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Day 40
10:15 PM
Afsana remains withinside the confession room. She calls her fiance and says I am now no longer first-class, I won’t go away until I take Rajiv out with me. I combat for the truth. They have tortured me so much, they didn’t permit me play the project. He asks her to concentrate to him. Afsana shouts that Shamita performed towards me. She cries and says I love you. Nishant tells Neha that prevent announcing which you got here right here for Shamita. Neha says I don’t accept as true with the humans that she trusts. Nishant says Pratik doesn’t preserve expectancies with me as Shamita does. Shamita has different priorities however she wishes me to preserve her at the priority.

Afsana’s fiance asks her to return back out, he misses her so come out. Afsana smiles and says sorry Bigg Boss, she leaves the display.

10:30 PM
Neha tells Shamita that Nishant turned into speaking approximately you’ve got got exclusive priorities. Shamita says Nishant has betrayed us, he modified the perimeters with out even telling us, he’s a actual snake.

Pratik tells Nishant that I don’t need favors, I simply desired you to play pretty. Nishant says I don’t care approximately who’s coming into the VIP area however I will usually prioritize you. Pratik says I will by no means placed you in a fix. Nishant says I am now no longer by myself in that room, I need to concentrate to others additionally. You will do what you need to do. Pratik says I am now no longer blaming you. Nishant says you’re nevertheless taunting me, permit’s now no longer speak. He says you do what you need to do, you don’t concentrate to me in relation to you. Pratik says I don’t take favors, I need to play by myself however I don’t like whilst you don’t play fairloy. Nishant says permit’s play by myself then. Pratik says you’ve got got usually playded pretty, you by no means preferred me so why did you come to be susceptible on this project and concentrate to different VIPs, you need to have performed pretty. I don’t care in case you don’t choose me, I don’t care approximately triumphing or dropping however it’s approximately your phrases.

1:forty five AM
Vishal tells the digital digicam that I labored tough to come to be a VIP. Tejasswi laughs and says you’re welcome. Nishant and Karan say you’re welcome. Vishal laughs.

2 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan that Neha stated to me which you aren’t an awesome man. She stated that Karan has a few phrases which aren’t nice. What have you ever stated? Karan says I didn’t say whatever horrific. Tejasswi says this display is set personalities, those duties display your authentic character.

Day 41
eight AM
The inmates awaken to the tune. Shamita tells Jay that I will recover from Nishant dishonest me soon.

9:forty five AM
Karan tells Neha to assume earlier than announcing matters approximately him. I don’t like whilst you speak at the back of my again. I haven’t faked my relationships. Neha says I took matters in my opinion in OTT however now no longer right here. Karan says I actually have attempted to be your buddy, I attempted to play pretty withinside the project additionally. Neha says you humans made an alliance, I simply didn’t need you to choose someone. Karan says absolutely each person is favoring their alliances right here.

10 AM
Jay tells Nishant that I recognise Pratik is your priority, you need to make clear this with me. You didn’t choose me withinside the project, you had been gambling for Pratik only. Nishant says I needed to reflect onconsideration on different VIPs additionally. I turned into in a minority. Jay says you may have driven to choose me. Nishant says I won’t justify my movements to anyone.

eleven AM
Nishant tells Karan that I like we’re bonding. Who is your priority? Karan says we each were given indignant at every different due to the fact we’ve got a bond. We need to do an attempt to be there for every different. Nishant says I am now no longer favoring Umar withinside the sport.

12 PM
Nishant tells Vishal that I don’t recognize your equations. Vishal says my hassle with Jay is that he usually is going with the numbers. When absolutely each person turned into towards me, he didn’t help me as a buddy. He continues grudges. Karan says Jay has ordinary it. Vishal says I by no means took revenge on Jay. Rajiv stands outdoor the VIP room and hears them. Jay tells Neha that we are able to’t accept as true with Vishal. Tejasswi tells Vishal that we are able to select Pratik subsequent to help. Karan says if Pratik comes right here then he won’t help Vishal or Umar. Tejasswi says we are able to deliver Simba right here additionally. Tejasswi says Rajiv doesn’t use his thoughts, he’s going to do what Shamita asks him to do. Umar opens the door and sees Rajiv spying on them.

12:forty five PM
Rajiv tells Shamita that Vishal is b*t*hing approximately us. He desires to select Simba as a captain, he stated he doesn’t need to select you.

