The debut of Bigg Boss season 14 has been very strong. On the one hand, while the new contestants have started giving spicy content as soon as they come on the show, on the other hand, the contestants of previous seasons have become part of the show as stormy seniors. After the arrival of the contestants of the previous season on the show, a lot of fans were also heartbroken.

The fans of Siddharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan did not have any happiness because these three were once again seen in the show. But the fans of the rest of the celebs were a bit disappointed as their favorite contestants were not on the show.

Talk about Shahnaz Gill, even for his fans, the emotions might have been the same. But as far as Shahnaz’s own emotions are concerned, he is as usual in his cool style.

A video of Shahnaz is going viral on social media. In the video, Shahnaz Gill is telling that if he is called on the show, what will be his planning.

When a user asked if you were going to the Big Boss. So Shahnaz said, “I am finished. Why should I go again? Why should I go? Why do I need to come to the Big Boss?”

Shahnaz said, “I got everything that I wanted. Now if I go then I will go like a guest. Hello. Hi. Ok. Bye.” After saying this, Shehnaaz laughs and laughs.



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