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Day 46
6:15 PM
Vishal tells Rajiv which you have watched BB additionally, in case you are in prison then you’ll be visible extra. You could make a scene while you are despatched to prison however while we get a risk then we can carry you to the VIP aspect.
Tejasswi tells Nishant which you are taking a stand like we’re all incorrect. Nishant says I taking a stand for Pratik, you human beings have created an photo so I don’t care anymore. Tejasswi says you are taking a stand for Pratik and you’re cheating with others. Nishant says I can’t assist it.

6:forty five PM
Karan asks Nishant if Pratik attempts to lose once more then we can be incorrect. Nishant says he won’t cheat like that. Pratik demanding situations Simba for prison. Pratik says Simba is inactive withinside the residence, he has exact reviews however he’s typically sound asleep. When he had a combat with Umar, Simba have become violent and threw him withinside the pool. I even have in no way been this competitive. Simba says I don’t speak in subjects which don’t contain me like Pratik. I did a mistake with Umar however Pratik broke the door additionally in anger. I don’t intrude in fights, I don’t input into subjects which I don’t discover relevant. Pratik says you’re lazy withinside the residence. Vishal asks Simba what characteristics he has?

Simba says Pratik is self-centered, he doesn’t care approximately his friends. Pratik says it’s now no longer like that, Nishant might have been biased for me withinside the challenge however I requested him to be honest with him. Tejasswi asks if he in no way interferes in different’s subjects? Pratik says if it includes the residence subjects then I get concerned. I even have a proper to speak approximately ration and meals withinside the residence.

The spherical ends, Umar tells VIP participants that Simba accepts his errors. Karan says Pratik had exact arguments. They at the same time make a selection. Umar says this spherical changed into performed with honesty. He says Pratik indicates his persona higher than Simba, we’re saving Pratik and maintaining Simba withinside the game.

7:30 PM
Rajiv tells Umar that I don’t consider your logic. Umar says I promise you that we’re setting you in prison so that you are secure from the nominations. Rajiv says I don’t have anything in opposition to Simba. Umar says you may speak approximately his game.
Tejasswi tells Nishant that we concept you have been supporting Pratik. Nishant says it’s your wondering. He leaves from there. Karan tells Vishal and Tejasswi that Rajiv will blast in prison. Vishal says he can’t even use the washroom. Tejasswi says we can must take him to the washroom.
Rajiv tells Pratik that I concept they need to position me in prison to keep their faces. Jay tells Pratik to now no longer act candy withinside the challenge, simply be real. Pratik says I am the handiest character who’s sincere right here. Jay says I won’t forget about you now. Pratik says I am now no longer candy and fake.

7:forty five PM
Simba demanding situations Rajiv for the debate. Simba says Rajiv merits to visit prison as his subjects are senseless. Rajiv says I don’t have anything in opposition to Simba’s persona, I suppose he have to speak a bit bit extra. I can’t say an awful lot for Simba, he sleeps lots and that’s it. Simba says I don’t want to scream among 10 human beings. He says I am operating on sound asleep less.

Rajiv says I don’t suppose Simba is gambling wrongly. Pratik asks Rajiv to play his challenge. Rajiv says Pratik has carried out extra errors withinside the display however he were given stored and Simba remains withinside the game. Rajiv says I can’t say whatever incorrect for Simba. The spherical ends. Karan says Rajiv stated not anything in opposition to Simba so he merits to visit prison. Simba is secure. Pratik asks Rajiv to open his eyes.

Bigg Boss tells Rajiv which you have been selected through VIP participants so he might be in prison until the following orders. He says Rajiv can’t turn out to be a VIP this week as he has been punished. Pratik says I informed you to combat withinside the game. Rajiv says they’re gambling video games with me. He tells Neha that I concept I might debate in opposition to Pratik.

