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Day 18
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the tune swagni. They all dance collectively. Vishal says excellent morning to absolutely each person.

nine:30 AM
The inmates are napping and the alarm performs. Nishant asks them to awaken.

Vidhi tells Tejasswi that we don’t have milk now. Tejasswi says you human beings use milk for kheer wondering they may ship extra. Miesha tells Vidhi that allow her say whatever she desires to.

nine:forty five AM
Karan says we don’t actually have milk for tea. Tejasswi says I will supply it to you. Vidhi says we are able to’t stay like this.
Tejasswi asks Shamita to provide them 1/2 of glass of milk, they don’t have it even for tea. Akasa says they don’t use groceries carelessly. Tejasswi says once I changed into there, I was once strict approximately the use of objects. Pratik says simply supply a few milk for tea, they’re significantly dying. Tejasswi brings milk to Vidhi and says it’s your fault to apply milk carelessly. Nishant tells Pratik that we need to determine if we are able to proportion meals with them or now no longer at all.

10 AM
Vidhi tells Umar that no person is operating withinside the kitchen. Karan asks Nishant to invite them to do their kitchen obligation. Nishant says Simba and Vidhi can paintings withinside the kitchen, I can’t hold going for walks at the back of human beings to do their duties. Karan says you requested Simba to paintings withinside the kitchen so ask him to paintings now. You did a terrible choice with the aid of using placing him withinside the kitchen. Nishant says Miesha didn’t need to paintings withinside the kitchen so I selected Simba. Nishant involves Simba and asks him to do his kitchen obligation. Karan says Nishant you’re being a nalla (useless). Nishant says don’t name me that, I recognise you’re pissed off however don’t do all this. Karan says I am sorry. Nishant asks Simba if he desires to paintings withinside the kitchen or now no longer? Simba says I idea Donal and Vidhi will make breakfast? Nishant says Donal is napping however it’s now no longer my obligation to run at the back of human beings. Donal wakes up. Karan says we made Nishant the captain so that you ought to do all this. Nishant says close up.

10:30 AM
Karan unearths the bag with stones withinside the garden. He asks Nishant what’s all this? Tejasswi sees it and tells Jay to now no longer appearance over there. They determined it and our plan failed. Karan throws away the bag and says I don’t care. Akasa tells Tejasswi that Karan makes use of his thoughts extra than all others there.

BigG enters the residence and leaves the message. Karan asks if he introduced the cigarettes? All chuckle. BigG leaves the residence. Ishaan reads the message that this jungle is magical, you could see the destiny withinside the mirrors right here.

10:forty five AM
Karan says let’s carry the bench from interior so we are able to take a seat down right here easily. Umar is going to carry the bench. They all take a seat down collectively close to the cave. Ishaan, Umar, Simba, Karan are sitting in the front of the cave.

eleven AM
Karan asks Nishant why did you snap at me nowadays? Nishant says why did you name me nalla? Karan says I changed into joking with you, you snapped at me for no purpose. If I am indignant then I will name you Nishant, now express regret to me. Nishant hugs him and says sorry baby.

eleven:15 AM
The alarm performs and all of them run to the cave however its vegetables. Jay says Umar is preserving the glass door again. Nishant asks Umar to now no longer do it. Jay tells Karan that Umar can’t maintain the door, Bigg Boss says we are able to get hurt. Vidhi tells Umar to now no longer maintain the glass door. Umar says what different plans do you’ve got got? We ought to block them somehow.

12:forty five PM
The alarm performs and the puzzle portions arrive withinside the cave. Ishaan takes it and runs away. The housemates simply clap for them and don’t combat Ishaan. Nishant says that is the alternate I introduced as a captain. All chuckle. Umar hides a few puzzle portions and runs away. Karan asks Umar to cover it in his bag. Umar does. Jay comes there and laughs.

1:15 PM
Nishant tells Karan that nowadays nomination will happen. I need to remember you if I get a hazard to select a person to carry interior home? Karan says I ought to consider it. The predominant recreation will begin withinside the residence however I can make bigger my live withinside the jungle. These jungle inmates accept as true with me and I don’t need to interrupt it. Nishant says if I get electricity then I need to select you. Karan says I am k with dwelling withinside the jungle as I am bonding with human beings. Nishant says then those human beings will remember you and now no longer me later on. Karan says now no longer at all, all of them supported you to end up the captain. Some human beings had been skeptical however I satisfied them to select you. Ishaan-Miesha make their personal plans. Nishant says I don’t accept as true with Miesha. Karan says me either.