2:15 PM
Vishal asks Shamita if he can accept as true with Rajiv? Shamita says he’s my brother, I accept as true with him as I accept as true with you. He is immature. Vishal says he shouldn’t be fooled with the aid of using others. Shamita says he won’t. She says Neha doesn’t accept as true with you however I preserve telling her to accept as true with you. She says Neha simply trusts me and Pratik. I can’t accept as true with Nishant after what he did.
Nishant tells Neha that Shamita and Pratik aren’t speaking to me however it’s first-class.

five PM
Tejasswi tells Jay that I noticed Karan in a salon with her. Karan laughs and says I am leaving. Jay says I noticed Karan outdoor with her. Karan laughs and says prevent it. Tejasswi asks Karan to inform her. Karan whispers to her. Bigg Boss asks Tejasswi to now no longer whisper.

7:forty five PM
Tejasswi reads approximately a project wherein inmates can earn ration. In the project, they may hunt eggs withinside the garden. There are 6 eggs hidden withinside the garden, they need to discover them in 2 minutes. three inmates will win the project and get luxurious gadgets. VIP participants won’t be a part of the project. Karan may be the referee of the project.

eight PM
The project begins offevolved and all housemates begin searching out the eggs withinside the garden. VIP participants cheer on them. The time ends, Jay attempts to persuade others to present eggs to him. Pratik says I need luxurious gadgets additionally. They come to a decision. Pratik says I don’t need it. He says Rajiv, Shamita and Jay are the winners. Shamita wins gluten-loose chips. Rajiv receives chocolate spread, Jay receives a fruit juice. All giggle. The tune performs and all of them dance.

eight:15 PM
The inmates get their luxurious finances gadgets. Rajiv thank you Bigg Boss. Rajiv thank you Pratik for supporting him.

10:30 PM
Umar tells Simba that you need to wash the dishes. Pratik says those are from lunch, it’s now no longer Simba’s obligation. Umar says I am speaking to Simba, he goes to clean the dishes. Who are you speak? Pratik says I will speak if I need to. Umar says simply prepare dinner dinner the meals, I gave you this obligation in any other case I could make you smooth the washroom. Your thoughts is empty. Pratik asks him to get lost. Tejasswi says Simba has to clean the dishes. Simba says I will do it, don’t worry.

eleven PM
Karan tells Umar which you took on Pratik very well. Tejasswi says Pratik may be very annoying. He continues calling others loopy. Karan says he desires to have a closing word. He is so silly. Umar says I turned into speaking to Simba however Pratik had to mention matters to me.

Shamita tells Neha that I am now no longer talking to Nishant. Neha says permit’s ask them whose dishes are. Shamita involves Umar and asks who used those dishes? These dishes had been left from yesterday. Nishant says no, those are today’s dishes. Shamita says why can’t you smooth the dishes on every day basis. Karan says it’s now no longer like that. Nishant says inquire from me in case you need to remedy the issue. Shamita says a few meals gadgets had been made today. Tejasswi asks what’s the hassle? Shamita says if the cooking group is the usage of dishes then they need to get them washed on time. Simba has dinner obligation so he shouldn’t wash lunch dishes. Pratik says he’s being requested to clean all dishes. Umar asks him to get lost. Pratik expenses at him and says live inside your limits. Umar asks him to get lost, you’re a fool’s son. Pratik says you could’t do whatever. Umar says I won’t spare you. Pratik says don’t curse me. Umar says what are you able to do? Pratik says don’t curse my father. Tejasswi asks Pratik to permit Simba speak. Pratik says Umar is cursing my father. Umar asks him to move away. Vishal tells the digital digicam that in the event that they can’t hit every different then why charge? Karan laughs and says they simply display off.

eleven:15 PM
Nishant tells Pratik that we are able to’t smooth the dishes if there’s meals left in it. Pratik says however you want to present the dishes so it’s washed on time. You need to take out meals from pans if there’s a few leftover. Nishant says however if meals is left then we are able to’t do whatever approximately it. Pratik says that’s incorrect. Umar says don’t combat. Simba says it’s first-class Pratik, if there are dinner dishes then I can wash them however if there are lunch dishes then it’s now no longer my obligation.

12:forty five AM
Karan tells Nishant that don’t experience horrific if we’re having amusing whilst you’re preventing with Pratik. Nishant says I felt horrific which you had been joking round with Vishal after I turned into having an issue. Karan says it turned into a humorous combat, I turned into having amusing with Vishal so why are you feeling horrific? Nishant says they may be my pals, I experience horrific after I have an issue with them.

