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Weekend ka vaar
Salman welcomes all of us. He says allow’s see what occurs this weekend. Bigg Boss didn’t gorgive all and sundry this time. As according to the promise, the residence is cleaned. Jai, Simba, Vishal, and Neha are out. And the 7 human beings left, it’s very hard for them to live. We have despatched four wild playing cards, Rashmi, Devolina, Rakhi and her husband, Ritesh. Their awareness and factors are clear. They’ve an amazing plan to goal inmates and kick them out. It’s 7 vs. four. The wild playing cards are torturing the inmates. Today that they’d to inform who they suppose aren’t a opposition. The ones who don’t deserve it. Let’s see.

Devolina says Tajaswi. I simplest see her with Karan or Vishal or Nishant. She doesn’t have her personal stand. She in no way is going towards the incorrect. SHe throws dust on Tejaswi. Everyone claps. Devolina says the subsequent call is Shamita. I advised her earlier than too. She continues trusting Vishal. If you believe you studied you may’t accept as true with Nishant, you shouldn’t accept as true with Vishal both. Shamita says I recognise he speaks round however so does all of us. His manner of talking become extraordinary. Rakhi says he known as her maal. But if she doesn’t have a hassle they why do you? Rashmi says she had a hassle. That’s what Devo is saying. If you havea hassle then why take it? Shamita says prevent it. It’s on me what courting do I actually have with a person. He has an amazing facet too. Just due to the fact he speaks a positive manner, doesn’t suggest he doesn’t have an amazing facet. I can’t hold justify what I do in my existence. Nishant and I actually have a extraordinary bond. Devolina says we will see that. Shamita says while there has been jungle project, Pratik Nishant and I had a combat. Only Vishal become speakme to me. That’s while our bond have become stronger. Devolina says so that you like hypocrite human beings. If you believe you studied he wasn’t excellent for you, you continue to need alliance. You need a chum and brother. You need all of us with you. You’re attempting to steer Pratik to store Neha. Shamita says all of us attempt to store human beings right here. Devolina says so that you will stand with incorrect. That makes you susceptible. shamita says I don’t suppose so. Devolina says I do. And my opinion subjects heres. She throws it on Shamita.

Rashmi says I will communicate approximately it primarily based totally on yesterday. I suppose first is Shamita. You are making your self wweak. You don’t want alliance. You can play it to your personal too. I need to play this sport. It’s extra a laugh while the opposite man or woman is likewise strong. Nishant says an excessive amount of sugar. She throws it on Rashmi. Rashmi calls Kraran. She says you’re too depending on Tejaswi. She throws it on him.

Ritesh comes subsequent. He says all of us has extra capacity than me. Whoever I am deciding on has extra capacity and I noticed that earlier than. He calls Shamita. He says I concept she merits the trophy however in final 24 hours, I experience like she’s too depressed approximately her buddies going. He throws it on Shamita. Karan and Umar dance and choose out him up. Nishant dances too. They say jeja ji.

Rakhi says jiji is coming now. She says Shamita you bought many doses already. Karan you come. This chocolate boy has a Ravan too. I need that Ravan out. He become out in beginning. The lady shook your awareness. I am right here for you. Everyone laughs. Rakhi says awaken. I will wake you up. You need trophy proper? The soliders can’t reflect onconsideration on love on the border. They throw it on him. Karan says thank you. Rekha calls Pratik. She says I supported you from day 1. The one choice, you ditched Simba. That Neha choice. He says it wasn’t for Shamita. She’s my buddy. I concept her OTT adventure become short. So I concept.. She says you’re right here to make her win? You ditched your buddy. Pratik says I advised Simba already. I requested who could you store among Nishant and me. Neha become my precedence. Rakhi says she didn’t store you. Pratik says I didn’t anticipate a return. She says take your personal choice. He says I do what my coronary heart says. Rakhi says will you play now? He says yes. She throws it on him. Rakhi calls Umar. She says you’re going excellent.. But hitting a person wasn’t excellent. He says I felt horrific approximately it. What Pratik does, he does the entirety for the sport. I taken into consideration him my brother. Now he’s now no longer. I actually have visible him. He doesn’t deserve friendship. Pratik says I favored him. But see what he did. Rakhi says be buddies or enemy. If it’s a combat, combat. Rakhi throws it on him. She says the subsequent is, my prepare dinner dinner. You’re now no longer right here to prepare dinner dinner simplest. You’ve an amazing right here too. She calls Rajiv. She says both you’re both too high-quality or pretending. We need to recognise who you’re. Take a stand. He says a few human beings communicate too loud and fast. She says take names. He says Pratik speaks in the entirety. Pratik says get it executed with. He says it’s my threat to talk. Devolina says allow huim talk. He says if I experience horrific, I will say it. I can’t shout 24/7. I wanna revel in this residence. Rakhi says is that this moon? Karan says Rajiv you don’t want all and sundry to protect you. Just say it on the moment. Rajiv says I advised Shamita we can guide every different however play our games. I in no way requested her to now no longer communicate to human beings. Rashmi says she is visible dictating you. shamita says I advise, I don’t dictate. Rashmi says the manner you talk, it seems like dictation. It is going for all of us. Rashmi says in case you don’t determine your appreciate others won’t both. You want to attract a line. Rakhi throws it on him.

