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Day 18
11:15 PM
Shamita asks Nishant what ought to I inform you? You have talked to me in English generally so it become now no longer approximately breaking rules. I realize you desired to shop Pratik however Akasa got here earlier than me for you? You instructed me which you have my again so what’s all this? I realize it’s a sport however Akasa become above me? It’s making me lose religion in you. Nishant says I am sorry.

Karan tells his group that we can move withinside the phantasm room. Miesha says you may’t inform us what is going inner however I can plan the subsequent step. Shamita may play pretty so allow’s move first. Vishal says yes, you or I can move first.

11:30 PM
The buzzer performs and the primary spherical of nominations begins offevolved. Shamita says I am going first? Karan says no, I am going first. Shamita says you instructed me that I am going first so why did you convert the plan? I will move 2nd. Simba and Umar say we need to move also. Karan asks Shamita if she receives energy withinside the room to shop others then will she use logic? Shamita says we’re gambling this sport for ourselves. Umar says if Shamita is going into the phantasm room then she won’t ever shop me, I can’t consider her. Karan tells Umar that we nevertheless have three probabilities left. Simba says allow’s Shamita move first after which we can decide. Shamita says I am going first. Bigg Boss asks Shamita to enter the phantasm room.

Shamita enters the phantasm room. Bigg Boss says you may see snap shots of the inmates that Nishant selected for nomination. She has the choice to shop herself from nominations through nominating a person else. Bigg Boss says the selection is to maintain herself nominated or nominate a person else from the lot in her area. He says in case you take a person’s call then that character may be nominated and won’t get a threat to go into this room. Shamita thinks and says I won’t shop myself. I am maintaining myself nominated. I need those inmates to get a threat to shop themselves. Bigg Boss asks her to spray on her imagegraph then. Shamita does it and leaves the room.

In the residence, all rush to Shamita. Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Shamita saved herself nominated so she is the primary character withinside the nominations. Shamita asks Umar if he’s first-class now? Bigg Boss asks the inmates to pick out who will move inner next. Karan says I will move next.

11:forty five PM
Karan enters the phantasm room. Bigg Boss you’ve got got a preference to appoint your self or nominate a person else in his area to shop himself. Karan says I don’t need to shop myself. Bigg Boss says Shamita has nominated herself so it’s as much as you currently in case you need to appoint himself or a person else in his area. That character won’t get a threat to go into the room. Karan sprays on his personal image and nominates himself.

Karan enters the residence. Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Karan nominated himself. Afsana says I am going next. Vishal says allow Afsana move. She ought to move. Karan says first-class. Shamita tells Vishal that we shouldn’t ship Afsana. Vishal says allow her do it.

12 AM
Shamita asks Karan what become his plan? Karan says we will simply shield ourselves. Vishal can move 4th and might nominate a person else. Shamita says we shouldn’t ship Vishal withinside the final area, allow Afsana move final. Karan calls Afsana however the buzzer performs. Afsana begins offevolved going inner. Karan asks her to forestall however she doesn’t.

Afsana is going into the phantasm room. Bigg Boss you’ve got got a preference to appoint your self or nominate a person else in her area to shop herself. He says you may’t nominate Shamita or Karan. She can pick out from others or maintain herself nominated. Afsana says I need to appoint Vishal due to the fact he made me appear like a liar, he made me say all the ones horrific words. She sprays on his image. She leaves the room.

Vishal tells Karan and Shamita that I don’t need to be withinside the nominations as you each are nominated. Shamita tells Karan to ship Vishal at the 4th. Karan says those men won’t agree. Vishal tells Shamita that I can’t take the hazard of being withinside the nominations whilst you each are nominated already. People nevertheless don’t realize me much.

Afsana enters the residence and says I can’t inform anything. Bigg Boss says Afsana stored herself and has nominated Vishal so he’s nominated this week. Vishal can’t move withinside the phantasm room now. Shamita tells Karan that’s what I become pronouncing. Vishal smiles unluckily and is going away. Afsana tells Simba I become so confused. Simba says you constantly desired to appoint him. Afsana says I can’t say anything.

12:15 AM
Vishal tells Afsana that no person desired to ship you withinside the phantasm room, I become the most effective one to ship you withinside the room however you took my call? Afsana says I were given confused. Vishal says you may have nominated all of us however why me? Afsana says I can’t say anything. Vishal says am I least deserving? Afsana says no. Vishal leaves. Nishant tells Afsana which you did what you notion become right. Nishant tells Afsana that Karan nominated himself so he doesn’t care much.

