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Day 48
nine PM
Pratik asks Karan to easy the kitchen. He asks Karan to now no longer easy the slab, it’s now no longer needed. Jay says they didn’t easy the kitchen the complete day. Umar says you didn’t easy the washroom in your first day of responsibility. Jay says I wiped clean it each day. Pratik says he did it. Umar says you humans can take an off day however others can’t? Jay says what are you speakme approximately? I won’t do matters as in line with your orders. I did my responsibility on time, I am now no longer right here to delight everyone. Umar tells Pratik that he didn’t easy the jungle region as it changed into past due however Karan has to do it each day? Pratik says you’re incorrect Umar. Jay says rest room cleansing isn’t always that important.

Umar says you don’t do cleansing on time, you’re busy getting equipped first. Jay says I actually have labored withinside the kitchen additionally, have a take a observe your tone. Use the equal tone for Karan. Umar says Karan and Tejasswi had been running the complete day however you’re simply sitting idly. Jay says I actually have labored the complete day. Karan asks Tejasswi to prevent Umar from combating,

he’s arguing for me. Umar tells Jay which you don’t even easy the smoking room. Jay says you humans smoke so that you easy it. Pratik tells Jay that he can transfer the responsibility day after today with Karan. You can paintings withinside the kitchen and Karan can easy the washroom. Jay says I actually have allergic reactions so I can’t do smoking room cleansing. Tejasswi asks Umar to calm down, Jay simply unearths purpose to now no longer paintings. Umar says he doesn’t even easy the washrooms, it’s all yellow.

You humans maintain ordering Karan however Jay can take a seat down idly the complete day?
Tejasswi tells Rajiv that Karan is running withinside the kitchen, washing the dishes and cutting additionally. Rajiv says I additionally assist in cutting. Tejasswi says you don’t assist in cutting, you simply come on the time of cooking. Rajiv says I didn’t chop in the future best.

nine:30 PM
Rajiv receives indignant and tells Neha that why is Tejasswi wondering my paintings? Who does she assume she is? She thinks she is a queen? I paintings a lot after which she says all that?

10 PM
Nishant asks the housemates approximately their obligations. Rajiv says I helped in cooking and cutting each. Tejasswi says I cooked too. Rajiv says I am now no longer going for walks farfar from cutting, she continues asking me approximately my obligations, it’s like school. Pratik asks if he did his responsibility? Rajiv says don’t question me like we’re in school.

Pratik says what’s the hassle? You and Tejasswi are running equally. Neha says we had been assisting every different for days however nowadays humans are making the whole thing a large deal. Neha tells Tejasswi to make clear with Rajiv, he thinks you’re pin-pointing at him. Rajiv says she stated I didn’t paintings nowadays however I changed into withinside the kitchen the complete day. Pratik says I simply need to mention.. Rajiv asks Pratik to permit Tejasswi communicate. Neha asks Pratik to depart. Pratik says you aren’t letting me communicate.

Neha shouts at him to wander away, I need to listen Tejasswi. Pratik says you’ve got got been insulting me for days now. Neha says I don’t need to speak to you, wander away. Pratik says why could I? Neha asks him to prevent doing drama, why are you asking me to depart? Pratik says I am being attentive to all people however you may’t permit me communicate? Neha asks him to wander away. Pratik says she is ill-mannered.

Neha says permit’s take a vote who’s ill-mannered. Tejasswi changed into speakme however you didn’t permit her, the energy is getting your head. Nishant receives indignant and throws away the dustbim. Nishant shouts at Pratik-Neha to remedy their private problems later on. We are sorting responsibility problems however you each are combating like all of us are sitting right here for no purpose? Nishant asks Neha to close up. Neha asks him to close up. Don’t communicate to me like that. Nishant shouts at her to close up. Neha and Nishant fee at every different. Neha says you aren’t my boss. Neha receives bodily with him. Nishant shouts at her to close up. Karan pulls Nishant again. Tejasswi attempts to calm Neha down. Neha shouts at Nishant to now no longer come close to her. She is going from there.

