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Day 13
four:15 PM
Jay says our gadget isn’t running. Ishaan says this gadget is useless, Bigg Boss may have achieved it deliberately. Vishal’s gadget is so fast. Afsana says we had been asking Bigg Boss to restore it.

Vishal asks Akasa to take Donal’s shaker additionally, I will inform her.

Afsana says I will positioned my hand withinside the gadget. Karan says don’t be loopy. Afsan says they may be being partial with us, I will deliver my hand withinside the gadget. I can move loopy in the event that they do all this. I need Vishal’s gadget. Pratik says you may take it. Afsana says Shamita is combating with us. I promise to position my hand withinside the gadget and spot who can prevent me.

four:30 PM
Akasa tells Afsana that I am indignant with you proper now. You had been grabbing me. Afsana says I didn’t do lots. Akasa says you may assault us all however why me most effective? Donal says we’re with you. Afsana says I don’t want all of us with me, I am gambling by myself. Donal says we’re gambling with Akasa’s group, they may be making us win. Akasa says we gave our juice to you so Afsana’s group ought to win. Afsana says you all did it due to your personal gain. My group is a idiot to agree with you all. The referee is with Vishal’s group so we are able to in no way win.

7:15 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates which you all should have understood that it’s now no longer smooth to apply the gadget to get the juice. We had despatched the proper gadget and that they had been acting withinside the begin however you human beings used it incorrect so now machines aren’t 100% acting. We have written to now no longer contact elements of the gadget however you all tempered with the machines. At this time, we are able to give up the undertaking proper now however this undertaking is vital for you all so we’re leaving the selection on you. Should we give up the undertaking right here or play 2 greater rounds? You all at the same time inform us the selection. Pratik says you need to play. Miesha says we are able to do the undertaking, she tells Karan that we are able to combat. Karan says why? There isn’t anyt any want. Miesha says I need to do it until the give up. Karan says we don’t want to. It’s now no longer our undertaking. Miesha backs down. Vidhi says I received’t play as there’s no truthful play. Pratik asks who desires to maintain the undertaking? eight human beings need to do the undertaking. Karan’s group and Afsana don’t need to do the undertaking. Nishant says you all must at the same time decide. Shamita says Bigg Boss the bulk desires to maintain the undertaking. Miesha says they need to show that they made us lose all of the rounds. Let’s do it then, you all are gambling in a herd. Bigg Boss says you all need to maintain the undertaking so the undertaking begin will begin with the buzzer.

7:30 PM
Vishal tells Afsana that I need you to win this spherical additionally. Afsana says I don’t want your favor. Vishal says don’t speak rudely to me, I received’t speak to you anymore. Afsana says Shamita doesn’t pay attention to me at all. Vishal says this female maintains blabbering garbage. Akasa says block her out.

The buzzer performs and Shamita offers identical cane sticks to the groups. They all begin eliminating the juice. Karan is the usage of the gadget to take out the juice. Afsana takes the cane sticks and offers them to Karan’s group. Ishaan steals from Miesha. Afsana says don’t fear, I am with Karan. Karan is running hard. Akasa says Afsana stole all of the cane sticks. Simba attempts to get worried withinside the undertaking however blocks Afsana. She says Simba isn’t a part of the undertaking. She shouts Shamita can’t see all this? She doesn’t should be the referee. Nishant additionally helps Karan. Afsana takes a bottle for Karan however Shamita says it’s now no longer allowed. Shamita asks Ishaan to be cautious together along with his hand. Ishaan hurts his hand. Miesha attempts to hug him however he says let’s do our undertaking first. Miesha is going and facilitates Karan in her group. Afsana is supporting Karan’s group. Afsana is going into the nook and hides Karan’s juice bucket. Ishaan assaults Karan’s group. He hurts his head and it bleeds. Karan asks him to run away. Nishant asks Vidhi to shield Afsana, she has your juice. Ishaan assaults Karan and Vidhi. Vidhi says don’t pull on my hair. Ishaan says Umar commenced all this. Vidhi says he isn’t a part of the undertaking anymore. The gong performs and the spherical ends. Afsana fills Karan’s bucket with the juice she hid.

Shamita is checking Ishaan and Karan’s juice buckets. All clap for Karan’s group. Shamita says Ishaan’s group received this spherical. Donal takes the poison and kills Karan withinside the undertaking.

7:forty five PM
Miesha is going and hugs Ishaan. Ishaan says don’t try this drama now. I were given harm and I became bleeding however you didn’t care at all. Don’t speak to me anymore. You suppose I am a participant and faking my love for you? Miesha says speak to me. Ishaan says you’ve got got proven your love these days. I seem like a idiot that I introduced my love on TV for you and you’re doing all this. You simply care approximately the undertaking.