Day 42
eleven AM
Karan tells Rajiv that we’ve got a decision-making energy then don’t make us experience you’re Shamita’s puppet. You shouldn’t be Shamita’s puppet, you need to accept as true with us. You are a contestant, you aren’t someone’s brother right here. Play for your self so we are able to take a stand for you additionally. Play for your self now.

eleven:30 AM
Rajiv tells Shamita that Karan turned into announcing to play individually. I stated which you are my priority. Shamita says you don’t need to make clear whatever to anyone.

12:15 PM
Shamita asks Pratik if he’s first-class that Nishant isn’t preserving him as a priority? Pratik says I forgive however I by no means forget. I don’t care if he isn’t preserving me as a priority. I turned into a fool. I talked to Nishant and informed him that I turned into emotionally affected whilst he didn’t help me. Shamita says Nishant with ease modified his group.

12:forty five PM
Pratik tells Nishant that I can’t accept as true with you absolutely as you’re in a exclusive group. Nishant says I won’t do incorrect to you, Shamita or Jay. I won’t allow them to be unfair to you. Pratik says you could play towards me, simply make clear it to me. Nishant says why do you preserve announcing that I am incorrect? Pratik says I by no means stated you’re incorrect. Nishant says in case you don’t accept as true with me then go away it. Pratik says you’re twisting my phrases. Nishant says I am asking you clearly. Pratik says I simply need readability from you. You are sitting with folks that you didn’t accept as true with. Karan tells Pratik that you could accept as true with Nishant, don’t doubt his intentions. Pratik says I simply need readability from him, he can play towards me however he shouldn’t backstab me. Nishant says you recognize I rely on you, I am emotionally dependant on you. Pratik says I am very cautious approximately my phrases, your phrases harm me earlier than.

1:30 PM
Shamita tells Rajiv and Jay that we had been united and that’s what they couldn’t take. Nishant has damaged our cohesion. She tells Jay that Nishant will backstab you additionally. Jay says no person is innocent, he tells Shamita which you are nevertheless trusting Vishal as in keeping with your comfort additionally. No one is set cohesion right here.

Umar tells Karan that Neha is making humans trust which you are the usage of humans as puppets. Karan says I faced her. Karan says I don’t use humans. Neha ought to have stated matters to Nishant additionally approximately me. Umar says Neha stated that I am your puppet.

2:15 PM
Neha tells Umar which you have made an affect approximately me. Umar says I turned into impartial approximately you however you preserve speaking at the back of my again. Neha says you referred to as me a snake. Umar says I actually have friendships right here however they may be genuine. Neha says all I am announcing is which you have created an affect approximately me. Umar says I by no means pass private with you however you stated that I am Karan’s puppet. Don’t byskip private remarks on me. Neha says you referred to as me a snake which is likewise a private remark. I permit pass of that remark.

three:15 PM
Umar tells Rajiv that I should help Afsana to a positive extent. She desired me to help her with a blind eye. She were given indignant wondering I removed her from the project after taking note of Shamita. Shamita says what approximately me? Umar says you stated to dam Afsana. Shamita says Rajiv began out blocking off Afsana with out even me telling him to. Shamita says all VIP participants could appearance horrific in the event that they had selected Afsana even after the whole thing she did. Vishal says VIPs wouldn’t care approximately that. Umar says we had been favoring her however there’s a restriction to that. Rajiv says if I didn’t have a combat with Afsana then you definitely could have selected her as a VIP? Umar says yes, we had been favoring her. Shamita says you need to were sincere with us. You humans saved announcing which you could play a honest sport. Umar says you need to play your sport although we aren’t honest. Shamita says don’t inform me what I need to do withinside the sport. Vishal says you each have a exclusive manner of play. Shamita tells Umar to be sincere with others. She asks Vishal to open his mouth and make clear matters to Umar. Umar continues telling me that I destroyed the sport. Umar says don’t query my decisions. Shamita says you could’t pay attention the truth. Shamita says I wouldn’t have preferred Vishal such as you preferred Afsana. Umar says you admitted which you could choose Vishal. Shamita says I wouldn’t choose him with the aid of using being unfair to others. You are very irritating. Umar says you admitted to favoring Vishal additionally. Shamita says I actually have the center to play an sincere sport. Umar says I don’t want to make clear whatever to you. Karan-Tejasswi giggle at their combat. Nishant laughs and says all of us are jerks. Pratik tells Umar to be sincere approximately being unfair. Umar says that’s now no longer my manner of gambling. I wouldn’t let you know that I could choose Afsana.
Neha tells Karan that I actually have visible your sport, I gave you the gain of the doubt after I got here withinside the house. I don’t just like the manner you play games. It’s towards my honor. I don’t like whilst you giggle at others preventing. Karan says it’s your hassle. Neha says then don’t observe and attempt to speak to me. Karan says I will by no means. Neha says you’re a coward that’s why you giggle on others at the back of their backs. She leaves. Karan says it’s her hassle.