Karan brings Nishant to the washroom and asks him to calm down. Neha involves the bed room and says they need to rule us, I will see who can rule me now. Pratik tells Umar that I changed into being attentive to all people however she is going private, she doesn’t permit me communicate at all. Tejasswi says it’s Neha’s birthday so don’t argue with her. Pratik says she has been combating with me.

Rajiv tells Umar that Pratik in no way we could everyone communicate. Neha changed into proper to permit Tejasswi communicate. Umar says Pratik has to intrude in the whole thing. Rajiv says Neha’s anger is justified. Vishal says we must communicate to all people individually. Nishant comes out of the washroom. Vishal hugs him and says he’s an indignant younger man. Jay asks who will easy the trash that Nishant threw? Nishant says I will do it.

Rajiv involves Neha, she begins offevolved leaving from there. Rajiv follows her. Neha involves Nishant and says who’re you to inform me to close up? Nishant says you’re losing all people’s time. Neha says you don’t have the center which you are combating with me? Neha expenses at Nishant. Pratik attempts to prevent her however she pushes him away and says don’t prevent me. Pratik asks Nishant to depart from there. Neha shouts at Pratik who’re you to inform me to get out? You maintain insulting me each day. Only you may communicate right here and others can’t?

She tells Pratik that Nishant can inform me to close up however he can’t let you know to close up? Neha receives indignant and throws matters around. She shouts at Pratik that each of you’re shitty humans. Nishant in no way instructed Pratik to close up while he continues blabbering shit each day. I idea you each are my buddies however you each are disgusting. She cries and trashes around. Neha cries and says you each have made a laugh of me right here. She screams at them to depart her by myself. She is going to the washroom. Karan asks Pratik to depart her by myself for a few time. Pratik says simply maintain a take a look at on her. Simba is snoozing on this complete fiasco.

10:00 PM
Rajiv tells Umar why Pratik saved telling her to wander away? She is proper to be indignant.
Nishant tells Pratik that I don’t have an difficulty. Sorry for reacting like that. Pratik says she driven me away, she is indignant on me, this changed into private. Nishant says I changed into shouting at you each as 7 humans have been speakme approximately the residence depend however you each have been combating on a private difficulty. Pratik says I simply desired to mention some thing after which listen Tejasswi however Neha requested me to close up. I don’t like her behavior. She is messing with my brain. I am even calm proper now, she driven me away proper now additionally. Karan tells Pratik which you have been practical, I took care of her. Pratik says she changed into so indignant that she ought to have harm herself.

10:15 PM
Rajiv says it’s now no longer Neha’s fault. Umar says Neha over-reacted. Neha comes there and who’re they to speak to me like this. She asks Karan in case you communicate to Umar like Pratik talks to me? Karan says no. Neha says I desired to listen Tejasswi however Pratik in no way stops. He can’t communicate to me like that, we’re grown women. How dare Nishant inform me to close up, even my mom in no way instructed me to close up. Pratik and Nishant come there. Pratik says permit her communicate. Neha shouts if best he can communicate? Can’t others communicate right here? She asks in the event that they inform her mom and sister to close up, to wander away and whatnot? They can’t say such things as that to me, I am now no longer right here to listen most of these garbage matters.

They will say that I am reacting like this due to the fact they didn’t pick me as a VIP? I actually have continually given significance to relationships, You will make me seem like a loopy person. I won’t do cope with Karan like Nishant did. I am now no longer like Nishant. I must throw away friendships like these, they won’t inform me how lots I actually have to speak. They can wander away. Pratik comes there and says you driven me however I didn’t say something. Neha says I actually have blanketed you each time in OTT, you’ve got got driven me so often however I in no way made an difficulty.