Shamita says I wanna say some thing. The first combat with Afsana, I won’t communicate approximately it. The 2d one with her, I were given into it. Because she stated certainly horrific matters. But after she’s long gone, if he continues her photo, could I find it irresistible? Rakhi says she stored him so it’s her proper to impeach it. Tejawai says he can do what he needs. Shamita says something befell with me, it befell due to her. How can he forgive her. Tejaswi says that’s his choice. You can combat and mend it. Shamita says I didn’t deserve it. Tejaswi says then don’t get into it. rashmi says there had been loads instances whilst you weren’t there for him. Afsana become. Tejaswi says if he has forgiven and also you’re hold grudges, then it seems like it’s your grudge which you’re the use of Rajiv for. He cleared it. Rajiv says I in no way allow it out. Rajiv says she got here to me and stated a person behaved so horrific with me. I am your sister. I experience horrific, which you don’t take a stand for me. She didn’t take Afsana’s call. Tejaswi says I actually have visible you cry and say which you’ve forgiven Afsana. Who is she to impeach you.

Rakhi says excellent. Everyone has awoke. Nishant says say it Rakhi. Karan says don’t get fooled via way of means of him Rakhi. Rakhi says this bee can’t idiot me. Rakhi says this bee is on each door. Nishant says I find it irresistible. Rakhi says your actual self isn’t coming out. When will you play your sport. You have one spoon Pratik. Rashmi says student. Nishant says I don’t get what human beings say. He’s my proper and excellent buddy. They can’t stand for themselves so that they talk for others. Karan says all of us can see what you probably did with Umar and all of us. Nishant says please inform me. Karan says you stated you don’t have a hassle with Tejaswi and Umar however you then definately play towards them. Nishant says you talk in the back of the backs. I say it on face. Karan says I wasn’t even speakme to you. Your factors simplest pop out on weekend. Pratik says so he can say something he awnts on weekend. They all combat. Nishant says I am mummy. You may be chachi. I recognise what to do. Let them determine. Play for your self. Tejaswi says I cried for Rajiv and also you known as them faux tears. He says I can giggle on whatever. It’s now no longer always you. Karan says you laughed on her tears. Nishant says you all additionally say I am Pratik’s mom. I can experience horrific approximately that too. Nishant says I become guffawing at Shamita.

Nishant says Tejaswi in case you need to live buddies with me, be to your personal. Karan says don’t inform her what to do. Umar says something Pratik does is proper for you. Nishant says to Tejaswi you realize I constantly voice matters if I discover them incorrect. I in no way move and query him. Karan says you in no way come and communicate to me. Nishant says neither do you. Karan says you in no way spoke to me and the complete night. Nishant says I agree however except all which you stated and matters that I observed one via way of means of one, how can I be ok with that? Nishant says I stored believing yo. I in no way stated a unmarried phrase to you. Rashmi says in case you didn’t talk then, don’t talk now. Nishant says do what you need. You f-ed the friendship. Rashmi says friendship is both strong. Don’t returned-stab. You all do that. When I am disillusioned or unhappy I could visit my buddy. You use every different conveniently. Karan says I constantly become there for him. She says you’ll move in and attempt to be buddies again. Why are you speakme to him now. Don’t live with a chum who backstabs. Tejaswi says if I stand with you, and also you giggle at me, it appears incorrect. If they are attempting to face for me, they’re proper. Karan says I known as him buddy and relied on him. Rashmi says it’s too sided. You get slapped, due to the fact it’s one sided. Umar says to Nishant communicate approximately it to him. I found out you each have it in mind. Just say it out truely.

