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Day forty five
three:15 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that VIP contributors are secure from the nominations. All different inmates are nominated directly. The nominated inmates are Rajiv, Simba, Jay, Pratik and Neha. Bigg Boss says VIP may have a mission wherein they could at the same time provide scores from 1-five to different inmates. 1 is lowest, five is highest. Tejasswi tells VIP that I will provide 1 factor to Rajiv. Vishal says I don’t need to provide five factors to everybody. Karan says allow’s determine who may have the highest. Tejasswi says to provide four factors to Simba. Nishant says we need to provide fewer factors to Jay as his overall performance isn’t proper. Tejasswi says allow’s provide 2 factors to Neha and Jay.
Neha tells Pratik that I need to slap VIPs for having a lot control.

Tejasswi offers 1 factor to Rajiv. 2 factors to Neha, three factors to Pratik, four factors to Simba, 2 factors to Jay. Neha says I could spit of their meals today. Nishant says don’t say all that. I can spit for your meals also. Pratik says don’t thoughts her. Rajiv asks Nishant what’s his cause for giving him 1 factor?

Nishant says Rajiv had a terrific journey, he has made his mark however his enter withinside the display isn’t plenty. Umar laughs. Rajiv says it’s now no longer funny, I don’t accept as true with this factor. I actually have executed a lot withinside the display. What has Neha executed that I didn’t do withinside the display? You human beings don’t like what I say. I am a hardworking individual, I cope with the kitchen nicely,

I actually have proper relationships. You human beings combat and get scolded via way of means of Salman however I need to have 1 factor? You human beings are gambling in a group, I don’t accept as true with this. Nishant shouts which you are irritating. Umar says it’s now no longer approximately operating withinside the residence. Rajiv says I paintings tough withinside the duties also. Nishant tells Rajiv that it’s as much as you in case you need to take it or now no longer. Just forget about it for now. Rajiv says 1 factor? Nishant says allow’s wait until the mission receives over. We can try this in a civil manner. Rajiv says nice. Nishant asks him to calm down.

Bigg Boss says this mission ends here.

five PM
Karan reads approximately the ‘weekly shopping’. The first time, Rajiv and Simba will visit the storeroom to get the kitchen objects. Then Jay will visit get rest room objects. Then Neha-Pratik will pass and get the cleansing objects. Their factors may be amassed on the idea in their ranking. They can use a complete of 6,000 factors. They should use the ones factors to get all of the objects from the shop room that they need. They gets 2 mins to get the objects from the storeroom.

five:15 PM
Tejasswi asks Simba to inform what number of factors will he use? Pratik says he need to get oil first. Simba says we don’t recognise what is going to be the pricing of the objects. Jay says meals objects are a must. We can use 5000 factors on meals. He asks Simba to buy 5000 factors and don’t care approximately whatever else. Pratik says we want liquid to scrub the dishes. Tejasswi asks Simba to pay attention to Nishant and me. Nishant says don’t take too many milk packs. He says you simply want 20 packs. Pratik says we gained’t have that many factors to use. Nishant shouts to allow him speak. Tejasswi asks Simba to take garlic paste. Karan tells absolutely each person that we don’t want whatever from toiletries or cleansing objects so use all factors for meals.

Nishant asks Rajiv to get poha and different meals objects. Tejasswi says we want eggs also. They all wait outdoor the storeroom. The buzzer performs, Rajiv-Simba input the storeroom. They begin accumulating meals objects. Jay peeks inner so Bigg Boss asks him to live out. Neha asks absolutely each person to allow them to concentrate. Umar says you maintain preventing me from speakme.

Neha tells Umar to prevent attacking her. Umar says you had been asking me to now no longer talk up. Neha says I will speak in case you maintain arguing with me. Umar says you maintain interrupting me. Neha says I became now no longer speakme to you, you’ve got got a delicate ego. Umar says I don’t care approximately ego.

