On Monday, the first nomination process of this season took place in Bigg Boss 14. After this Sara Gurpal was out of the house. She cried a lot when Seniors told about being homeless from Sara’s house. The members of the house tried to take care of him. Ijaz Khan, Jasmine and Rubina tried to silence him. Ijaz tells Sara that if she comes back we will meet you. So Sara says don’t come back to me.

At the same time, actress Rubina Dilac found Sarah’s aviation unfounded. She says that it is not fair. Explain that in this nomination process, each fresher had to nominate any two freshers whom he wanted to make homeless from home. For this it was necessary to give proper reason to every contestant. Nikki Tamboli was safe from this nomination, as she is now a confirmed member.

What was the nomination task?

In this task, every member had to put a photo of the member whom they want to nominate on a pot. After this, the pot was to be burnt by giving a reason to nominate that member. In this nomination task, Nishant Singh and Rahul Vaigh received the highest nominations. But Sarah, who gets a nomination vote, decides to make her homeless from the seniors’ home.

However, this decision is not for the three seniors, why Hina and Gauhar refuse to listen to Sara’s name. But after Siddharth’s suggestion, she agrees. Sara’s departure, along with the family, fans are also feeling impressed.



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