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Bigg Boss 15 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 11
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the track Big Picture. They all dance. Vishal tells the digital digicam that I like Ranveer so thanks for gambling his track. Tejasswi tells Vidhi that until after I will maintain carrying others’ clothes? I am getting disillusioned now. This Bigg Boss toddler doesn’t pay attention to me.

eight:15 AM
Vishal talks to the digital digicam and says it’s a unique day for me. I need to want Amitabh Bachan a totally glad birthday. I used to look at your films and dream approximately turning into an actor. I deliberate to end up an actor after looking your film Deewar. He mimics Amitabh’s dialogues and says thanks a lot for uplifting me, you’re my God. He receives emotional and says thanks a lot for everything. Happy birthday to you, God bless you.

nine AM
BigG enters the residence and leaves a letter there. Vishal asks him to dance. BigG dances with them. Simba reads the letter which says you may do whatever withinside the jungle and win in opposition to others.

nine:30 AM
Tejasswi says correct morning to Donal however she ignores them. Jay tells Tejasswi that Donal isn’t always making breakfast. It’s constantly past due. Tejasswi says it’s now no longer approximately making meals, it’s approximately staying power and do it every day. You need to paintings all day to prepare dinner dinner. It’s now no longer approximately being an amazing prepare dinner dinner.

Donal asks Karan who need to I communicate to approximately kitchen duty? Vishal says you need to talk this with the kitchen crew. Karan says you all get past due in cooking, we get lunch on the dinner time. Vidhi comes there and asks Donal to assist them. We all want to be there to make breakfast. Donal says I am doing it every day. Vidhi says we’re doing it every day too. We don’t even take a break. We need to be quick. I don’t recognise a way to prepare dinner dinner an omelet that’s why I am asking you. Donal talks to Shamita and says we want greater assist withinside the kitchen. Vidhi asks Donal to return back and assist Tejasswi, she is making breakfast by myself. Donal says supply me a few time.

nine:forty five AM
Karan asks Donal that once Vidhi and Tejasswi are cooking, they supply meals on time. Donal says we make meals on time additionally. Karan says Tejasswi is by no means past due together along with her meals. Donal says I can begin cooking after waking up best. Jay tells Donal that she has to sacrifice a piece whilst she is doing kitchen duty. Karan says we aren’t thinking your tough paintings, we aren’t ungrateful. We aren’t complaining however it’s pretty much timing.

Donal says as a minimum you purchased the meals. Karan says I don’t like this behavior. Donal says Miesha and I had been cooking by myself so it takes time. Karan says Tejasswi and Vidhi are humans additionally however they’re constantly on time. Donal says I am sorry, we can paintings higher. Karan says okay.

10:30 AM
Afsana tells Karan which you had been closest to me however now you’re ignoring me. Karan says you taunt humans and belittle Vishal approximately his repute which I don’t like. You inform Shamita that she doesn’t have paintings that’s why she is here. I don’t like a majority of these matters. I simply need you to vow to now no longer say incorrect such things as those again. Afsana says I will taunt everyone’s career, family, or harm their hearts. I promise you. But if a person name callings me then will you’re taking a stand for me? Karan says I will.

1 PM
Donal is withinside the residence. Vidhi tells Jay that Donal is near Nishant and Pratik. Jay says she can’t cross withinside the residence like this, she is doing yoga internal. Vidhi says she is breaking the guideline of thumb for no reason. Jay says I by no means went withinside the residence for no reason.

2:forty five PM
Shamita reads the project to the inmates. She reads that jungle inmates are dwelling a tough existence at the same time as three OTT contributors have all services. One of the primary services is the mattress. If Jungle inmates need to end up housemates then they need to get puzzle portions and make a pathway to the residence. Today’s project is ‘thief’s rule’. The housemates could be in opposition to jungle inmates on this project. If the jungle inmates win this project then they’ll have 30 greater puzzle portions however if housemates win this project then jungle inmates will need to supply their current puzzle portions. In this project, Vishal will lead the group that has overtaken the residence. Tejasswi could be Vishal’s spouse as a thief, she can be able to cope with Vishal.

