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Day eleven
The inmates are combating withinside the venture. Karan is snatching canes from Afsana. Afsana assaults Miesha. All others price at them. Umar says Miesha is getting harm. Vidhi attempts to take the bucket from Donal. Umar tells Jay to transport farfar from Miesha. Miesha cries that she is getting harm. Shamita asks them to be careful. Karan attempts to tug Jay away and receives irritated. Nishant pulls him again and asks him to loosen up. Don’t do this. Karan huffs in irritated. Miesha cries withinside the corner. Karan says they preserve pulling us. Miesha says they had been pulling my hair. Umar tells Afsana which you are kicking humans. Pratik indicates Umar’s face to Shamita. Umar tells Shamita that you need to prevent them, they’ve torn my clothes, what’s all this? Shamita says you’ve got got executed plenty Umar, you’re charging at humans too. Miesha is going in the back of Vidhi. Vidhi is harm so Miesha cleans her up. Umar shouts at Ishaan that your crew is gambling badly. Miesha comes and attempts to assault Donal. She tells Donal which you have harm me and Vidhi badly. You have pulled my hair nonstop. Pratik asks Miesha to loosen up. Miesha receives irritated and attempts to take Tejasswi’s bucket. Akasa pulls her again and says you’ll get harm. The gong performs as all people is combating with every different. Bigg Boss says this spherical has ended so that you all must prevent now. Ishaan shouts Umar is getting the venture rejected. Afsana offers juice to Vishal. Karan asks Afsana to get misplaced. Umar says Tejasswi is the usage of water. Vishal says our bucket is empty. Shamita asks all of them to prevent it. Nishant tells Shamita that I noticed Afsana’s bucket and it had juice. Pratik says I additionally noticed them. Shamita asks Pratik to prevent it, they took the bucket to the washroom which isn’t allowed. Shamita says no person is the winner on this spherical. You all are gambling like holigoons. Miesha cries and tells Karan who’s Donal to tug on my hair? Karan says we gained this spherical however Shamita needs them to win. Miesha curses and says she is an animal. Karan says they may be gambling with out brains.
Shamita tells all people to pay attention to her. She says you could’t take the bucket to the washroom in which there’s water and you could use it. Umar indicates his wound at the face and says Shamita is on their aspect that’s why she will be able to’t see all this. Shamita shouts at Pratik and Nishant to now no longer pounce on her. Nishant asks Shamita to loosen up and pay attention to him. You simply have to test the extent in their juice. Shamita says however they are able to’t take the bucket to the washroom.

eight PM
Nishant tells Shamita which you don’t need to agree with me however I noticed Ishaan’s crew hiding the juice withinside the washroom vicinity. Shamita says they are able to’t take it to the washroom. Nishant says there’s no such rule, you could’t make your personal rules. Pratik says they are able to conceal it. Shamita says they might however that they’d a water deliver withinside the washroom vicinity. If you each need to pounce on me then do it. I am simply the usage of my not unusualplace sense.

Jay tells Karan that everybody is cursing now. Can’t you all see now? Afsana says I gained’t spare Umar.
Ishaan cries and tells Simba that I can’t take all this. Miesha is harm and Umar saved attacking us. Simba says you’ve got got attempted your best. Ishaan says I simply pass over my mother. Simba hugs and consoles him.
Miesha tells Tejasswi that our play is to grab from you all. We are weaklings so we’re combating.
Ishaan tells Simba that Miesha became pushing me again, it harm me. I actually have nominated myself for her however she is doing all this for a venture? Simba says you got here by myself on this residence, Miesha is a pleasant female however don’t neglect about why you’re right here. You got here right here with out Miesha so that you need to play by myself. Ishaan says you’re right.

Pratik tells Shamita to go searching so she will be able to see what others are doing. Shamita says don’t inform me what to do. Pratik says you misplaced OTT additionally due to this. Shamita says you had been in no way honest in OTT additionally. Nishant tells Shamita to do what she thinks is right.
Umar tells Afsana that every other crew became to your aspect however you couldn’t consider them? Akasa asks Umar to cease it, supply her a few space. Miesha involves Ishaan and hugs him. Ishaan says you saved pushing me, you saved cursing me. Miesha says most effective you could get irritated? I can’t?