Miesha is going to Ishaan and hugs him. She cries and says I am sorry. Ishaan says you need to hold duties and our non-public lives separate. Calm down now. Miesha hugs him and suggests affection. Miesha says after this undertaking, it is going to be simply you and me.

eight PM
The closing spherical starts. Shamita offers cane sticks to all of the groups. All groups begin running. Afsana is jogging the gadget for Karan’s group. Vidhi is supporting her. Umar is going and pours water of their juice bucket to boom the quantity of the juice. The gong performs and the spherical ends. All clap for every different.
Shamita tests Ishaan and Karan’s bucket. Karan has greater juice however Akasa brings the closing juice bottle. Shamita says the clean winners are Ishaan’s group. Pratik tells Shamita that they’ve combined water in them. Look on the color. Shamita says it doesn’t matter. Pratik says you’re being unfair. Shamita says I am now no longer dishonest. They have greater quantity. Ishaan kills Vidhi from Karan’s group. Only Miesha is alive in Karan’s group.

Bigg Boss says the undertaking has ended and the tiger group became alive until the give up so that they received the undertaking. Jay hugs Vishal.

eight:30 PM
Karan tells Afsana that we did a mistake via way of means of making Shamita the captain. I desired to make Nishant the captain. Shamita is searching out her personal safety. Afsana says I am doing the proper element via way of means of combating Shamita? Karan says you’re absolutely correct. You take her down and it’s funny. Just don’t be susceptible in the front of them. Afsana says Shamita runs farfar from me.

9:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time for the upgrade. The jungle inmates who will input the residence are Jay, Tejasswi, Vishal, and Akasa. All clap for them. Bigg Boss says they’ll now no longer be jungle inmates anymore however might be a part of the principle residence. They can have rights to all of the facilities and powers of the residence. Bigg Boss says you human beings gets a few luxurious objects additionally from the cave. You all can move one at a time and take objects from the shelf. Jay is going into the cave and takes coffee. Akasa takes ghee and coffee.

10:15 PM
Vishal and the group begin getting into the residence. Shamita does their aarti as consistent with Nishant’s idea. Nishant makes them devour yogurt. Shamita hugs Akasa and Tejasswi. Nishant says congrats, you may have duties too so we are able to play, combat and feature harmony together. Tejasswi says yes. Bigg Boss says we welcome those four withinside the important residence. They all cheer. Vishal says I simply need to mention that I actually have absolutely conventional the residence. Tejasswi says I am going to overlook sound asleep subsequent to Vidhi. Jay tells the jungle inmates to return back internal soon.

10:forty five PM
Umar tells Afsana that Vishal is gambling a double game. He made a percent with Shamita. Afsana says Shamita is smart. Umar says we need to have made Nishant the captain.

11:forty five PM
Shamita asks Vishal and Jay in the event that they understand in which the map is? Vishal says we knew it however then the sport commenced the day prior to this so the jungle inmates modified the location of the map. They didn’t inform us in which they have got hidden it. Vishal says they’ll make the map at night time time most effective. They most effective have 60 puzzle portions and that they want 220 portions so they may be a ways away so don’t panic. Nishant says they’ll come internal subsequently. Shamita says are we able to try and locate the puzzle portions? Jay says they may be hiding the portions withinside the luggage. Vishal says I used to cover it beneathneath my bed. Nishant says most effective Ishaan runs to take the puzzle portions from the cave so we are able to prevent him. We have greater manpower now in this aspect.

12 AM
Vishal and Tejasswi speak to the digital digicam. Vishal says I sense the jungle is our actual residence, I sense horrific to return back in this aspect however I am glad additionally. Tejasswi says yes. Vishal says, appropriate night time anybody.

1 AM
Nishant asks Tejasswi and Vishal while you stated you received’t allow them to make the map the day prior to this then what had been you thinking? Tejasswi says we knew in which the map became however now they have got modified the location. Jay says all of them understood the sport the day prior to this so that they took away all of the portions from us. Shamita says why did you deliver it to them? Jay says I became hiding it in my bag and Ishaan knew my code so he took it from my bag. Vishal says we nevertheless understand how they’ll make the map so we are able to prevent them. Tejasswi says you need to agree with us that we are able to prevent them from making the map. Nishant says however you all promised us which you received’t permit them to make the map however now you’re pronouncing you gave the portions to them? You human beings are ensuring that your alliance at the jungle aspect stays intact. If you human beings need to play one by one then inform us proper now. Shamita, Nishant and Pratik move from there. Vishal talks to his group, Vishal tells Tejasswi to now no longer deliver them too many tips, our loyalty is with the jungle group. Jay says I actually have promised the jungle group so we are able to’t inform Shamita and Nishant that they may be sewing the puzzle portions. Tejasswi says best however we must make up a lie so Nishant and Shamita can agree with us. Vishal says we don’t must. Nishant, Pratik and Shamita come to them. Pratik tells Vishal’s group that when you have a few loyalty with them then clearly inform us so we are able to play one by one. Vishal says we are able to inform you how they may be going to make the map. Vishal says they may be practising a way to make the map so we are able to make it in 60 seconds. I used to exercise with Tejasswi, Jay and others. We did marking and used to exercise each night time so we ought to make the map in 60 seconds whilst the time comes. Shamita laughs and says wow, Pratik says they may be like in a race movie. Vishal says I used to stay wide conscious each night time to exercise it however now I am now no longer on that aspect so those biscuit boys can’t do it. They can’t stay wide conscious.

