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Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everybody to the episode. He says Vishal, Akasa, Jay and Tejasswi entered the residence this week. I didn’t like their bodily fights, it’s now no longer leisure in any respect. I will ought to address them now.

Salman connects the decision to the residence. Salman asks everybody to accumulate withinside the residing place. They all greet him however Salman is serious. Salman says it’s Dusera nowadays however did you humans experience it? It’s our third meeting. Last time, I informed Pratik to now no longer behave like this and he listened however did you all now no longer apprehend what I stated to him? The manner you’re displaying your self on TV is good? The aggression suggests your personality. Do you suspect your own circle of relatives would really like to look preventing like this? Do you get a script that announces to act like this? He asks Umar what did he study? Umar says I am a wellknown physician. Salman says you suspect you may keep working towards after displaying all this? Do you need to make a profession in performing with out gaining knowledge of something? Salman says you’re going incorrect. Umar says humans say imply matters withinside the residence however I could be cautious. Salman says you all were given competitive to go into the principle residence however in case you input the residence then will you forestall preventing? Do you suspect that is a wrestling display? You all recognise displaying bodily aggression isn’t allowed, you may’t harm the property, you may’t harm your self withinside the residence. Salman says in case you really need to reveal aggression then allow’s do it. He asks Pratik and Nishant to convey objects from storeroom. They do and those are all guns like boxing gloves, a chopper, an awl and a hammer. All inmates are ashamed. Salman asks who were given harm? They all boost their arms. Salman says you humans preserve pushing the glass door love it received’t break? If you get harm via way of means of the glass then at the very least one hundred stitches are required. You humans are displaying aggression due to the fact you aren’t the usage of your thoughts. You humans assume you’ll be visible on TV in case you display aggression. You humans fought for the puzzle portions however we don’t want this kind of content material, no person needs it. You all have been preventing withinside the morning after which telling every different well-performed withinside the evening? Then a few inmates have been announcing they gave content material for the day like all of us want this kind of content material? You humans even take off mics. This display is set displaying your personality, now no longer to reveal off your strength. Salman asks if the mission turned into approximately aggression? Simba says no, it turned into a intellectual recreation however nobody made an excellent strategy. It’s our fault, we received’t repeat it subsequent time, we’ve determined to now no longer be bodily with every different. Salman says you all have been clueless approximately the mission. This display is set the usage of the thoughts and now no longer bodily fights. We should have added wrestlers for that. He says you humans are gambling rugby matches.
Salman asks Afsana what she way via way of means of leisure? Afsana says I continually need to entertain humans however humans play in organizations right here. We are a part of the display additionally, I attempt to have a laugh, I even have left my own circle of relatives to be right here. Salman says everybody left their households to be right here.
Salman tells the inmates that our target target market doesn’t like faux aggression. This display is set making relationships. People have persevered friendships and enemies even after the display. People who made real relationships withinside the display received humans’s hearts. But on this season, you all are searching faux and fraud. He tells Jay that your spouse is looking you, your daughter will see all this so might you want that? Jay says I am now no longer like this in any respect. Salman says you’ve got got those conditions in lifestyles too however you’re displaying a man or woman withinside the residence which isn’t searching nice. You may have a distinction of opinion however in case you lose persistence then it’s incorrect. You assume you may idiot the target target market? Our target target market is sensible and might see via you all. Salman asks Ishaan why is the whole lot so bodily with him? We warned you withinside the mission to be cautious approximately your hand, to now no longer be competitive however then you purchased harm. Have you notion approximately how you’re searching? He tells Miesha that in case you are cushty with all this then it’s nice, in case you are cushty with displaying your affection at the display then it’s nice however those clips will there lifelong. Just believe in case you each get married to a person else then what approximately those clips? Just be cautious. Ishaan says we are able to be. Salman says it’s a huge obligation for you each. Salman asks Miesha if she continues her residence grimy like this? It appears like you thinks guidelines of the residence don’t practice to you. Your boyfriend Ishaan doesn’t forestall you furthermore mght. You communicate in English all of the time. Miesha says I am attempting to speak in hindi simplest. Salman says you’re visible smoking withinside the toilet place and wherein now no longer. You took off your mic due to the fact you desired Indian garments to be despatched for you. Don’t do all this. Salman asks Jay why do you preserve abusing others? Vidhi says Pratik understood and calmed down after ultimate weekend however he nonetheless instigates others. I didn’t like Jay cursing him. Salman says you humans didn’t like Jay cursing Pratik however no person stopped Miesha while she turned into cursing Donal. Nobody stated something to her, are you humans ok together along with her cursing you all? Ishaan says I attempted to forestall her. Salman says maximum of the inmates are ignoring guidelines withinside the residence. Just informing you which you all could be punished for this. Salman says I turned into speakme approximately vain inmates until now. Let’s communicate approximately the famous person of the display. Salman says I will display Afsana’s pictures now. He ends the decision.