Karan tells his institution that it’s our final threat. Shamita, Vishal and I are nominated already. Umar says we will pass the threat. Karan says we will’t. Ishaan says so all of us need to move inner. We ought to pass the final spherical. Shamita says you all may get nominated this way. Ishaan tells Karan that all of us who receives nominated in opposition to Karan, Shamita and Vishal will move home. Simba says I suppose we ought to play the final spherical. Miesha tells Simba that we don’t have any threat in opposition to those three. Anyone from us getting nominated will ought to move home.

The buzzer performs, Umar says all of us need to shop themselves now. Shamita asks them to decide. Umar tells Bigg Boss that nobody desires to move inner. Shamita asks Miesha to move inner. Umar says we need to play pretty. Bigg Boss says you humans suppose you may get the assignment rejected? Stop taking responsibilities jokingly. We are supplying you with a threat to shop your self however you made the approach to get the assignment rejected. Bigg Boss says the nomination assignment has ended. Shamita, Karan and Vishal are nominated. He says Simba, Miesha, Ishaan and Umar made a plan to now no longer play the final spherical this means that they don’t need to shop themselves. If they need to get nominated then we can satisfy their wishes. Bigg Boss says Shamita, Karan, Vishal, Ishaan, Miesha, Simba and Umar are nominated now. Ishaan tells Vishal we desired this most effective.

12:forty five AM
Pratik asks Umar and Ishaan why did you combat with Nishant a lot in case you desired to get nominated like this? Ishaan says we couldn’t attain a choice. Umar says Pratik didn’t even input the ring, you’re nevertheless taking part in OTT. You are simply taking part in the show. Ishaan tells Pratik that we took a honest choice. I may want to have stored myself however we need to play pretty. Pratik says I am simply pronouncing to now no longer blame Nishant in case you all needed to do this. Tejasswi tells Pratik you don’t want to mention all this. Nishant asks Pratik to allow it be. Tejasswi says I care approximately Nishant so forestall speaking to them Pratik. Pratik says you care greater approximately Nishant than me? Nishant asks Pratik to allow them to be, don’t communicate on my behalf.

1:15 AM
Nishant tells Karan that I took your call, Shamita and Vishal’s call due to the fact you three are strong. Who may want to I actually have selected in Umar’s area? Karan says you may have taken Tejasswi’s call as she won’t be eliminated. If you had stored Umar and Ishaan then you definitely might have earned their loyalty. Nishant says I actually have Tejasswi’s loyalty. I don’t consider Vishal. Karan says he ought to have long past withinside the room however it’s properly he didn’t move. Karan says in case you had to appoint me then as a minimum you ought to have stored Umar, he’s my guy, he trusts me and made you the captain due to the fact I requested him. Umar is my guy which I need to take forward.

1:forty five AM
Vishal and Shamita communicate to the camera. Vishal says we were given backstabbed through our pals and were given nominated. But we’re nevertheless smiling.

2:30 AM
Simba tells Karan that I understood the nomination assignment however I notion Shamita might nominate Afsana. Karan says Shamita is smart, she desired glory. Simba says she isn’t always even pals with us so why might she shop us? Karan says she desires to earn hearts of the audiences. She performed the sport.

Vishal tells Nishant that Karan and Shamita wasted their votes in the event that they nominated themselves. They ought to have performed the sport. Nishant says Shamita become wondering my choice however why did she now no longer nominate all of us herself? Vishal says she may want to have nominated Afsana easily.

Day 19
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the track twist. They all dance. Tejasswi hugs Karan and says you’re nevertheless sleeping, you’re breaking guidelines that’s why all of them were given nominated. Karan laughs as Tejasswi hugs him tightly.

9:30 AM
BigG enters the residence. He leaves the message which says that they need to earn loads as it’s all approximately cash those days.

9:forty five AM
Karan tells Nishant that we performed the nomination challenge badly. Nishant says why didn’t you nominate absolutely each person? You should have nominated Miesha or Ishaan. I might have stored myself and nominate absolutely each person else in my location. Karan says I am learning. Nishant says Shamita has a trouble that I nominate her and shop Akasa however then she were given a threat to shop herself however she stored others? The individuals who aren’t even her buddies.

Shamita tells Vishal that I am fed up, I don’t sense near absolutely each person. We gets nominated each week so why combat so a great deal? Why does Umar combat with others if he receives nominated?

