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Weekend Special
Salman welcomes every body to the episode. He says the nominated inmates are Karan, Tejasswi, Neha, Rajiv and Jay. Let’s move internal and communicate to them. We have already commenced the procedure of locating out our pinnacle five. He connects the decision to the residence. Salman tells the inmates that I experience you all are to your consolation quarter proper now, you already know approximately every different so that you should come one at a time and inform us who’s a byskip in those weeks and who’s a fail for this season.
Jay: He says Shamita is a byskip and Simba is a fail. He says Shamita’s adventure had lows and ups however she recovers quickly. He says Simba isn’t always worried withinside the residence topics.

Simba: He says Rajiv is a byskip and Jay is a fail. He says Rajiv turned into known as susceptible however I assume he’s humorous and has made true relationships. He says Jay isn’t always on any side, I am noticing that his evaluations are useless, he receives too competitive for no reason.
Rajiv: He says Shamita is a byskip due to the fact she takes a clean stand and she or he is turning into stronger. He says Simba is a fail due to the fact he has ability so he need to get greater worried withinside the display.

Shamita: She says Rajiv is a byskip due to the fact he’s displaying his persona and status up for himself. She places Simba as a fail as he need to communicate up greater.

Neha: She says I need to byskip Rajiv as we’ve got visible a transformation, he has that kindness which is wanted on this residence. He has made me research that you may play the sport with kindness, he makes every body snort. She says Nishant is a fail as he offers an excessive amount of opinion, he says he doesn’t harm human beings however that’s now no longer true.

Karan: He says Nishant is a fail for me, he says he is probably doing matters for the sport however he has misplaced a friend. He says Tejasswi is a byskip for me as she is killing the display

Tejasswi: She places Karan as a byskip and says he’s sincere with human beings and offers significance to relationships. She says Simba is a fail for me as I attempted to speak to him withinside the captaincy project additionally to play for himself. I like that he doesn’t deliver too many evaluations on different’s topics as I am like that additionally. But he need to communicate in terms of his topics.

Vishal: He says I need to byskip Umar as I actually have visible his growth, he isn’t always gambling as Karan’s shadow, he has an amazing idea procedure and he places others first which I like. He says Neha is a fail for me, I turned into keen on hers in OTT, she has an x-thing however she were given too caught in herself. I need her to up her sport.

Umar: He says I need to byskip Karan as he performs well however offers precedence to relationships additionally. He says Jay is a fail for me as I idea he turned into a robust participant however he’s everywhere in the region proper now. He is attempting to make relationships with every body. He has failed in making robust bonds.

Nishant: He says Pratik is a byskip for me as he is aware of a way to make relationships and he’s fierce. He says I need to fail Vishal as he turned into a robust participant withinside the starting however he has long gone right into a shell.

Pratik: He says I need to byskip Nishant, he receives emotionally burdened however it’s natural. He says I need to fail Karan as he receives too competitive withinside the responsibilities however then he acts everyday 1/2 of an hour later. I don’t assume it’s natural.

Salman ends the decision. He says we are able to get their actual document card in 24 hours whilst we are able to get our pinnacle five. Bharti and Harsh input the degree. Bharti promotes her YT channel. Bharti says we are able to move withinside the residence to fulfill the inmates. Bharti dances with Salman funnily. He sends her to the residence.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the decision to the residence. He says it’s time to speak approximately the removal however considering my film is liberating so there may be no removal these days. All inmates cheer up. Salman tells the inmates that a few human beings are getting into the residence to remove their peace, even VIPs won’t be secure from them. He says most effective the pinnacle five will continue to be withinside the residence withinside the subsequent 24 hours, all others may be out of the residence. All inmates are greatly surprised to pay attention that. He ends the decision.

In the House:
Tejasswi says he stated every body besides the pinnacle five may be out of the residence. Jay says if it’s like that then we are able to should combat every different. Karan laughs and says he ends relationships earlier than we even make them. Shamita asks wherein will the others move? Karan says all may be out of the residence besides the pinnacle five.

On the Stage:
Salman welcomes John Abraham and Divya come at the degree to sell their film. Salman dances with that.

