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Press Conference:
The reporter asks Abhijeet if he might be impolite to Salman also? Abhijeet says you’re twisting my phrases. The reporter says you are saying twisted phrases that’s why. She asks him to forestall speaking now. She asks Devo if she can be able to confront Vishal approximately his sympathy card? Devo says he’s gambling a person card, he misbehaves after which acts like he’s from a bad background.
A reporter asks Abhijeet how can he say that this display is small? Abhjeet says I simply noted that my larger dream is to come to be the Prime Minister.
A reporter asks Rashami how will she manage her anger? Rashami says I don’t need to go the road and get nominated.
A reporter asks who will they make an alliance with withinside the residence? Devo says I am going with my alliance withinside the residence. I will see how matters exercise session. Rashami says if a person is first-class to me then I might be first-class to them. Abhijeet says I will make a group with Devo-Rashami.
A reporter asks Abhijeet if he can wreck Rakhi and Bhau’s amusement level? Abhijeet says you could’t examine me with them due to the fact I even have a dream of turning into Prime Miniter. Rashami says don’t say that, Rakhi is a large star. Everyone is aware of who’s Rakhi Sawant and Bhau is a totally first-class man. I am very fortunate that I am going withinside the residence with you. Abhijeet says Rakhi is like my sister, simply listen me out. Rashami says we’re.

Bigg Boss thank you the newshounds for coming to the display and doing the click conference.

In the residence:
10 PM
Rajiv tells Shamita that Vishal may be your buddy however don’t name him your brother, he can’t hold pronouncing these items for you. Neha tells Shamita that he continues praising Tejasswi however he insults you. Rajiv says I am certainly irritated for him calling you ‘maal’.
Vishal tells Karan that why Shamita continues reacting like that? Karan says she didn’t realize approximately these items. Vishal says if Jay pushes me once more then I will hit him. I don’t care anymore. Tejasswi says why might we want to make a faux courting? Karan says newshounds stated that. I don’t care approximately that. Vishal tells Karan that ‘maal’ is a not unusualplace word. Tejasswi says you could’t me a maal. It’s extraordinarily objectifying a girl. Vishal says it’s like a tune tu cheez hai badi mast mast. Tejasswi says don’t say it, I will lose it. Vishal says I am speaking approximately the tune. Tejasswi says that point is gone, we’re at this age so don’t name me that. Karan says he became joking.

11:15 PM
Karan asks Shamita why didn’t you confront Vishal before? You should have visible matters whilst you went out. Shamita says I noticed your response to Vishal’s phrases. Thank you. Karan says I didn’t like whilst he became glad to peer Raqesh move.

Tejasswi tells Vishal that you could’t hold all and sundry glad. Vishal says you’re proper. Tejasswi asks him to do what his coronary heart wants.
Vishal tells Umar to examine his buddies’ intentions. Umar says my own circle of relatives wouldn’t like me being referred to as a donkey. Tejasswi says Karan has continually helped you in the sport. Umar says I am considering my recreation.
Karan tells Shamita that I don’t need Umar to observe me or some thing like that.

1:15 PM
Tejasswi hugs Karan at the mattress and says I overlooked you. She says Umar isn’t glad with you.

2:30 AM
Vishal tells Shamita that I promise to now no longer cheat absolutely each person on this residence, I promise you. I will don’t forget this, simply believe in me. Shamita hugs him. Vishal says you’re a very good maal. Shamita says forestall it. Vishal says I am sorry, Raqesh will recognize that I became simply joking.

Day 52
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the tune. They all dance.

nine AM
Pratik tells Jay that Karan continues attacking me. Jay says he does it due to the fact you admire him. I don’t like those who need to be first-class to all and sundry.

