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Bigg Boss 15 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 55
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the track baimaan, all of them dance. Karan dances with Rajiv and Umar.

10:forty five AM
Shamita asks Tejasswi to change the responsibility with her. Tejasswi says I am high-quality with any responsibility. Shamita says then take my responsibility, I will do your responsibility. Shamita says I will make dinner any more so that you can take my reducing responsibility. Tejasswi says it’s high-quality with me. Shamita says then you could begin any more.

eleven:15 AM
Karan asks Tejasswi why did she take Shamita’s responsibility? Tejasswi says I concept to assist her. Karan says it’s her trouble if she doesn’t need to do it. Tejasswi says she requested me so I took her responsibility however then she requested me to begin from now only. I am high-quality with it though.

2:15 PM
Tejasswi is sound asleep off so the alarm is going off. Tejasswi says I changed into now no longer sleeping. It changed into Jay. Jay says you had been sleeping, if we lose ration due to it then all will blame you. Tejasswi says Bigg boss loves me that’s why he’s doing all this to get my interest. Tejasswi tells Bigg Boss that I simply love you so don’t fear approximately Karan.

2:30 PM
Vishal tells Shamita that Tejasswi taunted me that my sister won’t store me if I changed into towards Rajiv. I felt terrible that I changed into now no longer your priority. Shamita says don’t doubt me. Vishal says I don’t such as you preventing with Tejasswi, she is my pal and you’re my sister. Shamita says I don’t have anything towards her. Shamita says she misbehaved with me in the front of the click which I don’t like.

2:forty five PM
Jay asks Nishant if he pressurized due to him? Nishant says no. Jay says did you need to take a person else’s name? Nishant says we won’t have expectancies however we can help every different.

Umar tells Rajiv that Jay has emerge as insecure. I simply see confusion in his eyes. Rajiv says it takes place with everyone.

four PM
Harsh and Bharti input the name of the game room and study the inmates via cameras. Bigg Boss welcomes them and says you each stated you will cope with the residence nowadays so I can take an off nowadays? Bharti says truely? Bigg Boss says yes. Harsh asks if they are able to do something with the inmates? Bigg Boss says yes, those housemates are on your fingers for a few hours. Bharti says you could experience your holiday, we can cope with the residence. Bigg Boss needs them luck.

four:30 PM
Bharti growls and laughs evilly. The inmates pay attention it withinside the residence. Harsh talks in a deep voice and asks them to return back to the residing room. They all pay attention Bharti-Harsh at the mics. Bharti says you human beings scared us that day. Karan says I am sorry. Bharti says I nonetheless like Pratik. Bharti asks Shamita how is her frozen shoulder? Shamita says better. Bharti sings a track for Neha. Neha says I am sorry for that day. Harsh says we can do a venture. Karan reads the venture wherein the lowest five inmates will try and get the eye of the pinnacle five inmates. The backside five inmates Neha, Jay, Umar, Vishal and Rajiv will try and get the eye of the pinnacle five however the pinnacle five will try and forget about them and now no longer react to them. The target target market will watch it stay and whoever loses the venture might be removed from the residence. The pinnacle five inmates must be cautious as they is probably affected in nominations in the event that they lose the venture.
Tejasswi asks Umar to do something to get interest. Nishant hugs Shamita, he tells Jay to do something he wants.

five PM
The venture begins offevolved, Umar begins offevolved going for walks at the back of Shamita. Rajiv attempts to make her chortle, he begins offevolved making noises with utensils. Harsh-Bharti watch them via the cameras. Shamita ignores Vishal who attempts to speak to her. Nishant dances with Tejasswi in order to forget about Umar. Umar takes to the air his blouse and dances among them. Rajiv jumps withinside the pool. Rajiv funnily dances in the front of Tejasswi, she attempts now no longer to chortle. Tejasswi tells Nishant that that is hard.
Neha wears a cape and sits at the kitchen slab. Karan ignores her and says I even have the endurance to disregard them. Nishant and Tejasswi are speaking however Umar sits among them and indicates off his abs. He asks her if she likes his abs? Neha attempts to bop round them too. Jay is screaming round Karan to get a response. Tejasswi attempts to speak to Karan however Jay stands among them. Umar throws powder on himself and dances round. Rajiv places cream on his face and attempts to make Nishant chortle. Jay runs at the back of Tejasswi and she or he laughs. Umar dances round Tejasswi and says you want me. He says Tejasswi is mine. Tejasswi calls Pratik so she will be able to forget about Umar. Umar dances in the front of Nishant. Harsh watches them and says Umar has long past crazy. Vishal imitates different actors in the front of Pratik however he ignores him. Jay says I were given three reactions, 2 from Tejasswi and 1 from Nishant.
Rajiv and Umar collect round Pratik. Neha asks Pratik if he’s miffed with them? Umar says you won’t say something nowadays? Pratik ignores them. mar herUmar throws cream in Tejasswi’s cup however she ignores him. Bharti tells Harsh that I wouldn’t use any props, I will simply goal one person. Jay is wrapping Tejasswi in bathroom paper.
Vishal shaves his beard and says I didn’t shave my beard for six years however not anything is extra crucial than going beforehand withinside the game. Umar twerks in the front of Karan to make him chortle however he ignores her. Vishal acts like a woman. Umar falls over Karan to make him chortle. Vishal acts like a eunuch to make Tejasswi chortle. He attempts to make Shamita chortle however she ignores him. Umar tells Tejasswi to go away Karan and be with him as I even have abs. Tejasswi ignores him. Umar leaves. Tejasswi says that is hard. Karan says I can romance. Tejasswi says you could romance in any situation. Vishal says once they need to chortle then they supply kisses to every different to cowl up. Neha offers kisses on Karan’s cheek. She offers a kiss to Tejasswi also. Umar teases them. Karan-Tejasswi kiss every different to disregard Umar. Jay attempts to annoy Shamita however she ignores him.
Neha and Rajiv tease Tejasswi however she ignores them. Vishal places a few trash on Shamita’s lap and says she has OCD so she can be able to get irritated now. Bharti says Vishal seems sucked up after shaving.