In the House:
Bharti and Harsh input the residence. Tejasswi runs to them. Bharti and Harsh sell their YT channel display. Bharti says you human beings are too calm. Bharti asks Nishant wherein is his thoughts whilst he’s known as mastermind? Nishant laughs. Bharti says Shamita is a queen of Buckingham palace right here. Bharti says the target target market’s favourite is Rajiv who got here from London in a enterprise elegance however washing dishes right here. Rajiv laughs. Bharti says Rajiv is a cherry at the cake right here.

Harsh says he got here from London however he fights like a community bhabhi (aunt). All snort. Bharti says Rajiv will dance for her. Rajiv dances on dil cheez kia hai. He does a classical dance with Bharti following him. All clap for him. Bharti says those monkeys communicate greater than Simba. All snort. Harsh says I discover Vishal entertaining. Bharti says he talks to the cameras together along with his pouty lips, all snort. Bharti says Umar could be very handsome. He laughs and says thank you. Harsh asks Tejasswi-Karan what’s happening among them? Bharti asks Karan if he likes her? Karan says sure, I am looking ahead to her answer. Tejasswi blushes and says I like him additionally.

All tease them. Rajiv says they bore me with their romance all day long. Bharti says they begin from the morning and preserve whispering in every different’s ears all day lone. Tejasswi laughs. Bharti says it’s true Pratik a man, if he turned into a female then he might bicker all day long. Harsh says you all are doing true. Bharti asks Shamita if she nonetheless has pain? Shamita says I am getting pain. Bharti says she nonetheless has lipstick on, that’s why she is a heroine. Bharti and Harsh devour pizza and muffins in the front of them.

Rajiv says don’t do this. Tejasswi asks them to prevent it. Harsh says we are able to play a sport and the winner gets a few luxurious items. All cheer up. Harsh says it’s a associate sport, one associate will preserve a cone of their mouth and the opposite associate will arise at the ladder and positioned an ice-cream scoop at the cone. They gets four attempts, whoever receives the best cone will win. First is Nishant-Neha.

Nishant-Neha: Nishant holds the cone in his mouth. Neha stands at the stool at the back of him and throws an ice cream on him. Nishant catches scoops out of four. Neha hugs him. They each dance at the floor.

Pratik-Simba: Simba holds the cone in his mouth. Pratik throws an ice cream scoop on him. Simba catches one scoop most effective.

Harsh tells the inmates that allow’s play every other sport. Bharti says you need to positioned foam at the slap prop and you may slap everyone as a solution to our questions. Harsh says Neha is first.

Neha: Harsh asks you pointed out looking to slap a person then who turned into it? Neha says Pratik, we shout at every different additionally however I actually have determined to transport on. This is my ultimate respectful act. Pratik says simply do it with complete force. Neha gently slaps him. Harsh asks Neha who can cheat her whilst the time comes? Neha says Karan.

Karan laughs and says why might I cheat you? Neha says I can’t consider him in the sport however I like speakme to him now. She gently slaps him with foam. Karan wipes his face on her shirt. Harsh asks who’s maximum controlling withinside the residence? Neha says Tejasswi and says then Shamita. She says Tejasswi likes matters her manner however then she understands. Neha foam slaps her. Tejasswi laughs. Harsh asks whose voice is large however phrases haven’t any meaning? Neha laughs and says it’s Vishal. Neha foam slaps his face and says Vishal talks large however his talks are weird. Vishal says I won’t spare you.

Karan: Bharti asks who manipulates the maximum on this residence? Karan says Nishant. Karan says he even manipulated me. Karan foam slaps him and says I couldn’t even recognize he manipulated me. Bharti says Nishant appears very serious, he’s irritated, I actually have in no way visible him like that. Nishant says it’s silence earlier than the storm. Bharti asks Karan who he can’t consider at all? Karan says it’s Nishant. Nishant is going and slaps himself. Karan says he doesn’t should be relied on, I relied on him however he reduce me off badly. Bharti asks Nishant if it’s true?