Karan reads the policies that Rajiv will continue to be in prison, if he desires to use the washroom then he’s going to ask VIP participants to open it. VIP participants will maintain the important thing with them and he’s going to get meals 3 instances handiest. Rajiv receives emotional. Simba says why are you so cute?
Vishal tells Umar that we did properly for Rajiv’s game. Umar says we’re going incorrect. Vishal says I don’t suppose so.

eight:15 PM
Neha hugs Rajiv and says I am with you. Rajiv is going to prison. Vishal says I am right here with you. Umar says Pratik selected Simba withinside the game. Jay tells Rajiv which you are in prison due to yourself. Rajiv says I couldn’t say whatever in opposition to Simba. Umar says you misplaced in a hard situation. Rajiv says I can’t create problems in opposition to Simba.
Tejasswi tells Karan that I felt Nishant changed into supporting Pratik, he desired him to visit prison. Karan says perhaps we’re wondering an excessive amount of, there has been no want to ship Rajiv to prison. Tejasswi says we nonetheless have Simba.

eight:30 PM
Umar tells Karan and Tejasswi that we don’t want to apply an excessive amount of brain. We are wondering too deep, we went off-tune on this game. Karan says you’re proper.
Nishant tells Pratik that they desired to ship Neha to prison. Pratik says they simply didn’t need to pick out me. Nishant says whoever involves the VIP quarter will smash their bond. Pratik says simply carry me there. Nishant says they’re all miffed with me, they’re maintaining grudges in opposition to me. Pratik says Jay goes in opposition to me once more simply to do something.

Nishant says you have to speak to him, he goes incorrect. He says Vishal simply desires to show that he’s a flipper so he doesn’t deal with the game. Pratik says I sense terrible for Rajiv, he depended on them. Nishant says I am feeling terrible for Jay additionally, he isn’t always focusing at the game, he have to recognize as a practical character in which he goes incorrect.

10 PM
Rajiv tells Tejasswi that Neha informed me approximately Vishal’s plan. Then Vishal stated he desires to ship me to prison so I might be visible right here. Tejasswi says Neha knew approximately our plan? Rajiv says yes, Vishal mentioned the plan together along with her. Karna says he desired the credit.

Nishant tells Neha that human beings research from their errors. Neha asks if he’s gaining knowledge of from VIP participants? Nishant says time will inform.

Karan tells Tejasswi that we’re doing errors.

12:15 AM
Tejasswi tells Karan that I changed into harm through the manner Umar spoke to us nowadays. I nearly had tears in my eyes. Karan asks why? Tejasswi says I understand you and Umar are near so I didn’t need to inform you. Karan says I will type matters out with him. I will speak to him. Tejasswi says I had not anything incorrect in opposition to Umar, I do like him.

1 AM
Tejasswi tells Karan that it’s only a weigh down. Karan says you believe you studied you’ve got got a weigh down on me? I don’t suppose so. Tejasswi asks if I don’t deal with you as a unique character? Karan says you do however I don’t suppose I am your type. If I hadn’t confessed my emotions for you you then definately wouldn’t have taken into consideration me at all. Tejasswi says I receive that. Karan says then don’t say that I am your weigh down. Tejasswi says I may have a weigh down later on. Karan says what I felt changed into a weigh down however you then definately noticed my emotions and concept I am an amazing man so allow’s explore.

1:30 AM
Nishant tells Neha that they shouldn’t speak to me in a tone that isn’t always for friends. Nishant says Tejasswi were given silent while Umar and I gave returned to her. she maintains speakme approximately a crew however there’s no crew. I gave them an excessive amount of footage. They are all scaredy cats, they suppose they could snigger on whatever however we can do it on them now.

Day 47
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the track 2nd hand jawani. They all dance. Tejasswi asks what did this track imply? Nishant says it’s a protracted race. Tejasswi says love you Nishant.

nine AM
Nishant tells Rajiv which you seem like a panda withinside the cage. Jay says he looks as if a fool. Rajiv asks why do you plot and plan each challenge? Nishant says I don’t do that. Rajiv says Karan-Tejasswi do it all of the time. It turns into boring, they fooled me to visit prison.

eleven AM
Karan tells Umar that Tejasswi surely likes you. Umar says I don’t like her conduct for a few days. It’s nerve-racking me. Karan says you may speak to her. Umar says Vishal felt the same. Karan says Tejasswi indicates proper on the person that she thinks is near her. Umar says however she can’t name me weak, I will communicate up if I suppose she is being unfair. Karan says you each are proper. Umar says she have to be cautious approximately the manner she talks. Karan says simply speak to every different and kind matters. Umar says I will speak to her. Karan says Tejasswi thinks you won’t speak to her. Umar says our friendship isn’t always that weak.

eleven:15 AM
Karan tells Tejasswi that Umar isn’t always satisfied with he reacted to you. Tejasswi asks if he talked to him? Karan says yes. Tejasswi says Umar’s response changed into k however his phrases harm me. I don’t thoughts him getting irritated with me. Karan says I talked to him and he didn’t imply to quit the friendship. Tejasswi says reactions are a part of his persona so I don’t extrade that. Karan says you each have to speak and clean matters out.