Weekend ka vaar
Salman says you all noticed what befell withinside the residence. Let’s move in. He welcomes all of us. Salman says four of you’re fortunate that you’ll get to look Antim. The wild playing cards won’t see it. Every week, certainly considered one among you’ll exit and spot Antim. He asks Rakhi who’s he? She says the only you’ve got got been searching for. He says all of us concept he become fictional, you proved all of us incorrect. Is he actual or hired? Rakhi says he’s my husband, meet your jeja ji. Karan asks Ritesh wherein are you from? He says I am from Bihar and presently in Belgium and I am a Software Engineer. Rakhi in no way lies. I become a coward that I didn’t are available in the front, I become very careful approximately my business. I advised her now no longer to get my photo out. People used to name her a liar. I felt horrific while she cried withinside the final season and I concept I become doing incorrect. I will say it in the front of all of us he’s my husband. Salman says like eleven international locations police appears for dance, you figure on eleven laptops. He says yeah my workday could be very hectic. I must take many meetings. Rakhi says he receives worn-out via way of means of the night. Salman says now you don’t have the computer, wherein will your arms paintings now? Rakhi says on eleven contestants. Salman says or on Rakhi’s shoulders? He says I found out her fee very late. I actually have traveled the world, she’s a valuable stone. I actually have in no way visible a lady like her. She’s very honest. SAlmana says she will be able to come across lies too. salman says carry somethign from the store.

Salman says you need to provide her this rose and say some romantic lines. He is going to rakhi. Salman says no you’ve to provide it to Shamita. Everyone is shocked. They giggle. Pratik says welcome to bigg boss. Ritesh says neither me, nor you can recognise my feelings. You aren’t simplest my buddy, you’re extra. Shamita hugs him. Salman says now you wil take the flower returned and say I didn’t suggest it and provide it to Rakhi. Everyone laughs. Ritesh says Rakhi, I’ve harm you. I am sorry for it. You’re my existence and my heaven. I am sorry for it. You’re my spouse and you’ll be for subsequent 7 lives. He hugs her. Rakhi says thank you. Salman says you have to be asking why I despatched him to Shamita. He advised us he certainly likes Shamita. SHamita says as a minimum a person likes me. Salman says that’s the cause why you’re withinside the residence and four are out. The ones who’re long gone out, all of us is gambling very artificial sport and gambling false.

Salman says the simplest one that become actual become Simba. He didn’t do whatever however become as a minimum. No one is doing enough. You all appearance false. This is the primary time I am getting such messages. I am very disillusioned approximately it. I don’t like final season’s contestants coming on this season. But it’s the fault of inmates due to the fact we had to name them to wake you up. I stored telling you and also you didn’t listen. I don’t recognise what’s occurring on your mind. It hasn’t labored for you. These four paintings certainly nicely. When they got here withinside the first season, they did too nicely. That’s why all of them got here to the residence twice. Devo is right here thrice. She’s visible the entirety. You men do now no longer stand a threat. No threat. You had been all clueless and nevertheless are. They recognise the sport. Are there are friendships? Execpt for Karan and Tejaswi. No one has any point. Tell me which any such four is a tought opposition. He asks Karan. Salman says none of you seems like a winner. You all are on one degree and that’s very low. Every season there are folks that seem like winners. The wild card winners deserve trophy. None of you display your authentic self. The one who’s doing a chunk is Shamita. Sometimes you get carried away. Like Gautam become one guy towards all of us. Siddharth Shuklan, one guy army. Tell me one man or woman who’s that manner right here.

