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Day 43
10:30 PM
Vishal tells Karan that women will come as wild-playing cards now. We can convey women in this side. Jay and Shamita will try and convey Nishant on their side. Karan says don’t fear approximately that.

Shamita cries and tells Neha that he didn’t actually have the decency to mention bye to me. Neha asks if he didn’t inform you? He should have now no longer regarded he might be taken out. Shamita says he knew, he have to have talked to me and I could have understood. What is this?

Vishal tells Umar that if Shamita turns into a VIP then I will deal with her, it’s true that Raqesh isn’t the sport anymore. Tejasswi says Shamita became now no longer mentally organized for Raqesh to leave. Vishal says I will deal with her for the sport.

Shamita tells Neha that I can’t play grimy games, I can’t accept as true with this taking place with me on countrywide TV. She snicker cries. Neha says we’re together, don’t fear.

11:30 PM
Karan asks Nishant if a person isn’t true from the coronary heart then you definitely shouldn’t be friends. Vishal didn’t even console Shamita whilst she were given to realize approximately Raqesh. Vishal stated that he could manage Shamita as Raqesh isn’t right here anymore. How can he say all that for her whilst he calls her a sister? I felt terrible for Shamita. He tells Nishant to now no longer say this to all and sundry.

1:15 AM
Nishant tells Neha that Vishal stated once more that Raqesh isn’t coming returned so he’s going to use Shamita for the sport. Karan didn’t like Vishal’s phrases.

1:forty five AM
Tejasswi asks Karan in case you need VIPs to fight? Karan says no. Tejasswi says Vishal stated the ones phrases for the sport. Karan says I don’t like Vishal’s phrases, he’s so unethical, I can’t even take a seat down with him. Tejasswi says Vishal won’t disagree. Karan says I am leaving, he is going from there. Tejasswi says Shamita will aid Vishal and we becomes villains.

2:15 AM
Tejasswi asks Karan if we take one-of-a-kind stands then what? Karan says we are able to have distinction of critiques. Tejasswi says I will do what I assume is right, you’re a candy individual and those will take gain of it. You have to concentrate to me. Karan says I am like this, am I a liability? Tejasswi says no, no person can come among us.

three AM
Vishal asks Karan what happened? Karan says Shamita became crying, I felt terrible for her however you have been considering the sport only.

Day 44
Jay asks Karan what’s he questioning in phrases of the sport? Karan says I actually have recognize for you. I could pick out you over others.

12:30 PM
Karan tells Tejasswi that whilst you aid Vishal then I don’t find it irresistible. Tejasswi says Vishal has been utilized by the alternative side. Karan says I don’t assume you have to take a stand for Vishal.

2:15 PM
Vishal asks Shamita if she is sad? She says no. Vishal says whilst you are by myself then you definitely make a bond with me however whilst others come then you definitely distance your self from me. Shamita says humans stated a few matters that’s why I distanced myself from you. I desired to spend time with Neha and Raqesh greater. I talked to then you I found out I have to believe you, I sense comforted once I speak to you, I believe you. I nonetheless accept as true with you won’t wreck my believe however in case you do then I will see it myself this time.

three PM
Vishal tells Umar that we don’t actually have ration. What if Karan’s ex comes into the display? I assume Shamita is more potent than Tejasswi. Umar says Shamita talks with readability however Tejasswi is falling down in love.

Shamita asks Vishal if the whole thing is ok with Karan? His eyes regarded red. Vishal says a person bullied him in his youth so he became emotional for Rajiv. Shamita asks why became he indignant? Vishal says he wishes all VIPs on one page. Shamita asks who’s his choice? Vishal says he’s going to in no way inform that.

5:30 PM
Neha tells Rajiv that Tejasswi cried for you however she didn’t care approximately Afsana bullying others? Rajiv says it became all drama however I thank Tejasswi. Neha says it’s all drama from Tejasswi.

6 PM
Rajiv tells Pratik that you may’t use potatoes that you left early. He tells Nishant to scold Pratik as he’s losing meals now. Pratik says those aren’t stale, I will use them.

7:15 PM
Shamita is withinside the confession room. Bigg Boss says you may exit for a few checks however you won’t mingle with all and sundry. Shamita leaves the residence.

9:15 PM
Rajiv tells Karan and Nishant which you have to have selected me as opposed to Vishal. Look at his clothes. Karan laughs. Rajiv says Vishal has emerge as so egoistic as he thinks he’s a VIP now. You ought to have selected all and sundry besides Vishal.

9:forty five PM
Nishant, Umar, Karan and Tejasswi begin dancing. All others snicker at them. Rajiv begins offevolved dancing with them.

11:15 PM
Rajiv tells the digital digicam that provide all VIP ration to us, they don’t provide us some thing. Vishal has been bragging approximately the meals there.

three:15 AM
Nishant asks Simba why am I now no longer emotional? Simba says you’ve got got emerge as more potent due to lifestyles lessons. You have an emotional bond with Pratik. Nishant tells Pratik that in case you win the display then I assume I will win the display. I will find it irresistible if Pratik wins the display.