12:30 PM
Neha tells Karan that you may’t manage anybody disliking you. Karan says it’s now no longer like that, I simply care approximately my human beings. I didn’t like while you known as Umar a puppet and whatnot. Neha says I say matters truely in the front of everybody. Karan says you began out bitvhing approximately me because you entered the residence.

Neha says I stated not anything to Jay approximately you. Karan says you maintain pronouncing which you have visible matters which you may’t speak approximately, you are saying it like I even have carried out terrible matters. Neha says you’re a human beings pleaser. Karan says if I make friendships and stand with them then what’s your trouble?

1:15 PM
Jay tells Nishant that I need to turn out to be a VIP once. I additionally need to carry Pratik there, I don’t have a bond with him however I need to quit this chapter. I will aid him to turn out to be a VIP. I simply need to name it a truce.

2 PM
Nishant tells Pratik which you have to have made a gravy. Pratik says you maintain locating out errors. Nishant says it’s dry meals. We can’t devour it with rice. Pratik says we can do matters our personal manner. Simba is reducing bhindi. Nishant says don’t reduce an excessive amount of, human beings don’t want to devour bhindi lots. Nishant asks Pratik to make a gravy.

2:15 PM
Nishant places bhindi on his face and scares Umar. Pratik laughs and says I need to vomit searching at his face. Nishant says Pratik has an amazing coronary heart however a black thoughts.
Tejasswi asks Umar if he used her brush? Umar says no, Vishal used it. Tejasswi says men are disgusting. Umar says Vishal used it on his underarmms. Nishant comes and scares Tejasswi. She hugs Karan and laughs. Karan says he appears frightening.

2:30 PM
Rajiv tells Neha that it’s irritating to be right here, I don’t deserve it. Neha says Karan did this with you. Pratik says you don’t do your duty, you deliver undesirable reviews. Rajiv says I even have in no way wasted meals like you. Umar says Pratik has wasted bhindi nowadays additionally. Pratik says I will devour it, I can’t deliver quantities to others, if they’re now no longer consuming then it’s now no longer my trouble. Rajiv says you’re a ration king. Pratik says I can do rationing in terms of cooking, I can’t snatch human beings and cause them to devour. If a person doesn’t get their meals element then it’s now no longer my fault.

He tells Rajiv that even I didn’t get meals. Rajiv says I didn’t get yogurt, I didn’t even realize it changed into there. Jay says you have to have requested for it. Tejasswi tells Pratik which you have to maintain quantities apart for inmates who aren’t present. Pratik says if human beings are taking quantities themselves then I can’t live withinside the kitchen the entire day. I am now no longer withinside the cooking department, I simply do rationing.

3:15 PM
Tejasswi reads the challenge wherein one VIP member can earn energy. The challenge is a ‘frightening monster’, all VIPs will play in opposition to every different withinside the challenge. Neha screams and says that is going to be fun. Tejasswi reads that there are five packing containers allocated to every VIP. They must fill their packing containers with gadgets. There is a monster who will take a seat down at the chair. Pratik, Neha, Simba and Jay might be the monster of this challenge.

They will choose VIPs with the bottom weights after which the monster will get rid of certainly considered one among them after giving a reason. Jay says that is going to be fun. Tejasswi reads that Rajiv won’t a part of the challenge. Rajiv is screaming from prison and asks what’s going on? Tejasswi reads that there might be four rounds, after each spherical, the only with the least gadgets of their field might be out of the tasks. The housemates will take a look at their packing containers and announce the winner. The VIP who stays withinside the challenge until the quit will win it.