Pratik asks her to relax. Neha says I won’t relax, inform me that one extra time. She asks him to now no longer laugh, don’t inform me to relax. I am now no longer going to pay attention to you anymore, you’re announcing I driven you? I am 10 years older than you however you deal with me like I am five years old, you haven’t any manners. Look at yourself, you’ve got got fought so often however you’re asking me to relax? You can display aggression however I can’t due to the fact I am a woman? You can wander away however I ain’t. Pratik tells Neha that I am now no longer blaming you for hurting me. Neha says you may ask Bigg Boss to do away with me,

you may play your grimy sport. I realize what you’re doing, prevent doing this drama. Pratik says I don’t do any drama, you haven’t any brains. He leaves from there.
Tejasswi choices up the trash that Nishant threw. He thank you her. Tejasswi says it’s ok. Umar says it changed into her birthday, what did you do? Nishant says it changed into my cause point, I were given indignant. Umar says Neha were given very indignant, she ought to have harm herself.

Rajiv tells Neha that Nishant didn’t get to get worried. It changed into among Pratik and Neha. Simba comes there. Neha asks if he changed into snoozing? Simba says I simply were given to realize approximately the fight. Neha says wow. Simba says I ought to listen the whole thing.

10:30 PM
Jay and Simba are on Neha’s bed. Neha asks if I poked everyone? Why are they poking me? I could burst too, I changed into now no longer announcing something to everyone. I in no way stated something awful to you approximately them so why are they doing this with me? I am very harm nowadays.
Rajiv makes a small cake for Neha. Nishant and Pratik live behind. All different inmates sing ‘satisfied birthday Neha’ for her. Neha begins offevolved crying. Nishant-Pratik stand away embarrassingly. Tejasswi hugs Neha and asks her to smile. They all attempt to cheer her up. Tejasswi asks her to reduce the cake. Neha continues weeping, Rajiv says don’t cry anymore. Pratik hugs Neha and says I am sorry. Nishant hugs Neha and says satisfied birthday. Neha cuts the bread cake. Rajiv says it’s Simba’s gluten-loose bread. Neha attempts to reduce the bread. Jay feeds her the cake. All clap for her.

10:forty five PM
Nishant tells Pratik that Neha is announcing shitty matters, she stated I don’t have guts in my *****. Rajiv asks him to calm down. Nishant says Neha and Shamita maintain insulting me, I in no way disrespected them. I changed into shouting at Pratik and Neha each. Pratik says I ought to are becoming indignant with you. Nishant says I changed into indignant with you and her combating all of the time. I need to be farfar from all this. Pratik says the difficulty changed into some thing else.

Umar and Vishal take off their shirts. They s*xily dance for Neha. All laugh. Neha cheers for them.

Nishant tells Rajiv that I don’t need humans to mock Pratik-Neha’s friendship. Pratik makes almond milk for Neha and says satisfied birthday. Neha says don’t do all this, you maintain insulting me after which do this. If you discover me incorrect all of the time then simply depart it. Pratik says overlook the whole thing. Neha says it doesn’t depend, you need me to overlook, grow to be inclined once more so I get harm once more?

11:forty five PM
Nishant tells Pratik to take him out of the VIP area subsequent week. Neha says that is your hassle Nishant, you have a take a observe matters your manner best. I didn’t say something to you, I didn’t blame you for now no longer selecting me like a VIP however you threw dustbin on me, requested me to close up and whatnot.

Nishant says I changed into asking you each to close up. Pratik tells Neha which you get indignant via way of means of the whole thing I say. I am sincerely sorry if you obtain harm, we shouldn’t disrespect every different, permit’s be neutral. Let’s now no longer funny story with every different. We can take stands for every different as people however permit’s now no longer come again to this once more as there’s no give up to this. Neha says you each are nonetheless pressured approximately me, permit’s give up it.