Umar involves Vishal, Karan and Tejasswi. He says don’t comic story approximately my profession. I don’t like it. Vishal says what passed off? Umar says I take you as a chum however you hold joking approximately my profession, don’t roast me at the back of my returned. I am a medical doctor outside, my profession is essential for me. Vishal says I am sorry if you obtain hurt. I became simply joking, it wasn’t at the back of your returned. Umar leaves. Karan says he’s irritated with us. He is ignoring me also.
Neha tells Jay that it’s time to up our recreation.

10:forty five AM
Shamita tells Vishal that Jay became disappointed which you used the ones phrases for me. Vishal says he has grudge in opposition to me, I haven’t performed some thing with him. Shamita says he doesn’t like your ways. Vishal says you observed this is proper? Shamita says he’s competitive in his reactions. Vishal says I in no way stated some thing incorrect approximately Jay to you. Shamita says he simply doesn’t like you. Vishal says I in no way say reasonably-priced matters, I in no way curse humans however he continues cursing me so I experience terrible. My dad might experience terrible if Jay is the use of the ones phrases for me. He receives emotional so Shamita consoles him. Vishal silently cries and says if I didn’t want this display then I might have hit Jay and left. You are telling me that you are feeling terrible that I joked approximately you however Jay is deliberately cursing me out. My own circle of relatives is looking also, my dad has no person to cry to.

11:15 AM
Karan asks Tejasswi what’s Vishal’s scene? You hold shielding him. Tejasswi asks whilst? Karan says each time. Tejasswi says he receives attacked however others don’t. Karan says he absolutely advised Shamita that he might cheat us whilst he will become the VIP. He advised Shamita that Vishal simply stated that he desires to go back Tejasswi’s choose. Tejasswi says Shamita is telling you all this? She isn’t being unswerving to him also. Karan says why do you continually attention on what Shamita is doing? Tejasswi says I am simply pronouncing that they’re each now no longer unswerving, I am now no longer helping him. Karan says you’ve got got a tender nook for Vishal.
Pratik tells Nishant that the newshounds stated Tejasswi’s recreation is getting destroyed with Vishal due to Karan. This is a grimy recreation, they’re making an attitude for the audience. it’s like there are fanatics and Vishal is the opposite man. They are forcefully making this attitude and Vishal has no concept.
Tejasswi asks Karan if he thinks she has a few hassle with Shamita? Karan says you’ve got got continually fought with her. Tejasswi says in case you are pronouncing that I simply attention on Shamita then I am now no longer satisfactory together along with your phrases. Karan says I became speaking approximately Vishal however you stored bringing Shamita up for no reason. Tejasswi says you could assume what you need. Karan says this isn’t a excellent attitude. Tejasswi says I am now no longer attacking absolutely each person. You delivered up Vishal however I don’t assume you’ve got got an trouble with Vishal. I in no way assume like that for my companion however do you observed I am captivated with Shamita? She says I don’t care in case you, Vishal, or Umar cheat me in the sport. I don’t care as I am now no longer with you only for the sport. Karan says this became now no longer imagined to be a fight, you have to recognize the intentions of humans. Tejasswi says however you aren’t information my intention? Karan says I realize you don’t have an trouble with Shamita. Tejasswi says why do you hold bringing Shamita up? This is so stupid. Karan says in case you react like this then I will returned away. Tejasswi says me too.

12 PM
Nishant is doing yoga and joking around. Simba places positioned oil on his head. Nishant, Rajiv and Umar pray to Bigg Boss, they beg him to present tea to them. Pratik places matters on Nishant’s head. They all laugh. Nishant says I will hold praying until we get tea. The buzzer performs and ration arrives. All men cheer up seeing tea. Nishant says I prayed with a natural coronary heart that’s why we were given this tea. He asks Tejasswi to return back and feature this tea. I am a baba now. Karan says you gained us over today.

