Bigg Boss 15

Bigg Boss 15 19th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 17
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the tune Ainvayi Ainvayi. They all dance. Vishal tells the digital digicam that we can begin some other day with passion.

eight:30 AM
The alarm as grocery arrives withinside the storeroom. Tejasswi enters to get it and is happy to look all of the stuff. She calls others to look ration. Pratik says this isn’t always a lot. Tejasswi says I am going loopy. Umar and Vidhi take their small grocery box. Akasa tells Tejasswi to now no longer display it to the jungle inmates.

9:forty five AM
BigG enters the house. He leaves the letter there. Donal offers him flying kisses so he acts like blushing. Donal laughs. Pratik reads the message that human beings will attain their vacation spot at the same time as others could be jealous.

10:30 AM
Shamita asks Tejasswi why don’t you’ve got got a boyfriend? You are so cute. Jay says Tejasswi is simply gambling video games with Nishant and Vishal. Tejasswi says don’t overlook my toddler Bigg Boss. Nishant asks if she doesn’t love them? Jay says is it a joint account? Nishant says if Priyanka can dance with Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh then why can’t Tejasswi be with Nishant and Vishal? Jay says this isn’t always a movie. Nishant says that’s now no longer right. Jay laughs.

11:30 AM
The buzzer performs and the puzzle portions arrive withinside the cave. Jay runs to get it. Ishaan grabs him. Jay throws it closer to Vishal. Vishal however Ishaan grabs him. Akasa hides it from them. The housemates cheer for Jay. Vidhi and Simba run away with a few last puzzle portions. Karan pours water on Akasa so she will surrender the portions. All are grabbing Jay and Akasa. Vishal tells Simba that they shouldn’t have permit Jay take it. Jay asks Vishal to as a minimum attempt to forestall them. Karan is going into the kitchen to get a few items. Jay shouts at Shamita to return back and shield them. Shamita says I won’t. Pratik, Jay and Akasa are preventing with Donal, Miesha and Umar.

Miesha says Pratik has been pushing me and places his elbow on my ****. Pratik says I did now no longer. Umar attempts to tug it from Akasa. Tejasswi says don’t pull us so hard. Miesha is attempting to tug Nishant away. Simba pulls it from Jay and attempts to run away. Jay grabs him. Vishal asks Jay to go away it. This isn’t always one-of-a-kind from earlier than, we don’t must combat like this. Ishaan takes the portions from Jay and offers them to Afsana however all of them pounce on Afsana. Vishal says there’s no factor in doing all this. Leave it now. Umar pulls Nishant farfar from Vidhi. Umar shouts at Tejasswi to now no longer goal him. You preserve pushing me. Karan asks him to calm down. Umar tells Vishal which you don’t want this, forestall all this. Karan takes it from Pratik and offers it to Simba. Simba is going and hides withinside the washroom. Simba argues with Vidhi. Vidhi tells Karan that he isn’t always giving it to girls, he desires to be a hero. Simba says it’s now no longer like that.

Jay tells Akasa that I am now no longer a idiot to combat alone. Vishal can’t stand away and say that he’ll use his thoughts only? We are preventing like loopy at the same time as he’s simply status away? Tejasswi tells Jay that he did true paintings. Vishal says we can get harm like this. Tejasswi says so we aren’t going to grab it? Vishal says we simply want to cover one piece and provide all different portions to them. Jay says I didn’t take all portions, I simply desired to take one piece and run away. Pratik says all of them charged at us.

Akasa says we want to determine if we’re going to combat collectively or now no longer? It can’t be like a few human beings are preventing and a few aren’t. Vishal says we must use our minds also. Tejasswi tells Vishal which you are very sturdy however you didn’t combat in any respect, why have to we combat while you are status away? Vishal says I attempted my best. Akasa says you may have simply stopped Umar, you may as a minimum block them whilst we have been preventing them. Vishal says it changed into a deadlock. Jay says however we have been all preventing, you have been doing not anything there. Tejasswi tells Vishal that he doesn’t want to do it if he doesn’t need to however then nobody will combat.

