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Weekend Special
Salman welcomes anybody to the display. He says a few visitors went into the residence and performed a sport.

In the House:
Siddhant Chaturvedi and Sharvari Wagh input the residence. Siddhant and Sharvari dance with the inmates. Pratik dances with Neha. Siddhant says we’re selling our movie. Sharvari says we are able to play ‘maximum-desired’ sport. You have to inform who’s maximum desired to you after which throw grimy water on them.

Neha: Sharvari asks who does gossip the maximum? Neha says Karan. He talks at the back of humans’s backs. He is a coward. She throws grimy water at him and says allow’s make clear that we don’t like every different. Neha attempts to hug him however he actions away.
Shamita: Sharvari asks who’s the maximum egocentric individual? Shamita says it’s Nishant, he makes use of humans. He doesn’t care approximately his buddies, he hurts them and thinks they may recognize him. Nishant says you don’t make clear matters together along with your buddies, you don’t even speak to me. Shamita says I don’t manipulate my buddies, he doesn’t even make clear matters with me, he can betray me however he appears in the attention while doing it. Nishant says you don’t accept as true with your buddy, you aren’t constantly right. Shamita pours grimy water on him.

Rajiv: Siddhant asks who irritates you the maximum? He says Pratik. He pours grimy water on him. Rajiv says that is the payback. Pratik says he poured throughout my face, I can’t even see.

Tejasswi: Sharvari asks who’s the maximum cheater withinside the residence? Pratik says she ought to take her personal name. Tejasswi says what? Umar says allow her speak. Tejasswi says I had a dialogue with Neha and he or she mentioned having morals. Neha says I am without a doubt at the face. Shamita tells Tejasswi which you don’t recognize her so she isn’t always cheating. Tejasswi says I requested her however she didn’t solution me. Neha says I don’t want to reply you. Tejasswi says you couldn’t say you’re an sincere individual. Neha says my morals are that I am an open book, I don’t conceal at the back of Karan. Karan asks Neha to calm down.

Neha says you’re a scaredy-cat, you don’t even combat with all and sundry. Tejasswi says if he doesn’t combat then that doesn’t suggest he’s a coward guy. Neha says you humans speak at the back of backs so that you are cheating. She asks Tejasswi to live farfar from her now. Tejasswi says I changed into being great to you. Neha says you speak at the back of my lower back however then provide me inexperienced tea, at the least be actual. Tejasswi says I changed into honestly asking you approximately inexperienced tea.

Pratik says they didn’t even recognize the regulations in the sport and attempted to store Afsana. Neha says Tejasswi might have been sincere that she desired Afsana to win the sport. I will now no longer assist you to throw grimy water on me. I will throw on you also. Tejasswi says it’s fine, you could throw water on me. Neha says I don’t accept as true with your reason. Tejasswi says she desired me to inform her what my sport is. Neha says they don’t even allow all and sundry play the sport, why could faux to be fair? Siddhant and Sharvari chortle at them arguing.

Neha and Tejasswi maintain shouting at every different. Pratik says Neha is right. Umar asks Neha to be a sport. Karan says she will’t be. Tejasswi says she will throw water on me, it’s fine. Siddhant jokes that I didn’t recognize inexperienced tea could be so risky to health. All chortle. Neha tells Tejasswi that I even have constantly been sincere with anybody. Tejasswi pours grimy water on her shoulder. Neha says she isn’t always pouring on my face, that is her dishonesty. Tejasswi says she can be able to should get prepared for the weekend episode.

Karan: Siddhant asks who’s the maximum undesirable individual withinside the residence? Karan says it’s Neha, she has commenced gambling video games considering she entered. She continues speaking approximately outdoor matters, she acts like a vamp after which she has true ethics. Neha says I don’t speak at the back of humans’s lower back like you. Neha says Karan does transactions with humans, he doesn’t do friendships. Karan says you’ve got got messed humans’s relationships right here. Neha says you’re a coward. Karan says your sport is grimy. I changed into speaking to Raqesh however you stored filling humans’s minds with filth. Neha says you chortle while humans are preventing, you have been giggling while Pratik-Nishant have been arguing also. You display problem to Shamita however then chortle at the back of her lower back. Karan says anybody can see your sport. Karan pours grimy water on him. He throws water in her ears. Neha pushes him away. Karan pours on himself and says you smash houses. You are a vamp. Shamita says why is he calling her a vamp? It’s incorrect.

Jay: Sharvari asks who’s maximum self-centered? Jay says it’s Vishal. He desires to be on each side. Vishal says I am a VIP and also you aren’t. Jay says I don’t ditch my buddies like you. Jay throws grimy water at him.