1:forty five PM
Nishant tells Miesha that I am too bored. Bigg Boss says don’t use English. Nishant says there’s no feel of duty withinside the jungle area. The alarm performs as Umar is napping. Nishant wakes him up and says don’t sleep, please. Umar is going returned to sleep so the alarm performs again. Nishant screams for Umar to awaken. Umar says I am now no longer napping alone, Afsana is napping too. Vidhi says she is ill.

3:forty five PM
Tejasswi asks Donal to now no longer use the residence lavatory. Donal says I requested Nishant so can I take a tubtub now? Tejasswi says if Nishant allowed then you fine. Tejasswi involves Nishant and asks if he allowed Donal to apply the interior lavatory? Nishant says no. He asks Donal to pop out of the lavatory, you could’t use this lavatory, you need to use the jungle lavatory most effective. Donal says you allowed me before. Nishant says don’t lie, please don’t use it again.

four:30 PM
Miesha is napping so the alarm performs. Miesha wakes up and says I am now no longer napping. Nishant asks her to awaken. Miesha says I am now no longer napping. Do you need me to bop for you? I changed into simply mendacity down. Nishant says you all wait now.

6:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we’re all people and feature intelligence like no different creature. We observe the guidelines of the arena however we don’t recognize why you human beings can’t observe the guidelines of this residence? It’s third week however you human beings are nevertheless breaking the guidelines. In this season, nobody is making an attempt to recognize the guidelines and hold breaking them. We have given many warnings however there was no improvement. Even the captain can’t prevent you due to the fact you are taking the whole lot jokingly. We can’t can help you make a laugh of this display so we ought to prevent all this. It’s time to take a few strict action. The punishment will begin with housemates. No one is a part of the residence anymore, you all are the jungle inmates most effective. He asks all of them to shift their objects to the jungle. We will near the residence withinside the subsequent 15 mins so that you all take your objects. Nishant will stay the captain however he has been downgraded additionally. The jungle inmates chuckle on the housemates. Shamita says they hold breaking the guidelines and we’re paying the price. Jay says what have we done? Ishaan says this befell due to making a laugh of the captaincy project. Miesha says we didn’t observe the guidelines. Karan asks if we are able to assist them? Nishant says no, don’t do whatever now. Karan asks them to carry meals objects.

Pratik tells Vishal that all of us are breaking guidelines, we communicate in English, we sleep all of the time. We additionally spoil guidelines. Nishant says however we didn’t spoil as many guidelines as them. Pratik says we are able to’t blame them, we ought to pass there now. Tejasswi says we won’t spoil any extra guidelines in any other case they may throw us out of the residence now. Bigg Boss tells the housemates to take their non-public objects and simply their groceries. They can’t take another object from the residence. Nishant says this befell due to all of the guidelines being damaged. Shamita says they’re satisfied now. Afsana asks if they may assist us in making the map now? Vishal says we’ve labored tough in duties to be right here and now this happens. Let’s do duties with a kick back mindset then. Afsana makes a laugh of the housemates so Bigg Boss asks her to now no longer whisper. Umar says they returned to the ground from beds. Jay says you human beings aren’t following the guidelines, it’s now no longer approximately the captaincy project. Bigg Boss simply pointed out guidelines breaking. Nishant tells the inmates that we need to observe the primary guidelines now. Tejasswi involves the jungle and says I am returned. Karan laughs and says come and begin cooking. Karan hugs her and says Tejasswi will make kheer for us now. She laughs.
Bigg Boss asks Nishant to take the lock and chain. He will use it to shut the door of the residence. You human beings don’t observe the guidelines so that you don’t need to be withinside the residence. Nishant says sorry. He brings a lock and chain and locks the residence.