Salman says there has been project wherein wild playing cards needed to awaken those inmates. Shamita become focused the most. Rashmi, you stated you couldn’t hook up with her. Did you hook up with her as target target market? Rashmi says no. Salman says what vibe is she giving that nobody can hook up with her? Rashmi says she offers up while her buddies aren’t with her. She’s very emotional. She remains in the back of a barrier. She doesn’t even allow human beings try. Until she tries, nobody can visit her. It’s visible evidently. Salman asks Shamita why did you name her hypocrite? Devolina says if all of us tells you that this man or woman is fooling you, says incorrect approximately you. But even after which you are normal, then it seems like you’re now no longer doing excellent. You want their alliance. Salman says why do you believe you studied Shamita fights after which has tea with those human beings? Devolina says all of them suppose the entirety right here is transient and those could choose them out of doors. Shamita cries. Devolina says in case you combat withinside the morning and feature tea withinside the nighttime human beings will suppose you simplest did it for the display. Was that combat even actual? It takes time to be normal. Salman says that’s accurate however forgiving is likewise accurate. Devolina says it is. But it takes time. They combat after which get normal. Salman says if there’s a combat in my family, we’ve got restoration it that night. If you drag matters in time, your family members could get worse. But on this residence there aren’t anyt any family members. It’s extra approximately the factors you’re taking. You confuse the target target market this manner, you’ll lose the trophy. the trophy need to be the goal.

Salman asks Pratik how did Simba exit? Pratik says Simba requested while he were given the unique proper. He requested if I had been in Nishant’s plan who could I take from right here? Pratik says I advised him Neha is my very vintage buddy. She become my precedence. I in no way promised him whatever. I advised him truely it’s Nishant and Neha. Neha’s adventure in OTT become short. I used my proper to guard her. Salman says all of us concept Simba is your buddy. Umar says his precedence is constantly Nishant. Salman asks Nishant, do you trust Pratik? He says I don’t agree however he’s a grown up. He takes his personal choices. Things move up and down among him and Neha too. I advised him I live out of it. Simba him and I had been excellent buddies however Neha become his nearer buddy. If I had the proper, I could store Simba. Salman says Pratik this confuses the target target market. Say it openly. Pratik says I need to mention it openly. After OTT, Salman says prevent speakme approximately OTT. It’s long gone. It become past. You’re on colorings now. Shamita says it’s my fault. I desired to store Neha and Rajiv. I requested him to choosen among Neha and Simba. I needed to store each Rajiv and Neha. Salman says it become Pratik’s choice and it’s now no longer your fault. Your priorities had been clear. Rajiv and Neha. You stored Rajiv and also you desired to store Neha. But in the end it become Pratik’s name. He does his personal. Why need to all and sundry be blamed for his act. Salman says your quantity will even come Pratik.

Salman asks Umar. Umar says Pratik requested Shamita to store Neha. He desired to store Simba too. But for the sport he needed to. Pratik nobody 2d what for sport? Salman says Pratik who requested him to communicate? Pratik says you probably did. Sorry bhai. Speak after I requested you. Umar says his precedence become to store Simba and Shamita will store Neha. He sacrificed Simba while that didn’t happen. He allow his friendship move. He shouldn’t be relied on. Umar says I stated what’s in my coronary heart. Salman says and any other man or woman who become focused become Karan. Salman says we’ve got a query and we are hoping you’ve an solution. When you’ve got got a combat, what you do after it? You attempt to give an explanation for like I am emotional. But while Tejaswi and Umar do the identical, you don’t find it irresistible. You need to make up with all of us however your buddies shouldn’t do it. You college them. Like Nishant and Pratik are clear, they don’t like you. They hold their stand. You visit them and inform them you’re emotional and you’ve got a relation out of doors. Karan says we’re buddies out of doors. My nature is that manner, we used to talk each day. There are many vintage memories. It comes out of me. Salman says while your buddies do the identical you mind. Tejaswi says on media spherical I become accused that I acted in the front of you with tears. Salman says I become communicate approximately confusion. When you and Kundra communicate earlier than sleeping, there may be assessment is in it. You say some thing else then. Karan says I noticed it in media spherical. There had been journalist that stated Tejaswi become doing an acting. You need to have defended her. He laughed. Shamita and Pratik had been doing the identical.

Salman asks Rashmi to give an explanation for Tejaswi and Karan. She says Tejaswi and Karan are constantly together. Like mom and kids. But he’s simplest doing what Tejaswi is calling him to do. He’s stopped the use of his mind. Salman says accurate. She says he’s simplest into dressing and fashion and he were given Umar who’s doing higher. Salman says this occurs in love. Rashmi says it become new, I suppose he’s going to get returned. Salman says how will it get while it receives vintage? Rashmi says he won’t allow Tejaswi speakme to him. Karan says I didn’t anticipate this however it befell. Today Tejaswi requested me now no longer to pick her dresses. I stated I will do my high-quality. Rashmi says however play your sport too. Salman says you’re in very laid returned zone. Are you in a vacation resort? Or are you at paintings? Okay you fell in love. This is your paintings. Will you want if she wins and also you don’t. First week’s Karan become extraordinary. He had a purpose to combat. His awareness become on trophy now it’s someplace else. What befell now? No combating spriti? Only love. Only 2-three days were given four human beings out. Jai appeared like a contestant who may want to win. And he’s out. He has large fan following. People who say you’re being see due to Tejaswi. You’ve to be visible due to your personal self. Karan you’re doing not anything for this target target market. Do you need to provide your high-quality or now no longer? Karan nods. Salman says you may love and all however your profession is at stake.