3:30 PM
Nishant talks to his VIP participants. Umar says we will mildew Simba so allow’s aid him. Nishant says I am first-rate with anybody coming right here. Simba may be cussed additionally. Vishal says I need to pick out Simba additionally. Nishant says allow’s reflect onconsideration on it.

Pratik tells Jay and Neha that we will handiest consider Nishant there. Neha says Shamita might have depended on Vishal. Pratik says if Nishant helps us then we can move on their aspect.

Tejasswi tells Karan that Neha, Jay and Pratik will make Nishant the winner of the challenge. Vishal whispers to Tejasswi that maintain Nishant withinside the backside 2. Tejasswi tells the plan to Umar additionally.

3:forty five PM
Vishal whispers to Neha and says if I promise to make you a VIP then will you’re making me win this challenge? Neha says I can’t do it alone. Vishal says simply get rid of different VIPs from the challenge. Jay says Neha has been speakme to our enemies. She may cheat us. Neha laughs.

four:30 PM
Jay tells Neha that if one people turns into a VIP then Nishant will come on our aspect additionally.

The challenge begins offevolved and the primary monster is Neha. All VIPs begin filling their packing containers with the gadgets furnished through Bigg Boss. Jay says Nishant has crammed his field with cotton. The spherical ends. Pratik tests all VIPs packing containers at the weight machine. The ones with the bottom weights are Tejasswi and Vishal.

Jay says now Neha will take a selection. Vishal tells her that I even have labored tough withinside the game. Tejasswi tells Neha that I even have carried out the entirety I sense is proper. She tells Neha to take her selection if she desires to. Neha laughs evilly and says I am disposing of Tejasswi from the challenge. The trouble together along with her is that energy is going to her head. Tejasswi says I even have in no way stated matters which can be incorrect. I suppose you took the incorrect selection. Neha gets rid of her. Pratik attempts to prevent Neha however she doesn’t listen.

four:15 PM

Pratik tells Jay to now no longer allow Vishal crack a cope with anybody. Neha asks Pratik why he desired her to get rid of Vishal? I don’t need Tejasswi withinside the game.

Tejasswi asks Umar why didn’t move in opposition to Nishant? Umar says we will’t be apparent withinside the challenge. Neha might in no way get rid of Nishant in opposition to Vishal.

Jay tells Pratik and Neha that allow’s ship Simba subsequent. I am positive Umar and Vishal might be the final .

Tejasswi tells Pratik that I didn’t have the bottom weights. Pratik says it changed into now no longer approximately the bottom weights.

Tejasswi says I understand that. Pratik asks her to examine the file, weight changed into now no longer even the criteria.

Karan tells Nishant that you may win this challenge then it’s your selection which we can discuss. I don’t have an trouble.

Simba tells Pratik and Jay that I will move 2nd final. Pratik says how does it matter? Jay says allow him move 2nd final.

Vishal tells Neha that I desired to goal Nishant however they didn’t play like that. My choice is for you in terms of the VIP aspect.

Umar asks Simba if he desires to come to the VIP aspect? Simba says I will come on my personal. Umar says we need you to turn out to be a VIP. Tejasswi tells Simba to turn out to be a monster final at any cost. Jay comes there and says she can’t speak to him, she is out. Tejasswi says you may’t prevent me from speakme. You are afraid of me speakme to Simba? He is headstrong. Jay says I need to speak to Simba, we’ve got a set discussion. He takes Simba from there.

Vishal tells Neha that I don’t need Simba to be a VIP. It’s your risk to turn out to be a VIP. Neha says allow me use my thoughts.

Simba tells Tejasswi that I don’t trust in offers and all that. Tejasswi says you simply must combat for yourself. We need you to turn out to be a VIP. I suppose they may make Nishant the winner however in case you turn out to be the monster final then you may make anybody people the winner after which we can pick out you as a VIP.

Jay tells Nishant that I changed into down for a few days however I need to make as much as you.

Jay asks Simba to now no longer pay attention their promises. They even promised to make me a VIP.
Vishal asks Nishant who he needs as a VIP? Nishant says among Jay and Pratik. Vishal says if it changed into among Tejasswi and Shamita then I might pick out Tejasswi as she helped me withinside the game.

five PM
The subsequent spherical begins offevolved, all of them run to get gadgets of their packing containers. Tejasswi hides a few gadgets in her pocket. Vishal receives harm withinside the challenge. Karan cheats through getting extra gadgets after the spherical ends. Jay stops him and says don’t do that. Umar laughs. Pratik tells Karan to now no longer cheat. He takes away his gadgets.

