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Day 11
eight PM
Shamita tells Miesha that I actually have destroyed your footwear so that you can use my slippers. I understand you need to be disappointed proper now. Miesha asks Pratik if he took her footwear? Shamita says he didn’t understand. Miesha cries. Shamita says I will ask my stylist to ship new footwear for you. Pratik had no idea. Pratik hugs and consoles her. Shamita tells sorry to Miesha and says I didn’t need to do it. Miesha says no person is there to ship some other pair of footwear for me.

eight:30 PM
Shamita asks Pratik why can’t Miesha’s dad and mom ship new footwear? Pratik says she misplaced them. Shamita cries so Pratik says you didn’t understand that. She takes her footwear and asks Pratik to name her there. Pratik calls Miesha. Miesha involves Shamita. Shamita hugs her and says I am sorry, I didn’t understand. She asks her to select one pair of footwear. Miesha says I am now no longer allowed to take it proper now. Shamita says you may usually take it from me later on. Miesha says mine changed into now no longer luxurious as yours. Shamita says that’s now no longer an issue.

eight:30 PM
Ishaan tells Jay that Umar is smart. He informed me that Miesha is fooling me however Miesha informed me that he desired to create a love triangle together along with her withinside the residence. Jay says human beings combat after which grow to be buddies right here as not anything happened.

eight:forty five PM
Pratik tells Nishant and Shamita that they took sugar and kheer from the residence. Nishant says they can’t preserve coming withinside the residence like this. They don’t even ask us earlier than taking objects. Pratik says we have to forestall them. Shamita says they’re going in opposition to the rules.
Vishal is going into the residence and steals a few objects. He tells the digital digicam that my belly is hurting so I am taking it.

nine PM
Karan asks Shamita what have to he do approximately Jay? Shamita says Jay is aggressive, he’s cursing Pratik the usage of his mom. Karan says Jay maintains grudges inside. At least Pratik is making an attempt to alternate so he’s higher than Jay. Nishant tells Karan that Pratik didn’t instigate Jay at all. Simba comes there and says Pratik changed into speakme to all of us, he changed into now no longer taunting Jay. Umar says yes, he changed into now no longer pointing at Jay. Simba says Jay shouldn’t have cursed his mom like that, nobody might undergo it. It’s now no longer proper what Jay did. Karan says I will speak to Jay.

12 AM
Vishal tells the digital digicam that we had an excellent assignment today. We gave a hard combat to the housemates and received. Goodnight.

12:30 AM
Miesha tells Vishal that Pratik will speak to her if she isn’t always sitting with Ishaan. Vishal says in case you aren’t with Ishaan then he’ll doubt. Miesha says Pratik will assume I am combating with Ishaan, we combat each night time and Pratik is aware of that. Vishal says we ought to make a pathway so we ought to preserve Pratik farfar from the puzzle portions. Tejasswi asks Donal if she can be able to do it? She isn’t always sleepy proper? Donal says now no longer at all.

Miesha and Ishaan are collectively. Ishaan asks her if she tells Pratik approximately their fights? Miesha says they’re lovable fights, don’t be irritated.

12:forty five AM
Ishaan tells Miesha that in case you are telling Pratik approximately us then it’s now no longer true. You have a records with him. Miesha says it changed into not anything, I changed into simply buddies with Pratik. I actually have in no way favored him back, he favored me. Ishaan says you shouldn’t have informed him approximately our fights. Miesha cries and is going right into a corner. Ishaan attempts to hug her. Miesha says don’t contact me, I don’t need human beings to peer us combating however don’t speak to me. Ishaan says I changed into now no longer speakme approximately your records with Pratik. Miesha says you pointed out it in the front of the digital digicam, human beings aren’t silly. Ishaan says I am now no longer pronouncing some thing. Miesha says simply close up, don’t say some thing. Bigg Boss asks Miesha to put on her mic. She does and ignores Ishaan. Vishal comes there. Tejasswi is becoming a member of puzzle portions withinside the washroom. She tells Vishal that I am running on it.

1:forty five AM
Tejasswi and Donal deliver joined puzzle portions to the garden. Tejasswi begins offevolved making pathway. Donal is maintaining an eye fixed at the OTT individuals. Tejasswi places the portions at the pathway and says it seems excellent. Vishal says simply conceal it for now. We want extra puzzle portions to finish it. We will do it tomorrow. Tejasswi places the portions below her bed to cover them. Vishal asks them to sleep now.