Nishant receives emotional and says it’s fine. Karan says chill. Nishant says he’s proper. Tejasswi consoles him. Nishant says you all are making it awkward. Bharti asks Karan who’s his goal this week? Karan calls Pratik. He foam slaps Pratik. Bharti asks Karan who he loves the maximum withinside the residence? Karan calls Tejasswi and sweetly applies foam on her face. Bharti asks Karan which inmate you don’t care approximately? Karan says it’s Jay. Karan applies foam on him. Karan says I don’t recognize his sport, he has preconceived notions approximately me.

Tejasswi: Harsh asks who’s maximum self-obsessed withinside the residence? Tejasswi says it’s Rajiv as I assume he’s self-obsessed. Rajiv says that’s a lie. Tejasswi says he’s too complete of himself. She foam slaps his face. Rajiv slaps himself, all clap for him. Harsh asks Tejasswi who irritates her the maximum? She says I combat with Pratik a lot. She foam slaps him. Harsh asks Tejasswi who’s brainless withinside the residence? Tejasswi calls Neha and foam slaps her. Harsh asks Tejasswi which inmate broke her consider? She thinks approximately it,

Nishant involves her. Tejasswi says I didn’t need to take your call, you didn’t smash my consider. She calls Jay. Jay asks what have I done? Just don’t take my call for the sake of it. Tejasswi calls Nishant and says sorry. She applies foam on his face.
Pratik: Bharti asks who doesn’t should be withinside the residence? Pratik says Karan as he receives bodily in the sport after which acts diplomatic. He applies foam on his face.

Bharti asks Pratik who’s visible withinside the display due to others? Pratik says it’s Umar, I would really like him to take his very own decisions. Umar says I don’t get worried in others’ topics, I appreciate my buddies in contrast to him. Pratik applies foam on him. Bharti asks Pratik who doesn’t do their obligation well? Pratik says Tejasswi runs farfar from her cooking obligation sometimes. Tejasswi says whilst? Are you serious? Karan says he won’t take the names of his buddies. Pratik says I am now no longer like you. You can smash glasses however we can’t be violent whilst you are incorrect? You can’t do much. Karan prices at him. Pratik says what are you able to do? Pratik says you’re a *****. Karan says you’re a *****. Karan asks him to get misplaced. Pratik says you haven’t any strength in our phrases.

Karan says I actually have strength wherein I want it to be. Tejasswi applies foam on her face. Pratik asks Karan to close up, you aren’t anyt any one right here. You are too egoistic approximately being Karan Kundra right here. Karan says you’re simply frustrated. Pratik says you may’t even communicate with a noisy voice. Karan says I don’t care approximately you. You are a *****. Pratik says that is your reality. Karan says sure, that is me. Pratik says you’re simply frustrated. Vishal asks them to prevent it. Pratik says he’s blo*dy disrespectful, he commenced speakme shit in the front of the visitors. Karan says he continues speakme approximately violence. He is a ****. Pratik says don’t curse at me, it suggests your reality. Karan prices at him however Umar takes him away. Tejasswi asks Pratik to stop it.
Nishant pulls Pratik away and asks him to relax. Karan prices at him however Vishal pulls him again. Karan says what are you able to do? Nishant pulls Pratik again. Karan says Nishant is Pratik’s mummy. Pratik prices at him. Karan says I am right here, do something you may. Shamita attempts to calm Pratik down. Harsh and Bharti appearance on. Pratik says he’s speakme approximately my mother, you need to reflect onconsideration on your mother.

Karan says come and beat me. Rajiv asks Pratik to calm down. Pratik says he has no humanity. Karan prices at him and says oh I am so afraid of you. He teases Pratik and asks him to do something if he has guts. Pratik says why do you preserve speakme approximately my mother? Karan asks him to return back and beat him. You can’t do something. Simba attempts to tug them aside. Harsh-Bharti ask them to prevent it from the glass box. Karan pins Pratik to the wall and says do something you may. Rajiv attempts to tug them aside and says enough. Pratik pushes Rajiv away. Karan says you may push him however you may’t do something in opposition to me?

Bharti asks Tejasswi to govern them. Harsh-Bharti go away the residence as they don’t prevent fighting.
Bharti tells the digital digicam that we got here to sell our display, we desired to play video games with them however I idea they might smash the glass and it might harm me so we needed to go away due to protection reasons. This turned into an amazing promotion. Harsh-Bharti go away the display.