Umar and Donal begin sewing the puzzle portions.

Jay tells Shamita and Nishant that we need to block them once they get the puzzle portions from the cave. Tejasswi says it’s very hard to combat Ishaan and Umar.

Day 14
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the music Kajra re. They all dance. Tejasswi dances with Nishant.

Vishal talks to the digital digicam and says I like waking up withinside the residence. I slept on an amazing bed so it became appropriate.

9:30 AM
Nishant tells Karan that Vishal may be very smart. Tejasswi is fine. Karan says I am glad that Vishal and Jay are long gone from this aspect. Nishant says they suppose they are able to deceive me and I might be a idiot? Karan says they may be fine to their personal human beings however you and I aren’t a part of their group.

9:forty five AM
BigG enters the residence. He leaves the letter. Ishaan reads that all of them need to run internal however who will subsequently move in?

10 AM
Karan tells Simba, Ishaan and Umar to cover luggage internal their jackets. They do and disguise withinside the washroom. Karan offers them a knife that will reduce portions. Karan tells Miesha and Vidhi to now no longer inform something to Simba, and Afsana as they are able to spit it out to others.

11:30 AM
Ishaan tells Karan that I understand your agree with in me should be shaken. Karan says I don’t have an option, we’re in a survival mode so all of us must agree with every different. Ishaan says I understand you should be doubting my intentions after the undertaking. Karan says it’s best. The buzzer performs so Vidhi, Ishaan and Karan run to the cave. They take the puzzle portions. Afsana grabs Akasa and her blouse tears. Akasa says what are you doing? You opened my blouse. Shamita closes her button and says she is mad. Karan and Ishaan pop out of the cave and run away. Vidhi hides from anybody and runs with the portions. Vishal and Akasa are attacking Ishaan. Jay assaults him too. Afsana is making an attempt to shield Ishaan. Simba and Umar get into the combat additionally. Karan grabs Nishant’s leg and pushes him away. He pushes Karan farfar from Ishaan. Karan pulls Vishal farfar from Ishaan. Afsana grabs Akasa’s blouse again. Shamita says don’t open her blouse’s buttons. Afsana asks her to get misplaced. Shamita says you’re so insulting. All are grabbing Ishaan. Miesha is grabbing Tejasswi however Pratik receives Tejasswi unfastened from her. Umar asks all of them to prevent it. They are all attacking Ishaan to get the puzzle portions. Umar asks Jay to now no longer hit him. Donal attempts to seize Tejasswi. Shamita attempts to shield Tejasswi and falls down. All are grabbing every different. Jay fights with Simba. All are nevertheless looking to take the piece from Ishaan. Shamita attempts to take it from Umar. Pratik takes the piece from Umar and runs away. Ishaan runs away with Miesha with the puzzle portions and hides withinside the washroom. Pratik hides the piece in his bag. Others are nevertheless combating for the ultimate puzzle portions. Vishal is grabbing a bit however Ishaan snatches it from him and runs away. Tejasswi grabs him. Vidhi assaults her. Shamita hides the piece on her bedside table. She attempts to present the scissor to Jay however all of them say it’s risky so that they hold it away. Akasa cries and says Miesha-Afsana are gambling dirty. Miesha opened my blouse buttons. Akasa says the whole lot is in a single bag. I actually have marked it.

12 PM
Akasa cries and tells Afsana which you tore my pinnacle, you’re so shameless. Afsana additionally stated that I like displaying off my br*asts. Afsana says Akasa maintains roaming round together along with her blouse’s buttons open all of the time. Tejasswi shouts at Afsana that it’s her preference if she desires to open her buttons however who’re you to rip her blouse? I will now no longer spare you in case you contact her pinnacle again. I will ruin your face in case you try this again. Shamita says Afsana is shameless. Akasa cries withinside the nook and tells Vidhi that she tore my blouse, I became defensive Miesha and Donal and he or she did this with me? Vidhi asks Akasa to extrade her pinnacle.