12:30 PM
Karan pulls Tejasswi and hugs her. Karan says I am non-expressive however I most effective need to speak to you. If you display like I can’t communicate to then you I will forestall speaking. Tejasswi says you stated you will returned away. Karan says if I can’t communicate to you due to the fact you react like that then I gained’t clean matters. If we’ve got doubts then we have to clarify. I am non-confrontational in existence so I will hold matters inside. I realize we’re on TV and our households are looking. Tejasswi says your phrases had been disappointing. Karan hugs her and says I get it. He says I am sorry. He asks her to now no longer be disappointed. Tejasswi says in case you assume that approximately me typically then it’s hurtful. If you’ve got got a very good courting with absolutely each person then keep it. I don’t mind. Karan says I will. They lamentably examine every other. Karan hugs her.

1:30 PM
Neha tells Jay that his actual self will come out. Tejasswi asks Karan to return back and assist her exercise session. Karan says I don’t realize a way to use that machine. Tejasswi involves Umar and asks him to inform her approximately the workout. Umar says I am cleansing proper now. Vishal says I will move and assist her. Karan is going to Tejasswi. Jay says she is irritated with you. Karan says I will move and get tea. Vishal facilitates Tejasswi. Jay tells Neha that Karan in no way confronts. Neha says Karan desires to play the coolest cop. Rajiv asks Neha to return back and assist withinside the kitchen. Pratik says Neha is making techniques with diplomatic Jay and Karan. They are developing an attitude among Vishal-Karan-Tejasswi only for the sport. Nishant laughs. Pratik says the mastermind is Neha. Shamita laughs. Neha sees them and says Pratik doesn’t like that I am speaking to a person else. Karan says Pratik is possessive approximately you.

2:forty five PM
Tejasswi involves the washroom area. Karan ignores her and asks her to live farfar from him. Tejasswi asks why? Karan says you referred to as Vishal that will help you with the workout? Tejasswi says I stored calling you however Vishal got here to assist. Karan says don’t make me irritated, I will blast proper now. Do you need to show that I am insecure approximately Vishal? Stay farfar from me, I will blast badly. Tejasswi says I swear I requested Umar and Simba first. Why didn’t you come? Karan says I get taunted due to the fact I supply time to you the most. I am an emotional individual however I am now no longer insecure. Don’t ask my buddies approximately my existence problems once more. Tejasswi says I swear to God.. Karan asks why did you communicate to Umar? Tejasswi says I stored asking you to assist me with the workout. You had been having a verbal exchange with Neha. I requested Umar-Simba first. I am sorry, I might in no way do that with you. Karan says what do you observed I am? What am I doing in the front of the whole country? You realize I am possessive approximately this. Do you’ve got got any concept why I talked to Umar approximately Vishal? The press stated that I am insecure approximately Vishal however you delivered it up once more with Umar? Why did you need to expose me as an insecure individual? Tejasswi says it’s now no longer like that. Karan says don’t communicate to me.

four PM
Karan tells Vishal that you could do some thing for the sport however your hassle is which you don’t manage your tongue. Vishal says I even have in no way backstabbed absolutely each person. Karan says you advised Shamita which you might cheat us whilst you come to be the VIP. Vishal says Shamita is my sister however Tejasswi is near me also. Shamita requested me if I will select Tejasswi or Shamita? I advised her that I promised Tejasswi to choose her once. I in no way cheated absolutely each person and I in no way manipulated Jay.

5:30 PM
Karan involves Tejasswi and says it’s proper that I didn’t blast on you. Tejasswi hugs him and says you could blast on me, I need to peer if I might be scared. I would possibly slap you. Karan says wow. He laughs. Tejasswi asks if he overlooked her? Karan says are you crazy? Yes, I overlooked you. Tejasswi hugs him and laughs. Karan says don’t be touchy like me in existence. If you positioned a person above me then I will blast so badly, I gets us each insulted in the front of all and sundry and gained’t care at all. Tejasswi says you aren’t like this in actual existence? Karan says I gained’t care approximately the cameras. Tejasswi hugs him tightly and says your mother might slap me if I did a mistake? Karan says my mother in no way even killed a fly.