In the House:
Karan tells Tejasswi that he continues blaming me for being violent however I am right here now. Rajiv shouts at Pratik to prevent like this. Shamita says we shouldn’t behave like this whilst visitors are right here. She tells Pratik which you commenced it, there had been visitors right here. Pratik says he delivered my mother into the conversation. Karan prices at him once more and says I am status in the front of you so do something you may.

Don’t threaten me whilst you may’t do something. Pratik says I am now no longer reasonably-priced as you. Karan says don’t instigate me then, you get scared after I am in the front of you however you communicate shit at the back of my again. Pratik says the target target market can see your reality. Karan pats his face and says sure they can. Pratik says don’t contact me. Karan continues touching him and says what are you able to do? Pratik says pass away. Karan says he’s an idiot. Pratik says he has no manners, Karan says your **** has no guts.

Jay asks Karan why did you’re taking my call pronouncing you don’t care approximately me withinside the display? Karan says it turned into a amusing project. Jay says I am looking to kind matters out with you however you’re pronouncing all that? Karan says it turned into a amusing project, don’t take it too seriously.

Jay says in case you are taking my call then you definitely are slapping me withinside the face. Tejasswi asks Jay to prevent it, you may communicate to him tomorrow. Jay says don’t inform me after I can or can’t communicate to Karan. Umar asks Jay to allow Karan breathe for a moment. Tejasswi says Karan has already replied you, he can’t communicate to you proper now. Karan says it turned into now no longer my intention, it turned into a amusing project. Tejasswi tells Jay that Karan has already clarified. Jay says I am speakme to Karan so why are you answering for him? Karan tells Jay that I didn’t imply it. It turned into only a amusing project for me. Jay says the ones had been now no longer amusing tags. Jay says in case you imply it then deliver it to me however then don’t name it amusing. Jay leaves from there.

Vishal tells Karan which you appeared incorrect these days, you need to have stopped after a factor. Karan says he continues pronouncing that I am violent. He loves to have the ultimate say I gave it again to him these days. He instigated me so I instigated him again. Tejasswi says you’re displaying weak spot to him. Karan says I get irritated after a sure factor.

Nishant tells Jay that I will extrade my bed, I can’t sleep in this bed (with Karan).

Nishant tells Rajiv that I need to head home. Rajiv says have a few power, don’t lose like this for everyone. Everything may be fine. Rajiv hugs him. Nishant smiles.

Neha is converting Pratik’s batteries. She asks if he’s crying? Tejasswi comes there and asks Pratik if he genuinely thinks I run farfar from my duties? Why do you initiate human beings? Pratik says don’t communicate to me. Tejasswi says what now? You can instigate human beings however others can’t instigate you? Do you want whilst a person is instigating you? You can name me lazy or something simply to initiate me? She continues shifting at the back of and asks if he’s getting instigated? Pratik says it’s amusing. Tejasswi says now no longer every body is like you. Pratik says he pointed out my mom however he’s nonetheless right here. Tejasswi says he didn’t say something approximately your mom, he known as Nishant your mom. Do you need to expose Karan talked horrific approximately your mom? He in no way did. Pratik leaves from there. Nishant regrettably appears on.

On the Stage:
Salman tells the inmates that there has been no removal these days however quickly wild-playing cards will input to shake up the display. We may even discover our pinnacle five quickly.

In the House:
The inmates come into the lawn to look the media human beings sitting there. Bigg Boss welcomes the newshounds and says the entirety they carry some thing new. They will ask questions after which will deliver information of the lowest 6 inmates. He asks a reporter to speak approximately VIPs breaking rules. The reporter says no VIP understood the fee of being a VIP, you all desired to be morally accurate and did your very own paintings so we’ve got determined to dissolve the VIP-Non-VIP division. You all are equals now. The inmates snort. Bigg Boss says this isn’t always humorous, VIP participants deserved to be the winners however those newshounds assume no one merits to win the display proper now.