12:15 PM
Tejasswi tells Akasa that I misplaced it whilst she stated that Akasa maintains roaming round together along with her buttons open so what? That offers her the proper to rip Akasa’s blouse? Akasa has the selection to hold her blouse’s button open or now no longer however Afsana has no proper to rip her blouse. Afsana involves Akasa and says I didn’t suggest to rip blouse. I stated your buttons are loose, I didn’t say which you roam round with the blouse’s buttons open shamelessly. Akasa says I don’t need to speak to you. Shamita asks her to head away. Afsana says no one is aware of you Shamita. If you need to speak to me then come by myself and combat. Shamita says to begin gaining knowledge of to recognize human beings. I will speak to you tomorrow. Afsana says Jay took off my pinnacle however then nobody cared? Jay says she is pronouncing garbage things. Shamita asks her to get misplaced. Afsana says she is an oldie female. Afsana tells Tejasswi which you are appropriate for not anything, you may simply make meals like a servant.
Nishant tells Shamita that we need to burn the puzzle portions that we stole from them, Shamita says I will.

Afsana says I can ask for forgiveness to Akasa if I am incorrect however I need that reasonably-priced female Shamita out of the residence.

1 PM
Karan tells Afsana that Akasa may be very aggressive. She is withinside the residence after dishonest however nevertheless combating with us.

Pratik asks Akasa to calm down, we’ve got a variety of power. Akasa says I were given to understand they may be hiding it in Vidhi’s bag.
Afsana tells Karan that I will speak approximately Tejasswi’s non-public lifestyles now. She can simply smoke however I can ruin her face. Karan says don’t say all that, it’s incorrect.

Jay tells Vishal that Afsana is pronouncing a lot garbage, I can’t undergo it anymore.

2 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that nobody is running on their 100�pacity proper now. If you hold displaying bodily aggression then a person gets harm and received’t be part of the finale. We hold supplying you with warnings however your bodily aggression maintains going up. The manner you all had been looking to clutch the puzzle portions from every different these days became absolutely incorrect and we condemn it. If you repeat it then we are able to punish you in a manner so one can make you all remorse all this. The inmates all ask for forgiveness to Bigg Boss. Nishant says you may you operate your thoughts in place of your muscle.

2:30 PM
Jay tells Afsana which you stored kicking me for no reason. Afsana says I kicked him as soon as most effective. Karan says I mistakenly kicked Donal additionally, he hugs her and says sorry. Afsana says they may be all shit in the front of me.
Jay tells Nishant and Pratik that we don’t have lots time to get the map portions from them so how can we use our minds? We must block them proper away.
Vishal tells Shamita and others that we must make certain that Afsana doesn’t come withinside the residence soon, she can be able to make our lives hell.

three PM
Donal tells Jay that we’re simply protecting it however you human beings are attacking us for no reason, Shamita became giving scissors to you which of them ones became so risky. Jay says we didn’t use any scissors.

Karan tells Miesha that Jay doesn’t like Donal dull him. Miesha calls Jay there and says I understand you didn’t need to pay attention to Dona’s rant. Donal comes there and says don’t say all that. Miesha says I am simply supplying him meals.

Donal tells Karan that I hold giving recognize to Miesha however she makes amusing of me each time. I don’t insult her like she does. Karan says she became simply joking.

three:30 PM
Tejasswi asks Afsana if I were given indignant on you then you definitely suppose it’s approximately me being in any other group? Afsana says I didn’t speak approximately Akasa roaming round together along with her blouse’s buttons open. I simply stated that her buttons are already loose. Tejasswi says I heard it that manner. Afsana says I simply don’t like Shamita, I don’t have anything in opposition to others however I don’t like her at all. I don’t need to win the show, if I am trustworthy then human beings will like me. I don’t have any grudge in opposition to you. Tejasswi says me additionally, they hug every different.

three:forty five PM
Jay and Shamita reduce their puzzle portions in small portions to flush it withinside the toilet.

Shamita tells Afsana which you are a liar. Afsana says I will in no way ask for forgiveness to you. You have achieved not anything in lifestyles.

Vishal tells Karan that Shamita, Pratik and Nishant stored asking us approximately your method for the map however we didn’t inform them which you human beings are sewing it. Nobody has advised them this mystery so don’t fear. Just be cautious, Afsana can inform Nishant whilst he instigates her. If Nishant and Pratik understand approximately the sewing element then it becomes hard that allows you to make it. I am vouching for you and the jungle group so don’t fear approximately. Tejasswi and Jay received’t inform it to Nishant and Pratik.

The episode ends.


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