10:forty five AM
Miesha asks Ishaan which you talked your scene with him (a few male buddy)? Ishaan says we didn’t have any scene however he maintains speakme approximately it. Ishaan says he known as me earlier than I entered the residence and attempted to threaten me. Ishaan says he became my buddy earlier than however I needed to play him for some time. I needed to play him for some time for paintings. This is the way it goes. I had not anything with him. Miesha says I am k in case you are (gay?), I won’t mind. Ishaan says I promise on God that I wouldn’t mislead you want this, you don’t believe me at all. Miesha says it’s now no longer approximately believe. Ishaan says I performed round with him however then he began out going overboard so we had a combat. Then he threatened me that I won’t get any paintings withinside the industry. Miesha says I don’t need absolutely each person say matters approximately you. I will allow this cross however you need to promise me this could in no way take place once more, you won’t mess around ever once more.

eleven AM
Nishant asks Shamita why did she nominate herself? Shamita says I had a threat to shop a person right here, I don’t assume I could be eliminated. Everyone became preventing for a threat so I didn’t need to take it away. If my buddies do that with me then it’s fine. Nishant says that’s now no longer a point. Shamita says you do loads for Pratik so don’t idiot me. Nishant says I do however Pratik does what he desires to. I had electricity so I need to do what I desired to. I even have informed you a lot time that I don’t believe Vishal however you believe him. Shamita says do you believe me greater than Akasa or now no longer? Nishant says that’s now no longer a comparison. Shamita says I trust you’ve got got stored Akasa for Pratik. Nishant says it’s now no longer like that. Shamita says I in no way anticipated you to appoint me withinside the first nomination only. You have damaged the believe.

eleven:15 AM
Nishant tells Umar that I don’t have a robust with you all. He says I desired to prevent from the nominations as I gave you my phrase however they requested me to take eight names. Karan says you even took my name. Umar says however why did you shop Akasa? Nishant says I desired to prevent Umar. Umar says it’s now no longer approximately that. Nishant says I am gambling like I need to, you don’t want to believe me.

12 PM
Shamita tells Karan that whilst you went 2d withinside the phantasm room, I informed Vishal which you shouldn’t have long gone internal. Karan says you have to have informed me that. He says I despatched you internal first due to the fact I believe you. We might have stored you due to the fact we’ve believe problems with a few different human beings. Shamita sees Pratik passingby and asks Karan to forestall speakme. Karan says I don’t care. He tells Shamita that I need to advantage your believe, I despatched you first withinside the room to inform you that I believe you.

3:15 PM
Miesha hugs Ishaan and says you’ve got got placed make-up on? Ishaan laughs and says yes. Jay comes there and laughs at them hugging tightly. He runs from there and tells the inmates that I am seeing an excessive amount of on this residence. Miesha laughs and runs in the back of him. Jay says I am looking to be visible on Colors however Misha-Ishaan maintain dragging me to Voot. All laugh.

3:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates which you human beings misplaced the proper to live withinside the residence due to breaking the residence guidelines. If you need to earn the location withinside the residence once more then you need to supply cash from the prize cash. You have to paintings difficult to go into the residence as we are able to maintain doing away with small facilities from the jungle. Like we’ve stopped fueloline deliver withinside the jungle. The fueloline deliver is withinside the residence kitchen only. He asks Tejasswi to study the instructions. She reads the challenge ‘price price tag to the primary residence’ wherein they’ve a threat to earn location withinside the residence once more. The jungle inmates who earn those tickets will input the residence. There could be pairs like:

She reads that Nishant could be the referee of the challenge. In the challenge, Bigg Boss will ship substances to make BB factors. All pairs will run to get the cloth a good way to make their personal factors. The cloth could be despatched via a tunnel. Nishant will determine which pair gets what time to make their factors. Nishant will approve their factors. All pairs need to guard their BB factors. After the spherical ends, Nishant will take delivery of or reject the BB factors. After each spherical, Nishant will announce the triumphing pair who could be capable of earn a price price tag, input the residence after which they won’t play the subsequent spherical.

five:30 PM
Vishal, Jay and Simba are status close to the slide. Ishaan whispers to Umar to make an alliance. Umar asks Karan if he desires to make an alliance? Karan says it’s now no longer approximately an alliance. Umar says we are able to. Umar tells Ishaan that Karan is k with the alliance.

five:forty five PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the primary spherical will begin in a bit. Thhe first price price tag’s fee is five lacs on the way to be deducted from the prize cash if the triumphing pair of the spherical use it to go into the residence.