Afsana pours water into her juice bucket. Vishal says no person noticed it.

Karan tells Nishant that they hit Vidhi badly, we nonetheless fought by myself. They made an alliance to combat us collectively. Nishant says Shamita’s choice became wrong.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that today’s time for the venture has ended.

eight:30 PM
Shamita tells Jay and Vishal that I am now no longer gambling a honest recreation as I gave greater cane sticks to you. All are pouncing at me now. Shamita calls Nishant and says why are you asking me to pretty while you recognize we made a % with Vishal’s crew. Nishant says I am now no longer asking you to play pretty, we are able to make Vishal’s crew win. Shamita says if I am operating on our plan then why are you calling me unfair? We three determined to want Vishal’s crew. Pratik says it became your choice, I requested you to play pretty. I saved telling you to offer identical canes to them. Shamita says all of us determined collectively to make Vishal’s crew win. Nishant asks them to prevent it, we are able to speak this later on.

Miesha scoffs Shamita’s honest play and says she didn’t supply us cane sticks.

nine PM
Jay tells Miesha that I noticed you cheating, you poured water withinside the bucket. Miesha says I promise I didn’t do it. I don’t have an difficulty with you making an alliance with Ishaan’s crew. The most effective difficulty is that Donal and Afsana had been hurting us. They can’t pull on hair, use their nails and scratch our faces. That’s simply wrong. Jay says that’s wrong. Miesha says Donal is gambling a grimy recreation. Ishaan comes there and tells Jay that I am gambling with Afsana who doesn’t pay attention at all, I saved looking to prevent her however she doesn’t pay attention. Jay tells Ishaan that I became equipped to appoint myself for Miesha, I recognize you’re on our aspect.

nine:30 PM
Vidhi tells Shamita that Donal became scratching our faces together along with her nails. Jay says study Umar’s face. Vishal were given harm as she threw a bucket. Donal comes there and says I don’t have lengthy nails. Miesha says I noticed you pulling on my hair. Donal says my face became scratched. Karan kicked me so difficult after which Miesha scratched my face. Miesha says yes, we’re all lying? We will communicate the following day withinside the venture. Donal says I didn’t contact Vidhi. Miesha says we are able to see in which we reach. Donal says the fact constantly wins.

nine:forty five PM
Donal involves the bags vicinity and cries. She tells Karan that Miesha is lying, I didn’t scratch her face. Karan says you had been pulling me so difficult. Donal says I don’t have nails, I am now no longer a idiot to hit a female. I became simply dodging Miesha. Miesha stated that she can be able to reduce to rubble my face. Miesha says while? Karan tells Donal that I am now no longer blaming you however I am telling you it did happen. Donal says I were given harm too.

10:15 PM
Nishant tells Shamita that humans turn in this show. I can’t surely consider Vishal. Shamita says what might you do in my position? Nishant says I might play pretty. Shamita says one crew has to return back withinside the residence so are you able to consider them? Nishant says I am now no longer trusting absolutely each person so I gained’t experience horrific. Shamita says then how are you going to experience horrific once I am trusting a person and they may backstab me?

Donal tells Vishal that Ishaan will make Miesha win. Vishal says he can’t do something as Shamita is on our aspect.

Shamita tells Nishant that why is Karan feeling horrific that I didn’t select him? He might throw me beneathneath the bus while the time comes. Nishant says why now no longer Jay? Shamita says Vishal is the most powerful so we want him on our aspect. Nishant says you realize it? Shamita says yes.

Vishal tells Donal that I made a actual reference to Shamita, she calls me brother. I made her the captain so she is paying us again. Vishal says while we cross withinside the residence then I need to peer who’s on my aspect for actual. I most effective consider Shamita on this residence.