Umar: Siddhant asks who’s the maximum irritating? He calls Pratik and says he constantly has to argue. He has to argue with humans who’ve not anything to do with him. Pratik tells him that he’ll communicate up while some thing unfair is taking place. I am now no longer a follower like you. Umar smacks him with grimy water. Pratik fees at him. Rajiv and Karan pull them apart. Pratik throws grimy water at him. Umar fees at him and says I won’t spare you. Karan holds Umar lower back. Siddhant and Sharvari are stunned. Umar says you’re a ****, get lost. Pratik asks him to close up. Tejasswi asks Pratik to take a seat down down, there are visitors. Pratik says Umar commenced it. Umar asks him to get lost. Pratik says you’re a *****. Umar says you’re a ****. Neha tells Umar which you shouldn’t have thrown water at him this manner. Siddhant shouts at them to prevent it. Neha tells Umar to prevent it. She tells Tejasswi how are you going to shield Umar? He changed into incorrect. Shamita asks Neha to quit it.

Vishal: He has to inform who’s the maximum clueless inmate. He chooses Jay however Jay argues with him. Jay says you’re useless, you’re disloyal. Vishal chooses Simba and says he doesn’t recognize what’s taking place in the sport. He pours water on him. Jay says Vishal simply speaks on weekends.

Nishant: Siddhant asks who’s maximum sudden to attain until right here? He says I will select Rajiv, he has to mention some thing in each matter. He pours grimy water on him.

Simba: Sharvari asks who’s the maximum double-confronted individual? He says Vishal is constantly there in each difficulty after which talks to others approximately it. Vishal hugs him and laughs. Simba pours water on him. Pratik and Umar are nevertheless arguing. Shamita asks them to prevent it.

Pratik: Siddhant asks who spits maximum venom right here? Pratik throws grimy water at Umar and says he curses so much.

Siddhant and Sharvari want them success and leave.

Neha tells Tejasswi that I even have in no way been cheating to you. If you didn’t like me calling your boyfriend a coward then inform me that. Tejasswi says yes, I didn’t like it. She says Karan is a gentle individual so I don’t like while you say such things as that. I don’t like while you goal Umar as he’s emotionally weak. Neha says Umar isn’t always weak, he talks to me however you in no way speak to me. Tejasswi says you maintain focused on Umar, I don’t like it. Neha says we argue, I am now no longer preying on him. Tejasswi says you may in no way goal me, you maintain focused on Umar. Neha says you don’t have good judgment so how can I argue with you.

Tejasswi says you known as me shrewd only a few mins ago. Neha says Umar talks to me on my face not like you. Pratik says she didn’t like which you known as her boyfriend a coward. Tejasswi says yes, I didn’t like it. Umar says humans have names right here, don’t name them someone’s boyfriend or buddy. He tells Pratik that you could’t also be a faithful buddy. Pratik says Tejasswi known as Karan her boyfriend, I didn’t do it. Umar says you could’t also be a faithful buddy to Nishant. Pratik asks him to get lost. Umar says you don’t have any guts. Pratik says I will see your guts, you don’t have any guts in your ****. Umar says your hobby in the ones **** simplest. I recognize what your pursuits are, don’t speak approximately this stuff with me. Joke approximately this stuff with Rajiv simplest.

Shamita tells Jay that they’ve grow to be suggest considering they have become VIPs.
Jay asks Karan if he desires to select Pratik or Jay as a captain? I heard Vishal announcing that he would really like to look my face after Pratik will become a captain. Karan says we in no way talked awful approximately you. Jay says you constantly reward me however you in no way select me.
Shamita tells Vishal that he isn’t always speaking approximately what he thinks. Shamita says Umar is likewise clueless. You should have taken his name, Simba isn’t always clueless. Vishal says I don’t agree.

Umar tells Tejasswi to now no longer name him emotionally weak, I paintings with individuals who are injured and in awful states. I in no way say which you are emotionally weak, no one could make me a prey so don’t make humans assume I am emotionally weak, simply be cautious approximately your phrases, don’t be protecting approximately me.

Jay and Vishal begin arguing. Jay asks him to get lost. Vishal says you speak like this at your residence? Jay says you’re a reasonably-priced guy that’s why I am speaking like this. Vishal says you’re a awesome guy, I am now no longer. Jay asks him to get lost. Vishal says maintain displaying your actual self. Jay says you’re a goon and reasonably-priced. Vishal says yes, you’re a awesome guy and I am now no longer.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the decision to the residence. He says a few visitors got here into the residence and performed a challenge. He asks Karan if he notion Neha could say the ones phrases for him? Karan says I didn’t anticipate it earlier than however she has been calling me a coward, she continues telling Umar that I don’t assist him withinside the fights, she has a trouble with me giggling also. Neha says after I met him first, he attempted to be my buddy however then he commenced speaking at the back of my lower back. Salman asks how you obtain to recognize? Neha says we are able to listen them from VIP, Umar admitted to a few matters also.