The VIP participants take off their stars.
The reporter asks Tejasswi-Karan that we noticed Tejasswi speakme with Nishant approximately now no longer looking to begin a brand new dating however then she went right into a dating with Karan so is it faux? He asks Karan if he faked this dating to get greater hype? Karan says I am now no longer right here to interrupt hearts, I didn’t need to love everyone however I like her from the lowest of my coronary heart. Tejasswi says I located it very cliched to love a person at the display. I attempt to live farfar from the actors and rumors at the display. Another reporter says you each have were given misplaced withinside the dating.

Karan has long gone at the again foot, Tejasswi is a bubbly however robust participant. It seems like you’re image-conscious. Tejasswi says I am now no longer image-conscious, I am very selective approximately the use of my electricity on giving evaluations in each matter. I deliver my evaluations after I assume it’s required. I can’t faux something so there’s no factor in being image-conscious. Karan tells the reporter that I am now no longer gambling at the again foot, that is all new for me so I take my time to recognize matters.

A reporter asks Shamita if she thinks being blind is true? Your family, buddies and well-wishers have advised you typically that Vishal acts like your brother however he talks horrific approximately you and your dating at the back of your again. Why do you preserve trusting him? Shamita says I actually have were given warnings however we’re residing those moments. I heard him pronouncing that he preferred that Raqesh is long gone so I may be depending on him. I simply understand that he’ll in no way backstab me, I is probably incorrect however with a purpose to be a lesson for me.

I can pay attention human beings however I won’t make a selection on the premise of that, it’s my religion in him that he won’t do something incorrect. Vishal receives emotional. Another reporter asks Vishal which you preserve speakme approximately Shamita and her family, in case you take her as a sister then how are you going to communicate approximately her family? Vishal says I turned into joking approximately Raqesh.

The reporter says your phrases had been that Raqesh were given a lottery with Shamita. Vishal says I turned into enacting Amitabh Bachan’s film scene, it turned into type of a roast. Shamita says it’s now no longer humorous. Vishal says I am sorry, I turned into simply joking. The reporter says those aren’t fine phrases. Vishal says my language isn’t always polished, I am sorry for that. Shamita says preserving my appreciate is crucial additionally. Vishal says I am sorry.

The reporter asks Karan which you name Umar your brother however you known as Umar a donkey and he need to be handled like a donkey. You additionally stated that Nishant-Pratik haven’t any elegance to even get up to you. Are you being classist? People say Umar performs at the back of your again however it’s you who’ve a assisting forged like Tejasswi and Umar at the same time as you’re simply right here to romance.

Tejasswi laughs. Karan says if I known as Umar a donkey then it need to be out of love, Umar’s region in my coronary heart is sort of a brother, he’s my companion. He isn’t always my follower. As for Nishant-Pratik, I turned into now no longer being classist, I stand for a few matters and in case you are creating a woman cry that I like then I could have a reaction. Nishant says it turned into random, it turned into now no longer like we had been forcing Tejasswi to cry. We had been now no longer in opposition to Tejasswi however she commenced crying due to the fact she turned into emotional. Nishant asks Tejasswi to talk up.

The reporter asks Umar if he’s k with the comment? Umar says I am harm if Karan known as me a donkey. I didn’t have a bond with Tejasswi however I made her a VIP only for Karan. That’s his significance in my existence however if he thinks I am a donkey then I can’t extrade human beings.

The reporter asks Tejasswi that Nishant-Pratik had been now no longer disrespectful to you however you commenced crying. You get impolite with others however you haven’t any power to pay attention others? Tejasswi says I actually have a near bond with Nishant. I didn’t just like the manner Nishant turned into ordering me around. I in no way ordered them around. Nishant says I turned into speakme to her calmly, she turned into now no longer even paying attention to me that’s why I were given a touch irritated.

Pratik says we had been being respectful. Tejasswi says I idea the query turned into for me. The reporter says you commenced dishonest withinside the satan project additionally however then you bought irritated at Pratik for preventing Karan. Tejasswi says the coolest factor is I cheated and didn’t get caught. All snort. Pratik says what a couple. All snort. Tejasswi says you human beings snort so he receives greater guts. Neha says you don’t pay attention to others. Tejasswi says I cheated so what? I didn’t get the project rejected.

Salman symptoms and symptoms off from the episode.


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