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Bigg Boss 15 22th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rashami-Devoleena Enter The Show To Shake Up The Contestants

Salman welcomes anybody to the episode. He says we can shake up the inmates. We will recognize approximately the pinnacle five withinside the subsequent 2 days, those inmates should run to the finale now. He says

Shamita is back. He connects the decision with Shamita withinside the confession room, he asks how are you now? She says I am first-rate. Salman says you may name the inmates who you’ve got got allegations towards. He ends the decision together along with her and says the inmates don’t recognize Shamita is back.
Salman connects the decision to the residence. Salman asks Simba to lie down at the makeshift bed, he says you’ll sleep the entire episode. He says Shamita will placed allegations on you men now. She comes into the residence and hugs her buddies. Salman asks Shamita who’s the primary criminal?

She calls Rajiv withinside the witness container. She says this VIP room has been misused, they determine will pass withinside the VIP room even earlier than the venture begins offevolved that’s unfair, she asks why became Rajiv selected for prison? Vishal says I concept he’s going to get extra airtime in prison. Rajiv says Vishal advised me I must fake to be indignant however I must visit prison. Shamita says those humans make offers for the VIP room, it’s unfair. She tells Vishal which you preserve speaking approximately how you’ve got got visible all of the seasons then why did you select Rajiv for prison? Tejasswi says Shamita usually prioritizes her buddies, she removed me from the captaincy venture for her buddies.

Salman says anybody is doing matters as in line with their alliance that’s first-rate. Shamita says the incorrect man or woman went to prison due to their video games. Pratik must had been in prison. Salman says alliances are first-rate however why did Vishal ship Rajiv to prison? Vishal says Rajiv didn’t play for himself, I simply desired to keep Rajiv. Salman asks Vishal when you have visible all of the seasons then how are you going to pass wrong? Karan says Vishal advised me Rajiv might get extra pictures in prison. I concept he became proper and might be a higher choice for Rajiv. Rajiv says all of them act like I am now no longer a movie star so I am a vulnerable man or woman. Shamita says you humans don’t deliver a truthful threat to absolutely each person, you preserve simply preserve manipulating others.

Tejasswi says we have been now no longer non-deserving to go into the VIP room. Shamita tells Umar that I became pleasantly amazed with you this week, you performed nicely. Salman tells Neha which you advised Rajiv which you don’t accept as true with Vishal’s sport plan however you didn’t inform him that he’s being performed as a vulnerable player. Salman tells the inmates that Rajiv is being visible plenty withinside the display, even without or with prison. Shamita tells Tejasswi that it’s now no longer pleasant to snort whilst someone is crying. Tejasswi says I in no way noticed absolutely each person crying.
Shamita calls Nishant withinside the witness container subsequent. She says I even have visible Nishant pronouncing that relationships are crucial to him, who’s near him?

Nishant says I even have a bond with Pratik and Jay-Karan. Shamita says you selected Pratik for the VIP room however why now no longer Jay? You selected Simba over him? Nishant says I didn’t select Jay due to the fact his sport became vulnerable. Simba wished a threat additionally. Salman asks Jay what became the reason? Jay says I don’t have any expectation from absolutely each person now, I won’t query him however I am now no longer at risk of do any favors on him. Salman asks if he’s dissatisfied? Jay says yes, I became dissatisfied.

Karan’s making plans became simply to ensure Neha, Shamita and I wouldn’t input the VIP sector. Tejasswi laughs and says in which did this come from? Jay asks her to forestall laughing. Jay says they promised Rajiv additionally. Salman says it gave the impression of Jay desired Nishant to select Simba so why is he dissatisfied? Jay says I became giving a few trace to Nishant however he took it wrongly. Nishant says the VIP sector isn’t always crucial for Jay. Shamita says I don’t assume so. Shamita asks Nishant that Karan is your properly buddy so I concept you will downgrade Vishal however you dissatisfied any other buddy? You usually stated you don’t consider Vishal so why keep him?

Nishant says that function is crucial for me. Shamita says so the sport is extra crucial than buddies proper for you? You have usually ditched your buddies to transport in advance in the sport. For you, video games come first after which relationships. Nishant says my survival is crucial. Shamita says then be sincere approximately it, very own as much as it. Don’t attempt to make pleasant with buddies. Salman asks Nishant what’s his precedence listing? Nishant says I don’t have a listing, no one is my precedence proper now. Everyone continues them first for his or her survival. Karan says you downgraded us due to the fact you concept Umar delivered you there? I became the only who satisfied Umar to convey you to the VIP sector. Nishant says first-rate. Karan says I am speaking, we cared approximately your survival.