6 PM
The substances begin coming in from the slide. All men combat to get it. The gong performs, Nishant says the primary pair to make BB factors is Umar-Afsana. Umar says I don’t have paint. He attempts to print BB factors the usage of the cloth. Karan attempts to assist him. Umar says I can’t do it. Nishant says Jay-Pratik are subsequent. Jay begins offevolved printing BB factors however Umar assaults them. Akasa protects Jay and Pratik. Simba grabs Umar so he can’t assault them. Umar takes their cloth and runs away. He jumps withinside the pool. Akasa jumps in the back of him withinside the pool. Akasa says he took away my paper. Simba says it’s fine, don’t bounce withinside the pool. Pratik and Jay are making their BB factors. Akasa tells Umar to now no longer take their paper, I gave it to Pratik. Umar says I will come up with the paper however you don’t want to guard Pratik. Umar grabs Pratik and attempts to take cloth from him. Pratik says it’s now no longer that easy. Nishant asks them to be careful. Afsana throws water on Jay’s cloth so it’s destroyed. Jay attempts to seize her. Umar says you can’t snatch her clothes. Nishant says Pratik-Jay’s time is done.
Nishant and asks Karan-Tejasswi to begin their challenge. Jay tells Pratik that I won’t use five lacs to go into the residence. Pratik says then a person else will use it. Jay says we are able to get every other threat to go into the residence. Pratik says however those human beings will use this price price tag if now no longer us. Tejasswi-Karan are making their BB point. Akasa tells Jay that we are able to use thinner to make greater paint. Umar doesn’t allow Afsana assault Karan. Pratik throws water at Karan’s paper however Umar grabs him and protects Karan’s papers. Jay snatches the papers from Tejasswi and tears them. Tejasswi says are you kidding me? Nishant says their time ends now. Ishaan says Pratik is loopy man. You simply do destruction withinside the responsibilities. Tejasswi tells Pratik that he can in no way play fairly, you simply need to place others down. Pratik says it’s a challenge so I am doing my part.
Nishant says Shamita-Vishal are subsequent. They begin making BB factors. Pratik assaults Karan’s paper once more however Karan throws him at the ground in anger. Pratik expenses at him and shouts how dare you? Bigg Boss asks them to forestall it. Ishaan takes Karan and says don’t lose patience. Tejasswi says Karan didn’t do whatever, he became simply grabbing Pratik. Jay says Karan pinned Pratik down, Karan is my buddy however he’s wrong. Tejasswi says Pratik became charging at Karan so he became protecting himself. Pratik says they can’t play the challenge nicely. Tejasswi says what number of responsibilities did you play fairly? Don’t contact Karan once more in any other case I won’t spare you. Pratik says he threw me at the ground. Jay tells Tejasswi that Karan threw him that’s violence. Tejasswi says Pratik became charging at him. Jay tells Karan to be careful, you grabbed him and threw him at the ground. Karan says I will take delivery of in case you are pronouncing so. Tejasswi says Pratik slipped and fell down, it became now no longer Karan’s fault. Jay asks Tejasswi that I am gambling via way of means of the guidelines, you had been now no longer pronouncing whatever while Umar became attacking me. You all made an alliance towards me. Karan says I didn’t make an alliance towards you, I will depart proper now if I am lying. Jay says I don’t need to win via way of means of gifting away five lacs, I am simply gambling for passion.
Ishaan and Miesha are doing their challenge. Pratik throws water at them. Ishaan expenses at him. Bigg Boss asks them to now no longer push every different. Ishaan says he threw water at my mic.

Jay tells Tejasswi that I am gambling the challenge via way of means of guidelines. You had been silent while Umar became attacking me. Tejasswi says Ishaan, Miesha and Umar had been supporting however I didn’t count on Jay to assault me.

6:30 PM
Tejasswi tells Jay that Pratik is assisting Akasa-Simba now however you couldn’t aid me? Jay says all are making alliances right here. I am gambling my challenge right here. Ishaan says Pratik can in no way play fairly. Pratik says I am loopy, I won’t say whatever. Jay says I am destroying matters withinside the challenge as I don’t need to spend five lacs. Miesha says we won’t be capable of stay with out fueloline. Someone has to head withinside the residence. Jay says they won’t allow us to die right here hungry.

Nishant tells everybody to forestall the challenge. The gong performs and the primary spherical ends. Nishant says I will do exceptional take a look at now. Ishaan says I didn’t get a great deal time to make any BB factors. Nishant says you’ll get time withinside the subsequent rounds. Ishaan says simply be fair. Nishant says I could be so don’t worry.

Nishant assessments every pair’s BB factors. He rejects Vishal-Shamita’s factors. Vishal is stunned.

The episode ends.


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