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Media Press Conference:
A reporter asks Shamita if Rajiv is your brother then why do you deal with him like a slave? You ask him to now no longer speak to Tejasswi and whatnot. Shamita says he talked to Tejasswi approximately Pratik so I felt helpless that I couldn’t do something for my brother. Tejasswi made it appear to be a massive problem, I am possessive approximately Rajiv.

Tejasswi says if that changed into a small problem then Salman wouldn’t speak approximately it. Pratik stated such reasonably-priced phrases and Rajiv shared his ache with me however now no longer his very own pal. I were given emotional for him. Rajiv says Pratik jokes however he is going overboard. I simply advised Tejasswi that I didn’t like his phrases as she changed into sitting in the front of me. I changed into now no longer strolling to Tejasswi to speak approximately Pratik. Tejasswi says wow Rajiv modified.
A reporter asks Karan if he’s insecure approximately Vishal’s friendship with Tejasswi? Why don’t you speak it with her? Karan says Tejasswi and Vishal have a great tuning together, I simply felt down so I talked to Umar approximately it. I desired his advice, I assume Umar is familiar with me higher so I talked to him.
A reporter asks Vishal that Tejasswi is your pal however you advised Neha that Tejasswi is the use of Karan for the sport. Vishal says it changed into weeks earlier than as I didn’t recognise approximately their bond.

Tejasswi says I agree with Vishal. The reporter asks Karan why do you continually shield Tejasswi while she fights? Karan says Shamita as soon as advised me that Tejasswi is younger so I must apprehend her manner of reacting to matters. A reporter says Pratik is likewise more youthful however you don’t display information to him. Neha says age doesn’t count number right here. Pratik says Karan is selective together along with his manners
A reporter says Karan referred to as Umar a donkey and Tejasswi referred to as him emotionally vulnerable. Why do you need to play beneathneath their shadow? Umar says I stopped Tejasswi from calling me that. I actually have a bond with Karan so I will clean matters with him.
A reporter asks Jay if he’s over-assured that he isn’t always doing something withinside the display? Jay says I don’t accept as true with in being a massive celebrity, I relied on humans right here however nobody did favors on me so I will play for myself.

Vishal says he continues grudges and he can’t be dependable to everyone. Jay shouts which you are a reasonably-priced man, he shouts at him to close up. Vishal screams at him and says you name me a goon due to the fact I come from a lower-magnificence background? Vishal says I by no means broke Jay’s agree with, I stated a few phrases however he saved the grudge, why doesn’t he have pals right here? The reporter says Vishal has damaged trusts right here. Vishal says I actually have by no means cheated everyone right here.

The reporter says you promised Tejasswi that you’ll positioned her above Shamita however you then definately went to Shamita and stated that you’ll turn the sport while you get power. Neha says Vishal’s recreation is dirty. A reporter says Vishal stated that Shamita is dominated. Shamita says he receives indignant once I say some thing however he’s the only pronouncing all this for me.

A reporter asks Neha which you maintain helping or going in opposition to Pratik. What goes on among you each? Neha says my feelings also are getting played, we can attempt to live away. Pratik says Neha will become so suggest to me. I get indignant however I am by no means suggest. I changed into related with her. Neha says we can flow on now.

A reporter asks Shamita which you maintain trusting Vishal, perhaps due to the fact you need his aid in the sport? Shamita says I actually have a few agree with troubles however I need to look what he does in opposition to me. I will see if he’s going to aid me or now no longer. Nishant says they by no means speak clearly. Shamita says don’t speak in the back of my lower back. Nishant says Shamita’s eyes are blind, she will be able to’t open her eyes approximately Vishal however continues blaming me.

A reporter asks Nishant which you flipped the sport withinside the VIP undertaking however you then definately had a combat with Tejasswi withinside the kitchen so what’s your concept process? Nishant says I did what changed into proper for my survival. I assume Tejasswi changed into harm through my movements that’s why she cried.

