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Day 59
6:forty five PM
Rakhi suggests the rest room place to Abhijeet. Abhijeet says I simply visit the bathroom as soon as an afternoon best. Rakhi says why? Do you locate it boring? Abhijeet says I don’t consume a whole lot.

7:15 PM
Tejasswi tells Nishant that we are able to thieve objects from the VIP room after which consume them whilst others are combating. Nishant says allow’s simply cover it first, he asks if she won’t rat him out? Tejasswi says I won’t.

eight PM
Abhijeet begins offevolved singing, Ritesh says you sing well. Rakhi asks him to nod off now.

10:30 PM
Pratik asks Nishant what are you making plans with Tejasswi? Nishant says you’re my buddy so I won’t get you concerned as I don’t need you to be blamed. Pratik says simply inform me. Nishant says it’s a grasp plan, simply await it.

10:forty five PM
Karan tells Tejasswi that I pay attention to Salman Khan. Tejasswi says what you supposed while you stated you experience linked with Umar. Karan says you don’t communicate to me a whole lot, you’re usually discussing matters with Nishant. Tejasswi says I am sitting with you, I counseled that allow’s thieve matters from the VIP room. Once they comprehend it then we are able to consume them in the front of them.

11:15 AM
Tejasswi tells Nishant that we will communicate in English intentionally also. Nishant appears at Karan and leaves. Tejasswi asks Karan why are you upset? he says nothing. Tejasswi is going into the VIP room and steals a few objects. She laughs and hides them withinside the jungle. She suggests the beverages to Karan. Karan says to do some thing as a way to worsen them. We will empty their room tonight.

11:30 PM
Karan and Nishant move into the VIP room and thieve greater objects.

1 AM
Nishant tells Tejasswi that you may make lunch. Tejasswi says we are able to supply end result to Abhijeet. Nishant says we will make veg meals for all and sundry. Pratik says don’t count on all and sundry will consume it. You could make eggs for others and make veg meals for Abhijeet. Nishant says don’t argue all of the time. I will make it what I need. I will make meals as consistent with my comfort. Pratik says nice then, I will make meals for Abhijeet. You can prepare dinner dinner for all and sundry. Tejasswi says Pratik is displaying that Nishant doesn’t need to prepare dinner dinner. Pratik says if he doesn’t need to prepare dinner dinner then I will make it for others. Pratik says Nishant is taking it on his ego.

Day 60
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the music hair baazi. They all dance. Tejasswi dances with Rakhi.

eight:30 AM
Rakhi tells Rajiv that Ritesh doesn’t get sensitive sensitive with me at all. Rakhi says he says that his dad and mom are watching. Rajiv laughs at them. Ritesh says my love is in my heart. Rakhi says convey it out a bit bit. Rajiv hugs Rakhi and says sleep like this with her. Rakhi says he doesn’t even contact me. Rajiv laughs and says I can’t be irritated with Rakhi.

eight:forty five AM
Pratik tells Shamita that I gave meals to Abhijeet. Shamita says we don’t make clean meals for all and sundry each day. It’s mindless to me that we’re making separate meals for him. Pratik says I simply requested Nishant to make separate meals for Abhijeet as he changed into making eggs however Nishant took it on his ego.

Rakhi tells Abhijeet that Ritesh doesn’t cuddle me at night.

Shamita tells Nishant that we’re losing meals. Pratik used five potatoes for Abhijeet, he is attempting to butter them so a whole lot. This isn’t Pratik. He is being stupid. Tejasswi comes there. Shamita says allow’s now no longer inspire him. Tejasswi says it changed into Abhijeet’s birthday that’s why Pratik felt like making some thing for him. Shamita says Pratik is being mindless.