Jay and Karan could be proper and left-hand guys of Vishal as chiefs. They will manual Vishal. Akasa, Miesha, Afsana, and Donal could be prepare dinner dinner for the group. They will maintain stirring the meals. Simba, Ishaan, Umar and Vidhi could be guards of the recreation. She reads that Shamita, Pratik and Nishant will need to kill the group contributors. They will kill from stage up, first guards then prepare dinner dinner then chiefs after which Vishal. Bigg Boss says best Shamita, Pratik and Nishant will recognise the approaches to kill the jungle inmates.

Shamita reads to Pratik and Nishant that in the event that they need to kill the jungle inmate then they have got a few options. They can kill through:
– taking their picturegraph
– take their trimmer
– take their baggage bag
– dip their shoe withinside the paint
– take their picturegraph whilst they’re indignant and display it to Bigg Boss
– paste ‘killed’ sticky label on their returned.

If they want paint, a digital digicam or a sticky label then they are able to take it from the shop room.

Shamita tells Nishant that we will rile up Ishaan. Nishant says we will take Afsana’s footwear.

Umar tells Karan that we will near the door and now no longer allow them to come in this aspect. Jay says allow’s do it.

Pratik is going to the storeroom to take items.

three:30 PM
Karan says we need to bet how they’ll kill us. The buzzer performs and the project starts. All jungle inmates defend their aspect of the residence. Nishant asks the inmates to allow them to come on their aspect.

Shamita and Pratik take boys’ trimmers. Bigg Boss calls Shamita, Pratik and Nishant withinside the confession room.

In the confession room, Bigg Boss says you need to announce who you’ll kill and the way then you’ll try and kill them. You can’t try and kill 2-three inmates together. You need to announce one call and try and kill that character first.

Karan comes into the residence and takes the digital digicam from there. Pratik, Nishant and Shamita come into the residence. Pratik says did he take the digital digicam? Shamita says I left it at the sofa.

Karan indicates the digital digicam to his crew and says they had been seeking to take our photos.

Pratik tells Shamita that she need to have hidden the digital digicam. Shamita says we’ve got different approaches to kill. Nishant asks Karan to open the door. Karan says inform me your plan first. He comes into the residence. Shamita attempts to prevent him through grabbing him.

Shamita whispers to Nishant that I will take Simba’s trimmer. Karan attempts to pay attention their communicate. Nishant is going to Pratik so Karan follows them.
Nishant declares at the digital digicam that we can kill Simba first through taking his trimmer. Shamita is going and takes Simba’s trimmer.
Karan tells his crew that we need to ensure that they’re now no longer capable of speak with every different. I want my crew withinside the residence. He asks Miesha to maintain following Nishant round and don’t allow him communicate to Shamita and Pratik.

Nishant says it’s now no longer like that. Miesha is going to Shamita and says I need to present you company. Nishant attempts to speak to Shamita however Karan grabs him. Karan covers Nishant’s face with a hat. He laughs. Karan covers him with a blanket. Nishant says I can’t even breathe. Karan laughs.
Pratik attempts to whisper to Shamita however Miesha is retaining Shamita. Pratik says depart her by myself. Miesha says allow us to play our recreation.
Shamita involves Nishant however Karan asks Miesha to govern her. Pratik attempts to split Nishant from Karan and Jay. Karan says don’t allow them to communicate to every different. Pratik says depart him by myself. Nishant says my underclothes goes down. Karan laughs. Vidhi says Nishant does it with a laugh at the same time as Pratik receives indignant.

Shamita tells Karan to now no longer use bodily energy. Nishant says allow us to do the project. Pratik attempts to push Jay from Nishant. Nishant shouts to prevent it. Shamita says I can’t play like this. Pratik says they’re all afraid of us. Shamita says my frame is hurting now, that is too much. Miesha comes out of the residence and sends Afsana internal. She asks Afsana to maintain maintain of Shamita.

