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Day 56
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the track disco deewane. They all dance.

12:30 PM
Tejasswi tells Nishant which you must make relationships on this display. If humans are looking you right here then they don’t realize approximately your reference to Pratik from OTT. Nishant says Pratik has been my support, simply be sincere with me from now on.

three:forty five PM
Nishant tells Pratik that Tejasswi changed into taunting our friendship announcing the target target market isn’t interested.

6:forty five PM
Nishant is snoozing however Rajiv-Umar scare him. Nishant receives indignant and says this isn’t funny. Shamita says Rajiv has misplaced the plot. Tejasswi says he changed into snoozing peacefully, you scared him for no reason. Shamita tells Rajiv which you indignant me additionally yesterday. Nishant tells Rajiv that I changed into snoozing, you could shaggy dog story with me after I am awake. I don’t shaggy dog story with you Rajiv so don’t do it with me.

7 PM
Shamita says I changed into seeking to sleep however Rajiv scared me additionally. Umar says it changed into a shaggy dog story. Nishant says I don’t shaggy dog story with you want that. Rajiv says I am sorry Nishant. Umar asks Nishant to now no longer assault Rajiv. Shamita says he’s my brother so I am now no longer attacking him, you don’t want to shield Rajiv, he isn’t a kid. Umar says I am announcing to now no longer make it an issue. Shamita says nobody is attacking Rajiv. Nishant says I in no way joked with Rajiv so why is he joking with me? If I say some thing then humans say we’re bullying Rajiv. Karan asks Rajiv to now no longer justify it. Rajiv says I am silent now, permit’s stop it. Shamita says Rajiv must stop it. Rajiv tells Nishant that don’t take matters personally. Nishant says if I say something then I am attacking you personally?

7:forty five PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates which you needed to warfare loads on this display. He says there’s a VIP sector however you humans don’t have get right of entry to to it. You have misplaced the display’s prize cash additionally. You humans have misplaced the services so we’re sending three VIPs, they deserve it due to the fact they’ve performed this display nicely before. Let’s welcome the actual VIPs.

Devoleena, Rashami and Rakhi input the residence. Devo says this residence wishes a actual VIP to educate them a way to paintings withinside the residence. Rashami says it’s time to make this sport interesting. Rakhi says I am coming to growth the enjoyment level. Rakhi says I am now no longer going by myself this time. I am coming with VIP no. four.

In the residence, the inmates are locked withinside the residing room. Rashami, Devoleena and Rakhi input the residence. They all run and hug them. Rajiv says I am so glad to peer Rakhi right here. Bigg Boss welcomes the VIP. Rakhi tells the digital digicam which you stated I changed into mendacity approximately my marriage however I even have added my husband Ritesh with me. She takes the diya plate and begins offevolved dancing on Piya ghar aya. All inmates cheer for her. The door opens and Ritesh enters the residence. Rakhi does his aarti and says everybody were seeking out him. Rakhi touches his feet. She applies tikka to him. Rakhi says he’s out 4th VIP. Rakhi introduces him to everybody. They all visit the residing room.

In the residing room, Rakhi says I need tea. Pratik makes her consume sweets. Bigg Boss says we had heard loads approximately Ritesh however he’s sooner or later right here. Rakhi tells the inmates that everybody were seeking out my husband, we couldn’t meet every different for two years. Shamita says wow. Rakhis says I could be in Bigg Boss each season. Rakhi hugs Nishant and says why are you so silent? Nishant says I won’t be silent anymore.
Rashami talks to Nishant and says why are you hectic on this fact display? It’s you so relax.

eight PM
Tejasswi suggests the jungle place to Rakhi. Rakhi tells Nishant that my husband is frank so don’t worry. Ritesh laughs.
Rashami asks Umar how does he sense? He says I sense weird. Rashami says I instructed you ultimate time to play the sport and don’t strain approximately the out of doors matters. Umar says you’re proper. Shamita tells Rashami that it takes guts to be again right here to win. Rashami says I realize.

eight:30 PM
Rakhi says I noticed such a lot of couple snoozing collectively on those beds however I am going to be with my companion now.
Rashami tells Rajiv that I love you so I don’t care if Shamita receives possessive as I will preserve speaking to you.

Shamita tells Nishant and Tejasswi that I don’t need to combat with them. I haven’t watched them. Pratik says they’re very chill. Tejasswi says they’re each actual. Rashami and Devo are pleasant humans.

Rajiv tells Rakhi which you are so entertaining, I will experience now. I watched your ultimate season. Rakhi says I won’t permit all people sleep now.

Rakhi brings Ritesh to the rest room place. Karan suggests them around.

Shamita tells Nishant and Pratik that we’ve got be collectively and be strong. Shamita is going from there. Nishant tells Pratik that it’s going to be first-class now.

eight:forty five PM
Rashami asks Ritesh to inform them approximately his love tale with Rakhi. Ritesh says I can’t inform that. Nishant says I will do something for my jija. Ritesh says I met Rakhi on Whatsapp, I noticed her first. Rashami asks how did you propose? Ritesh says Rakhi proposed me first. Rakhi asks approximately her husband. Tejasswi says he may be very sweet.
Shamita tells Tejasswi that I sense weird. Tejasswi says you may not sense love it however you’ve got got ne. Rajiv hugs Shamita and says you’re my sister constantly.

nine PM
Rakhi says we are able to have enjoyment most effective on this residence.
Karan asks Rashami what approximately him and Tejasswi? Rashami says she is first-class however you’re being shitty. Tejasswi cleans the mess you create. Tejasswi asks Rashami to now no longer say all that. Rashami says you must admire individuality additionally. You humans must use a few brains additionally. Rashami tells Karan that Tejasswi talks to you additionally, she suggests proper on you however you communicate to different humans approximately her. I felt horrific while you talked to Shamita approximately Tejasswi. Tejasswi in no way complains approximately you to all people withinside the residence.