Rajiv dances in the front of Shamita so she finally ends up guffawing a touch bit. Rajiv says she laughed. Umar and Rajiv make Tejaasswi chortle. Karan attempts to drag them away. Rajiv makes Karan chortle also.

6 PM
Karan begins offevolved appearing like a misplaced guy and says I can’t see my pals. Where are they? Umar-Rajiv run at the back of them. Harsh says Rajiv is doing nicely.

Neha is making an attempt to get Pratik’s interest however he ignores her. Jay says he’s a hard guy, he isn’t even unswerving to his OTT pals. Jay says I am done. Neha says I am now no longer done. Harsh says Neha is getting indignant now.
Karan says until there an aaloo withinside the samosa, I will name Rajiv as bhalo. Rajiv laughs. Karan runs round and says wherein is my pal? Umar runs at the back of him and says I am right here. Jay applies lipstick on Shamita. Nishant says I need to take bath. He pours water over Jay and Rajiv. Jay applies on Shamita’s nostril also. Umar laughs at her. Shamita doesn’t react to Jay. Jay says I can’t accept as true with I am doing this with Shamita. Tejasswi comes there and hugs Shamita. She says Shamita seems pretty. Jay applies lipstick on Tejasswi also. He messes up their makeup. Tejasswi and Shamita begin leaving collectively to disregard them.

6:30 PM
Harsh tells Bharti that nowadays’s hero is that this underclothes that Rajiv is throwing round.
Neha attempts to make Tejasswi chortle however she ignores her. Umar applies cream on his complete body. Vishaal says he’s our robot. Umar dances like a robot.

7 PM
Vishal tells Tejasswi what if Umar and I get removed then what is going to you do? Umar says who will you bitch with? You can’t supply a response on your pal?

Shamita is reducing greens however Rajiv attempts to chunk them to annoy Shamita. Shamita finally ends up guffawing at him and says that is my life. Bharti says they’re not able to make us chortle. Harsh says they don’t must do comedy, they are able to scare or make absolutely everyone irritated also.

7:30 PM
Harsh tells the inmates that they’ve the ultimate half-hour left. Bharti says the target target market is looking you stay so do better. She asks Jay to awaken. Jay says comedy is tough right here. Harsh says you need to get reactions out.
Rajiv and Umar try and tease Tejasswi. Vishal comes there carrying underclothes over his shorts and a dupatta. Umar says all my appreciate is long past nowadays, memes might be made on me.

Rajiv irritates Nishant through hitting his face with faux plant life however Nishant maintains ignoring him. Bharti says Jay isn’t doing something, he’s status nonetheless. Rajiv attempts to annoy Tejasswi however Karan hugs her.

Harsh presses the buzzer and the venture ends. Harsh tells the inmates that we informed you a few inmates gets removed nowadays. All inmates are stunned. Harsh says we can inform in a bit.

Shamita tells Rajiv that it changed into approximately comedy however you didn’t must contact us. You gave me a migrane attack, you had been touching everyone. Tejasswi hugs Umar. Karan says Umar indignant me so much. Umar laughs. Tejasswi says Umar made me so emotional. Umar hugs Karan. Nishant says Rajiv even placed matters in my ears, he even placed broom on my face. Tejasswi says Nishant attempted to disregard him so much.
Vishal asks Neha why did Jay supply up? Neha says I don’t know. I requested him to now no longer supply up. Vishal says I even shaved off my beard, this display is crucial for me. I need to win this display however Jay is giving up for no reason.