Nishant asks who might you’ve got got downgraded in case you have been in my location? Karan says that’s now no longer the point. I usually deal with you however you preserve the sport as a precedence. Salman says Karan is proper however you speak approximately matters late. Karan says I recognize why he took me out of the VIP room, I simply desired him to speak to me. Nishant says I requested you however you stated you don’t need to speak. Karan says I desired an evidence from you, I even have accomplished matters for you, I won your consider, I saved our friendship above the whole thing. I simply desired an evidence from you for downgrading me. Salman says Karan became taken for granted.

Shamita tells Nishant which you stated you don’t want to be referred to as snake however you’ve got got end up a one-of-a-kind man or woman considering the fact that Kamya got here right here. You assume you may be a mastermind with out feelings, you want to sense as I leave out my buddy.

Shamita calls Neha withinside the witness container, she asks why did she guide Nishant? Neha says I took the selection in a group. I don’t consider Vishal for a few reason. I am now no longer even on Nishant’s buddies listing however he hurts me. I forgave him withinside the remaining display, I took him as a chum right here. I even have an character friendship with him. Vishal says I simply requested her to play for herself, I had no benefit in that. Neha says I desired Nishant to end up a VIO due to the fact I desired power-shift there. Shamita tells Neha that humans are one-of-a-kind from OTT, don’t pass in a loop with OTT contributors as they’re now no longer the same.

Salman tells the inmates which you humans get harm whilst a person makes use of you however then you definitely end up first-rate with them. But in case you preserve forgiving someone then it’s your fault. Salman asks them to assume and ends the decision.

In the House:
Shamita hugs Neha and says I became crying seeing your meltdown. She asks Neha to pop out of that loop. Neha is going from there. Shamita tells Vishal which you don’t suggest it however the manner you are saying matters appearance terrible. You stated that it’s properly Raqesh left so that you might be extra emotionally depending on me. These statements don’t appearance pleasant. You additionally stated which you might select Tejasswi over me. Vishal says yes, Tejasswi has accomplished a desire on me. Shamita asks what? Vishal says I became crying silently one time, she got here to me and stated that she might be there for me usually. I promised her that I might do some thing for her whilst the time comes. Shamita says whilst this entire residence became towards you, I became the only status up for you. You might select her over me due to the fact she sat down with you once? Vishal says I need to win her self assurance and I concept you will recognize. Shamita says how in many instances do I should recognize? Vishal says I am sorry for pronouncing the ones phrases for Raqesh. Shamita says you sound insensitive, simply be cautious whilst you speak approximately me. Vishal hugs her.

Nishant sits with Karan and says you didn’t need to speak to me. Karan says if I had downgraded then you definitely definately I might have given an evidence to you. You have been giving motives to Jay however what approximately me? You must have felt terrible for downgrading me. I don’t care approximately you throwing me out of the VIP room, simply display that you are feeling terrible for me.

Shamita tells Tejasswi that your frame language seems impolite whilst humans are crying. Shamita says your frame language is inaccurate additionally whilst you don’t permit others speak. Shamita says I am now no longer condescending. Tejasswi says it’s my manner of handling matters, why might I alternate myself for absolutely each person?

Shamita tells Jay that if Nishant can do all this together along with his buddies then don’t await him to harm you additionally. Just be cautious. Jay says I recognize that. Shamita says I am there for you, you aren’t alone. I even have visible Nishant’s properly facet additionally, he has modified completely.

Nishant tells Pratik that we should permit Shamita-Neha do their very own matters. They must recognize that they’re crucial to us. Pratik says Neha continues focused on me.

Shamita tells Jay that Neha must have performed for herself. Jay says Vishal might have in no way selected Neha for the VIP sector.

On the Stage:
Bigg Boss Marathi host Mahesh Manjrekar enters the degree. Salman says we each are hosts, he is taking elegance of the inmates like me. The simplest distinction is of the language. I referred to as him nowadays to take inmates’ elegance as I am uninterested in them now no longer listening.
Salman connects the decision to the residence. He introduces Mahesh to the inmates. Salman says he’s going to do hard-hitting now. Mahesh says Salman talks patiently which I lack. I don’t have endurance like him, no person listens to you whilst you are patient. I name a spade a spade. Mahesh says Simba receives observed due to his call simplest, he isn’t doing some thing withinside the display. Mahesh says we can play the false impression balloons venture however I will inform you approximately misunderstandings. He says I will begin with Jay.

