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Bigg Boss 15 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 47
five PM
Tejasswi asks Karan if he broke his box? Karan says no, Pratik commenced worrying me. Tejasswi says they might have puzzled you. Karan says I desired to get the challenge rejected. Vishal says we are able to do it. They can’t make their very own rules. Nishant tells Karan that Pratik shouldn’t have interfered however you went overboard. Karan says who’s Pratik to clutter with my box? he can’t do that. Tejasswi says he usually does that.

Nishant says we do plenty of factors additionally, don’t move private. Both are my pals.

Jay tells Simba that Karan can in no way play solo, he receives irritated whilst he has to play solo.

Tejasswi tells Karan why did you get irritated? He might display which you have been aggressive. Karan says I received’t move bodily however I wouldn’t spare him. Tejasswi says what did you do? Karan says I made him close up. Tejasswi says I may be out of the display in case you are out. I realize you’re practical however don’t lose staying power and do some thing incorrect. Karan nods

6 PM
The challenge begins offevolved once more, Umar, Vishal and Nishant fill their buckets. Neha tells Simba which you did the proper factor through casting off Karan from the sport. Karan tells Tejasswi that Nishant performs the sport with words, he turned into on the pinnacle in OTT additionally. The spherical ends, Nishant and Vishal have the bottom weights. Nishant tells Jay that I am an sincere character. Vishal tells Jay that I admire relationships. Jay says I assume Nishant will use the electricity fairly. He removed Vishal from the sport.

6:30 PM
Nishant tells Neha that I will spice it up more. Neha says Shamita turned into incorrect approximately you. Pratik tells Neha which you maintain speaking approximately Shamita. Neha says you’re preventing me once more, don’t aggravate me. Pratik says you maintain asking me to close up. Neha says you’re going overboard, I am now no longer speaking to you.

Pratik says you maintain shouting, I am now no longer speaking to you. Neha says you maintain setting me down, I don’t misbehave with you. Pratik says you maintain insulting me. Neha says human beings stated plenty towards you however I gave you a chance. I am the silly character right here, you’re the vain buddy.

7 PM
The remaining spherical begins offevolved, Nishant tells Rajiv to agree with him.
Tejasswi asks Karan if Nishant’s reference to me is real or now no longer? Karan says he desires to end up a mastermind however he can’t due to the fact he turns into emotional.

Pratik the monster, Bigg Boss says they don’t want to acquire weights. Umar tells Pratik that I even have exact equations with everyone. I even have pals like Karan and Tejasswi. I usually aid my pals. Nishant tells Pratik that I am a balanced character right here. Pratik says Nishant is my buddy so I will do that for him. He removes Umar and Nishant wins the challenge.

Vishal tells Tejasswi that we knew Nishant might win. He says Shamita might have taken a stand however Jay is being vain.

eight PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Rajiv’s time in prison has ended. Umar brings Rajiv out of prison. Karan hugs him. Nishant does his aarti whilst all snigger.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Nishant received the challenge so he’s going to get electricity. He has the proper to pick out 2 inmates who he desires to improve to VIPs. He will ought to downgrade 2 VIP inmates to make area for brand new inmates. The selection may be his only, he can’t pick out Rajiv. Nishant says I will inform you approximately my improvements first.

I need to improve Pratik and Simba as I need them to have a chance. I need to downgrade Karan-Tejasswi as they may aid every other. Bigg Boss says Karan and Tejasswi may be not unusualplace housemates now. They surrender their stars. Bigg Boss says Tejasswi-Karan are nominated. The nominated inmates are Karan, Tejasswi, Jay, and Neha.

eight:30 PM
Jay tells Nishant that I turned into harm you didn’t take my name. I don’t have any expectancies from you.

Umar hugs Karan-Tejasswi. He says I will omit you each.

Neha tells Nishant that I am now no longer speaking to you, you selected Simba over me?