12:15 PM
Jay tells the inmates that we can conceal the portions withinside the slingbag subsequent time and throw it out of the house. Tejasswi says however they don’t allow us to get the portions. Akasa says we have been capable of preserve it today. Tejasswi says we want to get 2-three portions so we are able to provide away a few and simply take one farfar from them.

12:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Shamita’s time as a captain has ended. It’s time for the brand new captain however first, all of them want to pick out three contenders. Only housemates will run to emerge as the captain. Shamita, Vishal, Nishant, Pratik, Jay, Tejasswi and Akasa are eligible to emerge as the captain. Only housemates will pick out three contenders with mutual agreement. The jungle inmates say we need Nishant to be the captain. Tejasswi tells the housemates that Nishant and Pratik have to be the contenders. Jay says I would really like to. Tejasswi says I am k with Jay. Shamita tells Bigg Boss that we’ve selected Pratik, Nishant and Jay as contenders for the captaincy. Bigg Boss says we can let you know approximately the undertaking.

12:forty five PM
Tejasswi tells Nishant that you obtain 2 possibilities to be the captain however subsequent time Vishal, Akasa and I have to have the danger. Pratik says that’s quality however we can do our obligations fully. Tejasswi says I don’t need vain fights. Pratik says every person will combat right here. Tejasswi says so I shouldn’t were pleasant and pick out you today? Pratik says I need to mention we’re all right here to combat.
Vishal asks Shamita whom will she assist? Shamita says Nishant. My equation with him has modified right here. I recognize Pratik and he performs a egocentric game, he can turn every time for his game. Vishal says the identical with Jay, he can cheat his pals for the sport. Vishal says however Karan won’t cheat his pals.

Tejassi tells Vishal that Pratik-Nishant don’t have decency like us. Jay asks Vishal whilst did you provide Nishant-Pratik captaincy earlier than getting into the house? Vishal says I didn’t make any promise like that. Jay says you can’t provide human beings like that with out telling me. Vishal says why might I provide Nishant-Pratik to emerge as captains? Tejasswi asks Jay in case you emerge as the captain this time then will he combat subsequent week to emerge as the captain again? Jay says yes. Tejasswi says pleasant. Tejasswi asks Nishant if I promised you captaincy? Nishant says no. Nishant says Vishal promised Shamita that he’ll make Nishant-Pratik captain if she permits them to withinside the house.

three:15 PM
Karan reads the captaincy undertaking. The undertaking ‘captaincy’s race’ could be among three contenders however the jungle inmates will play an essential role. The contenders will must make charades. They must persuade the jungle inmates to make charades for them and preserve it walking at the treadmill. At the cease of the undertaking, whoever has run the treadmill the maximum will win the undertaking. Tejasswi could be the referee of the undertaking and choices could be final. The jungles inmates will use 7 elements to make a charade, as soon as Tejasswi approves it then the inmates will begin walking at the treadmil. Nishant, Pratik and Jay can’t participate withinside the undertaking. They must persuade the jungle inmates to paintings for them. Shamita, Akasa and Vishal won’t assist any contender withinside the undertaking. The jungle inmates have a danger to pick out their assist.

three:30 PM
Nishant tells Ishaan that if I emerge as a captain then I could be accountable however if I get nomination energy then Karan could be my first choice after which it will likely be you.
Miesha hugs Jay and says I certainly desire which you win. I won’t assist Pratik in any respect however Nishant wishes human beings on his side. I will assist him. ,,
Pratik tells Nishant that we are able to conceal Jay’s elements so he can’t make it.
Pratik asks Miesha if she can be able to assist him? Miesha says I will.

Karan asks Tejasswi if she can be able to play a truthful game? Tejasswi says yes, I don’t care approximately who turns into the captain.

Nishant steals Jay’s nail from the wheel. He offers it to Afsana to cover it.