3:forty five AM
Miesha tells Ishaan that don’t say matters which you don’t need to in the front of the digital digicam. Ishaan says I received’t permit all and sundry query your character. I promised on my sister who’s like my daughter that I love you. I am now no longer gambling games, I simply love you however I ought to preserve telling you that I am now no longer gambling a game. We didn’t have a father and I actually have visible my mom cry for 12 years so I actually have appreciate for women. Miesha says you’re affecting me. She cries so Ishaan consoles her and says I simply love you. I actually have began out seeing the destiny with you. Miesha says I actually have consider troubles and it’ll take me time. Ishaan says take some time baby. Miesha says I am going from right here. Ishaan pulls her in his lap. Miesha hugs him tightly.

Day 12
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the music ghungroo. They all dance. Tejasswi dances with Vishal and Jay. Karan dances with Vidhi.

nine AM
BigG enters the residence. Ishaan teases him. He leaves the letter there. Umar reads that the jungle is full of sweetness and poison. There are deers, timber and lions there.

nine:15 AM
Nishant tells Pratik that I can in no way consider Vishal. He attempts to place me down. He is silly cunning, he thinks handiest he have to be pleasing withinside the residence. He doesn’t even combat withinside the tasks.

10 AM
Shamita tells Ishaan to spend a while with Umar as he’s responsible. Ishaan says however he’s focused on me for no reason. Ishaan tells Shamita that Umar changed into in the back of Miesha from earlier than the display. He requested Miesha to make a approach with him so they may combat with Praitk withinside the residence. Then Miesha met withinside the residence and Umar didn’t like it.
Umar is going into the bed room and steals the steamer. He and Karan take it. Umar steals bread and different objects additionally from the kitchen.

10:forty five AM
Pratik involves the washroom and unearths the steamer hidden there. He says what’s all this? He asks who did it? Vishal says Karan need to have completed it. Pratik takes it to the bed room and tells the jungle inmates to now no longer use the primary washroom. Shamita says we ought to smooth it. Karan says I am additionally cleansing it. Shamita says however it’s now no longer allowed, I actually have visible you stealing objects additionally. Karan says we have been joking, we are able to deliver the steamer and different objects back. You have to guard your refrigerator additionally. Shamita laughs.
Pratik tells Akasa that human beings aren’t even cleansing the washroom after the usage of it. Afsana comes out of the washroom.

12:30 PM
The buzzer performs and extra puzzle portions arrive withinside the cave. Simba and Ishaan take it. Ishaan runs farfar from Pratik and Nishant. Pratik attempts to move in the back of him however Karan holds him back. Ishaan hides the portions in Jay’s bag.

1:30 PM
Jay tells Karan that I didn’t curse Pratik’s mom at all. Karan says Pratik’s common sense is that he has to paintings at the assignment. Jay says that’s excellent however he can’t shout at me. Karan says he did it? Jay says yes, Pratik doesn’t say some thing to you that’s why he maintains screaming at me. Vishal says don’t speak approximately Pratik. Jay says I can’t take out my aggression. Vishal says simply keep away from cursing him at all. Jay says he instigates me for no reason. Vishal says Salman has already positioned him in place. Jay says I simply argue with him withinside the assignment. Vishal says simply keep away from cursing him. Karan says Pratik is going mad while you curse his mom. Jay says he’s assuming it, I didn’t curse his mom. Vishal says simply don’t curse at all, you’re a senior so simply keep away from it. Jay says all of us has cursed on this residence, those are hints to place one individual down. Vishal says however doesn’t positioned down yourself. Jay says I will attempt my excellent however I can’t promise it. Karan says I will attempt to forestall you. Vishal says we are able to be there with you.

5:30 PM
Tejasswi reads the assignment ‘poison’s terror’. The assignment will show up among jungle inmates. There might be 3 groups and whoever wins becomes housemates together with Shamita, Pratik and Nishant.
– Team Tigers may have Jay, Vishal, Tejasswi and Akasa.
– Team deers may have Ishaan, Donal, Simba, Afsana
– Team vegetation may have Vidhi, Karan, Umar and Miesha.