Salman says Pratik you’re doing nicely however awareness on priorities. He says now Rajiv. They recommended that your sister dominates you. It isn’t Shamita. When press roasted you, you took Shamita’s facet and don’t stand for folks that assist you. Decide in case you wanna be a competitor or a player. He says Shamita is my sister however I am right here to play. Salman says in case you win, she may be happy. You may be siblings however play the sport first. It need to be your first precedence to take stand, entertain and move close to the trophy. Wake up and alter your awareness. The 7 human beings right here have become eleven due to the fact all 7 of you couldn’t display your personality. They have fan following from older seasons. Think approximately it. human beings will move in no time now. Salman says I experience like something I stated they’ve begin operating on it.

In the residence
Shamita says I were advised that I get shaken up while human beings near me are long gone. For me family members are very important. This sport won’t are available in the front of family members. I will exit if I must. For me, my relationships are my energy now no longer weakness. Yes I shatter while my relationships aren’t doing nicely. Rashmi stated she couldn’t relate to me due to the fact I become off. Nishant says she become speakme approximately the display. Shamita says she’s a stranger for me. She got here to me. I become heartbroken. I advised Rakhi the identical that Neha left. I experience low. Rakhi stated it’s ok. You can meet her whilst you exit. If my husband is going I will stand higher. It made me experience higher. Rashmi judged me.

Rashmi says to Karan you’re lost. It’s now no longer too late. He says I admire you telling me that. I am attempting. Rashmi says you stopped gambling. He says however I actually have a reference to Umar and Tejaswi simplest. I can’t accept as true with Nishant anymore. Rashmi says you need to play for your self. Nishant says to Tejaswi we can live the identical regardless of what all and sundry says. Don’t allow it hassle you. If you’ve got got a hassle you may prevent speakme to me. She says are you crazy? He says we’re buddies out of doors. Tejaswi says I recognise that. Tejaswi says many stuff befell and I noticed how human beings had been used. People overlook after they needed to take a stand. You need to see it too. Nishant says I recognise what you suggest.

Rakhi says what he stated in English I didn’t get it. Ritesh says I stated the relationship among us, I couldn’t get it myself. I can simplest say that I actually have a sense in my coronary heart which you aren’t only a buddy. Rakhi says extra than buddies? Sweet. Shamita says what you stated for Rakhi become sweeter. He says it got here from coronary heart.

Weekend ka vaar
Salman says while you’re taking a spoil, you have to see promos of sirf tum. He welcomes Esha Singh and Vivian. Esha says we’re like hearthplace and water. Poles aside however fell in love. He says she’s my junior in university and my responsibility. Salman says are you cushty with it? She says he’s worrying however he receives angry. Vivian says you may say whatever that’s on your coronary heart, I gave you that proper. Salman says what a chemistry. Salman says this residence is a campus. People exit as according to target target market’s desire. Salman introduces them to inmates. Vivian says there are couples withinside the residence. Karan and Tejaswi. Karan says I concept Karan and Umar. Good to look you borther. Vivian says any other one is Rakhi and Ritesh. Esha asks which one is extra compatible? Rakhi says we’re official. Vivian says allow’s do a compaibility test. Rakhi says what’s going to we get? Salman says you already get it. Esha says we can ask questions, the only couple that wins, gets sirf tume jodi no. 1 title. Esha asks karan and Tejaswi to choose out boards.