Jay: Mahesh tells Jay that anyone has weaknesses. You don’t want to be best there, you attempt to keep your character, you attempt to be a goodie goodie guy. He says no person has an opinion approximately you. He tells Jay that no person is afraid of you as a competition. Mahesh tells Jay which you assume you may play a hero so that you win hearts however it’s your false impression.

Mahesh asks whilst will he awaken withinside the display? Simba says I am attempting my high-quality however every now and then I don’t like to speak then I don’t. Mahesh says in case you don’t speak then you definitely won’t be visible. If you will be an target target market withinside the display then don’t be there.

Mahesh says I like you, you’re unique and funny. You are gambling nicely. He says the target target market is loving you. Rajiv smiles and says thank you. Mahesh asks if he thinks he’s an underdog? Rajiv says I assume so. Mahesh says that’s your false impression, simply don’t permit absolutely each person use you. Rajiv says I will preserve my eyes open. Mahesh says assist Simba additionally preserving his eyes open.

Shamita: Mahesh asks Shamita if she speaks Marathi? She says I will learn. Mahesh says for our Bapat, Shamita laughs. Mahesh says she has to select her buddies wisely, you suspect what you sense is proper, you preserve expectancies from a number of humans. Her false impression is that the entire residence must paintings as in line with her conditions. Shamita laughs.

Neha: Mahesh asks if she is on TV or on OTT? Neha says I am on TV now. Mahesh says permit bygone be bygone, you end up a satellite tv for pc of Pratik. Your false impression is which you are nonetheless on OTT.
Karan: Mahesh says in case you are a pair with Tejasswi then be assured approximately it. Don’t doubt it pronouncing she must be with others. Karan says I am now no longer afraid of myself, in relation to Tejasswi then I don’t need to be selfish. Mahesh says you bought an amazing accomplice so be assured. He tells Karan that your false impression is you’re a legal responsibility for Tejasswi however it’s now no longer the case.
Tejasswi: Mahesh says this residence has been properly for Tejasswi, her face has end up chubby, she laughs. Mahesh says Tejasswi is the youngest withinside the residence as I don’t remember Simba as an energetic member. He says you’re properly however learn how to pay attention. If you don’t pay attention then you may’t argue higher. He says her false impression is that she is usually proper. Karan laughs.
Vishal: Mahesh says he thinks he performs a massive sport however it’s his false impression.

Umar: Mahesh says he’s usually in a doubt, his false impression is he isn’t always confused.

Nishant: Mahesh tells Nishant that in case you are gambling a sport then take a stand, don’t attempt to cowl up and justify it. Your false impression is you’re gambling a robust sport however you appearance shaken up.

Pratik: Mahesh says Pratik is pleasant as a contestant however don’t assume you’re advanced to anybody.

Salman tells the inmates to reflect onconsideration on their misunderstandings. Mahesh desires them success and says usually goal for wide variety 1. Salman ends the decision. Salman says the manner of pinnacle five will begin quickly withinside the residence.

In the House:
The sirens begin gambling and the lighting switch on and off. The inmates are scared. Pratik unearths a letter. Some body of workers contributors input the residence and throw the dustbin as Nishant did. Pratik reads the letter which says that they’ve damaged a number of homes right here. Neha reads that the largest hurricane is attaining them. This hurricane will reduce to rubble their lives, are they ready? Karan says convey it on. Nishant asks if they create any other guy? We don’t want any other guy.

On the Stage:
Salman says permit’s meet our wild-card. Devoleena Bhattacharjee enters the degree and dances. Salman asks if she doesn’t have a residence? Devoleena says I leave out Bigg Boss too much. Salman asks if she doesn’t have a residence? Devoleena says I leave out Bigg Boss. Salman says Devoleena is our wild-card entry.

He says she made a unique location on this display through gambling nicely in her season. Mahesh asks who will she hunt first? Devoleena says I don’t like humans the use of others’ emotions. I will assault Vishal first.
Salman says permit’s name any other wild-card. Rashami Desai enters the degree, she dances on Param Sundari. Salman welcomes her and says she created a number of drama in her season. She in no way misplaced to some thing, welcomes to BB15. Salman asks if she saved her residence key safe? Rashami laughs and says it’s safe.

Mahesh says I will ask them questions. He asks who will you ignore? Devo says Vishal, he makes use of humans’s emotions. Mahesh asks who’s maximum controlling withinside the residence? Rashami says Shamita. Mahesh says who’s two-faced? Devo says it’s Nishant, he desires to play on each the sides. Rashami says I accept as true with her, I like Nishant’s sport, I assume Vishal is two-faced. Mahesh asks whose actual face will you expose? Rashami says Nishant, he’s gambling Nishant-Pratik’s sport. Mahesh asks who do you need to awaken withinside the residence?

