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Day 60
five PM
Tejasswi takes first region for the primary recreation. Devo says you’re disqualified. You all cheated and were given bodily in the sport. Rakhi says my husband gained’t spare them. Devo says they could by no means do a project with out beating others. Tejasswi says anybody is watching, if we’re incorrect then Bigg Boss might have stopped us. Pratik tells Devo that they may be pushing us additionally. Shamita tells Ritesh which you human beings are disqualifying Umar however it’s allowed to thieve from every different. Ritesh says he can’t thieve. Rakhi says they need to overcome my husband however I gained’t allow them.

Bigg Boss asks the referees approximately the winners of the sport. Shamita says I suppose our group gained as we have been gambling through the rules. Devo says they needed to defend the cash however they began out getting bodily in the sport. They used to electricity over us. I don’t trust them. Bigg Boss says each the referees ought to come to the identical conclusion. Devo tells Umar that you acquire bodily and cheated at the project. Shamita tells Karan that Devo gained’t agree, she isn’t always in her sense. Karan says I agree. Shamita tells Devo that Umar simply stole the cash however Ritesh began out attacking him. Devo says he didn’t want to thieve. He can’t thieve. Shamita says it’s written that they’ve to defend this means that others can thieve. Devo says I gained’t permit cheating.

five:30 PM
Shamita tells Abhijeet that Devo isn’t always listening to us at all. Abhijeet says you took the field from Umar which changed into now no longer allowed. Shamita says you don’t apprehend the project.
Umar tells Rashami that I even provided cash to Ritesh however he began out attacking me. Shamita says we can’t come to a conclusion, allow’s inform Bigg Boss. Devo says yes. Tejasswi asks them to speak to every different as mature human beings.

five:forty five PM
Umar and Nishant thieve from the VIP room at the same time as Rajiv protects them.

Bigg Boss asks anybody to face withinside the garden. He asks approximately their decision. Shamita says my group labored so difficult however Devo simply desires to make her group win. We can’t come to a conclusion. Bigg Boss says so that you each lose five lacs. We will deduct five lacs from VIPs’ amount. Their prize cash is forty five lacs. Pratik tells Devo is she glad now?

Karan tells Rashami that we must attempt to get cash withinside the non-VIP field. He asks Devo to now no longer agree with Ritesh blindly.

Abhijeet tells Rakhi that Devo performed foolishly. Shamita changed into looking to placed the cash returned withinside the swimming pool however Devo stopped her. If Shamita had placed the cash then we might have gained.

6 PM
Nishant tells Rakhi to play from their facet after which we are able to assist you later on. Just take a stand for us.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that point for today’s project has ended.

Karan tells Rakhi that Devo changed into now no longer gambling pretty. Rakhi says Ritesh changed into beaten, I were given scared that I would possibly lose my husband. Karan laughs.

7:30 PM
Nishant tells Tejasswi that I actually have a hassle with Pratik as he’s wondering me for a few new inmates? I don’t care approximately him then. Tejasswi says Pratik is making tea 3-four instances for VIPs. Karan says this isn’t always Pratik, he’s simply buttering them up.

eight PM
Vishwa Sundari calls Abhijeet. She talks to him and asks how is he feeling to be here? Abhijeet says I am looking to apprehend anybody. She asks him to reward her. Abhijeet says you may make me the winner. She asks him to sing. Abhijeet sings a music for her.

nine:15 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan that I am fearful of Abhijeet, he’s misogynistic and homophobic. I attempt to live farfar from Ritesh and Abhijeet. Pratik informed me if I experience uncomfortable then inform him. Karan asks changed into he coming close to you? Tejasswi says he changed into simply status coming close to me.

Day 61
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the music. They all dance.

eight:forty five AM
Tejasswi tells Rashami which you have been so assured withinside the pool that I notion you’re a great swimmer so I labored difficult at the project. Ritesh says Umar began out getting bodily and went incorrect approximately it. Tejasswi says I agree with the audience. Rashami says we additionally agree with the audience. We are all trying. Tejasswi says I am becoming bored now, she leaves.

nine AM
Abhijeet tells Devo that they performed the music for us. Rakhi asks him to prevent flirting with the girls, my husband is asking you. Devo says Abhijeet thinks they performed the music for Abhijeet and I. Ritesh says you each might make a great couple. Abhijeet laughs and says don’t say that, I am married.

nine:15 AM
Tejasswi tells Pratik that we ought to win at any cost. Pratik says we ought to ensure that as a minimum one group wins each round.

Rashami tells Karan that I suppose Tejasswi doesn’t like me. Karan says it’s now no longer like that, you each recognise every different. Rashami says however she offers me the vibe that she doesn’t like me.

10:forty five AM
Pratik tells Tejasswi that I am harm with Nishant’s phrases additionally. I gained’t even communicate to him proper now. Tejasswi says however you shouldn’t have stated that he’s taking the whole thing on his ego. Pratik says he can provide me critiques however he began out having arguments.