Tejaswi asks does Karan like Tejaswi with free or tied residence? They write free hair. Esha asks what’s the final issue Tejaswi does earlier than sleeping. They each proper pores and skin routine. Vivian asks what’s the primary issue Karan does withinside the morning. Tejaswi says Umar. They each giggle. They each write, makes tea. Esha asks whow unwell do the primary name out of doors the residence. They each write Karan. Esha says he has to discover my quantity himself. That’s the plan. Salman says what a sport. Karan says I actually have, I play the sport. She says why do you’ve got got my quantity. Esha asks who does Karan now no longer accept as true with at all. They each write, Nishant. Rakhi says what a khichdi. Vivian asks which lady does Karan like speakme to except Tejaswi. They btoh write Shamita. Salman says my query, does Karan sucks in breath or pushes it out while he kisses. Tejaswi says we haven’t kissed. Salman says ok while he does, they each write inhale. Salman says wow. Everyone laughs. Salman says what a match.

Salman says Rakhi, Ritesh. She says we aren’t needed. They’re perfect. Salman says very hard preferred set. Let’s see Ritesh’s IQ. Rakhi says make him take a seat down with shamita, he’s going to solution higher. Vivian asks if Rakhi had been unmarried, who could she like withinside the residence? They each write Karan. Salman says excellent going. Vivian asks if Ritesh had been unmarried, who could he move with? They each write Shamita. Salman says Shamita is in demand. Esha asks which facet does he sleep on? Rakhi is confused. She writes left and Ritesh writes proper. Ritesh says you stated proper, I modified. Salman says all and sundry can extrade him. He can move from proper to left. Why are inmates telling? How many human beings slept with Ritesh? Rakhi says we slept right here. Vivian asks what do you name him via way of means of love? Rakhi writes papa, he writes jaan. Rakhi says I name you papa. Everyone is aware of. Salman says Ritesh lost. Vivian says Karan and Tejaswi have complete marks. Esha says now allow’s see who has higher chemistry. Let’s see a dance.

Karan and Tejaswi dance on Saree ke fall sa. Rakhi and Ritesh dance on tere dil mein meri entry. Everyone enjoys. Salman says Karan and Tejo that is chemistry. Vivian says compatibility no. 1 jodi is Karan and Tejaswi and chemistry is Ritesh and Rakhi. Salman says what movements Ritesh. Ritesh says I danced for the primary time. Vivian says didn’t seem like it. They each leave.

Salman says while some thing is going incorrect human beings move towards it. But this Kaan (mistake) is getting numerous appreciation. that is approximately a contemporary display Matsiyakaan. A new display. Let’s welcome Ravi Kishan and Ravi Dubay. Salman welcomes them. He congrtulates them. Ravi Kishan says first tere naam, then bigg boss and now this display modified my profession. It’s come to be large. Ravi has executed very nicely. Ravi Dubay says he’s the con guy and I am the policeman. He remains in the front of you and nevertheless hidden. Salman asks Ravi Kishan how do you experience like being right here, you had been a part of season 1. He says I become very notalgic. I did nicely in Bhojpuri industry. I become lost. I got here to this residence and got here returned to my senses. People like me as a man or woman. Salman asks Ravi Dubay, do you get inspired? He says yes. Salman asks them to head withinside the residence.

In the residence
Ravi Kishan and Ravi Dubay come to the residence. Rakhi says Ravi Ravi.. They all clap. Ravi Kishan says Rakhi and Ritesh got here in the front of the world. You are doing very nicely. We are right here to have fun our display after which display you all some matters. How you all are falling every different and the way there aren’t anyt any buddies. You backstab. This sport is like that. You’re all the use of your mind an excessive amount of. Let’s spoil your heads. Ravi Dubay says there are 7 vintage human beings and four new VIPs. You 7 must determine which four of those isn’t your hazard. You must throw that bottle on him. Ravi Kishan says we’ve got ambulance don’t worry. Ravi asks Pratik to head first.

Pratik says rashmi isn’t a opposition. She stated I actually have confusion among me and Nishant however we’re very clear. Her phrases doesn’t control him. Rashmi says the manner you’re explaining seems like it fed into you. He hits the bottle on her. Shamta comes subsequent. She says human beings threw a dust bucket on me. I could need to name Devolina. three of my buddies left so I become very unhappy. She commenced judging me and known as me susceptible and hypocrite. No one has ever used those phrases for me. I am now no longer intimated via way of means of her. She’s woken me up however she’s now no longer a opposition for me. Devolina says if I actually have woken you up, I am a hazard to you. That’s why you awoke to combat with me. You are being susceptible. You are doing tit for tat. Shamita says in case you’re executed speakme, allow me communicate. Devolina says certain communicate. Shamita says I won’t name Rashmi due to the fact they become she spoke to me I favored. Rakhi additionally gave me recommendations that I certainly favored. But the manner Devolina known as me hypocrite, I didn’t find it irresistible at all. So I would love to inform her she’s now no longer a hazard. She hits it on Devolina.