Rajiv tells Devo that I am so excited which you are right here. They make troubles out of vain matters.

nine:15 PM
Rakhi jokes with the inmates and says my husband is so shy. Rashami says inform us approximately your love tale. Ritesh says my PA gave Rakhi’s quantity for an event. I changed into depressed so I desired to speak to someone. I despatched her a random message after which we commenced speaking. Rakhi had a boyfriend at that time. Rakhi says my boyfriend changed into sort of a don so I changed into concerned approximately Ritesh. Rakhi says Ritesh changed into my fan. Ritesh says Rakhi instructed me that she desires to marry urgently. Then I concept I will be a terrific man for her. Rakhi says he despatched me his financial institution account declaration additionally however I stated I such as you because it is.

10 PM
Umar tells Shamita that you could communicate to Rajiv by myself however in case you scold him in the front of everybody then he feels horrific. I were given indignant on Pratik and now no longer on you. Shamita says I recognize that however in case you say that I am attacking my brother then I sense horrific.

Ritesh tells Rakhi that it’s a terrific surroundings right here. Rakhi hugs him and says you don’t realize what is going on right here. Don’t be blinded through their love. Rakhi asks him to take off her saree pin. He facilitates her.

10:15 PM
Rashami tells Nishant-Pratik that in case you each are every different’s precedence then be open approximately it. Nishant says we’re top buddies so we stand through every different. Rashami says however then it seems like you’re stressed approximately a whole lot of humans.

eleven PM
Tejasswi tells Rashami that I can’t consider you’re right here. I in no way concept we might be collectively right here. Rashami says I talked in your mother. Tejasswi says what did she say? Rashami says I such as you right here however mother changed into a touch reserved. You realize you’ve got got a aspect with Karan, I am keen on him however I instructed him what I felt. Tejasswi says what did my mother say? Rashami says I such as you each collectively, you’re doing top withinside the display. I am now no longer certain approximately your mom.

Shamita tells Nishant that until how a whole lot I must combat? They preserve judging me announcing I am controlling and whatnot. I sense misplaced now. Nishant says you continue to have 2 buddies right here.

eleven:15 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we’ve got four new VIPs so we are hoping they won’t repeat the errors that others did. He says VIPs have services like they won’t be nominated, they won’t paintings withinside the residence at all, they’ll manage the family and they’re eligible to win the display. He says VIP sector is open now. Rashami, Devo, Ritesh and Rakhi input the VIP sector. All different inmates hoot. Rakhi asks different inmates to get misplaced, they’re beggars. Ritesh says I can provide them matters proper? Rakhi says you could’t.
Nishant and Umar positioned the couch on VIP door so they’re locked inside. Nishant says they won’t do something now. VIPs push the door and are available to the principle residence. Nishant snatches VIP meals bundle and runs away. Rashami runs at the back of him and says prevent it.

eleven:30 PM
Nishant says we are able to enhance the mattress for Rakhi-Ritesh this night. Rakhi says this night is my marriage night. Rashami and Nishant positioned rose petals at the mattress. Pratik laughs with them.

Karan tells Umar and Tejasswi that we don’t must wash their dishes. They must make us paintings however we won’t.

eleven:forty five PM
Karan and Umar tease Rakhi-Ritesh. Karan says we won’t wash your dishes. Rakhi says we’re VIPs. Karan says we have been VIPs additionally, be on our aspect so your paintings could be done.

12 AM
Karan tells Tejasswi that Rashami need to have talked to my mom and she or he need to be first-class with us. Tejasswi says what in case your mother doesn’t like me? Karan says she will. Karan tells Rashami that Umar is so glad to peer Rashami right here. Umar says I realize Rashami. All wild playing cards that got here right here have been Shamita’s buddies most effective. Karan says I desired a bhabhi like her.. I suggest a wild card like Rashami. Umar says they stored bringing men withinside the display and all ladies were given eliminated. I sincerely favored Vidhi however I needed to put off her most effective.

12:15 AM
Umar asks Karan why did you name Rashami as your bhabhi? Karan says I like her for you. Umar says however don’t scare her. Tejasswi says I will try and promote Umar to Rashami, she is a totally pleasant girl. Umar says she may be very sweet.

12:forty five AM
Rashami teases Rakhi. Rajiv gives the cake and all of them sing glad birthday to Rakhi. All clap for her. Rakhi cuts the cake.

1 AM
Karan tells Tejasswi that Pratik continues strolling at the back of Rakhi. Tejasswi says due to the fact she is Rakhi Sawant. I gave a plate to Rakhi, Rajiv gave her any other plate for roti. They are all buttering Rakhi up however she is Rakhi Sawant.

2 AM
Tejasswi asks if I am visible dancing solo? Rakhi jokes that there’s not anything solo with her, she is constantly proven as a couple. All laugh.

The episode ends..


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