Karan says don’t take them. He takes the total field and places it in his field and shouts at Pratik to now no longer contact his field. Simba is the monster on this challenge. Karan throws the field away and says who’re you? How dare you contact my field? Pratik says I noticed him dishonest. Karan says Simba is the monster on this spherical so that you can’t prevent me. Tejasswi tells Pratik which you aren’t judging this spherical. Pratik says Karan were given bodily this time additionally. Karan expenses at him and says how dare you to the touch my field?

You aren’t the decide this time. Karan says I won’t will let you play the challenge. Pratik says what’s this manner? Tejasswi says Pratik can’t intrude withinside the challenge. Pratik says Karan is violent withinside the challenge. Karan says I won’t allow anybody play this challenge. Pratik says we can see. Simba tells Pratik that why are you taking Karan’s gadgets? I noticed him dishonest so I might have removed him anyway. Tejasswi asks who’s Pratik to get concerned withinside the challenge? Pratik asks her to close up.

Neha asks Pratik to allow Simba take a name. Pratik says Karan changed into being violent with me. He threw the field at me. Simba tells Pratik that I might have stopped Karan, why did you get rid of his item? I might have disqualified him. Pratik says I am the monster additionally. Tejasswi shouts that Simba changed into the monster on this spherical. Pratik says you feel insecure? Tejasswi says you surely suppose so? Karan says Simba is the monster so why changed into Praitk getting concerned? Simba says Pratik shouldn’t have taken gadgets from Karan.
Tejasswi says as a minimum Simba is being sensible. Pratik asks her to get misplaced, close up.

Don’t speak to me. Tejasswi says don’t inform me to close up. Pratik says Karan receives competitive each unmarried time. Karan asks in which did I hit you? You have long gone crazy. Tejasswi asks Pratik to close up. Simba asks them to quit it. Karan asks Pratik if Simba informed him to take the gadgets from me? Pratik says he didn’t prevent me additionally. Karan says wow. Simba says I even have already disqualified Karan.

Tejasswi tells Karan that Simba might have removed Nishant however you bought irritated and did this. Karan says he disqualified me from this spherical, he can’t get rid of me on this spherical as he can’t weigh my field, it’s already broken.

Jay tells Simba to get rid of Karan as you disqualified him. Simba says allow me suppose. Simba tells Karan which you are disqualified. Karan says you may’t weigh my field. It’s in opposition to the policies. Simba says I will inform you after the spherical ends. The spherical ends, Simba says Karan might be disqualified from this spherical. Karan says k. He says Karan’s weight might be zero, he’s going to come right here with every other VIP member. Jay tests the burden of different VIP participants.

Tejasswi involves Karan and asks him to come, you will move in opposition to Nishant. Simba will get rid of Nishant.
Pratik says Nishant and Karan have the bottom points. Simba says Karan had zero weight. Karan says I labored tough withinside the challenge, he tells Simba that if I get the energy then I will use it for everybody’s benefit. I don’t reflect onconsideration on myself handiest. Nishant tells Simba that everybody is same for me right here, I even have labored withinside the residence.

It’s your selection which I will receive. Simba asks Nishant if he might be honest or might be non-public if he receives the energy? Karan says I don’t have any non-public dating so I might be honest to pick out a VIP. Nishant tells Simba that I even have loyalties so I won’t lie. Simba tells everybody that I noticed yesterday, all four VIP participants have been in opposition to Nishant however I felt he changed into proper. I sense Nishant is fairer than others. Karan says we didn’t goal Neha, we have been in opposition to favoritism. Nishant says it’s a lie.

Karan says Nishant changed into assisting Pratik and it changed into clean. Neha says allow Simba speak. Pratik says prevent speakme Neha. Neha says don’t scream at me once more. Simba tells Karan-Nishant that it’s not anything non-public, my selection is primarily based totally on what I noticed. He tells them that I suppose Nishant will use the possibility higher. He gets rid of Karan from the challenge. Nishant hugs and thank you Simba.

The episode ends.


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