Rakhi asks for meals. Pratik says we must do rationing. Nishant tells Rakhi to go away the cooking to us, it’s now no longer a lodge which you maintain requesting unique meals objects. Tejasswi says in case you are ingesting eggs then we will’t come up with sandwiches. Rakhi says one sandwich won’t stop your ration. Nishant says we must be cautious approximately meals rationing. Pratik says I am creating a sandwich for Rakhi, it’s nice. Nishant says I were operating withinside the kitchen however this Pratik doesn’t understand the way it works. Pratik asks him to forestall shouting, it’s nice I will make a sandwich for her. Nishant says it’s now no longer a restaurant, they must consume what has been cooked. We can’t maintain catering to their wishes. Pratik asks him to forestall shouting. Nishant says you aren’t making sense. Rakhi says Nishant is lazy. Shamita says don’t say that, we’re all ingesting the identical thing. Nishant tells Pratik that I will let you know the way it works now. Nishant says Shamita compromises if she can’t consume the cooked meals. Devo says all and sundry is special, if Pratik is making it then why are you shouting? Nishant says if we’re making separate meals for someone then we have to all make separate meals for all and sundry. Nishant says I won’t paintings withinside the kitchen now. Pratik says his ego is getting harm. Nishant says I were cooking for weeks now. Pratik says that is your ego. Nishant says I can’t maintain requesting menus right here. Pratik says if I am making a few meals for someone then what’s the issue? Rakhi tells Abhijeet that I requested for a few meals however they made a scene. Abhijeet says you have to have requested me, I don’t consume a whole lot so that you can take my meals plate.

10 AM
Rashami tells Devo that I felt Pratik changed into incorrect on this issue. Devo says Nishant’s ego is harm due to the fact Pratik is making meals if Nishant denies it.

Nishant tells Shamita that those VIPs are effective proper now however we will take it away. Shamita says then we have to all make a selection together, Pratik won’t agree as he must be impartial as consistent with his comfort.

10:forty five AM
Nishant tells all and sundry that I won’t paintings withinside the kitchen anymore. Rashami says you may’t do that. Nishant says I don’t like it, if I am cooking then I will do it as consistent with my comfort however all and sundry has special choices. They maintain announcing it’s approximately my ego so I even have taken it on my ego. Rashami tells Nishant which you aren’t giving a legitimate reason. If there are non-veg eaters then they could prepare dinner dinner their meals. Nishant says if I am cooking then I will determine all of the meals objects as consistent with my comfort. Devo says there are three human beings withinside the kitchen and also you all agreed to it. If you’re making lunch then nobody will interfere. Nishant says then inform us what to prepare dinner dinner.

Rashami says it’s your obligation, you all desired to assist every different. Nishant says I didn’t understand human beings might order meals like it’s a restaurant. I won’t permit it. Pratik says he doesn’t need to invite what human beings need to consume. Rashami tells Nishant that in case you human beings are taking assist from every different then it’s now no longer our fault. Nishant says I am now no longer right here to begin a restaurant. Rashami says why did you permit it? Nishant says I can’t paintings with this attitude. I will now no longer paintings withinside the kitchen. Rashami says you kind it out together along with your group. Nishant says it’s your obligation to determine for family chores. Rashami asks Abhijeet if he requested for any particular meals item? Abhijeet says I had a quick however Pratik took a selection approximately what to make for me. Rashami tells Pratik that he didn’t even need to consume what you made.

Rashami tells Nishant which you 3 take assist from every different. You all must divide your responsibilities with Tejasswi and Pratik. Nishant says we will’t paintings like that. Rashami begins offevolved shouting at them. Tejasswi says they may be now no longer even being attentive to us. Rashami says breakfast’s obligation is of Tejasswi. She have to determine what to make for all and sundry. Nishant says it’s now no longer like that, I assist Tejasswi with breakfast and he or she allows me at dinnertime.

Rashami says don’t inform me the way to divide responsibilities. Nishant says you get meals on time so don’t inform us approximately our responsibilities. Rashami shouts at him and says if dinner obligation is yours then you definitely make dinner, Tejasswi won’t assist you. Nishant shouts at her and says don’t train me. Rashami shouts at him and says you’re incorrect. Tejasswi tells Rashami which you are focused on Nishant wrongly. Rashami says I am now no longer. Nishant says it’s our paintings how we need to divide kitchen responsibilities, Rashami isn’t anyt any one to inform me the way to paintings withinside the kitchen. Rashami says I am right here to present you responsibilities. Nishant says I will paintings how I need. Umar asks Rashami to loosen up and takes her from there.