Simba-Rajiv acquire meals objects. They use 4150 factors and the time is up. Rajiv says we forgot to take tea bags. Rajiv-Simba pop out of the storeroom. Simba says we forgot tea bags, we used 4150 factors so 1850 are left. Neha says they didn’t get daal, I attempted speakme to them however those human beings don’t allow me speak.

Tejasswi says pay attention to me. Neha says you maintain asking me to now no longer speak, you don’t have any brain. You are brainless. Tejasswi tells Simba that he need to have amassed extra meals objects. Neha tells Tejasswi to allow different human beings speak withinside the residence. Pratik says it’s now no longer Simba’s fault, Nishant-Tejasswi stored asking them to take eggs and milk. They forgot to get daal. Tejasswi says don’t blame them. Pratik says it’s Tejasswi’s fault. Tejasswi asks Rajiv to disregard them.

five:forty five PM
Nishant tells Tejasswi that we are able to control the amount however those human beings maintain preventing over it. Karan asks what did they forget? Nishant says they didn’t get rice and pulse.
Neha tells Jay that they in no way instructed them to get pulse. Nishant became now no longer letting me talk.

6 PM
Bigg Boss says they’ve 1850 factors. Jay will acquire rest room objects now. Jay is going into the storeroom and receives rest room cleansing drinks and mouthwash. Jay counts his factors and he has used 1380 factors. Jay brings the objects to the residence.
Pratik tells Nishant which you didn’t allow me speak. Nishant says you human beings don’t pay attention to me. I became simply reminding Simba to get milk. Pratik says you stated the whole thing that became now no longer critical. Neha says Nishant doesn’t allow me speak. Nishant says don’t fee at me.

Nishant jokes with Rajiv that to procure elachi however now no longer rice? Rajiv says I didn’t see rice. Neha tells Pratik that Nishant thinks he’s the neatest of all. She tells Nishant that his thoughts has long past crazy. Tejasswi stressed Simba after which she instructed him he did nicely like we’re attacking him. she is Divya’s mother.

6:30 PM
Pratik-Neha input the storeroom. They have 470 factors to use. They take handwashes and sprays. They use a hundred and sixty factors.
Jay tells Rajiv that eggs aren’t the priority, you need to are becoming greens and tea first. Umar says Rajiv could have spoiled the mission even supposing he had 8000 factors.

eight PM
Umar says Nishant can wash all our private dishes so we aren’t visible operating withinside the residence. Nishant says I don’t have an trouble with washing private dishes. Umar washes his plates and spits withinside the sink.

eight:forty five PM
Rajiv asks Neha why are we operating withinside the residence and they may be sitting doing nothing? They have all been competitive however they may be VIPs now? We have grow to be fools in all this.

This can’t be real. What incorrect have I executed withinside the display? They get all proper meals objects and what can we have? We get nominated. What is that this recreation? What incorrect have I executed? Neha laughs and says I need to take their lives. I will now no longer spare them withinside the mission. Rajiv laughs and says what’s this?

nine:15 PM
Jay reads approximately a mission wherein they should pick someone who spits venomous phrases. They will then brush his tooth. First Umar will train the inmates a way to brush their tooth and the way dental fitness is critical.

nine:30 PM
Umar: Umar tells the inmates that we need to brush our tooth times. He says I will provide the tag to Pratik as he spits venom. He brushes his tooth.
Pratik: He says Umar’s phrases are stinky. He brushes his tooth. Umar says he stated he wouldn’t grow to be our slave and now he’s brushing my tooth. All laugh.

Neha: She says Karan’s phrases are stinky. She brushes his tooth and says I desire you prevent being so negative.

Rajiv: He calls Nishant. Pratik says he’s Nishant ‘VIP’ Bhatt. Rajiv says he has spitting venomous phrases, he thinks he’s continually proper and he shouldn’t intrude in my cooking. Rajiv brushes his tooth.
Simba: He calls Umar and says I desire his tongue becomes cleaner. He brushes Umar’s tooth. Simba says he spits reasonably-priced and private phrases.