Day forty five
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the tune goray goray mukhre. They all dance.

Pratik says they have got taken all toiletries away. Rajiv asks if we’ve damaged policies once more? Vishal says they have got taken all meals from VIP room additionally.

eight:forty five AM
Tejasswi says there may be any other lady getting into the residence. Vishal says what if any other pumpkin is brought. Vishal says Karan’s ex is probably coming. Nishant says we can name her Shruti despite the fact that her call is one-of-a-kind. Tejasswi runs and hugs Karan.

10 AM
Nishant jokes with Rajiv. Tejasswi says to present him time to convey up an problem. Nishant says Rajiv is preventing for potatoes.

Jay tells Nishant which you scold others however you didn’t say some thing to Pratik whilst he wasted potatoes. Pratik cooked them and made others eat, we are able to get ill. Rajiv says Nishant in no way says some thing to Pratik. Nishant says it’s a one-of-a-kind matter. Rajiv says you maintain scolding me for losing meals however Pratik is fine? He is your buddy so he can do some thing.

11:15 PM
Rajiv tells Pratik that after I requested for one spoon of flour then you definitely all get indignant however you may waste potatoes easily? Nishant tells Jay that potatoes had fungus so we needed to throw them away. Nishant says Rajiv’s critiques are useless. Karan tells Nishant that it’s now no longer your activity to attend to the residence’s ration, you have to care approximately VIP room meals only. It’s their hassle if potatoes went stale.

Jay says Nishant maintains cornering Rajiv. Nishant says I care approximately meals rationing, I don’t have anything in opposition to Rajiv. He can cope with the kitchen and I don’t care. Rajiv says we don’t have a ration, if I had accomplished what Pratik did then you definitely could have scolded me so much.
Simba is making meals and takes recommendations from Neha.

1 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we opened the VIP sector ultimate week. You all realize the significance of the VIP room. It’s time to announce any other advantage for being a VIP. Only VIP participants will deal with the residence topics from now on. He says Umar’s time of the captaincy has ended,

VIPs will deal with the residence now. They will make the housemates paintings, VIPs won’t do any family paintings, they may provide responsibilities to different housemates. There is a responsibility board withinside the storeroom, VIPs will write there approximately the responsibilities. VIPs will ensure that the housemates do their responsibilities. VIPs cheer up. Vishal tells Umar that we need to be cautious approximately this. They convey the board outside. Nishant says permit’s pick out Simba and Pratik for the kitchen responsibility. Nishant tells Rajiv that’s karma paying you returned.

VIPs come to their room to speak. Tejasswi says Rajiv and Pratik can cook. Nishant says I don’t need Rajiv withinside the kitchen. Karan says permit’s Jay easy the residence. Tejasswi says we are able to’t even wash our private dishes. They need to do it. Karan says I will worsen them additionally.
Rajiv tells Pratik that I don’t thoughts slicing. Pratik says there is lots of slicing, you may’t do it by myself.

1:15 PM
Vishal tells the inmates that we’ve idea approximately the responsibilities. Nishant says Rajiv and Simba will do the kitchen responsibility. They will do breakfast, lunch and dinner. They will do slicing additionally. Tejasswi says they may easy the kitchen additionally. Nishant says we can divide ration for the residence. Tejasswi will assist me with it. Nishant says Neha and Pratik will do cleansing responsibility. Jay will do lavatory responsibility. Karan says Jay will easy the jungle location additionally. Jay says that’s now no longer withinside the lavatory responsibility. Tejasswi says we’ve determined it. Karan says Jay will take out trash additionally. Jay says my responsibility is the toilet location so why will I take out trash of the residence? Tejasswi says you need to do it on extrade days. Umar says cleansing group has to scrub dishes additionally. Neha asks Jay to allow them to speak.

Tejasswi says Jay you don’t want to present an opinion. Karan says we can inform you what to make withinside the meals. Vishal says Rajiv and Simba can recommend it. Nishant says we can speak it with you humans, don’t fear. Vishal says we aren’t right here to rule you guys. Tejasswi says you humans have to observe the agenda, once I say to begin slicing then do it. Nishant says Rajiv will manipulate the whole thing. Tejasswi says however in the event that they don’t manipulate it then.. Pratik says no person is loss of life hungry, we can manipulate it.

Tejasswi says I will inform you approximately the agenda. Pratik says who’re you? Tejasswi says I am a VIP, I will provide you with a agenda and you need to observe it. Pratik says Rajiv chefs quicker than you. Jay says Rajiv and Simba can deal with the kitchen responsibility, you don’t need to get them organized around. Tejasswi says Simba and Rajiv don’t have an problem why is Jay speakme on their behalf? Nishant tells Neha and Pratik that they have got to scrub dishes additionally together with cleansing.