7 PM
Nishant tells Pratik that we don’t have an choice to retialiate. Pratik says it’s a funny story to them due to the fact we had been dwelling lavishly right here. Tejasswi says they’re now no longer sympathizing with us. Pratik says we’ve damaged guidelines additionally. Nishant says we simply communicate in nearby languages however they’ve damaged many guidelines. Pratik says we’ve all damaged the guidelines. They were given nominated due to me so we are able to’t blame them for all this.
Karan tells Umar that we need to make candies for them to welcome them. Vishal laughs and says I can’t even revel in my espresso now. Umar says how will Pratik, Nishant and Shamita sleep at the grass? The residence lighting flip off. Karan says that is your destiny turning dark. All chuckle.

7:15 PM
Jay tells the inmates that we ought to observe the guidelines. Nishant says we aren’t kids, I can’t make absolutely each person observe the guidelines. Tejasswi says after this, they may simply ship us home. Nishant laughs. Tejasswi name callings that they hold pronouncing we’re grateful for the platform.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the guidelines had been damaged with the aid of using absolutely each person so it’s time for the following punishment. They all collect round. Bigg Boss says we’ve downgraded the housemates however the jungle inmates additionally broke the guidelines. Bigg Boss says we are able to open the primary door now and also you human beings will take 2 names who’re right here to have vacations. They aren’t contributing a whole lot to the display and haven’t any price to feature to the display. We are giving a while to you to select jointly. You all need to supply your evaluations because it is probably your remaining time withinside the residence. Don’t make a laugh of this project as 2 inmates are going to get evicted nowadays. You can use majority balloting or determine jointly approximately those 2 names. All inmates are tense. Shamita says let’s vote.

Karan talks to his crew. He says we don’t recognise what they do withinside the residence however I recognise how human beings paintings withinside the jungle. Karan tells his crew that we’ve the bulk balloting so take a smart choice.

Pratik tells Shamita that Farah Khan didn’t take Simba’s remaining for remaining position. Shamita says I desired to take Umar’s call as he doesn’t observe the guidelines, he looks like he’s on a picnic.

Bigg Boss says we need to remind you to select the inmates who’ve contributed least to the display. Pratik asks absolutely each person to consider Farah Khan’s ranking. Nishant says let’s do it pretty now. Miesha says it’s less complicated for you all however it’s now no longer for us. We want a while to determine. Nishant says however we are able to’t pass in opposition to Bigg Boss again. Jay says let’s now no longer disguise it. We all recognise the names so let’s simply open up. I will begin.
Jay: He takes Donal’s call. He says I attempted my excellent to do some thing withinside the residence. She is the nearest to me however she isn’t giving a whole lot to the display so Vidhi.
Shamita: She takes Vidhi and Donal’s names.
Karan: He takes Vidhi and Donal’s names.
Nishant: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names.
Pratik: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names as they’re now no longer visible withinside the residence a whole lot.
Vishal: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names.
Ishaan: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names.
Umar: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names. he receives emotional whilst taking Donal’s call.
Simba: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names.
Afsana: She takes Donal and Vidhi’s names. She hugs Donal.
Tejasswi: She breakdowns so Shamita consoles her. She takes Donal and Vidhi’s names.
Miesha: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names. She says I didn’t need to take Vidhi’s call however it’s approximately the bulk.
Akasa: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names. She cries taking Vidhi’s call.
Vidhi: She says I will take my call and Donal’s call. I suppose you need to all research from our mistakes.
Donal: She says you all are giving 100% right here. I love absolutely each person right here.

Nishant tells Bigg Boss that we’ve selected Donal and Vidhi jointly. Bigg Boss says they each have become removed proper now. All are emotional. Bigg Boss asks them to pop out of the residence. Jay hugs Vidhi and says I will continually be your brother. Afsana hugs Donal and says I didn’t need to take your call. Umar hugs Donal. Tejasswi hugs Vidhi and cries. Jay tells Pratik that we ought to supply our excellent to the display. Karan hugs Vidhi and cries. Vidhi jokes I am your most effective spouse so don’t make every other spouse right here. Karan laughs.