Nishant says we can communicate approximately it however I won’t say something proper now. I don’t even be counted number your response, I realize you’re practical and also you reacted that manner due to the fact you have been harm. I am sorry for asking you to close up. I desired you each to close up. I realize you each however I don’t have any pre-judgment. I simply need you each to speak and give up all this.

I don’t have anything towards you Neha, I instructed you to speak to Pratik and give up it. Neha says there’s not anything to speak approximately. Nishant says then don’t drag me in all this. Neha says you obtain worried yourself. You in no way throw away the dustbin while Pratik fights like this. Nishant says you’re combating with me like Shamita could do. Neha says you’ve got got a hassle with Shamita however don’t evaluate me to her. Nishant says sorry for spoiling your birthday however I won’t express regret like Pratik, I will say what I need to.

Day 49
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the music Radha. They all dance. Neha dances with Rajiv. Nishant dances by myself.

eight:30 AM
Umar tells the inmates that we couldn’t even determine approximately the obligations due to private problems. Pratik says don’t pinpoint on me. Jay says Rajiv-Tejasswi’s difficulty changed into private additionally. Tejasswi says it changed into a residence depend. Jay says Tejasswi had a grievance that Rajiv changed into now no longer assisting in cutting, it changed into her private difficulty. Tejasswi says it’s now no longer a private difficulty. Umar says we desired to speak approximately who will prepare dinner dinner while however Pratik commenced his personal fight. Pratik asks Jay if he’s going to easy the smoking room? Jay says I will do it. Umar says if Jay is taking the duty then I am first-class. Jay says don’t fill it with water in any other case I won’t easy it.

Rajiv tells Tejasswi that I am uninterested in combating over meals.

10:30 AM
Neha talks to Nishant, she says I am certain you’ve got got a purpose for selecting Simba and Pratik to grow to be VIPs. I am nominated however you’re gambling your personal sport. Nishant says I make relationships with sense. I desired to interrupt the sample of getting a set that includes Shamita, you and Pratik. I don’t have any expectancies from you, you may do your personal component and I won’t be indignant. I simply rely upon Pratik and a touch bit on Jay. Neha says I simply didn’t like while you obtain indignant with me. Pratik continues blabbering the complete day however you in no way ask him to close up. I simply need to talk after I sense like however you requested me to close up. Nishant says no person is preventing you from speakme.

11:15 AM
Pratik tells Vishal that we don’t must easy the washroom. I must easy my pee as that’s private. If I am hungry then I can heat my bread, that’s my private paintings. Vishal says however you may’t paintings like that. Nishant says I don’t need them to do something in my view. I will ask them what they’re making, I don’t care if they’re making for themselves in my view however they must ask us.

12:15 PM
Vishal asks Tejasswi if she is ok with Nishant? Tejasswi says I am now no longer, he hugged me and stated that relationships are above the sport for him. Vishal says his movements and phrases don’t match.

1 PM
Tejasswi is cooking withinside the kitchen. She asks Jay to name Rajiv. Rajiv is withinside the pool and says I will are available 2 minutes. Pratik asks Rajiv to move and prepare dinner dinner. Rajiv says I want a break. I can’t maintain cooking the complete day. Simba says I want my meals so go.

1:15 PM
Rajiv is converting and tells Nishant that I am dashing the complete day. I can’t even get equipped with peace, they maintain calling me withinside the kitchen. It changed into now no longer like this final week. Tejasswi needs to expose she is by myself withinside the kitchen, no person is assisting her and whatnot. I couldn’t even take a bath. Nishant asks him to speak approximately it in the front of all people.

1:30 PM
Simba and Pratik are making cheese. Simba says I need best cheese this time.

1:forty five PM
Simba tells Nishant that I saved asking Rajiv to prepare dinner dinner for me however he hasn’t come so I will prepare dinner dinner myself. Tejasswi says I had been cooking on account that morning. Nishant asks Tejasswi to prepare dinner dinner egg for Simba. Pratik says don’t be so coward Nishant, Simba can prepare dinner dinner for himself as it’s private. Nishant leaves from there. Rajiv tells Simba that I need to get rid of this VIP rule, I can’t prepare dinner dinner like this. Tejasswi says I made the complete meals, why can’t you are making a dish? Rajiv says I can’t prepare dinner dinner for Simba as he may be very strict approximately time. Tejasswi says I had been cooking on account that morning by myself.