Karan can speak to me on my face, I don’t like while he talks at the back of my lower back. Karan says what did I say at the back of your lower back? Salman says I even have the equal question, why did she confront Karan clearly? Neha says he talks to me however then he says at the back of my lower back that he could make Pratik a captain after which Neha could cry. Karan says we in no way had that dialogue. Neha says Umar admitted that Afsana changed into incorrect in the sport however he supported her over me. Salman asks what Karan has to do with that? Neha says if Karan changed into seeking to be my buddy then he ought to were clean with me that he changed into helping Afsana. They don’t like me due to the fact I am Shamita’s buddy. Karan says it’s now no longer like that.

Salman asks Nishant if he transferring farfar from Shamita? Nishant says yes, I had an awesome bond together along with her and Pratik however we should play for ourselves now. I am taking harsh choices now however I even have my reasons. I even have given her space, she doesn’t need to speak to me. She stated matters to me withinside the challenge, she should have had a civil communique with me however she doesn’t need to so I will maintain my distance.

Salman tells the inmates that allow’s speak approximately what befell among Pratik-Umar today. He tells Umar which you did the equal mistake which Pratik did with Rajiv. Umar says he continues speaking approximately my *****, I informed him to now no longer comic story with him as he does with Rajiv, I informed him I am now no longer Rajiv a good way to take his jokes. Pratik says it’s now no longer like that. Salman asks Pratik if he is aware of the which means of these phrases? Pratik says Nishant used it earlier than. Nishant says it method bum. Salman says this phrase is utilized in a totally derogatory manner. Umar says Pratik continues announcing that phrase, I simply informed him that I won’t take his jokes as Rajiv does. Pratik says he stored announcing that I even have the ones pursuits and all that. Salman says Umar is right, in case you maintain announcing that phrase then Umar could assume you’ve got got the ones pursuits. Salman tells Umar which you threw away meals in anger, is that fine? Umar says now no longer at all. Salman says you’ve got got had a struggled lifestyles together along with your brother however you’re doing this? Umar says I am ashamed. Salman says don’t disrespect meals. Umar says I am very sorry approximately that. Salman ends the decision.

In the House:
Tejasswi tells Rajiv that Umar changed into praising you. Umar tells Rajiv which you ought to prevent Pratik from announcing the ones phrases to you also. I will in no way taunt you. Rajiv says simply be cautious. Umar says I were your buddy, I in no way insulted you, you’re my brother. Rajiv says ok.

Shamita asks Rajiv if he’s fine? Rajiv says I am without a doubt involved approximately this topic, they maintain dragging me on this mess. He begins offevolved crying and says I don’t recognize what’s being projected. Neha and Shamita console him. Pratik says I am sorry. Rajiv says they maintain speaking approximately this and bearing on it to me. I am certain some thing need to were shown. Shamita says they’ve praised you simplest.

On the Stage:
Salman welcomes Rani Mukherji at the stage. He dances together along with her on Teri Chunariya. He makes her take a seat down down. Rani promotes her movie. Salman jokes together along with her. Rani says after I got here right here closing time, you stated you’ll have a child quickly, wherein is it? Salman says it’s withinside the making. Rani laughs. Salman performs a headphones sport together along with her. She has to wager what phrases he’s announcing at the same time as sporting headphones. Rani says I even have labored with Salman plenty and while he enters the set, it looks as if a God has arrived. She performs a headphones sport with him. Rani praises his nature. Salman laughs.

Salman connects the decision to the residence. He introduces Rani to them. All cheer up. Rani says you constantly play false impression balloon challenge however this time you need to inhale helium and say some phrases. She asks Neha to sing jag ghoomiya after breathing in helium. Neha sings it and all chortle. Rani asks Karan who he likes the maximum withinside the residence? Karan says I like Tejasswi. Rani asks him to inform five matters he likes approximately Tejasswi. He inhales helium and says she is beautiful, caring, gorgeous.

All chortle. Rani asks Simba to mention her movie’s communicate after breathing in helium. He says it funnily, all chortle. Rani asks Shamita to do a hindi nursery rhyme with out the use of an English phrase. Shamita inhales helium and sings a rhyme. All chortle. Rani asks Tejasswi to reward herself. She inhales helium and says I am amazing, pleasant contestant, entertaining, amusing and I take my stands. All clap for her. Rani makes Salman inhale helium and asks him to reward her. Salman says Rani is the pleasant.