Shamita tells Pratik that I can’t get bodily like this, that is incorrect. Pratik says they’re the usage of the energy that is incorrect. Nishant says you humans don’t use brains. Shamita whispers to Pratik to maintain Afsana farfar from her. Afsana beverages from their bottle and spits it. Pratik says it became oil in it. Shamita laughs.

Jay is preserving Nishant farfar from his crew. Karan takes their desolate tract and offers it to his crew. Akasa is going into the residence to maintain an eye fixed at the housemates. She reveals a trimmer with Pratik and says don’t do whatever silly. Pratik places Simba’s trimmer withinside the storeroom at the same time as Akasa is following him.
Nishant says my nail is bleeding, I am getting angry now.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the housemates had been capable of kill Simba so Ishaan, Umar and Vidhi are out of the project as they’re on stage one. All jungle inmates are confused. Pratik laughs at them and says maintain the usage of energy now.

4:00 PM
Akasa tells her crew that Pratik took Simba’s trimmer however he already had it after I noticed him.

Shamita is making an attempt to head at the jungle aspect. All inmates price at her. Bigg Boss says everyone can get harm so circulate away. Karan says Shamita gets harm. Shamita is being driven through the guys. She shouts at them to go away and ship women in. Pratik shouts on the jungle inmates that they’re fools. Pratik is making an attempt to open the jungle door however all jungles inmates are preventing him. Shamita tells Nishant that I will take Akasa’s slipper as she is withinside the cooking crew that is next.
Ishaan is going to the baggage location and takes Miesha’s makeup pouch.
Tejasswi tells Donal to allow her cross withinside the residence.

Shamita is going into the baggage location and takes Akasa’s slipper
Nishant is going to the digital digicam that we can kill Akasa withinside the 2nd stage through taking her slipper and paint it.

Bigg Boss asks the inmates to prevent the project until a few commands are given.

Shamita is going to the storeroom and places Akasa’s slipper withinside the bucket. She comes out. Vidhi tells Karan that Shamita took Akasa’s slipper. She runs to the storeroom and takes Akasa’s slipper from Shamita. Bigg Boss asks them to prevent the project. Vidhi offers Akasa’s slipper to her crew.

4:forty five PM
Shamita calls Pratik and says I can’t play like this. I am getting harm. Pratik tells jungle inmates that this isn’t always proper, you all are fools. Ishaan says you’re a fool. Pratik asks him to close up. Bigg Boss asks them to collect indoors. Pratik says they maintain the usage of energy. Shamita were given harm. Jay shouts at him to close up. Pratik screams at him. Jay says you’re a ******, Pratik says don’t curse me. I might beat you up in case you had been outside. Jay shouts to hit him if he has guts. Shamita asks Pratik to calm down. Pratik says you all have harm Shamita badly. Jay says I didn’t harm her, Shamita became charging at me.

You are a puppy. Jay asks him to get lost. Pratik says you don’t have any brains. Vidhi asks Jay to now no longer be instigated. Shamita asks Pratik to calm down, I need humans to look a distinct Pratik. Nishant shouts at Jay to now no longer curse him, he isn’t always cursing you. Jay says he’s instigating us for no reason. Nishant says I recognise what he’s doing. Pratik cries withinside the nook and tells Shamita that I don’t adore it whilst he curses my mom. He known as me *****, how can he do that? Vishal asks him to calm down. He takes him from there. Pratik cries and says why does he constantly curse my mom?
Shamita shouts at Jay you may’t curse his mom like that. Jay says what approximately the manner he’s speakme to me? You are taking his aspect due to the fact he’s to your crew now? I don’t just like the manner he talks to me. Nishant says you may communicate to him withinside the equal manner however you may’t curse him like that.

You can combat with him however don’t curse him. Don’t abuse for no reason.
Pratik cries and tells Karan that he maintains cursing my mom, if I do some thing then I am being scolded however he can curse my mom? He slaps himself. Shamita stops him and says don’t do that. Vishal asks him to calm down. Pratik says I can’t pay attention my mom being cursed. I will stroll out of the display if my mom is being cursed like this. Salman sir please do away with me if that is going to happen. Afsana says we’re all with you.
Tejasswi asks Jay to now no longer get instigated through him. Jay says don’t come close to me after I am indignant. Tejasswi is going away.
Afsana hugs Pratik and says your sister is with you. Don’t fear at all. We all noticed who’s incorrect.