Rajiv says what are you speakme approximately? I helped in cutting, I knead the flour. Simba says it’s first-class Rajiv. Tejasswi asks Rajiv if she isn’t always doing something? People can see who’s running withinside the kitchen. Simba tells Rajiv which you each can divide paintings and be a team. Pratik tells Rajiv that simply do lunch by myself and then you definitely each can paintings collectively for dinner. Rajiv says I don’t actually have time to get equipped. Tejasswi says Rajiv didn’t actually have time to make an egg for Simba. Rajiv says I make breakfast for all people, I can’t paintings on Simba’s time table best.

2 PM
Pratik asks Rajiv to bear in mind of the time table. Rajiv is reducing onions however Tejasswi stops him and says we are able to’t use onions as we must do rationing. Rajiv says you’re behaving such as you personal the kitchen. Tejasswi says Rajiv can’t prepare dinner dinner by myself, I simply requested for his assist however he makes a scene out of it.

Rajiv says I cooked the breakfast, I even helped you the day prior to this. Tejasswi says you may take credit score of the whole thing. Rajiv says you’re appearing like I don’t paintings withinside the kitchen. There are cameras right here so don’t say that I am now no longer running. Tejasswi says he is going to get equipped, he jumps withinside the pool however he expects me to live withinside the kitchen all of the time. Pratik asks them to divide paintings equally. Tejasswi says this can’t paintings.

She tells Pratik that Rajiv doesn’t fear approximately rationing, he isn’t always mindful. Rajiv says you got here withinside the kitchen the day prior to this best however I had been right here for every week so don’t inform me that I am now no longer running. Tejasswi says he changed into dancing withinside the pool at the same time as I changed into running so don’t query me. Rajiv says don’t ever inform me I don’t paintings. Rajiv tells Pratik that I will make lunch by myself, I won’t paintings with her. Pratik says it can’t happen, he asks Rajiv to calm down.

Tejasswi tells Pratik that Rajiv can’t make the lunch by myself as he doesn’t care approximately rationing. If I want assist withinside the lunch, he may be there for me. Rajiv says permit me communicate additionally. Pratik asks Rajiv to now no longer take matters on his ego, I am listening to you. Vishal asks Rajiv to calm down. Rajiv says I can’t stand withinside the kitchen for four hours for breakfast best.

Nishant tells Neha that what’s occurring with Rajiv is incorrect however he must talk approximately it.
Simba tells Tejasswi and Rajiv which you each can divide obligations among lunch and dinner. Tejasswi says we each want to be worried in lunch and dinner time.

Rajiv says I had been right here all of the time. Pratik asks him to pay attention to others. Rajiv says I am speakme to Tejasswi so why are you getting worried? Pratik says I am a VIP so don’t inform me to now no longer communicate. Pratik says you each can divide cutting and cooking. Nishant says it’s a very good plan however they must be comfortable.

2:15 PM
Nishant talks to Tejasswi and Rajiv. He asks in the event that they need to prepare dinner dinner collectively or by myself? Rajiv says I can prepare dinner dinner instances however I need to prepare dinner dinner by myself. Tejasswi says Rajiv takes meals gadgets with out even worrying approximately rationing. Rajiv says I had been cooking with Simba for every week, you watched I am a toddler who doesn’t realize the way to do rationing?

She continues announcing that I don’t realize the way to do rationing. Pratik asks Rajiv why is he getting hyper? He has to pay attention to the VIPs. Rajiv shouts which you aren’t my father, I am cooking right here with passion. Vishal shouts that in case you need to shout then we are able to shout additionally. Pratik tells Nishant that Rajiv has been misbehaving with me, he has long past loopy. Rajiv angrily leaves from there. Nishant says you humans maintain getting hyper on every different.