6 PM
Simba and Pratik are operating withinside the kitchen. Rajiv asks them to now no longer use an excessive amount of tea. Simba says I will slap you. Pratik says we didn’t say some thing to you whilst you spoiled milk also. Rajiv says I will wreck your face. Karan says Rajiv gets slaps now. Simba tells Rajiv to make his very own tea. Rajiv says don’t be a bully. Pratik says don’t use that word, you’re a bully. You hold commenting on others whilst they’re cooking. Rajiv says I am speaking to Simba so what’s your hassle? Pratik says if he’s making it then he is aware of what he’s doing. Simba says if Rajiv has an trouble then he shouldn’t drink my tea. Pratik tells Nishant that Rajiv continues interrupting others. Rajiv says Pratik continually is going returned to Nishant. Pratik asks Rajiv to forestall it.

11:forty five PM
Rajiv tells Nishant and others that I assume they may have a mid-season finale like they did remaining season. Simba jokes approximately his accent. Rajiv attempts to speak to Tejasswi however Simba-Pratik hold guffawing at him. Rajiv says this isn’t a comic story. Rajiv tells Pratik which you men aren’t acting however you don’t listen.

12:forty five AM
Umar tells Rajiv that they can’t go the road with you, in case you increase your voice then I will help you. Pratik comes there and asks him to do his duty. Rajiv says I am speaking to Umar proper now. Umar asks Pratik why are you speaking to him like this? You hold ordering him around. Pratik says I became being respectful to him. Rajiv tells Pratik which you aren’t my father. Umar tells Pratik which you are bullying him, simply listen your tone.

1 AM
Karan tells Tejasswi that I don’t care in case you take a seat down with Vishal. I may be possessive for you however if I exercise session with then you I don’t need Vishal there, that’s mine. Tejasswi says I became calling you. Karan says you referred to as Vishal so I were given irritated. Tejasswi says I gained’t exercise session with him. Karan says I might be possessive after I must be, you don’t must forestall speaking to him. Tejasswi says this isn’t how a courting works. Things will break among us due to a 3rd individual. Karan says it passed off among me and Nishant due to Pratik.

Simba tells Umar that I became simply making tea and Rajiv stored stressful me.
Rajiv tells Nishant that I became speaking to Simba however Pratik continues taunting me. Pratik says it’s my mouth so I can communicate every time I need. Simba tells Rajiv that you obtain irritated with him and didn’t consume meals however then you definitely ate Karan’s meals.

1:forty five AM
Pratik tells Rajiv which you hold insulting me, let’s now no longer communicate. Pratik says what type of a person is he? Nishant asks why are you getting irritated? Pratik says they hold pronouncing that I am bullying him, I already were given scolded however they’re concentrated on me now.
Rajiv tells Umar that I am a liar however he isn’t? Nishant says they can’t comic story approximately the bully. Simba says I don’t assume Pratik bullies Rajiv.

2:15 AM
Shamita tells Rajiv and Neha which you each would possibly get withinside the nominations. She tells Rajiv to now no longer have outbursts, don’t hold attempting to expose that Nishant is in opposition to you however now no longer in opposition to Pratik. you hold taunting Pratik. We are all operating right here so don’t act over-smart. Rajiv says it’s my opinion so I mentioned it. Can’t I communicate approximately my opinions? Shamita says why are you giving the affect which you are being bullied? Rajiv says I in no way used that word. Umar used that word. Pratik crossed the road with me and I absolutely inform Pratik to forestall it. Neha leaves from there.
Nishant tells Pratik that Shamita is speaking to Rajiv.

Rajiv tells Shamita that if I permit Pratik then he’ll go the road once more. Shamita says that’s satisfactory.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time to easy up this residence. He says Rajiv, Vishal, Umar, Simba, Jay and Neha are withinside the backside 6 so one gets removed this night most effective.

The episode ends.


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