Miesha tells Pratik if we win then.. Pratik says I even have already promised Karan. I don’t care approximately Ishaan so I promise to shop Ishaan if I win. Miesha says true.

three:forty five PM
Ishaan tells Jay that his wheel nail is missing. Jay says a person stole it. He tells Bigg Boss I won’t play if they’re doing all this. Nishant says I don’t recognize, I simply have my nails with me. Jay says it’s written to now no longer mood with the charade earlier than the undertaking. Pratik says we are able to’t contact it however others can. Jay says you human beings are gambling a grimy game. Pratik says we didn’t do it, if a person else is doing it then what are we able to do? Jay says I will now no longer play the sport if that is the way you human beings will play. Karan says Bigg Boss will intrude in the event that they did the incorrect thing. Ishaan says it’s certainly written withinside the undertaking to now no longer contact the charade earlier than the begin of the sport. Jay involves Tejasswi and says I can’t play like this.
Afsana tells Shamita that I am hiding Jay’s nails. Nishant laughs and says she is supporting me. Jay comes there and says I won’t play like this. Nishant tells Jay that Pratik is gambling like he desires to. I am simply maintaining my nails with me. Simba asks Karan who’s he helping? Karan says anybody. Jay tells Tejasswi that they stole my nail so how will I make the wheel? Karan tells Simba that I am gambling from Nishant’s side. Vidhi is gambling from Jay’s side. Nishant tells Tejasswi that I am maintaining my nails with me to shield it. Tejasswi asks them to provide it to her. Pratik says I am simply shielding my nails with me. Nishant says in case you take duty then I will provide it to you. He places his nails again and says if I lose it then it’s your duty Tejasswi.

four PM
The first buzzer performs. All jungle inmates begin making the charade. Karan is supporting Nishant. Simba, and Miesha are supporting Pratik. Tejasswi asks Jay to begin making the wheel, you’ve got got one screw so begin it. Jay says I won’t play like this. Tejasswi says I don’t recognize who took it. At least attempt to play the sport. Jay says there’s no factor. Nishant takes assist from Afsana and Donal also. They make the charade and Afsana begins offevolved walking the treadmill. Pratik suggests his charade to Tejasswi. Jay takes Pratik’s wheel lock and throws it away. Pratik says don’t do it. Jay throws his nails at the roof. Tejasswi says this isn’t always a joke. Jay says in which have been you earlier than? You have to have included my charades. Umar tells Jay that he can begin making the charade even with out nails. Ishaan allows Jay in making his charade however Tejasswi says it’s now no longer complete, you need to get all of the gear to make the charade. Jay says Pratik’s charade is likewise incomplete. Tejasswi says I authorized it and then you definitely took away his nails. Jay says you need to forestall them now. Vishal tells Shamita that Jay is giving up due to the fact he’s frustrated. He can nevertheless play the sport via way of means of resetting their treadmills. Shamita tells Jay that he can nevertheless the play the sport. Jay says permit Nishant win. Pratik can’t play the undertaking as he doesn’t have elements. Tejasswi says I authorized it then you definitely took away his elements. Jay says however he can’t do the second one spherical like this? Tejasswi says no, he can’t. The buzzer performs and the primary spherical ends. Nishant wins the primary spherical.

4:30 PM
Tejasswi tells Jay which you shouldn’t have thrown Pratik’s nails at the roof. It should have harm all and sundry. Jay says you didn’t say something while my nails have been stolen? Tejasswi says I didn’t see all and sundry stealing it however you’re doing all this in the front of my residence. Jay says I misplaced the venture so I am assisting Nishant now. Tejasswi says however you didn’t ought to throw it at the roof like that. Jay tells Tejasswi that Pratik doesn’t have decency, he can’t play a smooth game, he usually has to cheat. Tejasswi says you’ve got got performed the identical thing. Jay says I will usually provide it again to him. Tejasswi tells Jay which you are searching like a sore loser. Jay says now no longer at all, I am now no longer attacking Nishant. I noticed Pratik roaming round my charade. I left for a piece and he stole it even earlier than the sport commenced. I am by no means a sore loser. Tejasswi says you don’t have any evidence that Pratik stole it. Miesha says I ought to confess that I noticed Pratik stealing Jay’s nails. Jay shouts perfect, now who’s the sore loser? He cheats all of the time. Ishaan says this guy can by no means be the captain? Pratik is usually cheating. Jay asks Miesha why didn’t you inform me earlier than? You noticed Pratik stealing it however stored quiet.