three:30 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan that I don’t need you to speak to Neha again. Karan says if she talks to me then I will supply it again to her. But I won’t speak to her first. Tejasswi says if Karan begins offevolved following them then they could come walking to him. They recognise his importance. Tejasswi tells Karan that I won’t spare you in case you visit her. Karan says you appearance warm whilst you are indignant. Imagine if I pass and inform sorry to Neha? Tejasswi says I will significantly slap you. Karan laughs and says I discover it warm. Tejasswi laughs.

four PM
Neha tells Shamita that they assume Afsana’s removal turned into incorrect. They assume Bigg Boss is silly for removing her? They assume Bigg Boss turned into unfair to her? Shamita says Afsana turned into seeking to intimidate me. Neha tells Jay that Karan surpassed a remark which you had been over-reacting on Afsana’s phrases. Umar says humans take stands as in keeping with comfort. When I fell withinside the pool then Shamita stated it’s Karma for me. She turned into favoring Simba. Shamita says in case you humans assume Afsana went loopy due to the fact I referred to as her intellectual then I need to mention that Afsana have been abusing my brother. She stated that Rajiv is a *****, she didn’t pass loopy due to me. Umar says Afsana turned into incorrect however you had been silent whilst Simba turned into competitive with me. Simba tells Umar to just accept his errors additionally.
Shamita tells Rajiv that those humans are blaming me, I referred to as Afsana a intellectual however they don’t recognise that she turned into attacking. This all began out due to the fact you preserve announcing which you omit Afsana. I began out preventing with Afsana due to you, I took a stand for you however you’re nevertheless announcing which you omit Afsana. You nevertheless have her image in your bed. Rajiv says permit me speak. Shamita says you want to recognize what you’re doing, I am bored to death of this shit.
Neha tells Umar that your pals preserve guffawing whilst you are arguing with others. You can’t assume others to take a sutand for you. I could stand with my pals however your pals preserve guffawing. Umar says I don’t care. Neha says you ordinary that Karan controls you. Umar says Shamita controls you too. Rajiv says the combat turned into among me and Afsana, Shamita didn’t inquire from me to dam Afsana so don’t contain her in all this.

four:forty five PM
Karan tells Umar which you gave it again to them so well. The manner you are taking them on is so humorous. Umar says Neha turned into seeking to make clear matters with me. Karan says she may be very smart, she attempted to taunt me additionally however I gave it again to her. Umar says she turned into announcing that Karan instigates others however continues his bond sturdy with others. I informed her that it’s Karan’s nature, it’s his character however that doesn’t suggest I wouldn’t be his buddy.

eight:forty five PM
Rajiv tells Neha that everybody does a mistake right here. I forgave Afsana. Neha tells Rajiv that you could’t preserve announcing which you omit Afsana after the whole thing that happened. Shamita tells Rajiv that I need to go away this topic, prevent speaking Rajiv. Rajiv says you humans preserve blaming me for the whole thing, he leaves from there.

9:15 PM
Rajiv tells Umar and Karan that I don’t like Neha’s vibe. Umar says she can be able to assault you now. Rajiv says she continues attacking me. Rajiv tells Karan that you may be my buddy usually. Karan says you get fooled with the aid of using Shamita. Rajiv says misunderstandings take place right here however I love you. Karan says I love you too. Tejasswi says Karan is so cute.

eleven:forty five PM
Karan is dancing round Rajiv and sings lambi judai. Rajiv dances with him. Umar begins offevolved dancing additionally. Rajiv laughs at them. Karan says I am looking forward to Tejasswi, we need to select garments for her. Umar says permit’s dance. Three of them funnily begin dancing. Karan says I am feeling cold. Tejasswi is making an attempt on garments withinside the washroom and asks Karan to return back inside. She indicates the garments to him.

The episode ends.


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