Tejasswi asks how did Simba have a bond with Nishant and Pratik? Karan says it takes place right here.

nine PM
Neha tells Pratik to depart her by myself, I don’t need to end up a shaggy dog story once more. Don’t insult me more. Pratik says pay attention to me once. He attempts to take a seat down beside her however she says pass away, she says I am now no longer withinside the proper nation of thoughts so go away. Pratik leaves from there. Rajiv hugs and consoles Neha. Neha cries so he says I am right here with you. Neha says I don’t need to speak to all of us proper now.

nine:30 PM
Karan tells Umar that Nishant stored announcing I am his precedence however he did this today. He stored announcing to agree with him. Simba says you’ve got got my aid. Karan says I am feeling like a fool. Vishal is above me for him now?

Jay tells Vishal that I don’t have any expectancies from Nishant. Tejasswi says you may have performed your recreation then, you need to have made a address me.

Karan tells Umar that I shouldn’t have relied on Nishant, he informed me such a lot of matters approximately Pratik. He lured me in the sort of manner that I relied on him once more.

10 PM
Nishant tells Simba and Pratik that they overthink in each challenge. Pratik says Karan is over-clever that’s why he loses withinside the tasks.

11:15 PM
Karan tells Tejasswi that we aren’t a terrific team. There are smarter those who may be with you however they’re going away due to the fact I am near you. Simba additionally stated that he can’t technique you due to the fact I am usually near you. You can go away me to play your recreation. Tejasswi says you aren’t a liability, I am a clever participant so they may run to me. I don’t want them.

Neha tells Jay that I don’t agree with Nishant due to this. Jay says he’s a recognized devil. Neha says Nishant performs his recreation however then he begins offevolved giving justifications.

12:30 AM
Pratik tells Nishant that those human beings are heartless. Karan turned into my mentor however I sense disgusted together along with his recreation. Nishant says Tejasswi turned into blaming you however Karan turned into the only who were given aggressive.

2 AM
Pratik is operating withinside the kitchen. Nishant says you can’t paintings as a VIP. Pratik says it’s my private paintings.

Day 48
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the tune apna time ayega. They all dance. Nishant tells Rajiv which you went to prison however you found out your mistake so this tune is for you.

eight:30 AM
Pratik tells Rajiv to now no longer use an excessive amount of flour. Tejasswi says we are able to’t devour beans with rice. Rajiv says we are able to make eggs. Nishant says we can determine what to cook.

He tells Tejasswi to make parathas. Tejasswi says you aren’t speaking to me? You are giving me orders. She cries and leaves from there. Nishant says what befell to her? Tejasswi says you have been speaking to Rajiv, you aren’t even taking note of me. Pratik says we have been being respectful.

eight:forty five AM
Tejasswi tells Jay that Nishant-Pratik commenced ordering us withinside the morning additionally. They have been the use of a tone that gave the look of we’re slaves. Jay says your tone turned into the same, I informed you to now no longer use that tone as a while will leave additionally. Tejasswi says I turned into being candy once I turned into a VIP.

Karan asks Rajiv why turned into she crying? Rajiv says it turned into her fault additionally, she took matters wrongly.

nine AM
Karan tells Tejasswi to now no longer cry and display them weakness, they don’t deserve this. We ought to be strong. Tejasswi hugs him and says it harm me with the manner they have been speaking to me.

Jay tells Nishant to now no longer order human beings round. Nishant says she commenced creating a scene for no reason. Nishant says Tejasswi can deal with the kitchen so I am now no longer worried.

Pratik says sorry to Neha and says I don’t care approximately some thing else.

Karan hugs Tejasswi and says don’t cry. Tejasswi says Jay turned into making an difficulty that I turned into ordering human beings round too. Tejasswi says I turned into simply harm due to the fact it’s Nishant, he turned into playing all this. She cries once more so Karan consoles her. He messes up her hair so she begins offevolved giggling.

nine:30 AM
Karan tells Nishant that if a person is crying then be sympathetic. Nishant says I take care of her however you’re shielding of her. Karan says she is 10 years more youthful than me, she is getting harm together along with your attitude. She wouldn’t have cared approximately all of us else, it turned into you that’s why she cried.