A reporter asks Simba that why don’t you play this recreation? Simba says that is a platform for me, I play withinside the obligations however I can’t do pointless fights. The reporter says if enthusiasts are balloting for you and also you aren’t doing something then it’s disappointing. Simba says I will up my recreation.

A reporter asks Tejasswi that if Shamita offers a proposal to Rajiv then she is dominating however you’re ordering Karan then it’s now no longer dominating? You inform Karan to now no longer dare speak to Shamita, if he shared some thing with Shamita you then definately inform him to now no longer accurate her image. Karan needed to cry and inform approximately his early life on the way to prevent dominating Karan.

Tejasswi says I requested Karan to now no longer speak to Neha as she referred to as him a puppy. The reporter says why is Shamita dominating and now no longer you? She says you begin dominating others while you get power. You tackle Karan’s troubles and cause them to your very own also. Tejasswi says I am near Karan, I am a robust candidate so I don’t want to do all that.
A reporter asks Karan and Tejasswi what’s their courting status? Karan says we love every different right here however we don’t recognise how our lives are outdoor the residence. Rajiv says I am uninterested in their romance. Karan laughs and says I want time to apprehend her. Tejasswi says he’s my boyfriend.

A reporter asks Tejasswi why she thinks she is continually proper however while she is inaccurate then she begins offevolved crying. You play the female card. Tejasswi says you’re a female and you’re asking this? A female can display feelings. I changed into harm with Nishant as I am near him. I don’t want to play a female card with Nishant, I don’t want his sympathy as a woman. I located your mind incorrect, I am sorry

A reporter asks Neha and Jay who went loopy approximately VIP power? Jay says Tejasswi commenced appearing like a md right here, she modified while she were given the power. It confirmed what she is from inside. Neha says I don’t thoughts her being dominating however she must be capable of take others’ domination also. Tejasswi says that’s now no longer the query. Neha says that’s your problem, you don’t have the persistence to listen others.

Bigg Boss asks the reporter to inform approximately the lowest 6. The reporter says we’ve performed this on the bulk balloting. She says the scores like this:

11th: Rajiv
10th: Simba
9th: Neha
8th: Vishal
7th: Jay
6th: Umar

Bigg Boss asks the inmates to visit the bedroom. The actual VIPs are coming.

In the bedroom, Pratik hugs Nishant and says congrats on being withinside the pinnacle 5. Shamita tells Nishant to now no longer speak while she is speaking. Nishant says then don’t query my movements. Shamita says don’t poke me. Nishant says you’re hating on me an excessive amount of, you are taking matters as in step with your convenience. Shamita says I reputable your recreation however you had been dishonest. Nishant says you by no means inform me approximately your recreation, don’t shout at me. Shamita shouts at him to do what he can do.

9:15 PM
Karan tells Umar that I am truly sorry for pronouncing that. I am begging you to now no longer take it wrongly. Umar says in case you are calling me a donkey then it hurts me due to the fact I take you as a brother, I don’t care approximately others. Karan says I am folding my fingers and pronouncing sorry to you. I will by no means say the ones phrases.

9:30 PM
Vishal tells Nishant that you obtain indignant with Shamita for trusting me? Nishant says I changed into speaking to Shamita.
Shamita talks to Karan and says you obtain indignant at Vishal’s phrases for Raqesh? You must have advised me that. Karan says I talked to you however I couldn’t clean matters. Vishal comes there and says let’s speak. Karan says it’s fine.

Shamita tells Vishal that while you are speaking approximately me then don’t use terrible phrases. You can’t speak like this for me. Vishal says I will now no longer do it again, I am sorry. Shamita says don’t continually justify pronouncing it’s your language. Vishal says you may be given my motives or now no longer, it’s as much as you. Pratik says you are saying the ones phrases in your mom and sister?

Nishant tells Tejasswi that I don’t just like the remarks being surpassed on me. I didn’t like while you name me a foxy uncle and whatnot. Tejasswi says I simply located your selection changed into stupid.

Vishal asks Pratik in the event that they don’t name a woman as ‘maal’ (thing). Pratik says if she doesn’t just like the phrase then don’t use it for her. Umar says it’s non-public among Shamita and Vishal.