Miesha is crying. Pratik tells her that he’s bringing her at the proper direction. Just don’t curse humans. Miesha says I by no means curse humans, I even have destroyed Ishaan’s recreation and picturegraph additionally. Pratik says he’ll apprehend.

Vidhi tells Jay that Afsana turned into playing whilst you have been getting scolded via way of means of Salman.

On the Stage:
Salman says allow’s see what Afsana has been doing. The clip suggests Afsana telling the inmates that if a person kicks me then I will kick them returned. Akasa says you tore my blouse and ran away. Then you stated that I roam round with buttons open all of the time and I even have proven my **** to everybody. Afsana says I take delivery of that I even have torn your blouse and I am sorry for the usage of the ones phrases. Akasa says you may have apologized to me by myself. Afsana says everybody is cursing right here and no person cares. I am by myself on this residence due to the fact all are biased with me. She begins offevolved crying, Shamita says you don’t need to simply accept your mistake. Afsana asks her to close up. Shamita says you’re a liar, you may’t take delivery of your mistake. Afsana says you haven’t any abilties that I might make an apology to you. Shamita says who’re you? I will display your on weekend Ka Vaar. Afsana says you may comply with me however you’re vain. You can simply blabber for no reason, you’re so faux. Shamita says preserve arguing with me. Jay tells Simba that I don’t like Afsana’s personality. Afsana argues with Shamita and says you name humans like dogs. Shamita says Afsana is a liar, we’re bored with listening to her. Nishant shouts at Shamita to now no longer insult Shamita’s profession like this. Afsana shouts how can that reasonably-priced girl say all that to me? I will die right here. She begins offevolved beating herself up. All attempt to calm her down. Vishal screams at Afsana which you haven’t any guts to elevate arms. Afsana hits herself in anger. She says I will die on this display. She costs at Shamita. Umar attempts to calm her down. Umara takes Afsana away. Karan pleads together along with her to relax. Shamita tells Afsana which you are the most important liar and I received’t positioned myself down via way of means of cursing you. Afsana says in case you are so excessive stage then take a seat down at domestic. What are you doing right here? Vishal says this girl is a liar. Afsana says your face is sort of a girl, you’re a reasonably-priced guy so get misplaced. You are homosexual. Karan shouts at Afsana to give up it, you’ve got got stated plenty so simply close up. I saved telling you to close up, give up it now. Afsana says you humans don’t allow me communicate. Karan shouts at her to close up now. Afsana says I received’t even supposing I ought to die nowadays. Karan says I am pleading with you to close up. Jay says Afsana desires to conceal her wrongs via way of means of shouting at others. Afsana says they’re all frightened of Afsana who hasn’t finished incorrect with all and sundry. Vishal laughs. Afsana says don’t giggle. Afsana says I pray that he dies. Vidhi says don’t say that. Shamita costs at her and says close up.. close up. She begins offevolved screaming so Pratik calms her down. Vishal hugs Shamita. Afsana cries and is going hysteric. Afsana says I promise that each one my own circle of relatives contributors die. You all have cheated me, my brother Vishal is lifeless to me. She is going from there. The clip ends.

Salman says this drama persevered. Another clip suggests Afsana beating herself up withinside the residence. Miesha and Pratik attempt to calm her down. Afsana cries and says I don’t need to be withinside the display anymore. I need all my humans to die. She begins offevolved breaking matters round. Nishant grabs her and asks her to relax. Miesha hugs her tightly and says we’re with you. Afsana falls down.
Vishal tells Tejasswi that I turned into calm however I am now no longer a saint, I didn’t need to combat her. Tejasswi hugs him and says relax.

Afsana is withinside the scientific room. The physician attempts to deal with her however Afsana continues hitting herself. Bigg Boss asks her to allow the physician take a look at her. Afsana falls down and says I am now no longer like that, they’ve all made me a liar. The physician attempts to test her.

Shamita asks Jay what’s with Afsana? Jay says humans have cherished her, I am partial to her songs however she has emerge as arrogant.
Pratik tells Miesha that Shamita-Vishal begins offevolved poking Afsana while she turned into looking to make an apology to Akasa.
Shamita says to Jay that she has a lot arrogance, apart from her voice, I don’t like her. She is a horrible person. She is purposefully hurting everybody.
Pratik tells Nishant and Miesha that there need to be humanity at least. We aren’t right here to kill humans mentally or physically. Shamita and Vishal charged at Afsana.