Jay: He calls Neha and says she shouldn’t have stated she could spit withinside the meals. Neha says it gained’t appear again. Jay brushes her tooth.

Nishant: He says I need to name Rajiv as his phrases are reasonably-priced however very petty. He brushes his tooth.
Vishal: He calls Pratik and brushes his tooth.
Karan: He calls Neha and says you referred to as Tejasswi brainless for no cause which I didn’t like. He brushes her tooth.
Tejasswi: She says Neha referred to as me brainless which harm me. She brushes her tooth.

10:15 PM
Karan asks Rajiv if he’s gambling secure? Rajiv says I need to continue to be withinside the display, you need to pick me as a VIP.

eleven PM
Neha tells Tejasswi that I stepped lower back whilst you requested me to be silent however you had been performing a touch rude. I am sorry for calling you brainless however you had been performing such as you rule this place. Tejasswi says every body became giving commands to Simba so I became giving my suggestions. I knew Pratik could attempt to intrude so I became protecting with him. Don’t assume I am rude. Neha says we don’t should be great however I simply desired to clean the air.

Day 46
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the music dhating naach. They all dance.

nine AM
Rajiv is making breakfast. Neha asks him to make greens today. Karan is assisting him withinside the kitchen. Tejasswi says don’t do it.

nine:forty five AM
Vishal tells Rajiv that in case you get the least factors then Bigg Boss can extrade the sport and make you the captain. Rajiv says I don’t recognize why I were given the least factors.

Umar tells Vishal which you all like Simba however I don’t adore it as he doesn’t care approximately the sport. Rajiv is determined for the sport so we are able to use him. Vishal says we need to deliver Rajiv here, he is robust there. Vishal says Neha couldn’t do a great deal withinside the display. Umar says she appears very sassy and smart however she is cursing human beings for no cause.

2:30 PM
Nishant tells Pratik that depart a few meals for me. Pratik says you need to don’t forget that ration is limited. Nishant says simply don’t consume my meals.

three:30 PM
The inmates see the prison being found out withinside the garden. They all appearance on.

four PM
Karan reads that VIPs will punish one inmate and ship her or him to prison. It gained’t be primarily based totally at the rule-breaking however their enter to the display. The housemates will recommend their factors to VIPs and persuade them to now no longer ship them to prison. They will pick one inmate to begin the debate. Two inmates may have a debate and whoever wins it will likely be secure and gained’t pass the prison. Then different inmate will undertaking every other inmate for the debate, the cycle will pass on until remaining individual is closing who may be despatched to prison.

Vishal tells Tejasswi that Rajiv is an underdog, if we placed him in prison then he may be secure from the nominations. Umar tells Rajiv to assume on the opposite aspect of the sport.

four:30 PM
Nishant tells Umar that I don’t need to ship Rajiv to prison. Vishal asks who do you watched is proper? Nishant says allow’s pick Jay.

The VIP contributors say our first desire is Jay. Jay says I am nominating Pratik towards me. I assume he need to visit prison, he doesn’t take a stand for his buddies. Pratik says I am continually with my buddies, I am now no longer a human beings pleaser like Jay. Umar says Pratik is continually preventing together along with his buddies like Miesha and Neha. Pratik says Miesha’s phrases had been hurting me. Nishant says that’s now no longer the factor. Umar says your questions are critical and my questions aren’t? Nishant says you’re simply losing time.
Umar says admire my questions in any other case I will depart. Jay says Pratik has a pattern, he performs the identical recreation with each girl. It became Divya in OTT, then Miesha and now Neha. He has a ee-e book that he follows. Umar tells Tejasswi that if I am asking a query then display a few admire, you human beings aren’t even taking note of me. Karan asks him to now no longer be angry. Jay says Pratik has stated such reasonably-priced phrases for Rajiv, he need to be embarrassed about himself. Pratik says I modified my ways. Jay says you’re insensitive. Pratik says he is taking handy stands. The buzzer performs and their spherical ends.