11:30 AM
Nishant tells Devo that how we make lunch and dinner isn’t your issue. Devo says you human beings commenced making an issue, you stated you don’t need to prepare dinner dinner anymore. Nishant says if I say some thing then there’s a reason. Pratik says he thinks best he can prepare dinner dinner right here.

Rashami tells Abhijeet that Nishant doesn’t have the heart to take responsibility. He is a coward.

Devo tells Nishant that we gave responsibilities similarly to you three however you all commenced assisting every different out. You all have been at the same time dividing responsibilities among Tejasswi, Pratik and Nishant. If Pratik is making some thing greater then Tejasswi have to forestall him because the breakfast obligation is of her.

Tejasswi tells Shamita that Rajiv stated he can take the kitchen obligation returned. Shamita asks Rajiv to now no longer create confusion. Rajiv says they have been all combating so I presented in the event that they need me returned withinside the kitchen. Shamita says you stated you’re embarrassed then why are you supplying to return back returned to the kitchen? Umar asks Tejasswi if you are attempting to embarrass Rajiv via way of means of announcing he desires the kitchen obligation returned?

I understand what you’re doing. Tejasswi says Rajiv presented to return back returned to the kitchen. Shamita asks Rakhi why Rajiv desires to come returned to the kitchen if he has self-respect. Rakhi says he doesn’t have it. Shamita is going to Tejasswi and says you realize the not unusualplace component in some of these fights is Pratik. She asks how? Shamita says Pratik commenced the combat with Rajiv then he commenced the combat with Nishant. Tejasswi says I agree.

Devo tells Rakhi that Rajiv concept we’d beg him to return back returned to the kitchen. Pratik comes there so Devo says they could’t accept as true with that Pratik is making the meals. It’s all on their ego. Pratik says I don’t thoughts Rajiv taking the obligation however they may be taking all this on their ego.

1:15 PM
Ritesh attempts to speak to Rashami however she doesn’t pay attention. Rakhi asks Rashami to listen him out. Ritesh tells Rakhi to now no longer be over-protective, I am asking you to close up. I can manipulate on my very own. Rakhi says nobody will assist you to communicate like this. Ritesh says it’s my fault then, don’t worsen me. I am now no longer a kid.

1:forty five PM
Abhijeet tells Devo that those fights are going on due to my meals.

Pratik tells Shamita that I am now no longer doing all this to be in someone’s true books. Shamita says if all of us consume stale meals then why did you experience terrible if Abhijeet ate stale meals? Pratik says you watched I need to be in his true books simply due to the fact I made for Abhijeet? Shamita tells Pratik that I don’t be given your attitude. Pratik says don’t count on matters. Devo tells Abhijeet that they may be all at the back of Pratik, he’s a pleasing man. We are assisting Pratik in order that they don’t like that. Pratik says I am now no longer doing all this simply to be withinside the true books of VIPs. Nishant says you’ve got got long gone crazy. Pratik says you close up up, you’ve got got long gone crazy, simply do your paintings silently. Shamita says if Nishant desires to speak then he’ll communicate, you don’t inform him to be silent. Pratik says they’ve long gone crazy.

2:30 PM
Abhijeet sings a music for Shamita. Nishant asks him to sing for them also. Abhijeet ignores them. Abhijeet says I will make a music with Shamita as she has been out of labor for 15 years. Rashami laughs. Shamita says I launched a film remaining yr best. It changed into an internet series. Abhijeet laughs. Abhijeet says Shilpa may be very quite from the heart. Shamita says I am now no longer? Abhijeet laughs.

four PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that there are five VIPs withinside the residence now. They can’t be nominated and completely safe. The nominated inmates are the final housemates. The nominated inmates are Karan, Tejasswi, Shamita, Pratik, Umar, Nishant and Rajiv. Bigg Boss says we instructed you that VIPs have the prize cash of fifty lacs. The TV suggests BB vault room wherein there are 2 briefcases. One briefcase has 50 lacs which VIPs very own and some other one is empty. Bigg Boss says we are able to come up with duties to earn this cash. The different housemates must ensure that they get extra money of their briefcase than VIPs’ briefcase. If they win it then they’ll get many privileges. The cash will continue to be withinside the BB vault. Bigg Boss says we’re giving the primary danger to win cash today.