11:15 AM
Umar tells Tejasswi that we don’t have sufficient breakfast left. He asks her to present quantities to anybody. Tejasswi says I could make eggs in case you need. Umar says it’s your responsibility to present identical quantities to anybody. Tejasswi says you may get rid of me from the kitchen group when you have such a lot of issues. Pratik says we aren’t wondering you. Rakhi says simply ensure anybody receives identical meals quantities. Nishant says I will make my very own meals now, this isn’t always a eating place for me. Pratik says don’t taunt me,

11:forty five AM
The buzzer performs and the sport begins offevolved. Tejasswi reads the second one recreation ‘polo’. The triumphing prize is 10 lacs. There might be inmates from every different, one might be a horse and different will take a seat down on his returned and play polo. Karan-Tejasswi, Rakhi-Ritesh will play the sport. They ought to play with a ball and ensure to have extra desires. Shamita and Devo are referees. Rakhi and Tejasswi will attempt to intention at the same time as sitting on their partner’s backs.

12:forty five PM
Karan tells Tejasswi that hold your hand locked on my returned.

1 PM
Shamita tells Devo that those aren’t actual horses so don’t anticipate an appropriate posture. Devo says that’s fine.

The buzzer performs and the sport begins offevolved.

1:30 PM
Both the groups begin gambling polo. All are cheering for them. Shamita asks Ritesh to now no longer use his hands, he can’t hit Karan. She asks Devo to prevent him. Umar says Devo is a cheater. Devo shouts at them. Shamita says we ought to live out of the court. Nishant shouts that Devo can’t stand withinside the court. The recreation begins offevolved once more, Ritesh cheats so Shamita stops him. Shamita says you may’t cheat. He shouts at her. Shamita says they may be brainless. The recreation begins offevolved once more and Karan mistakenly hits Ritesh at the hand. Tejasswi says I were given harm however I didn’t make an issue. Devo says anybody didn’t play KKK like you, you don’t ought to brag. Tejasswi says I am now no longer a crybaby. The recreation begins offevolved once more, Ritesh pushes Karan so Pratik shouts at him. The recreation begins offevolved once more, Rakhi shouts that Tejasswi is hitting on my face. Rashami says she isn’t always. Pratik attempts to defend her however Rakhi pushes him away.

1:forty five PM
The polo recreation begins offevolved once more and Rakhi desires for the primary time. Their group cheers for them. Tejasswi desires for her group, all of them cheer for her. Tejasswi does any other intention. Ritesh says the ball changed into now no longer withinside the middle, they cheated. Devo says Shamita cheated. Pratik says you all are cheating. The recreation begins offevolved once more, the buzzer performs and the project ends. Shamita says we gained however Devo gained’t agree. Devo says it changed into a tie.

2 PM
Rajiv tells Rakhi to play pretty, we did desires.
Tejasswi tells Shamita that I completed so nicely in each the responsibilities however they hold rejecting our performance. Shamita says we can’t win any project like this. Tejasswi says it’s frustrating. Shamita says Devo is on a one-of-a-kind trip, she is aware of she is doing incorrect however she remains doing it.

2:15 PM
Rakhi says we aren’t anyt any less. Pratik says you may simply cheat.

Devo tells Abhijeet that it changed into a tie. Karan tells Devo that we didn’t cheat in the sport.
Nishant asks Shamita to invite Bigg Boss approximately the situation. Bigg Boss asks Devo and Shamita. Devo says it changed into a tie. Shamita says I suppose Tejasswi did 2 desires. Devo says I allowed their first intention however I can’t permit their second intention. Bigg Boss asks them to return back to a conclusion. Shamita talks to her group and says it changed into an unfair recreation, will we care approximately cash or self-appreciate? Karan says we care approximately cash however we are able to prevent doing any family work. Pratik says I don’t trust this. Karan says then we are able to get this project rejected, I didn’t cheat. I performed pretty so I gained’t compromise on the whole thing. If they need this recreation to be tied then we are able to prevent running withinside the residence in any other case get this project rejected. Nishant says he’s proper. Karan says they could win the sport however we are able to prevent running withinside the residence. Pratik tells Shamita that we can’t lose this cash. Shamita says I ought to concentrate to the only who performed this recreation. Pratik says we’ve to expose humanity.
Devo tells Ritesh which you all performed nicely withinside the project.
Pratik asks Shamita to agree for tying the sport.

Bigg Boss asks Devo and Shamita approximately their decision. Devo says we agreed that this recreation changed into a tie. Shamita says they may be gambling unfairly, I don’t agree however I don’t need to lose this cash that’s why I am agreeing with Devo. This is a tie. Umar shouts at Devo which you are unfair. Bigg Boss says this recreation changed into a draw. We are finishing this project and non-VIPs didn’t win any cash. VIPs nevertheless have forty five lacs of their briefcase. The BB vault is open from now on. Shamita cries and says they have been unfair.

2:forty five PM
Tejasswi tells Pratik that we gained’t deny them meals however we don’t ought to move as in step with their menu. We will provide them primary meals. Pratik says I trust that. Umar says they may be gambling unfairly. Tejasswi asks Pratik to now no longer make tea for them. Pratik says I can’t say no to them for meals. I will make it.
Nishant tells Karan that they could prepare dinner dinner for them however we ought to move in opposition to those VIPs, we don’t want approvals from anybody. I recognise what Pratik is doing however I appreciate it. Pratik didn’t need to scrub his dishes final week however now he has to expose humanity and prepare dinner dinner them? He is flipping however allow him attempt buttering them up, who cares. Karan says he gained’t benefit anything.

The episode ends.


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