Rani asks the inmates to inform who cheats the maximum withinside the residence? Who is disloyal as a buddy. You should select Bunty and Bubli of the residence.
Pratik: He says Karan is a con-guy, he’s gambling a sport with anybody the use of different’s emotions. He says Babli is Neha.
Jay: He says Nishant is bunty and babli is Tejasswi.

Neha: she says this couple Karan-Tejasswi is a con-couple. They play a smart sport. She offers the tag to them.

Shamita: she offers the con-guy tag to Nishant and offers the con-girl tag to Tejasswi as she has a smart mind.

Simba: He offers the con-guy tag to Karan and performs with humans cutely. He offers the con-girl tag to Tejasswi as simplest she will manipulate Karan as a babli. Tejasswi says I like my crew with Karan. We are favorites of every different, we’re bunty and babli of the residence. all chortle.
Umar: He offers the con-guy tag to Vishal as he manipulates humans with phrases, he sells matters which he doesn’t even personal. All chortle. He offers con-girl tag to Neha as she continues making techniques the use of outdoor global statements.
Nishant: He offers the Bunty-Babli tag to Karan-Tejasswi. He says I am a son of them. All chortle.

Rani desires them success and ends the decision. Salman asks how do you want them? Rani says they’ve individuality so I like that. Salman welcomes Siddhant and Sharvari at the stage. He says you each created a typhoon withinside the residence. Siddhant laughs and says we have been simply doing our challenge. Salman promotes their movie. Siddhant receives emotional seeing Salman and says I were his big fan. Salman hugs him. Salman dances to their song. Salman desires them success for his or her movie.

In the House:
Vishal tells Umar that Nishant has a gentle-nook for Jay. Tejasswi says they recognize every different for 7-eight years. Umar says I even have visible Nishant and Karan preventing so I don’t accept as true with those antique friendships. Vishal says Nishant constantly receives irritated with Pratik however he in no way says something to Jay. Tejasswi says they get irritated if we even revel in ourselves, they’re obsessed on us.

On the Stage:
Salman says it’s time to speak approximately the removal. He connects the decision to the residence. He says Rajiv, Neha, Simba, Pratik, Jay and Shamita are nominated. We will let you know approximately the removal however allow’s play a sport first. Salman says simplest VIP contributors will play the sport. Each VIP member will take out the doll from the doll-residence and inform us who doesn’t should be withinside the residence.

Vishal: He takes Jay’s doll and says while he fights, he talks beneath the belt. He calls me potty, I stink, I am a goon and whatnot. He forgets that his own circle of relatives is watching, he doesn’t care. I am happy with wherein I am. I am like this and could in no way change, my language isn’t always right however I need to request him if he desires to combat then do it however don’t pass beneath the belt. It’s my request.

Karan: He says I will take out Neha’s doll, she is constantly pitting humans in opposition to me. She continues announcing that she has visible my sport and whatnot. She ought to prevent gambling infantile video games.

Tejasswi: She takes out Pratik’s doll and says he has stated many awful matters, it’s absolutely unacceptable. I don’t he merits to be withinside the display with this mindset.

Umar: He takes out Shamita’s doll and says her involvement isn’t always plenty withinside the residence. When her buddies got here, she has modified her attitude. She is displaying her man or woman now due to the fact she has her buddies’ assist now. She desires humans to expose her personality. I am by myself right here and constructing relationships however she is getting the assist of others to expose her personality.
Nishant: He takes out Rajiv’s doll and says he doesn’t have many equations withinside the residence. His troubles are very fundamental and while he desires to elevate his voice then he stays silent.

Salman says allow’s speak approximately the nominations now. Salman says there can be NO ELIMINATION today. Two inmates have already left. Shamita says what? Salman says Raqesh is ok medically however he desires to take a relaxation so he has determined to now no longer come lower back. Raqesh isn’t always coming lower back. Shamita receives emotional. Salman says you don’t want anybody, simply play your sport. Shamita nods. Salman ends the decision.

In the residence, Neha consoles Shamita. Shamita says he ought to have come. Neha says you’ll be with him outdoor. Shamita says he runs away as quickly because it receives a touch tough. I knew some thing changed into off while he changed into leaving, he knew while he changed into going however he didn’t inform me. Neha says he fell ill so his morale need to be down. Shamita says he shouldn’t have come then. I recognize he changed into ill however the manner he went out, he knew it and didn’t tell me. Rajiv and Neha console her. Shamita says I don’t need to speak approximately it, I am done. She leaves from there.

Salman symptoms and symptoms off from the episode.

The episode ends.


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