Karan asks his VIP contributors. Vishal says we’ve stored Jay from the mission. Pratik will continue to be in the sport.

five PM
Jay thank you Nishant. Nishant asks what is going to you do for me now? Jay jokes I will throw tea on you.
Karan tells Rajiv which you are already nominated, you’ll get sympathy in case you visit prison.
Vishal tells Neha that everybody who’s in prison gets the maximum votes. I am positive of it in order that they have agreed on Rajiv’s name, simply inform Rajiv to now no longer experience awful.

five:15 PM
Tejasswi tells Vishal that Umar felt awful. Karan says he feels awful that human beings name him my follower, he were given harm whilst we had been now no longer taking note of him.

Neha tells Rajiv that Vishal desires to placed you withinside the prison as you’ll get most photos there. Rajiv says they don’t care approximately me, they may be doing it for his or her image.

five:30 PM
Karan asks Pratik who’s he challenging? He says Rajiv. Tejasswi says you need to have selected Neha. Pratik chooses Neha towards him. Pratik says Neha is new here, she has executed plenty withinside the display however I actually have executed extra than her. Neha says Pratik is sensible however he argues a lot that critical subjects get lost. Pratik says it’s my proper to talk up. Neha says however you don’t allow others talk, how is that proper? Pratik says I don’t have anything towards Neha, she has taken a stand. Neha says this looks as if a love letter. Tejasswi asks Pratik if he’s ok to visit prison and keep Neha? Pratik says I am nice going to prison. Tejasswi says you take this mission lightly, you’ll provide the trophy to Neha also? Pratik says I don’t assume she merits to visit prison. Nishant says Pratik has executed extra errors so I like his honesty.

Pratik asks him to now no longer be sarcastic. Tejasswi asks Neha if Pratik is an sincere individual? She says the maximum sincere individual. Tejasswi says I need an sincere individual to live withinside the residence. Nishant says Pratik merits to visit prison. Even Pratik agrees. Tejasswi says Pratik performed nicely, his mindset has modified also. Nishant says Neha gained the debate. Neha says you may pick everybody, it’s now no longer elimination. Karan says Pratik performed wrongly, he’s making a laugh of the mission via way of means of now no longer gambling it. He is pronouncing he desires to visit prison, it’s towards the sport. Tejasswi says Pratik is gambling smartly, he desires to visit prison. He is sincere so he gained’t visit prison. Pratik says you locate me proper today? Out of all days? I simply stated that Neha is new.

Jay says if he desires to visit prison then ship him there. Tejasswi says he is attempting to play us. Vishal tells Nishant that I don’t just like the manner Pratik desires to visit prison. He isn’t even gambling withinside the mission. Nishant says Pratik couldn’t say whatever incorrect for Neha, he’s being truthful. Tejasswi says he’s gambling us. Vishal says you may scream as a great deal as you need. Karan says we’ve at the same time determined that Pratik gained this spherical. Nishant says I don’t accept as true with this decision. Bigg Boss says all VIPs should take a mutual decision. Nishant says we should determine on their overall performance on this mission, Neha gained the debate. Vishal says Pratik intentionally performed badly. Nishant screams at him. Vishal says Pratik can’t play us, we should at the same time determine together. Tejasswi tells Nishant which you are gambling a solo recreation, I don’t adore it. Nishant says I don’t accept as true with this.

Bigg Boss asks VIPs to decide now. Nishant says I can get punished however I gained’t agree. Tejasswi says great Nishant, we are able to accept as true with you proper now. Nishant says Pratik didn’t justify himself so he need to lose the spherical. Vishal tells Bigg Boss that Neha gained this spherical so she gained’t visit prison. Tejasswi whispers to Umar that if we need Rajiv to visit prison then inform him to reward Pratik and don’t play the mission.

The episode ends.


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