Ravi calls Umar. Umar says I could name Ritesh. He’s a excellent human, constantly smiling. Rakhi says he needs him to lose his reminiscence upon getting hit. So he can take me. Umar says I experience like Ritesh won’t take a stand right here. Here you need to take a stand even in case your buddies are incorrect. Shamita says do you? He says live calm. Shamita says I am very calm. He says you simplest talk on weekend ka vaar.

Rest of the times you’re on your shell. Shamita says don’t clarify. Umar says human beings right here live of their room for six days and that they don’t forget on weekend this display is set speakme. Normally they’re like don’t communicate loudly. Shamita says do you believe you studied I don’t take a stand? Ravi Kishan says no you’re taking your stand. Shamita says allow him communicate he’s visible the display. Umar says relax, you awoke these days simplest. Shamita says we’ve visible you waking up. Umar says talk on your turn. Shamita says I don’t want your permission. Umar says Ritesh won’t take very large stands. I don’t see him as a hazard. Ritesh says I do agree. He asks did all and sundry get married? He says my sister. Ritesh says while the bride involves the residence, she remains quiet for three-four days.

This doesn’t suggest she doesn’t recognise. She is aware of the entirety. But she observes first. Everyone claps and says nicely executed Jeju. Ravi Kishan says what a desire Rakhi. Ritesh says then after some days, she responds human beings returned the identical manner. I personal a multinational company. I take all choices there If Rakhi can’t stand in the front of me who’re you? Ravi Dubay says the bride has woken up.

Nishant comes subsequent. He says leisure is via way of means of three matters, Rakhi, Rakhi and Rakhi. She has despatched the benchmark so high. The display hasn’t ended. I need to undertaking her so I can spoil her leisure. Rakhi says I undertaking you spoil my degree of leisure.

They each dance together. He breaks the bottle on Rakhi. Rakhi says wherein am I? Who am I? Nishant and Rakhi dance on ankhiyon se goli maray. Ravi Kishan calls Karan. Karan says I’ve observed a issue on this residence I actually have hazard from folks that had an area in my coronary heart. People suppose Ritesh isn’t a hazard however the manner he’s long gone into our hearts, I experience like he’s come to be a hazard.

He says Rakhi and Rashmi guided me loads when they got here in. I appreciate that. Devolina stated a issue that we couldn’t say approximately Shamita, it become very clear. I felt like why Devolina didn’t say whatever to me. So I need to take this threat to mention to devolina that I appreciate you however we must combat for it. I could need you to come to be a undertaking for me. ravi Kishan says what do you need to mention?

Is she a hazard? He says no. Ravi says you’re gambling opposite psychology. Devolina says I would like be a hazard for him. Ravi Dubay says Tejaswi and Karan you each appearance excellent together. Very cute. Karan hits Devoline. Rajiv says to Rakhi you had been this sort of excellent entertainer on your final season however I may be the entertainer this time. He breaks it on her. Tejaswi says to Devolina you didn’t see my sport nicely. You stated I don’t stand alone. Devolina says you in no way stand towards Karan or Umar.

When Karan hit you stated you had been scared. It receives over your proper and incorrect. Tejaswi says I become additionally disillusioned at him. I don’t want to justify to you approximately my stands. She hits the bottle. Ravi says there are nevertheless many mask that have to fall. You all are a hazard to every different. He says Devolina 3 human beings stated you’re now no longer a hazard, she says I may be. They leave.

Shamita says to Rajiv, he’s looking to irk me. If he desires to be on that facet I can definitely do it. He receives very unwell-mannered. Be cautious of him. Rajiv says certain. Shamita says I certainly like Rakhi. I like Rashmi too. Devolina become proper I did tit for tat. Devolina says I don’t get angry, I get harm. Shamita says you had been proper. I did tit for tat. We didn’t talk. Devolina says you had been disillusioned after which that project befell. Shamita says allow’s take a seat down and communicate tomorrow. She says certain.

Weekend ka vaar
Salman says all of us noticed what befell on this residence. we can have Sunil Shetty and his son may be right here. Neha Dhupia may be going into the residence tomorrow. He sees off all of us.

Episode ends.


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