In the primary spherical, the groups will take canes from Shamita and use the system to take out the juice. Only Shamita will determine which group gets what number of canes. The group will ought to guard their juice from the alternative group. After the spherical ends, Shamita will determine which group has the maximum juice. In the following spherical, the winner of the primary spherical will take the juice to Pratik and Nishant’s lab and get poison from them. They can use that poison to kill different inmates. It’s a jungle so tigers can handiest kill deer. Deers can handiest kill vegetation. Plants can handiest kill tigers. If one group is killed absolutely then the ultimate groups can kill every different. At the stop of the assignment, the group with the maximum alive individuals will win the assignment. Shamita might be the referee of the assignment.

Vishal tells Tejasswi that if we win the assignment then we don’t ought to make a pathway. I can promote this to Nishant.

Vishal tells Nishant that if we win the assignment then others can’t make the pathway. Nishant says okay.
Vishal asks Jay to move and speak to Nishant.
Shamita tells Pratik and Nishant that I consider Vishal. Nishant says I don’t.

Vishal tells Shamita that Karan is with Pratik and Nishant so that you make us the winner then I might be for your group. Tejasswi, Akasa and I might be with you if we’re withinside the residence. Shamita says I am with you.

6 PM
The buzzer performs and the assignment begins offevolved. Vishal tells Shamita that I am a candy guy so deliver me canes. I actually have true members of the family with all of us. Simba says I actually have in no way fought with all and sundry, I really want to show a factor so I want it. Karan tells Shamita that I need to go into the residence and go away this place. Shamita says what’s my gain? Vishal says my group will assist you, you understand me and Tejasswi are strong. Nishant and Pratik attempt to speak however Shamita stops them. Simba tells Shamita we becomes your strength. Karan says I am their weakness. Shamita offers a few canes to Simba and Karan. She offers the maximum to Vishal. Nishant attempts to forestall her however she says we are able to have extra rounds.

All groups begin putting off the juice from their machines. Umar attempts to steam from Jay’s group. Jay pushes him away. Nishant asks them to be cautious, you’ll get harm. Umar steals from Tejasswi’s group additionally. Nishant and Pratik are dressed as lab scientists. Nishant says they’re in the end gambling for themselves. Umar is attacking Jay’s group and throws away their container. He assaults Simba’s group additionally. Vishal expenses at him. Bigg Boss asks all of them to forestall. Jay is grabbing Umar. Bigg Boss says don’t lose patience. Tejasswi says they’re all breaking matters around. Umar is throwing their containers. Shamita asks all of them to forestall it, you may’t spoil the container. Afsana says Umar isn’t always stopping. Nishant shouts at them to forestall it, concentrate to Shamita. Shamita asks all of them to forestall gambling. You can throw every different’s juice, you may thieve canes however don’t harm every different, don’t spoil the container. You all ought to determine the way you need to play. Shamita tells Umar which you broke their container. Shamita asks them to begin again. Akasa expenses at Umar and says he dropped our bucket. Bigg Boss asks Ishaan to be cautious of the usage of the system, he’ll get harm. Umar is blocking off Akasa and Vishal. Karan says don’t do it. Miesha is protective the bucket from Vishal. Karan asks Vishal to now no longer do it. Akasa steams their canes. Vishal leaves their bucket. Karan asks Umar to thieve a few canes. Umar attempts to thieve from Ishaan. Ishaan asks him to get misplaced, you’re a nalla. Umar shouts at him. They each rate at every different. Nishant and Pratik take Umar away. Umar says he’s cursing me. Nishant asks him to calm down. Umar says Ishaan referred to as me nalla. Simba asks him to move away. Ishaan says it’s now no longer a curse. Donal asks Umar to move away. Vidhi attempts to thieve from Donal. Bigg Boss asks Ishaan to apply the cope with of the system, you may get harm. Afsana says Umar has harm me. Umar says you may move domestic then. The gong performs and the primary spherical ends. Shamita asks all of them to forestall.