Shamita tells Nishant that I consider Vishal most effective. I really experience he’s like my brother so I need to go along with my heart. Nishant says fine.

eleven PM
Nishant tells Karan that I consider you and Pratik. Karan says Pratik doesn’t consider me, what have I executed? Nishant says you’re doing the whole thing for the sport. Karan says I don’t have a choice. Nishant says you’re right. He tells Karan that Shamita is bought on Vishal’s plan. He stated that he gained’t assist you to make the map if he is going withinside the residence. He stated that he holds the strength over you. Karan says I performed a faithful recreation with them however he backstabbed me. It’s right that I actually have visible their actual faces.

eleven:30 PM
Tejasswi tells Nishant that Vishal is aware of approximately our map plan. Nishant says Vishal promised us that if his crew is going withinside the residence then he gained’t permit others make the map. Tejasswi says Vishal made a bond with Shamita and made her a captain, it became his strategy. Vishal made all this bond with Shamita for the sport however I am with you for actual. Vishal can extrade his aspect however I gained’t. I will help you. I will let you know if Vishal comes to a decision to make the map. Nishant says I will attempt to store myself from Pratik and Shamita’s circle. I will help you if Vishal is going towards his word.

eleven:forty five PM
Tejasswi tells Vishal that Nishant is on our aspect however you’re certain that if we cross withinside the residence then we gained’t allow them to make the map right? Vishal says no, I promised Shamita. Tejasswi says if making a decision to make the map then I gained’t help you. Vishal says I gained’t cross towards you and Shamita. I most effective consider you each. Vishal says I don’t like Jay as he doesn’t pay attention. Tejasswi says we 3 promised every different for the reason that start. Vishal says I am simply sharing it with you. It’s tough to speak to him. He is my pal so I don’t need to combat with him, he shouldn’t make my existence tough.

12:30 AM
Karan tells Ishaan which you are a idiot to make an alliance with Vishal. Ishaan says we had to. Karan says we must reflect onconsideration on the map. If Vishal and Tejasswi cross into the residence then who will make the map? Vishal is wise and he’s fooling Jay. Jay is harmless and doesn’t assume an awful lot. We all recognize Vishal and Tejasswi have the puzzle portions. Ishaan says you must communicate to Jay. Karan says permit Jay get backstabbed via way of means of them first. Ishaan says Vishal is near Jay. Karan says however Vishal is gambling him now.

12:forty five AM
Tejasswi tells Vishal that I am feeling guilty. We have executed difficult paintings for the map and now we need to ditch it. Jay says we gained’t inform Shamita and Nishant in which we’ve got saved the puzzle portions. Vishal says yes, we gained’t inform them in which the map is. We have to inform Shamita and Nishant to preserve an eye fixed on you all at night time time. We need to cause them to agree with us. You all could make the map however we are able to act like we’re on Shamita’s aspect.

Karan tells Tejasswi that while you cross withinside the residence you then definately gained’t permit us to make the map right? Tejasswi says we’re gambling on each sides. Nishant doesn’t need you all to make the map. Karan asks how an awful lot are you able to consider Vishal? Tejasswi says I don’t recognize, he’s perplexing me. I advised Vishal that I will constantly play with the jungle crew.

2:15 AM
Tejasswi offers the puzzle portions to Donal and Miesha. Tejasswi asks Donal to cover it. Ishaan asks Donal to cover it in Karan’s bag. Donal places it in her bag. Miesha says why are you maintaining it with yourself? Donal says I actually have made it. Ishaan says I don’t care in case you preserve it however Karan requested me to preserve it in his bag. Donal says I will communicate to Karan. Tejasswi says my loyalty to the jungle crew, I actually have sewn the ones carpets myself so it’s my difficult paintings too.

Day 12
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the tune huge picture. They all dance. Vishal desires desirable morning to anyone.