Neha says no person washes their private dishes, please ensure they wash them. Pratik says we can simply wash cooking dishes, we won’t wash cups and plates. Karan says you need to wash our dishes. Pratik says it’s now no longer like that. Neha says captains wash their very own dishes. Neha says we won’t do it, they could punish us. Tejasswi says we are able to’t do any paintings, you need to wash our private dishes. Pratik says we won’t do it. Nishant says I will wash my private dishes, I don’t care approximately others. Umar says we had determined some thing else inside,

Nishant why are you converting your statements? We determined that they may wash our private dishes. Nishant says I listened to them and agreed to scrub my very own dishes. Umar says we are able to’t do any family paintings. Neha says captains usually wash their very own dishes, you may punish us however I won’t wash private dishes of all and sundry. Nishant says I will do what I were doing until now, I will wash our very own dishes. Tejasswi says if it’s like that then we can do all our private paintings. She tells Nishant that he shouldn’t have modified his decision. Nishant tells Vishal that we need to deal with the kitchen. I don’t need others to scrub my private plates and cups. Umar tells Tejasswi that Nishant modified his statement. Nishant tells Vishal that if I am consuming some thing then it’s my private matters.

Tejasswi says we can do all our private paintings? I need them to do all our paintings. Do you need us to appear to be we aren’t doing our private paintings however you’re doing all your private paintings? Do you need us to appearance terrible? Nishant says I felt like I have to wash my very own dishes so I am announcing it. Pratik says they could spit and we can easy it. Karan tells VIPs that they have got to scrub our private dishes, in the event that they don’t do it then we need to cause them to do it. Neha tells Karan that even captains do their very own private paintings, they wash their very own private dishes additionally. Tejasswi says we are able to’t do any family paintings.

1:30 PM
Tejasswi tells Nishant that in case you modified your thoughts then you definitely have to have mentioned with us first, it’s simple decency. Nishant says if I need to scrub my very own plate then how is it a massive deal? Umar says you have been speakme on VIPs behalf. Tejasswi says you made us all appearance terrible as you flipped there. Nishant says I didn’t alternate responsibilities. Tejasswi tells Nishant that I need to be truthful with every department. If we’re washing the dishes then we have to easy our beds additionally. Karan tells Nishant that Bigg Boss actually stated we won’t do any paintings withinside the residence. I don’t need to lose my supermegacelebrity. Tejasswi says if we need to have tea then we can make it ourselves. Karan says Bigg Boss gave us the strength to cause them to paintings. Umar says we are able to’t cause them to slaves.

Karan says what if Bigg Boss takes away your supermegacelebrity in case you are doing all your very own paintings? Nishant says if I need to provide away my supermegacelebrity simply to scrub my dish then I will provide it away. Vishal says don’t play individually, we can all lose this supermegacelebrity. Nishant says Tejasswi is taking it to an extreme, she wishes us to easy our beds, make our tea and whatnot. Tejasswi says cleansing your mattress is a private thing. If we’re washing our private dishes then we can do private responsibilities in each department. Karan says if Bigg Boss desired us to emerge as notable saints then why could he provide us this task? Umar says the housemates will need to do quite a few paintings so we are able to’t cause them to do our private responsibilities additionally.
Neha tells her group that permit’s align we won’t do their private paintings. They all agree. She says Tejasswi has no not unusualplace sense. Pratik says they’re appearing like we’re slaves. I won’t

2 PM
Vishal asks VIPs if we are able to do all our private responsibilities? We will make our snacks and whatnot. Neha comes there and asks Umar to scrub his glass. I will wash it for now. Umar says I washed your dishes additionally Neha, don’t pinpoint at me.
Nishant tells Rajiv that I had a miscommunication. Pratik says we are able to have an opinion additionally. Nishant says you don’t permit me speak. Pratik says your ego maintains getting hurt. Nishant says I became seeking to make clear however you don’t concentrate to me. Pratik says you’re on an ego trip.

2 PM
Bigg Boss asks VIPs to inform him what responsibilities they have got given to the housemates? Vishal says Rajiv-Simba will do the kitchen responsibility, Neha-Pratik will do cleansing, Jay will do the washroom cleansing. Bigg Boss says VIPs will now no longer do any paintings, they could’t even do rationing. They will provide different responsibilities to the inmates additionally. Karan says I will write greater responsibilities. He tells Jay that he’s going to easy the indoor jungle additionally. He says Pratik-Neha will do bed room cleansing additionally. Karan says we can wash our very own dishes. Tejasswi says we can neglect rationing. Pratik can do rationing.

2:30 PM
Pratik says I am now no longer right here to scrub humans’s socks. Jay says I will die however I won’t wash a person’s private dishes.
Karan tells VIP participants that we need to cause them to do our paintings. If we’re visible doing the paintings then we aren’t doing our task. We have compromised on washing our very own dishes however we won’t do some thing else. They will do all of the paintings. We have to now no longer be visible operating withinside the residence and that’s our task. They all accept as true with him.

The episode ends.


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