Karan reads the task ‘BB video games’. There can be teams. VIPs vs. housemates will play the task. Devo can be the captain of her group and Shamita can be the captain of her group. They can be referees and won’t participate withinside the duties. They gets video games from time to time. The winners will earn cash in every recreation, on the stop of the task, the triumphing quantity can be transferred to the housemates’ briefcase.

The housemates will attempt to win as many video games as they could whilst VIPs will attempt to cause them to lose. The video games will begin with the statement. When the buzzer plays, a brand new recreation will begin. At the stop of every recreation, the captains will announce the winners. They will write their triumphing quantity at the board also.

four:15 PM
Abhijeet offers the torch to Shamita-Devo as an statement of the video games. The torch lighting fixtures up which suggests the sport is starting.

Devo tells Abhijeet that they get bodily and that they thieve withinside the duties. Abhijeet says in the event that they get bodily then simply disqualify them.

Karan tells Umar that we must win the video games at any cost.

four:30 PM
Tejasswi reads the primary recreation. The triumphing quantity is five lacs. One member from every group can be withinside the swimming pool. There are cash withinside the swimming pool, they must accumulate them and supply them to their group member. The different group member will positioned their cash withinside the containers which might be beside the pool, they could’t put off the containers from there. They must defend their containers. Shamita and Devo will comply with those policies best. Bigg Boss asks them to announce who will participate on this recreation. Devo says Rashami will move withinside the pool and Ritesh can be via way of means of the pool. Shamita says Tejasswi will move withinside the pool and Umar can be via way of means of the pool from our side.

five PM
The buzzer plays, Rashami and Tejasswi input the pool. They each move into the pool to accumulate cash. Tejasswi begin giving cash to Umar. Devo says Umar can’t positioned cash in his pocket. Karan says he has to place the cash withinside the container whilst the buzzer plays. Umar places the cash withinside the container. Devo says I will now no longer permit this, he concealed the cash in his pocket. Ritesh attempts to assault him.

Pratik asks him to calm down. Ritesh says I will throw him away. Umar tells Rakhi that I didn’t cheat. Devo says I will disqualify Umar. Shamita says you may’t do that. Tejasswi says we are able to win despite the fact that we must accumulate cash again. She asks Umar to consider her. We will do it again. Shamita asks Umar to throw the cash withinside the pool again. Devo says you may’t reuse those cash. Tejasswi begins offevolved giving cash to Umar. Umar steals cash from Ritesh’s container. He pushes him away and takes his cash returned. Devo says I will disqualify Umar, he’s getting bodily in the sport. Shamita says he can thieve as Ritesh changed into now no longer gambling fairly.

Devo says I will disqualify Umar. Nishant asks why? We don’t agree. Ritesh says Umar commenced getting bodily in the sport. Shamita says it’s allowed in the sport. Rajiv shouts at Devo that you may’t disqualify him like that. Devo asks him to close up. Rajiv asks Devo who do you watched you’re. Devo says I won’t permit all this. Ritesh attempts to thieve cash from Umar. Umar assaults him. Pratik asks them to calm down. Bigg Boss asks them to now no longer lose their senses. Rakhi attempts to take the container from Umar however he doesn’t allow her. Devo says Umar commenced bodily fights, I will disqualify him. Karan says he changed into simply protective his cash. Devo says Umar commenced this. Karan says it’s allowed to thieve in the sport. Pratik asks Devo to examine the file. Devo says it’s now no longer written to combat with every different. Pratik asks Devo to examine that they have got to defend their cash this means that they could thieve from every different.

Umar asks Ritesh to present his container to him. Ritesh says supply my cash returned. Umar tells Devo which you are being unfair. Umar assaults Ritesh, they each get bodily. Pratik attempts to forestall them. Rakhi asks Pratik to now no longer forestall Ritesh. Pratik says I changed into protective Ritesh. Rakhi says don’t lock him. Devo says I am rejecting this task. These are all fools, they get bodily in the sport. They are all ill-mannered.

The episode ends..


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