10 AM
Jay tells Karan that I am gambling solo now. I don’t have any expectancies of all of us now. Karan says you’re going on a extraordinary tangent, I will solution you genuinely. It turned into now no longer my purpose to harm you. Jay says no one talks to me whilst they’re a VIP. Karan says it doesn’t matter. Jay says human beings end up extraordinary after they have little electricity. Karan says I am now no longer speaking to you due to the fact I am a commoner now.

Jay involves Nishant and says Karan attempted to speak to me and stated I am now no longer speaking to him. I informed him he didn’t speak to me whilst he turned into a VIP. This recreation is set displaying reality.

1:forty five PM
Neha tells Jay that I don’t believe Nishant’s manner of gambling. I need to have performed solo in yesterday’s challenge. Jay says even in case you had reached the VIP zone, they might have attacked you, don’t combat with Nishant. Neha says I should have destroyed Nishant’s recreation. Jay says we are able to play our recreation too.

three PM
Jay talks to Pratik approximately his family. He says I in no way idea I might speak to you want this. Pratik says we wouldn’t combat in actual life. Jay says we take a seat down by myself on this house. Pratik says I in reality admire you for what you probably did yesterday. You play a honest recreation

three:30 PM
Neha tells Vishal that Rajiv is funny. Rajiv and Nishant are performing like they’re in a day by day soap. Pratik is their househelp. Vishal asks Neha what’s happening among them? you each are like Tom and Jerry. Neha says I stopped speaking to him, he doesn’t have the manners to speak. Umar says you shaggy dog story with him additionally. Neha says however he need to have fundamental admire.

five PM
Karan tells Tejasswi which you appearance quite today. You have been lovely whilst you have been crying withinside the morning. Tejasswi hugs him. Tejasswi says I didn’t need you to look me crying. You got here jogging to me. Karan says in case you cry once more then I will slap you. Tejasswi laughs and hugs him.

6:30 PM
Umar tells Pratik that they want assist in chopping. Pratik says we are able to ask Jay to assist withinside the kitchen. Umar says he can wash the dishes one time.

7:forty five PM
Karan reads the challenge ‘guys challenge’ wherein they may play in pairs. Pairs are Karan-Tejasswi, Rajiv-Nishant, Neha-Vishal. They ought to clean the impediment route together. they may observe dust on their partner’s face and that character has to clean their face. Jay may be the judge.

eight:30 PM
Karan and Tejasswi begin the impediment route. Jay is noting their time. Tejasswi unearths the important thing and places dust on Karan’s face. Karan washes his face and that they quit the challenge. Jay says they took 2 minutes.

Vishal and Neha begin the impediment route. Neha throws dust on Vishal’s face, all snigger as Neha enables him in washing his face. Jay says they took 1:30 minutes.

Nishant and Rajiv begin doing the challenge. All are giggling at them. Nishant throws dust on Rajiv’s face. Rajiv attempts to clean the impediment, Nishant can’t prevent giggling. Everyone is giggling as Rajiv can’t see due to dust on his face. They quit the challenge. Jay says they took three minutes.

Jay says Vishal-Neha received the challenge.

eight:forty five AM
Tejasswi asks Karan if we are getting Ishaan-Miesha? We aren’t spending time with others. Karan says I spend time with Umar and Nishant. Tejasswi says Nishant has more potent connections. Karan says he’s simply fooling others which I can do additionally however I don’t like that recreation.

Rajiv tells the inmates that I turned into withinside the kitchen the complete day however I am being puzzled, why? Pratik says it’s now no longer like that. Neha shouts at Pratik to allow Rajiv speak.

The episode ends..


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