Rajiv why did you depart greens withinside the sink? Rajiv says you may assign the responsibilities however don’t inform us the way to paintings. Rakhi says did Bigg Boss inquire from me to now no longer interfere? I actually have a proper as a VIP to provide you instructions. Rajiv says then I won’t do any paintings. Rakhi says in case you assume we won’t continue to exist in case you don’t paintings you then definately are wrong. You need to prepare dinner dinner however I won’t will let you prepare dinner dinner anymore. I am converting your responsibility, you may smooth the washrooms now. You stated that in case you don’t prepare dinner dinner then I won’t have some thing to devour? Rajiv says you’re converting my responsibility with out even asking Rashami-Devo? I will ask them. Rajiv is going to Rashami and says Rakhi is announcing she can be able to extrade my responsibility, she wishes me to smooth the washroom and others have to prepare dinner dinner. Karan jokes that he can begin cooking. Rashami laughs. Tejasswi hugs Karan and laughs. Rakhi asks Rashami what did you inform Rajiv? Devo says Karan cleans the washroom nicely and Rajiv makes suitable meals so permit him do the kitchen responsibility only. Rakhi says I am doing some thing for a reason, he stated that we’re surviving on his meals. Pratik stated he spits withinside the meals, I won’t devour his meals. Rajiv tells Rakhi that she is stupid. Rakhi says Karan will prepare dinner dinner to any extent further and Rajiv will smooth the washroom. I am a VIP too. Rajiv says I don’t a provide rattling in case you are a VIP. Rakhi prices at him and says you spit withinside the meals. Rajiv says you’re announcing reasonably-priced matters, I will slap you. Rajiv says slap me in case you need. They each shout at every different. Rakhi asks him to get misplaced. Tejasswi takes Rajiv from there.
Umar tells Ritesh that I were running withinside the residence, the target target market has stored me right here, I recognize you may depart earlier than me.
Karan tells Rajiv that it’s our sport that you may prepare dinner dinner and I will smooth the washroom. We will stick with that. Don’t conform to the responsibility extrade.

2 PM
Rajiv tells Rakhi that I will preserve cooking and you may’t forestall me. You are insecure approximately me. Rakhi says I won’t devour in case you prepare dinner dinner the meals. Rajiv says I am glad to peer which you are so insecure of me. Rakhi says you’re my target, there has been a saandani (Arshi) withinside the final season and now there’s a saand (bull) on this season that is Rajiv. Rajiv says my horns on my returned. Rakhi laughs.

Rashami tells Devo that they’re attacking VIPs in a group.

Rakhi tells Ritesh that I don’t need Rajiv to paintings withinside the kitchen, you need to take my facet. Ritesh says we need to be collectively with Rashami-Devo. Rakhi says you’re with me proper? Ritesh says I can’t take your facet after I assume you’re proper. I assume Rajiv does nicely withinside the kitchen. Rajiv-Umar take a seat down outdoor the VIP room and concentrate to them.

Rashami tells Rakhi that we have to preserve this up, she tells Rakhi to preserve announcing that Rajiv won’t paintings withinside the kitchen. Then he’s going to forestall cooking so we are able to display them VIPs aren’t flopping.

Shamita tells Nishant that Rakhi is ordering us around. Nishant says she wishes us to retaliate. Rajiv is playing that Rakhi Sawant is concentrated on him. He is glad approximately that. Shamita laughs.

three PM
Devo tells Karan that if we preserve shouting approximately the meals then we won’t want to devour. She shouts at Umar and says you all have made this an trouble for no reason. Rajiv shouts that Rakhi began out it. Rakhi says they have got misplaced their mind. Rajiv asks her to head away, you’re combating over meals additionally. Rajiv shouts at Devo that Rakhi is combating over meals additionally so forestall her now. Devo shouts at him to now no longer scream at her. Pratik attempts to calm them down.