Vidhi tells Jay that I am now no longer an emotional individual however to peer absolutely each person loving me is amazing. Bigg Boss asks them to pop out of the residence. Tejasswi and Karan cry. Jay offers his beanie as a present to Vidhi. Donal and Vidhi hug absolutely each person, they go away the residence.

nine PM
Vishal tells Shamita that Bigg Boss warned to select the inmates on the premise of the contribution to the display as Karan changed into plotting to take our names as that they’d a majority. Shamita says he’s cheeky. Vishal says Karan won’t select Pratik and Nishant so he could have taken your call.

Umar tells Jay that Vishal isn’t being a devoted pal to you. Jay says Vishal is taking credit score for the whole lot, he has made a % with Shamita to behave like a hero. Shamita tells Vishal that I didn’t need to Vidhi’s call. I desired to take Umar’s call, he thinks he’s having a picnic right here. Vishal says I additionally suppose Akasa has no person recreation.

nine:30 PM
Jay tells Nishant which you are the ill-fated captain, this all befell due to the fact you have become the captain. You are an ill-fated captain, you introduced us all down. All chuckle.

nine:forty five PM
The lighting begin flickering withinside the jungle. Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the eclipse is right here. It’s time for the third punishment. Bigg Boss says you’re nevertheless now secure simply due to the fact 2 inmates were given removed. It’s time for the nominations. He tells Nishant that his electricity as a captain is to provide eight names to who he desires to placed withinside the nominations. Nishant says I will take names. Nishant takes Ishaan’s call as he breaks the guidelines.

He takes Miesha and Umar’s names for breaking the guidelines. He takes Simba’s call as he isn’t giving his 100% to the display. He takes Afsana’s call as she went incorrect remaining week. He takes Shamita’s call as she continues speakme in English. He takes Karan’s call as he breaks the guidelines. He says I can’t consider extra names. Bigg Boss says you need to supply eight names. Nishant takes Vishal’s call as he breaks a few guidelines additionally.

Bigg Boss Ishaan, Miesha, Simba, Umar, Afsana, Shamita, Karan and Vishal might be a part of the nomination project. They will pass into the phantasm room one with the aid of using one. The buzzer will play four instances most effective so that they ought to jointly determine who will pass into the phantasm room to nominate.

Karan tells Vishal that allow’s ship Shamita first then you definitely and I can pass. Afsana says I need to head interior additionally. Karan asks Afsana to accept as true with him. Vishal whispers to Karan to address Afsana.

Akasa hugs Nishant and says thank you. Pratik says he didn’t do whatever with out wondering. Umar says that is the truthful play from Nishant? I took Vidhi’s call due to the fact I changed into truthful however Nishant is doing all this to shield his friends.

Nishant tells sorry to Afsana. Afsana says you may have taken Akasa’s call. Nishant says I haven’t any purpose to take her call. Umar says Nishant is a snake. I broke the guidelines however what approximately Pratik? Pratik says I were given scolded it and I even have modified myself. Umar shouts that Pratik has damaged maximum guidelines. Nishant can by no means play pretty.

Umar says I took Vidhi and Donal’s names once I didn’t even need to however I changed into being truthful. Ishaan says Nishant is a actual snake. Umar says Nishant promised to shop me. Nishant says I needed to take eight names so I didn’t have a hazard. Umar says Nishant performed a recreation with the aid of using taking Shamita, Karan and Vishal’s names. He has introduced our possibilities down.
Tejasswi tells Vishal that if Nishant has taken Karan’s call then he need to have a few idea problem. Karan says he performed a recreation however he need to have desired as a minimum one individual. What changed into his logic? Ishaan and Umar scream at Nishant for now no longer taking Pratik’s call.

Nishant tells Pratik that in the event that they get a hazard then they may take our names additionally. We don’t ought to justify whatever, I am doing what Bigg Boss requested me to do. If it changed into approximately saving a person then I could have selected Umar to be saved. Ishaan says this silly guy Nishant is a captain? I will now no longer spare Nishant now. Pratik shouts what’s going to you do? Ishaan shouts at Pratik which you spoil matters round however you aren’t nominated? Ishaan tells Nishant that I even have labored so tough to be right here and also you nominated me like this?

Shamita enters the phantasm room. Bigg Boss says you’ve got got a desire to hold your self nominated or update your self with every other inmate from the eight human beings that Nishant selected.

The episode ends.


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