Vishal says I don’t get worried among Pratik-Neha also. Pratik stated an excessive amount of to Neha. Pratik says I by no means say reasonably-priced phrases to ladies. Vishal says don’t attempt to initiate Shamita. Pratik says if I had referred to as Neha a ‘maal’ you then definately all could have charged at me. Jay says Vishal is a double-confronted man. Vishal says you name your own circle of relatives double-confronted? Jay prices at him and says get lost. Vishal indicates his lower back to him. Jay pushes him away. Vishal pushes him lower back.

They each get indignant. Karan pulls Jay lower back as he is ready to fee at him. Karan asks Jay to relax. Vishal says he has no guts. Karan asks him to move away. Pratik attempts to tug them apart. Jay says this man says reasonably-priced phrases for a female that he calls as his sister. Vishal asks him to do something if he can. Shamita asks Jay to relax for Mahi and Tara. Jay says he can’t admire ladies right here.

10 PM
Bigg Boss talks to the journalists and says we can introduce wild-card entries who’re actual VIPs. They will speak to you through a video name. A reporter asks Devo who will you goal this season? Devo says I don’t like Vishal at all. A reporter says we’ve visible Devo helping Pratik and Rashami helping Karan so will they’ve separate paths withinside the residence? Devo says our bond may be very robust, we are able to have variations of critiques also. A reporter asks Abhijeet so that it will the target target market love him right here? Abhijeet says humans will love me.

A reporter asks Rashami if she will be able to end up a winner this season? Rashami says the thirteenth season changed into iconic so I changed into happy to attain the pinnacle 5. The reporter asks in case you are pronouncing this season’s contestants are vulnerable in comparison to the thirteenth season? Rashami says you’re pronouncing that, I am now no longer. A reporter asks Devo if she can be able to depart BB after you have a trophy? Devo says I am BB’s everlasting woman. A reporter asks Devo that Vishal-Shamita didn’t like Devo so are they on her radar? Devo says I actually have my identification so I don’t care approximately Shamita’s phrases. I don’t like Vishal gambling in the back of backs. A reporter asks Devo-Rashami what’s going to be their strategy? Rashami says Bigg Boss has delivered Abhijeet to boost the display. A reporter asks Abhijeet how will he make the vicinity withinside the residence? Abhijeet says I need to end up a Prime Minister so that is a small display for me. A reporter asks Devo which you admitted which you don’t like Tejasswi’s recreation, why? Devo says I don’t see her recreation at all, I simply see her romance and friendships however I don’t see her strategy.

I recognise her and she or he is a pleasant woman. A reporter asks Abhijeet if he has a non-public favorite? Abhijeet says I didn’t watch the display, I changed into strolling a marketing campaign however they referred to as me so I am right here. Rashami laughs. A reporter asks how difficult will or not it’s to make an area withinside the residence? Devo says they’ve already made an alliance however we can win the hearts of the target target market. Rashami says I simply need Bigg Boss to just accept us. Abhijeet says I didn’t recognise Rashami-Devo were a everyday to BB. All laugh. Abhijeet says they’ll aid me now. Rashami laughs. A reporter asks Abhijeet who doesn’t have manners withinside the residence which you need to cheat? Abhijeet says I noticed a few woman elevating her hand which shouldn’t happen.

A reporter asks Abhijeet that Mahesh scolded you for being impolite, will you be the same? Abhijeet says that during my season, a female changed into gambling a female card so I positioned her in vicinity. A reporter asks Rashami-Devo if he likes Abhijeet’s remarks approximately displaying manners to others? Rashami says movements are louder than phrases so we can see. A reporter asks Abhijeet in case you assume you aren’t incorrect and Salman scolds then you definitely definately you’ll be impolite to him also? Abhijeet says journalists twist my phrases. The reporter says you are saying twisted phrases that’s why we’re twisting it. She asks him to stop it. Abhijeet says you need to be a celebrity then fine.

The episode ends..


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