Nishant and Shamita are cleansing the residing area. Nishant tells Neha which you did top nowadays. Neha ignores him.

eight:forty five PM
Neha tells Shamita that I didn’t just like the venture. I needed to worsen my very own pals. It changed into stressful. Karan changed into having a laugh however Pratik-Nishant had been lifeless. I didn’t even need to visit them.

Karan says I loved the venture, I hugged Tejasswi so much. Umar says it changed into a romance venture for him, he won’t allow me do the venture.

Neha sits in a nook and cries. Tejasswi comes there and asks if she is stressed? Neha says it’s not anything. Tejasswi says I can’t see you want this. Neha says you had been adorable withinside the venture, you had been breath of clean air nowadays, at the least you had been displaying a few appreciation. Tejasswi laughs.

nine PM
Neha asks Shamita why did Jay supply up? Shamita says I couldn’t do what Rajiv-Umar did nowadays, I admire them. Jay comes there and says it changed into going out of my consolation zone. I couldn’t make a idiot of myself like that. I didn’t need to do it in the front of sooner or later I am now no longer fond of. Neha says you know the way I felt? Neha says Karan-Tejasswi had been sporting, they had been even encouraging their pals withinside the venture. I even have a brand new determined appreciate for them. Pratik-Nishant had been definitely lifeless withinside the venture, I didn’t even need to visit them.

nine:15 PM
Shamita hugs Neha as she cries. Karan-Umar hug them also. Karan asks her to now no longer cry. Neha says Umar did nicely withinside the venture. Neha says Umar must had been withinside the OTT, you had been over the pinnacle withinside the venture. Umar laughs. Shamita hugs Neha as she cries. Nishant comes there and hugs her. Pratik hugs them too.

10:forty five PM
Harsh tells the inmates that we informed you a few human beings might be removed nowadays. All are stunned. Harsh says it’s now no longer our selection however the target target market’s selection. Bharti says I am feeling terrible as we do comedy, we take human beings’s pressure away however this time we must supply pressure to you all. This is audiance’s selection. I favored you all and I loved it. You did outstanding withinside the venture and labored truely tough. Harsh says I will begin with the only who’s secure. Bharti says UMAR IS SAFE. Karan and Tejasswi hug him. Bharti says the target target market favored his performance. All inmates hug Umar and congratulate him. Harsh says the second one inmate who’s secure is RAJIV. All are stunned. Harsh says meaning VISHAL, NEHA AND JAY ARE ELIMINATED from the display. All are stunned. Tejasswi cries and hugs Jay. He needs her luck. Karan hugs Vishal lamentably and cries. Tejasswi hugs Vishal and cries. Pratik silently hugs Neha. Neha tells Umar that I will meet you outside. Neha hugs Tejasswi. Shamita hugs Neha and cries. Rajiv hugs Neha also. Tejasswi maintains crying for Vishal-Jay. She falls down and cries. Neha maintains hugging Pratil silently. Vishal says unhappy poetry earlier than leaving. Even Bharti receives emotional seeing their state. Vishal, Jay and Neha go away the residence. Shamita breakdowns and cries.

Bigg Boss thank you Bharti and Harsh for coming and doing the venture. Bharti says this changed into a tough venture, we by no means made absolutely everyone cry so I felt terrible doing this venture nowadays. Bigg Boss thank you them and that they go away.

eleven PM
Karan sits with Tejasswi as she is crying. He attempts to console her. Karan says Jay will meet his Tara now. Tejasswi says I desired Vishal and Jay to emerge as pals again. Karan makes her drink water. Umar hugs her. Tejasswi says I changed into involved approximately Umar. Karan says after I heard that Umar is secure, I changed into so happy. Karan says Vishal changed into caught in his very own web. Tejasswi says he didn’t even devote the ones crimes.

Shamita cries, Nishant asks her to be strong. Rajiv says Vishal and Jay had been each Shamita’s pals also. She should be going via a lot. Shamita cries and says that is too tough right here.

Karan tells Umar that the target target market stored you nowadays. We can by no means count on what is going to happen, appearance Rajiv continues to be right here. Umar says he didn’t prevent for a unmarried minute withinside the venture.
Nishant tells Shamita that Pratik and I are right here for you. Shamita tells Nishant which you have stopped gambling from coronary heart.

Tejasswi tells Karan that it looks as if it’s OTT and we’re wild cards. Karan says we’re one crew however they’re now no longer.

Umar tells Tejasswi that Vishal didn’t have a easy coronary heart that’s why this came about with him. Tejasswi says we had been actual pals.

The episode ends.


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