6:30 PM
All groups have organized their juice buckets. Shamita asks every group to reveal their containers. Pratik asks Shamita to speak to them. Bigg Boss says it’s Shamita’s choice handiest so Pratik and Nishant received’t speak to her. Ishaan tells Shamita that our juice changed into thrown away. Shamita tells Umar that your manner of gambling is wrong, you’ve got got attacked human beings for no reason. Umar says they began out it. Shamita says I will disqualify you in case you assault others again. Simba says he’s useless. Umar says who’re you? Get misplaced. Shamita says the tiger group (Vishal’s group) received this spherical. Umar says this Simba has simply completed Splitsvilla and a few soaps. You are useless.
Nishant asks the tiger group to take poison from them. Tejasswi says we need to kill Simba the usage of this poison. Umar says that is Simba’s level. Tejasswi says Simba is powerful that’s why we’re killing him. Simba asks Umar to get misplaced.

7 PM
Shamita tells Vishal to play their game. Vishal says we are able to make a % with the deer group so we will get Umar killed. We can’t kill the vegetation’ group directly.
Miesha tells Vishal that I am excellent with human beings seeking to grab canes from me however they shouldn’t harm me.

Pratik asks Akasa to simply guard herself.

Vishal talks to Ishaan and Donal. He says Karan isn’t always doing plenty however Umar is the primary player. Simba says Karan is taking the juice from the system so permit’s take Karan out. Vishal says I will our juice in your group. He leaves. Afsana asks Simba if I can combat each the groups? Simba says yes, do it.

Shamita tells Nishant that Vishal promised him if he enters the residence then he received’t permit the jungle group make the pathway. Nishant says Tejasswi is powerful additionally so it’s a win-win for us.

Vishal tells Ishaan and Donal that we shouldn’t have taken Simba out of the assignment. We each ought to combat collectively to take out vegetation.

Ishaan talks to Afsana and says Vishal is gambling a game. Afsana says I understand, I will throw away juices of each the groups. Ishaan says I will provide you with a hint. Donal says we will’t throw away the juice after the buzzer performs.

Nishant tells Karan that Shamita is taking Vishal’s side. Karan says I understand their weaknesses so Shamita have to do not forget it. Nishant says I am simply telling you.

7:15 PM
Nishant tells Shamita if Vishal is going in opposition to us then what? Shamita says I can take a assure for Vishal and Akasa. Tejasswi has an excellent equation with you. Pratik says deliver identical canes to every group. Shamita says no, it’s my preference so I will do it as I need to. Nishant says I am now no longer asking you to now no longer do it. Shamita says Vishal has assured me he received’t allow them to entire the pathway, simply consider me. I received’t betray you each. Nishant says I consider you and Pratik handiest right here. Shamita says we will’t consider every other group.

Vishal tells Simba’s group if Karan is going withinside the residence then he’ll make an alliance with Nishant and Pratik as he’s buddies with them. If I move withinside the residence then I will make an alliance with Shamita however I received’t ditch you human beings. I am together along with your group.

Karan tells Umar that I don’t care approximately the canes. We simply received’t allow them to make juice now. Shamita is giving them extra canes so we ought to do it.

7:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that their ardour indicates the significance of the display for them however they ought to be cautious while running at the system. If a person receives harm then it’ll be difficult. We have requested Ishaan to be cautious so withinside the subsequent spherical, all and sundry the usage of the system must be very cautious. They all nod. Shamita tells them that I will provide you with canes then it’s on me. I can provide you with greater canes if I like your paintings. I am the referee so I could make rules. Karan says instances will alternate Shamita.

7:forty five PM
The buzzer performs, Shamita offers canes to Karan, Jay and Vishal. Umar says Simba can’t be a part of the assignment. Simba says you’re a coward Riaz. Show a few strength, oh you don’t have it. Umar says in the end you opened your mouth. Simba says you may in no way be like your more youthful brother, he has reached stardom even as examine you. Ishaan is going and steals the canes from Vishal. Vishal says what are you doing? Karan runs and takes a water bottle. Tejasswi says that is cheating. Shamita takes the water from Karan. Umar throws Afsana’s bucket. She receives irritated and assaults Miesha. Ishaan’s group is attacking Miesha as she is making an attempt to guard her bucket. Afsana throws Vishal’s bucket. Vishal say what are you doing? We are one group. Vidhi is attacking Miesha too. Umar says Miesha is getting harm. They all rate at her. Karan is combating Vishal and Jay off of her. Shamits screams oh my God, cautious with the girl, she will get harm.

The episode ends.


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