In the first weekend of Bigg Boss 14, host Salman Khan staged a fierce class for all the family members. Salman Khan warned freshers contestants to improve their game so that they do not have to leave the game show after 2 weeks. Salman had told 10 freshers on the go that everyone should pack their bags and get out of this house.

Sara Gurpal became homeless!

Now what will happen next after this, it will be known in Monday’s episode. But it is definitely certain that at least one member is going to be homeless. A big update has surfaced on Bigg Boss fanclub regarding the first aviction. According to which, Punjabi singer and actress Sara Gurpal has become active in the show. She has become the first contestant to be out of the house. It is being said that the decision of Sara’s aviation has been taken by the seniors.

Now how much truth is there in Sara’s aviation, it will be revealed in the upcoming episode. Salman Khan also said in the weekend war on Sara that she does not seem to be doing anything special in the show. Seniors were also questioned on Sara Gurpal’s contribution to the show. He kept Sara in the ‘There is no point in it’ category during a task.

After Himanshi Khurana and Shehnaz Gill who came from Punjab last season, Sara Gurpal was brought into Bigg Boss this year. Himanshi and Shahnaz got a lot of popularity from Bigg Boss. Both of them went on a long journey in the show. It is said that Sara is a bigger face than Himanshi and Shehnaaz in Punjab. So fans hoped that Sara would do well in the show. But in just 1 week, Sara has not impressed people with her personality.



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