Afsana tells Donal that the whole lot is completed for me. She tears her own circle of relatives photos. Donal says don’t be like this. Afsana says I took you all as a own circle of relatives. Karan says do you’ve got got any appreciate for us? You regarded incorrect however we have been nonetheless status with you. You don’t concentrate to us. Afsana says why did Vishal begin shouting at me? Karan says I don’t care, I turned into telling you to relax as we care approximately you. Afsana says they have been teasing me. Ishaan says you’ve got got stated such horrific matters to them. Karan says you cursed him and referred to as him homosexual.
Vishal tells Jay that we’re right here to paintings difficult and earn money. I am now no longer right here to get cursed via way of means of her like this. He receives emotional.

Afsana is crying so Donal consoles her. Akasa brings meals for Afsana and attempts to cheer her up. Karan suggests her accomplice’s picturegraph to cheer her up. The clip ends.

On the Stage:
Salman talks to the inmates and says I referred to as Afsana movie star of the season as she thinks so. She thinks Karan did a tune video together along with her that’s why he were given this display. Jay says sure, Karan has finished not anything in lifestyles however simply did Afsana’s video. He is right here simply due to that video and now no longer due to his difficult paintings in lifestyles. Afsana says I didn’t say that. Salman says all of us recognise what you’ve got got stated. He asks if she referred to as Shamita an oldie and reasonably-priced. Afsana says sure I even have stated that. Salman says you’ve got got a mom? She says sure, Salman says so that you name her an oldie? Afsana says no. Salman asks if she calls her sisters an oldie? Afsana says no. Salman says you stated that Shamita has polio arms? Afsana says I turned into irritated so I stated that. Salman says you informed Shamita that she need to take a seat down at domestic and she or he is a reasonably-priced girl? Salman asks Afsana if she can be able to determine who’s reasonably-priced and who isn’t? You referred to as Shamita an antique girl? Afsana says I turned into irritated so.. Salman says I am an antique guy additionally. I am simply telling you approximately your mistakes, you informed me which you have an problem of anger so I am telling you with niceness so simply concentrate to me. Salman says you referred to as Vishal homosexual and nalla (vain). Do you apprehend the implication of that? Afsana says no. Salman asks her to mention sorry. Afsana says I need to mention sorry to Salman. Salman says you didn’t apprehend the which means so make an apology to the community. Afsana says I need to mention sorry to everybody. Tejasswi says you used the phrase like a curse so make an apology for that. Afsana says I am sorry for that. Salman says you saved calling Vishal like a girl. Afsana says he enters my fights with ladies that’s why I referred to as him a girl. Salman says you used the phrase girl like a curse. You additionally stated that you may curse humans and I need those who harm me to die. Afsana says sure, I stated that. I received’t repeat it. Salman says you furthermore mght use your arms like your tongue. If it turned into my preference then I might have removed you nowadays on your personal protection due to the fact you’ve got got thrown matters round, you’ve got got attempted to harm your self and misplaced manage. You have been now no longer calm even in the front of the physician. Have you finished this at your home additionally? Afsana says no, I am a a laugh-loving person. Salman says you’ve got got proved your self incorrect, you aren’t a laugh in any respect. Afsana says they don’t giggle so it’s now no longer my problem. Salman says if my film is a flop then I need to begin cursing my target target market for now no longer liking it? You have an excellent voice however in case your music doesn’t emerge as a success then you may harm your self? Salman says you pointed out Shamita’s profession. Shamita has labored difficult withinside the enterprise for 25 years, she is preventing bravely however when you have this conduct you then definately received’t ultimate 25 days withinside the enterprise. You are displaying your actual self, if a person doesn’t like your comic story you then definately emerge as irritated. Do you need the whole lot to paintings your manner in any other case you may move crazy? Salman says then Afsana commented on a girl’s garments, you commented on her blouse’s button. Afsana says I am accepting those phrases. Salman says we aren’t lying, you’ve got got stated these kinds of phrases. Then you went to disclaim it. Salman tells Afsana which you have a fixed sample. Jay says so true. Salman asks Jay to inform everybody. Jay says her sample is to do a mistake then she attempts to cover via way of means of doing any other mistake. Afsana desired to speak to Akasa approximately her button remark however then she went off. We need to were speakme approximately the button problem however Afsana created any other problem so we received’t be speakme approximately that count anymore. How can she pray for Vishal to die? Vishal says she realizes approximately her mistake after which she does any other mistake to cowl it up. Jay says she begins offevolved hurting herself to benefit sympathy. Shamita says she begins offevolved hitting herself so all have