4:15 PM
The residence door opens and Abhijeet enters the residence. All inmates cheer for him. Pratik hugs him. Abhijeet is worked up to peer Rakhi. Nishant says I am a large fan of yours. Umar hugs him. He greets Shamita. Bigg Boss welcomes Abhijeet. He says I am returned in action. Rashami hugs him. Abhijeet offers the VIP stars to VIPs. Abhijeet says Rakhi and Nishant recognize me. Rashami says I recognize you additionally. Pratik says inform us approximately yourself. Rashami says he got here from Bigg Boss Marathi, he changed into a large famous person there. His dream is to emerge as Prime Minister of India. Rakhi says I will assist him. Abhijeet says I introduced a few treats for you all. Abhijeet says I am vegetarian so preserve my dishes cut loose others. Abjijeet says in case you mess with me then I won’t be soft-spoken. Abhijeet says I keep in mind Shamita’s track which I will commit to my love. I am dedicating Shamita’s track to my lover that is BB trophy. He sings agar tum mil jao for BB trophy. He sings a track for Salman additionally.

4:30 PM
Abhijeet is selecting his mattress and says I need a unmarried mattress. Nishant says it’s Umar’s mattress already. Rakhi says he’s a VIP so he can select any mattress. Umar says I won’t surrender my mattress. Abhijeet says why? You can’t make your personal policies. Rakhi says we’re VIPs. Umar says to hell with it. Rakhi says don’t say that. Abhijeet asks Umar to listen him out. Umar says I actually have labored tough withinside the display, it’s my mattress so I won’t provide it up. Rakhi says we’re VIPs. Abhijeet says permit me talk, he tells Umar that I am now no longer speakme to you as a VIP however as a human. It’s a nook mattress so provide it to me. Umar says I can’t provide it. Pratik says you may take my mattress. Abhijeet says then provide me a few different mattress. Rakhi says we’re VIPs and they’re everyday human beings. Umar says I will throw away your begins offevolved as VIPs. Ritesh says I will spoil your face, you’ve got got the heart to throw away our stars? Umar says I actually have guts. Ritesh asks him to close up, when you have guts then throw it away. Umar asks him to close up, I will throw you out additionally. Ritesh says strive me, when you have guts then attempt to contact my famous person. Umar tells Rakhi that you may’t communicate for yourself, this Ritesh is your follower.
Abhijeet tells Pratik that I changed into asking him properly however he doesn’t need to concentrate then it’s fine, I will play my sport then. Abhijeet tells Pratik that he were given crushed withinside the display so I stated I could take the revenge.

4:forty five PM
Abhijeet comes into the kitchen and appears for greens. He says I will do my paintings. Rakhi says you may’t paintings, we’re VIPs. Abhijeet says I am an awesome king. Rashami says you may’t do any family paintings as VIPs, it’s Bigg Boss policies that we need to comply with. Rakhi says we are able to lose the stars. Abhijeet asks Shamita to reduce greens for him. Shamita says Tejasswi does this responsibility. Abhijeet says I am inquiring for you as a guest. Shamita says however we’ve got divided responsibilities. She asks Tejasswi to reduce it for him. Tejasswi says sure. Abhijeet asks her to scrub her palms first. Tejasswi says k and washes it. Abhijeet sees bathroom paper withinside the kitchen and says they have to ship a few tissues. Abhijeet says I felt unhappy while Shamita left the display. Shamita says I needed to come returned, I don’t input vain fights. Abhijeet says the equal with me. Rakhi comes there and attempts to speak to him. He says you may name me AB. He says I becomes a Prime Minister. Tejasswi cuts and offers greens to Abhijeet.

five PM
Karan tells Rajiv that Pratik will entertain Rakhi, you’re suitable at entertaining. You stayed withinside the display while such a lot of human beings left due to the fact you’re a herbal entertainer. He says Rakhi sees you as a threat. Rajiv says Pratik has been going in the back of Rakhi. He says I changed into partial to Rakhi however now no longer anymore. Karan says Nishant instructed me Abhijeet is short-tempered. Umar says he desires to emerge as a Prime Minister however gambling Bigg Boss? He will pass loopy listening to vain fights right here. Karan laughs.

The episode ends…


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