Karan asks Shamita that Vishal instructed Donal and others that you’re going to make him win. He saved pronouncing he made a percent with you so that you aren’t going to play pretty. Pratik says Vishal is manipulating anyone. Nishant tells Karan to now no longer allow Vishal make whatever, you could forestall him from getting the juice. Karan tells Shamita that Vishal stated to Donal in case you don’t select him then he’ll backstab you. Shamita says I believe Vishal, he wouldn’t say that.

nine AM
Ishaan tells Karan that Jay agreed to assist us make the map. I will must maintain an alliance with Jay and Vishal, they have got performed pretty with us. Karan says they may be now no longer gambling pretty. Jay knew he won’t be going withinside the residence then he requested Vishal to present him the puzzle portions. Jay isn’t always gambling pretty. I need Jay to head withinside the residence. Vishal is ensuring we’re in opposition to every different so he and Tejasswi can move withinside the residence. He is fooling anyone.

nine:forty five AM
Karan tells Shamita that my trouble isn’t always with you selecting Vishal. We are gambling difficult withinside the project then you definitely being unfair appears awful. Shamita says I believe him greater however in case you combat then I will make you win. Karan says if we play pretty then you may supply us a chance? Shamita says in case your stage is up then Vishal then I will make you win.

10 AM
BigG leaves the letter. Akasa reads that the sport is exciting as jungle inmates ingesting every different.

10:15 AM
Karan tells Umar that we must get Vishal killed withinside the project to alternate the entirety. Vidhi tells Karan that Vishal thinks handiest he and Tejasswi could make the map. Karan says Vishal is flaunting being huge minds with the aid of using hiding the map however he’s backstabbing us all. He ought to have talked to me and instructed me that he desires to move withinside the residence then I could have supported him. We are all in pain, he saved displaying sympathy however that is what his actual face is? Umar says you’re proper.

Umar involves the washroom location and hides puzzle portions.

10:30 AM
Shamita tells Nishant that Vishal didn’t say whatever to anybody however Karan is pronouncing all this to me. Karan took Donal’s call and stated that Vishal talked to Donal approximately my cope with him. Nishant says you must ask Karan. She calls Karan and asks while did Vishal let you know that he made a percent with me? Karan says he’s talking approximately it to others. Donal says he didn’t say whatever to me so why did you are taking my call in the front of Shamita? I had no dialogue with Vishal approximately his percent with Shamita. Vishal says who did I communicate with? Shamita says I need to clean it out. Vishal tells Karan that I stated I and Tejasswi have labored difficult to make the map however I didn’t say all that. Karan says we are able to realize what you mentioned after the project ends. Shamita says I am making my method so don’t say all that. Vishal tells Karan which you have been in opposition to my crew so I couldn’t communicate to you. Karan says you didn’t take guarantees with Shamita? Vishal says my reference to Shamita is withinside the open. Karan says Shamita isn’t always being honest due to Vishal. I am now no longer pronouncing Vishal is dishonest us. Vishal says you will have performed the identical. Karan says no, I could have instructed you approximately my alliance with others. You made an alliance with Shamita however you didn’t inform us. Karan says we are able to see after the sport, the entirety can be clean.

eleven AM
Shamita tells Ishaan and Donal which you simply guard Vishal’s crew. You can supply cane sticks to Vishal’s crew so he could make the juice and kill Karan’s crew. Once Karan’s crew is out of the sport then you definitely each can play pretty.

eleven:30 AM
The buzzer performs and all run to get the puzzle portions from the storeroom. Umar takes it even as Afsana is grabbing Pratik. Umar hides the portions in Vidhi’s bag.

12 PM
Shamita tells Karan that I am taking returned my word. I instructed you in case you play pretty then I will make you win however then you definitely went round and talked badly approximately Vishal. So I can’t make you win even in case you play pretty. I will maintain it open, it is able to be a honest or unfair recreation for me. Karan says I instructed anyone that you may play pretty. Shamita says you could tell them now. Karan says our device is damaged additionally. Shamita says you could’t select every other device, it’s my rule.

12:15 PM
Ishaan tells Nishant that Karan thinks if Vishal comes withinside the residence then he won’t allow us to make the map. If Karan’s crew comes withinside the residence then he’ll permit us to make the map. Shamita says I don’t need Karan withinside the residence proper now. Pratik says I could have performed a honest recreation however when you have selected Vishal then play with him now.