They each snort and say Simba. Rashami says Jay is my buddy however he has end up complex so I wish I can wake him up. Mahesh asks who can in no way be your buddy? Devo says Vishal and Shamita. Mahesh says what in case you fall in love with Vishal? Devo laughs and says it is able to in no way happen. Mahesh asks who talks in the back of backs? Devo says Vishal. Rashami says then he’s gambling nicely. Salman says Devo is obsessed on Vishal, it’s a signal of love. Devo says in no way. Mahesh asks whose mouth will you zip? Rashami says Pratik,

he talks uselessly. Mahesh asks who’s a coward withinside the residence? Devo says it’s Karan, he thinks too much. Rashami says I don’t assume so, he seems sorted, he has end up emotional however he’s going to leap back. Mahesh asks Devo if she can be able to love Karan? Devo says he’s already in love. Mahesh asks what approximately Umar? Devo says I like Umar, he’s a pleasing boy. Mahesh asks who doesn’t need to be withinside the finale? Devo says Neha. Rashami says I accept as true with her, she is simply taking our grudges on Pratik.

Mahesh says I even have any other wild-card who modified the whole thing in our season. He calls any other wild-card. His call is Abhijeet Bichukale. Abhijeet says I will win the display. Abhijeet says my mom began out looking the display as she is Salman’s fan. One time, she advised me to name Salman and visit the display. My mom prayed for it so I am right here nowadays. Abhijeet says my prayer is to win the display. Mahesh asks what if elections come up? Abhijeet says I am an entertainer through coronary heart so I won’t pass. Mahesh says he’s a flesh presser however additionally a poet. Abhijeet’s poetry performs at the screen. All clap for him. Abhijeet says politics is my ardour so I becomes a Prime Minister.

Salman asks Abhijeet what’s going to be a hassle for him? Abhijeet says I am ver blunt, I am afraid of myself. Salman asks what obligation he won’t do withinside the residence? Abhijeet says I won’t do lavatory obligation. He says I even have come to educate them manners. Salman asks what’s his plan? Abhijeet says I will attempt to win hearts. Salman says this season will alternate whilst you input the residence. Salman desires them success. They pass into the residence. Salman thank you Mahesh, he leaves the display.

Salman welcomes Aayush and Mahima input the degree. They sell their movie. Mahima dances with Salman. Salman connects the decision to the residence. He introduces Aayush and Mahima. Aayush says I like Karan-Tejasswi. Mahima says there are a number of relationships so we can play a sport. Mahima asks Karan-Tejasswi, Neha-Pratik to tie their fingers together. Other inmates have to inform which courting must break.
Nishant: He says I need to interrupt Neha-Pratik’s courting as they’re getting confused, it’s for his or her fitness to interrupt it.

Jay: He says I need to interrupt Neha-Pratik’s courting as they appearance confused.

Umar: He says I need to interrupt Neha-Pratik’s courting as they don’t have mutual appreciate.

Vishal: He says I need to interrupt Neha-Pratik’s courting as I need to keep the residence’s dustbin, they’re robust individually.

Simba: He says I need to interrupt Neha-Pratik’s courting as they don’t have mutual appreciate. I am sorry I became slumbering that day after they have been fighting.
Rajiv: He says I need to interrupt Neha-Pratik’s courting as appreciate is crucial in a friendship. It’s properly for them to have a distance.
Shamita: She says I need to interrupt Neha-Pratik’s courting as they don’t have mutual appreciate. I don’t assume they may be buddies, it seems like they need to kill every different. Salman says in case you forestall disrespecting every different then it is able to be higher.

Salman asks Karan-Tejasswi whilst is it taking place for them? Karan laughs and says there are a number of cameras so we can’t speak much. Mahima desires them success. Aayush says love usually wins that’s why Karan-Tejasswi won. Salman says they’ll reduce their very own ties. Salman ends the decision.

In the House:
The inmates come into the lawn to peer the media humans sitting there. Bigg Boss welcomes the newshounds and says the whole thing they create some thing new. They will ask questions after which will deliver information of the pinnacle 6 inmates. He asks a reporter to speak approximately VIPs breaking rules. The reporter says no VIP understood the price of being a VIP, you all desired to be morally accurate and did your very own paintings so we’ve got determined to dissolve the VIP-Non-VIP division. You all are equals now. The inmates snort. Bigg Boss says this isn’t always funny, VIP contributors deserved to be the winners however those newshounds assume no one merits to win the display proper now.

Salman symptoms and symptoms off from the episode.

The episode ends.


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