Neha tells Rajiv to be organization and inform them what your phrases are.

Simba tells the inmates that they are able to divide obligations equally. Rajiv comes there and says I don’t paintings with everyone withinside the kitchen. My circumstance is that if I am cooking then I don’t need everyone else withinside the kitchen. Nishant asks Rajiv if he’s going to do rationing additionally? Rajiv says yes.

Nishant says you may take the duty of ensuring all people receives meals and we aren’t quick on ration? Rajiv says yes. Nishant says Rajiv will do breakfast, Tejasswi will do lunch and also you each could make dinner. Tejasswi says Rajiv will appearance after the complete rationing? Rajiv says I am first-class with Tejasswi doing rationing. Nishant says you each will talk rationing collectively.

three PM
Tejasswi tells Umar that if humans are running collectively then we are able to prepare dinner dinner faster. Umar says however Rajiv desires to paintings by myself so permit’s now no longer name him for assist. You can ask Karan for assist. Rajiv comes there. Tejasswi asks Rajiv if he’s first-class if she appears after rationing? Rajiv says I am first-class.

Tejasswi asks if he’s going to prepare dinner dinner by myself, he has to make certain that cooking is executed on time. Rajiv says you may make breakfast, I will make lunch. For dinner, you may deliver me ration and I will prepare dinner dinner. Nishant says Tejasswi will deliver ration and Rajiv has to paintings with that best. Tejasswi says I stopped Rajiv from the usage of meals gadgets as I must consider ration. She says I can assist Rajiv after I am now no longer cooking. Rajiv says ok.

three:15 PM
Karan tells Umar that Tejasswi-Vishal have a very good bond. My first response could had been that if I actually have a hassle with Vishal then Tejasswi shouldn’t take his facet however I understood that it’s her sport and he’s useful for her sport. But then my hassle is I don’t like while Tejasswi is spending time with Vishal. I realize they’re a risky pair for the sport, it’s suitable for Tejasswi however my possessive facet kicks over. I don’t realize what to do.

five:15 PM
Neha asks Pratik to take a seat down with her. Pratik says I am sorry for the whole thing that occurred out of doors with you. I sense guilty, I didn’t need to harm you. Your suggest phrases harm me. Neha says you’re very rude, you harm me too. Nobody talked to me like this the manner you communicate to me. Pratik says no person has ever stated suggest such things as you do. Neha says you maintain converting humans and your emotions continue to be equal? You don’t realize what I had been thru. Pratik says I in no way blame you for something you’ve got got executed.

Neha says what have I executed? Pratik says I actually have long past thru plenty however you won’t understand. Neha says we’re simply pawns on your lifestyles? What’s our role? You maintain converting humans and your emotions could continue to be equal. I had no scandal in my two decades profession however I took a stand for you due to the fact I idea it takes place with emotions. But you don’t care, you simply use humans to transport in advance in lifestyles.

nine:15 PM
Rajiv tells Tejasswi which you make a very good couple with Karan. I assume it’s love among you each. Tejasswi says are you mad? We haven’t spoken approximately that, I like him, he’s sweet. Rajiv says love is a large word, it takes time to fall in love. I don’t accept as true with in ‘I love you’ initially. You each must revel in lifestyles collectively out of doors first after which consider love. I assume you each appearance suitable collectively.

12:forty five AM
Simba tells Neha that I can’t be who I am now no longer. People are faking to be what they’re now no longer. Jay have modified his character a lot at some point of the display. Jay appears very desperate, I in no way felt actual vibe from Jay. He simply makes problems for no purpose, like he stated he won’t select out smoking buds however then Karan changed into like he’s going to do it. Jay’s reviews and problems sound so silly to me. Neha says I realize.

The episode ends.


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