12:30 PM
Vishal asks Afsana what’s her trouble with him? Afsana says I didn’t like while you stated I could cheat on my crew. Vishal says I don’t have anything in opposition to you. Afsana says I will do what I need to. Donal says your movements could make us all lose. Afsana says we’re already losing. Vishal says I in no way manipulated you.

1:forty five PM
Vishal talks to Vishwa Sundari. Sundari says you maintain coming to me. Do you need to mention something? Vishal says no person is like you. Sundari asks who will take over who today? Vishal says many human beings suppose I am being biased in opposition to others. Jay and Tejasswi are near me so Karan is instigating anyone in opposition to me. We have all labored difficult to make the map. Simba, Ishaan, Umar, Vidhi, Donal and others have labored collectively however now equations will alternate. I like sporting Karan’s garments so I could be unhappy once I must move withinside the residence however human beings are egocentric here. Ishaan says while can we get our garments? Sundari says then you need to entertain me. Vishal says sure. Vishal mimics Amitabh Bachan to entertain Sundari. He acts like crying for Ishaan and Tejasswi’s garments. All laugh. Sundari says I appreciated it, move and take your apparel from the cave. They all cheer and visit take their garments. Ishaan, Miesha, Vishal, Tejasswi and Simba take their garments.

three PM
Karan tells Umar, Vishal and Jay that I felt awful while you made a plan with Shamit. I didn’t like Jay and Vishal going in opposition to my crew. He tells Vishal that in case you and Tejasswi move withinside the residence then I could be glad for you. Karan tells Vishal that a person instructed me approximately your plan with Shamita so I didn’t communicate awful approximately you. Karan says a person additionally stated which you don’t need me to head withinside the residence. Vishal says human beings are filling your ears in opposition to me. I in no way stated that I and Tejasswi are going withinside the residence. I can in no way say that I don’t need you withinside the residence. Karan says I am simply telling you that human beings are pronouncing all this. Jay says we are able to let you know if we make a plan like this the following time. Karan says we are able to combat withinside the project however I felt awful. Vishal says it’s a mistake from us.

three:30 PM
Shamita tells Umar that you could’t alternate the machines. Umar says it’s now no longer written anywhere. I even have selected every other device. Shamita says it’s a continuation of yesterday. Karan asks Umar to depart it, we are able to use the identical device. Nobody is following regulations here. Karan says my device doesn’t work. Vishal exams it and says it’s transferring however it’s now no longer sharp threads. Umar says Shamita can’t make her very own regulations. Karan says allow it be.

four PM
Akasa tells Vishal that I will conceal the juice in my garments. I can use a flour box additionally.

The buzzer performs and the project starts. Shamita offers sticks to Donal, Jay and Karan equally. They all begin making the juice. Afana attempts to assault Vishal’s crew. Tejasswi says our device isn’t always operating properly. Vishal makes use of power to make it work. Afsana is hitting Vishal with sticks. He says don’t do it. Karan makes use of the device to take out the juice. Afsana maintains attacking Vishal’s crew. Akasa shouts at her to now no longer assault her. Afsana hits her with the stick. Akasa ignores her. Akasa hides the juice in her garments. Vidhi hides it in her garments too. Ishaan facilitates Vishal’s crew to make greater juice. The gong performs and the project ends. Afsana is going at the back of Akasa. Akasa shouts at her to depart, you could’t do whatever because the spherical ended. Akasa offers the juice bucket to Ishaan. Karan indicates his bucket. Shamita says Ishaan has greater juice so his crew wins. Ishaan says I need to kill Umar. Umar says don’t pour over my head. Vishal says he isn’t always doing whatever wrong. Umar says Ishaan is a pal so allow him communicate. Vishal says sorry.

four:15 PM
Ishaan says my device isn’t always operating. Only Vishal has a great device.

Vishal asks Akasa to take Donal’s shaker. Akasa says she would possibly get angry. Vishal says I will communicate to her.

Afsana says Bigg Boss is being partial, I will positioned my hand withinside the device.

The episode ends.


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