Jay tells Ishaan that I don’t like his behavior. Simba says however you shouldn’t curse him like that. Jay says I didn’t curse his mom. Vidhi says Salman Sir cursed him additionally for breaking my washroom door. Why didn’t Pratik react like this then?

five PM
Shamita tells Vishal that 10 humans are attacking us together. Pratik is making an attempt to now no longer be bodily. Vishal says you need to prevent whilst all are attacking you. Karan says Pratik additionally does the equal. Shamita says so that you need us to now no longer play the recreation? Nishant says I became having a laugh with Jay and Karan however that is a thoughts recreation.

Tejasswi says then why had been you preventing with us if it’s a intellectual project? Nishant says it’s our strategy. Tejasswi says so that you were given harm due to your self best? Nishant says however you may’t clutch us like that. Tejasswi says you humans had been death to return back at the jungle aspect so don’t make an problem now. If it’s a intellectual recreation then why had been you preventing to interrupt the door? Pratik asks Nishant to now no longer argue with them. Nishant says we had been now no longer preventing physically.

Tejasswi says however why had been you seeking to come at the jungle aspect? Shamita says in case you humans can come withinside the residence then why can’t we cross withinside the jungle location? 2 humans are grabbing Nishant so that you suppose this is proper? Tejasswi says it’s now no longer our fault that we’ve got greater manpower. Nishant says it’s now no longer approximately the bodily combat however how clever you may play.

Jay tells Ishaan that Shamita became grabbing my leg so I can cry that she became hurting me additionally.
Shamita tells Tejasswi that they had been hurting me. Tejasswi says you had been grabbing Jay’s foot too. Shamita says due to the fact humans had been over Nishant so I needed to keep him. Tejasswi says however Nishant isn’t always cribbing approximately it. Shamita asks Nishant if he preferred 2 humans over-powering him? Nishant says now no longer at all.

Tejasswi says he can’t revel in it, we recognise that. Jay asks Shamita if he grabbed her once? You grabbed my foot so don’t whinge now that you purchased harm. We were given harm additionally. Shamita says clearly? Vidhi indicates her bruises and says we were given harm too. Tejasswi says I recognise my guys, they had been now no longer seeking to harm Shamita. Nishant says in case you humans need to play this recreation then allow’s harm every different. Tejasswi says quality with us.

five:15 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we instructed you all that best Shamita, Nishant and Pratik can go the picturegraph of the inmate after killing them. After one kill, they need to anticipate some other buzzer for the following kill. He tells them to now no longer block the glass door anymore as though it breaks then you may get harm. From now on, you may’t block everyone the usage of the glass door. Only Simba were given killed because the project were given stopped earlier than Shamita ought to kill Akasa. The buzzer will play and the project will resume.

five:30 PM
Karan asks Pratik to now no longer cross close to Jay as he’ll do some thing silly again. Pratik says did I do whatever incorrect today? Karan says no. Pratik says then communicate to him and inform him to now no longer curse at me again.
Karan tells Ishaan that they’re preserving matters withinside the storeroom.

Shamita tells Nishant that we can coordinate with Pratik so allow him stay outside. Nishant says it will likely be a draw if we will’t kill Vishal and Tejasswi. Shamita laughs and says then it received’t be a draw, it will likely be their victory.

6 PM
The buzzer performs. Shamita whispers to Nishant to announce withinside the digital digicam silently. Nishant is going into the bed room and sees Karan checking his stuff. Nishant says why are you taking my stuff? Karan says I am simply checking. He leaves. Nishant tells the digital digicam that they’re going to kill Afsana the usage of a sticky label.

Pratik is withinside the jungle location. Tejasswi maintains following him.