4:forty five PM
Akasa asks Pratik why is it simply you the terrible guy? I am assisting you however you each have been in all this together. Nishant and also you stole Jay’s nails, proper? But why are they blaming you simplest? Why is Nishant ok with you being the terrible guy? Miesha should have spoken earlier than if she desired to be at the aspect of the truth.
Tejasswi tells Jay that if Nishant is prevailing the venture on my own then why must I waste my energy? Jay says Nishant will do the venture on my own.

The 2d spherical begins offevolved, Nishant’s crew begins offevolved running on making the charade. Tejasswi tells Jay that you can have taken Pratik’s nails in case you didn’t throw them away. Pratik asks Tejasswi if he could make the wheel via way of means of lending portions from Nishant? Tejasswi says no, you’ve got got commenced all this so that you can’t ask for favors now. Afsana is strolling at the treadmill for Nishant and says I need to shed pounds earlier than my marriage.

Jay tells Miesha that I changed into equipped to appoint myself for you however you probably did this with me? I took you as my pal however you by no means stored me. Miesha says Pratik is a pal of mine, you’re like my brother additionally. Pratik promised to store Ishaan if he wins so I permit him scouse borrow your nails. Jay says really? Did you believe that guy? I am dissatisfied in you. He leaves. Simba tells Miesha that I changed into assisting Pratik due to the fact I concept he could play truthful however he usually cheats. Karan tells Miesha that he has been promising every person to store them if he wins.
Tejasswi asks Pratik if he can’t compete pretty for once? I concept to play pretty however you didn’t permit the venture begin. Pratik says it changed into a part of the strategy. Jay says it changed into now no longer allowed. He can’t contact my tools. Tejasswi says however Jay you gave up so soon. Jay says I am now no longer an fool to play once I don’t have sufficient portions of charade. Tejasswi says you can have used Pratik’s tools. Miesha and Simba desired to aid you however you gave up so soon. Jay says I am validated proper that Pratik changed into in the back of all this. Tejasswi says however you continue to should have performed the sport. Afsana tells Nishant that my concept changed into exact. Tejasswi tells Pratik that he must have examine the commands of the sport, it’s towards the rules. Pratik says I did a mistake however I am struggling additionally. Tejasswi says this display is struggling due to the fact you’ve got got made a laugh of the venture. Pratik says don’t blame me for this, I didn’t smash something. Tejasswi says they have got spent cash to broadcast this venture, we will’t even play the venture. Pratik says I am sorry for stealing it earlier than the venture however you can’t decide me. Tejasswi says you’ve got got made it less complicated for me to decide. The 2d spherical ends and Nishant wins it.

five PM
Pratik asks Nishant if humans don’t like me then I can’t assist it. I performed the venture my way. I don’t thoughts you turning into the captain however simplest I am getting blamed for this. Nishant says I didn’t scouse borrow it. Pratik says you informed Afsana to scouse borrow it. Nishant says I don’t suppose so, you stole it.

Tejasswi tells Vishal that Jay changed into now no longer doing something withinside the venture. Vishal says Jay changed into greater inquisitive about displaying Pratik incorrect than prevailing the venture.
Nishant tells Pratik that Miesha promised to aid me however then she informed me that she desires to aid you so I stated it’s ok. Then Miesha went towards you and stated she desires to aid Jay simplest. She acts like a pal to us however then she is going and helps Jay?