compassion for her. Afsana says I am now no longer like this, they’ve made me like this on this display. Salman says why is Simba now no longer like this withinside the display then? Afsana says I will concentrate to my mistakes. Salman says your sample is to make brothers and sisters and you then definately insult them. You made Jay and Vishal your brothers and you then definately did this with them. So allow’s see what you do with Karan. Salman says Afsana by no means apologizes to all and sundry on her personal, a person has to inform her that she goes incorrect. Nishant says Afsana doesn’t concentrate in any respect while she goes off, she says matters which are hurtful. Salman says Afsana stated that she doesn’t need to win the display. Afsana says sure. Salman says each inmate appeals for votes however you may enchantment for humans to now no longer vote for you in any respect. If a person is withinside the pinnacle five of the display then they’ve received the hearts of the target target market however you don’t need to win so inform your enthusiasts to now no longer vote for you. You don’t care approximately your enthusiasts balloting for you so simply say no to them. Afsana says it turned into my dream to be on this display. It’s now no longer my dream to win the display, I simply desired to be part of the display. It turned into my dream. Salman says however your dream is turning into a nightmare for others. Afsana says Vishal has made a laugh of me. Vishal says I simply stated if she doesn’t need to win the display then enthusiasts need to vote for us as we’re running difficult. Afsana says I don’t need to win, I don’t have the ones characteristics to win Bigg Boss. Salman asks what do you need to benefit from Bigg Boss? Do you need to earn the affection or hate of the target target market? Do need repute, appreciate, or something else from the display? The manner you’re going received’t convey repute or appreciate in any respect. Just alternate your approaches and display your a laugh side. If you got here right here to entertain humans you then definately shouldn’t care approximately the sport or who’s making organizations. You can a laugh with humans. Afsana says I appreciate humans. Shamita says she needs appreciate however she doesn’t appreciate all and sundry. Afsana says I reputable you. Shamita says you by no means did.Salman tells Afsana which you are doing all this on your personal self. Afsana says Vishal referred to as me *****, it’s a curse in our language. Vishal says we’re all equal right here. Salman says it appears like Afsana didn’t apprehend something I stated. Salman asks Simba. Simba says she doesn’t appreciate humans, she is egoistic. Umar says I saved looking to make her concentrate however she doesn’t. Pratik says she is a laugh however her language is so incorrect. Nishant says she will be able to make humans giggle, she is gifted however her phrases are unfavorable to herself simplest. Karan says she could be very stubborn, I even have attempted the whole lot together along with her, I even have attempted to manipulate her however she doesn’t concentrate. Akasa says I don’t guide her however she says matters she doesn’t imply. She thinks humans are towards her. Salman tells Afsana that there’s no want to convey caste right here, we’re all Indians right here. You have numerous duties so be cautious. You recognise proper? Afsana receives emotional. Salman says you need to be cautious, you may’t tarnish your call like this. Afsana cries so Salman asks her to sing a unhappy music. Karan says you may sing the music which made my profession, all giggle. Afsana says I need to sing my pre-wedding ceremony music. Salman laughs and says this wedding ceremony is probably pre-wedding ceremony simplest after what you’ve got got proven right here. Salman asks if her accomplice is powerful sufficient to manipulate her? Afsana says he’s good-looking and I love him. Salman says you cherished everybody withinside the residence after which what did you do? All giggle. Afsana sings the music. All clap for her. Salman asks Afsana to apply her voice to sing simplest. Salman asks them to position the guns returned withinside the storeroom. Simba says can I preserve the boxing gloves? Salman says first you return back out of the box. All giggle.

Salman says Afsana, Akasa, Vidhi, Vishal and Donal are nominated. He says I will inform you in a bit. He ends the decision.

In the House:
Afsana hugs Shamita and kisses her cheek. She says I am sorry. She hugs Akasa and says I am sorry. Afsana is going to Vishal, she says don’t make me cry once more. Vishal hugs her tightly. Afsana says I am without a doubt sorry.
Karan tells Umar that if insult makes you return back at the proper direction then it’s for her. We attempted the whole lot together along with her, we attempted to speak to her frivolously however she didn’t concentrate in any respect. I can’t manage her, simplest Salman can manage Afsana. She turned into listening silently nowadays due to the fact she is frightened of Salman.

Jay hugs Afsana and says don’t do all this. I am now no longer towards you. Afsana says I received’t do it once more now.

On the Stage:
Salman says we are able to have a laugh the following day with Farah Khan. We will recognise approximately removal additionally. He symptoms and symptoms off from the episode.

The episode ends.


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