Nishant asks Karan to now no longer block him anymore. Karan says you’re clever. Ishaan grabs Nishant. Nishant says don’t do it, I am getting harm now. Jay and Vishal are blocking off Nishant so he can’t come at the jungle aspect. Karan says don’t allow Nishant communicate to Pratik. Tejasswi maintains blocking off Pratik. Pratik rushes to Nishant and whispers some thing to him. Nishant says Shamita. Pratik offers him a thumbs up and sits withinside the jungle.

Pratik asks Tejasswi to go away him by myself. Pratik rushes to Afsana and places a sticky label on her returned however Tejasswi takes it off. Pratik says I implemented it then she took it off. Tejasswi says you couldn’t observe it. Tejasswi asks Afsana to transport away, it’s stressful me which you aren’t shifting away. Tejasswi maintains blocking off Pratik. He runs to Afsana however she falls down. Pratik rushes to her. Tejasswi says you shouldn’t have driven her like this. Afsana cries so Donal attempts to calm her down. Miesha and Akasa take her from there. Afsana is weeping.

6:forty five PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that best one hour is left earlier than the project ends. Pratik, Shamita and Nishant had been capable of kill best 1 inmate until now. Shamita tells Nishant that we will’t do it, allow’s depart it. Nishant says we attempted. Shamita says we did.

Vishal says we’re going to win the project. Tejasswi says what did you do? Nothing.

Shamita tells Nishant that Miesha’s slippers are mendacity round. We can take it and placed it withinside the paint. Nishant tells the digital digicam that they’re going to kill Miesha the usage of her slippers.

Nishant attempts to speak to Pratik however Karan blocks him. Tejasswi is blocking off Pratik however Nishant offers tissue to Pratik. All are seeking to block Nishant and Pratik so Shamita is going into the storeroom with Miesha’s footwear. She places them withinside the paint and says terrible quite footwear. She comes out of the storeroom and laughs. Pratik throws tissue on Miesha.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Miesha were given killed through the housemates so Miesha, Afsana, Donal and Akasa are out of the project.

Shamita tells Pratik and Nishant that I destroyed Miesha’s footwear so I sense terrible now.

7:30 PM
Jay tells Karan that we will input the residence and now no longer allow them to do whatever. Simba says I can cover withinside the washroom. Jay says a few humans can shield the baggage. Karan says however we’re breaking the guideline of thumb through coming into the residence. Jay and Karan cover withinside the washroom location. Tejasswi and Donal try and block Shamita and Nishant. Tejasswi says you’re hurting my nail. Shamita says are you seeking to mimic me and say that I became pretending to be harm? Tejasswi says no,

I am clearly harm. Pratik and Nishant try and input the washroom location however Tejasswi and Donal block them. Nishant says Donal and Miesha are out of the project so they are able to’t block us. Vishal blocks Nishant and Pratik. Nishant says what’s this manner of gambling? We aren’t the usage of energy or preventing with you all. Tejasswi says allow us to live withinside the washroom location then.

7:forty five PM
Vishal asks Afsana to maintain engaged withinside the conversation. He asks Ishaan to head and combat with them.

Nishant tells Pratik that we will’t do it, they’ll block us. Ishaan involves Pratik and says what did you are saying to Umar approximately me? Pratik says you aren’t withinside the recreation. Ishaan says Pratik goes on my family, don’t say all that stuff. Pratik says don’t play a recreation with me. Ishaan says don’t contact me. Nishant says don’t contact every different. Pratik says sorry.

The buzzer performs and the project ends. All jungle inmates cheer. Vishal hugs Pratik. Nishant hugs everyone. Everyone claps for every different. Karan hugs Nishant and Pratik.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the project has ended. The housemates attempted their fine however the jungle inmates received the project. They gets 30 puzzle portions from the cave now. Pratik is going at the back of them. Nishant says I don’t have any hobby in preventing now. Simba and Ishaan take the puzzle portions from the cave.

Shamita tells Karan that Jay could be very aggressive. Karan tells Shamita that it became now no longer Pratik’s fault. Jay maintains grudges internal him. Nishant says Jay instigates Pratik additionally. Karan says Jay isn’t always converting his approaches, as a minimum Pratik is making an attempt to extrade so he’s higher than Jay.

The episode ends..


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