The closing spherical begins offevolved, Donal begins offevolved strolling at the treadmill for Nishant. Tejasswi tells that Nishant you’re my lover so I need you to win. Nishant jokes we are able to love openly.
Ishaan tells Pratik that humans are towards Miesha now. Just cross and speak to her. Pratik says I will.
Pratik involves Miesha and asks what’s she thinking? Miesha says Jay is like my brother. I actually have come to be your pal again. Pratik says I didn’t assume you to admit however whilst you did, I didn’t get indignant on you. I am now no longer announcing something to you.
Tejasswi tells Nishant that if Miesha desired to aid Pratik then she must have performed it until the end. She says Pratik usually desires to discover a loophole in each venture, he can by no means be truthful so I don’t need him as a captain.

Akasa asks Pratik if he could have stolen Jay’s nail even supposing Nishant changed into now no longer a part of the plan? Pratik says I could have performed it regardless as that’s how I play.

The closing spherical ends and Nishant wins it. Tejasswi says Nishant will become the captain. Nishant says I should come to be a captain in OTT so I sense embarrassed. Tejasswi, Shamita and Jay hug him. Bigg Boss says Nishant is the brand new captain.

five:forty five PM
Jay asks Nishant if he promised Ishaan? Nishant says he got here to me however I informed him that Karan is my first precedence however I can positioned him withinside the 2d position. Jay says I noticed Miesha’s actual face today. Nishant says Miesha is canceled from my aspect. She promised me the day past to aid me withinside the captaincy venture however then she did this today. Jay says Shamita and Vishal desired me to play towards you, they requested me to reset your treadmill. Nishant says all of them are double-faced. He says I don’t care so long as the whole lot goes nicely for me.

6 PM
Pratik hugs Jay and says I needed to do it withinside the venture. Nishant tells Pratik that Jay knew that I additionally knew approximately you stealing his nails. Jay tells Pratik that a few matters are above captaincy so permit’s depart it. Pratik hugs him.

6:30 PM
Nishant asks Shamita if she requested Jay to reset my treadmill? Shamita says no. I changed into asking Jay to reset Pratik’s machine, now no longer yours. Nishant says I knew you wouldn’t say that for me. He says those humans are displaying Jay in a special light. I suppose Vishal is a manipulative person. Nishant says Vishal promised us to make us the captain while he enters the residence however he didn’t inform this to Tejasswi and Jay. I understand you’re exact buddies with Vishal however simply be cautious of him. I am telling you as a nicely-wisher. Vishal is backstabbing his very own buddies so simply be cautious.

Simba and Umar are drowsing so the alarm plays. Nishant asks them to wake up, please.

8:forty five PM
Nishant tells the digital digicam that we are able to now no longer smash any greater rules. I actually have requested Simba and Umar to express regret additionally. All boys begin doing sit-ups funnily. Karan says we are able to by no means try this mistake again. Pratik says Nishant is our leader.

1 AM
Tejasswi talks to Karan and says I were feeling remote from you. It’s hard to speak with you. People have come to be very territorial of you and that they don’t permit me speak with you. I don’t need to speak to you if it’s like this. We have talked nicely because we got here here. I concept our vibe could healthy however it’s now no longer happening. Karan says I am a touch shy in existence so I take my time however I am extraordinarily keen on you. I didn’t like whilst you entered the residence, I stated that I could omit you plenty. We have now no longer spoken much. Tejasswi says we haven’t spoken at all. I ought to discover time to speak to you. Karan says I won’t have the ability to speak to you want this with others round me. Tejasswi says once I changed into upset, you didn’t display care at all. You should have simply requested me how am I doing. Karan says I can’t explicit plenty in existence. Tejasswi says I will try and have conversations with you greater. Karan says you’ve got got given me the proper to speak so I will do now.

3:30 AM
Akasa and Pratik come to the lawn area. Akasa asks if Vidhi is awake? He says no. Pratik takes the stones that they’ll use the next day to cover the puzzle portions. Pratik seems across the residence and says I don’t suppose we will throw it out of the residence in all that mess. Akasa maintains the stone close to the door so one can use it.

The episode ends.


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