Punjabi singer Sara Gurpal was the first avowed contestant of Bigg Boss 14. He spoke openly about his marriage and relationship with Tusshar Kumar. Sara says that the relationship with Tusshar was quite original and he does not matter in her life. Sarah said, “I think they said it themselves, it’s been four to five years since we separated. The relationship was quite abstract and I think every girl has the right to move forward in life, things that are not healthy for her. Where did he say four years? As soon as Bigg Boss started, he started talking. ”

Sara further says that in my life he does not matter. If he was, he would be with me today. Actually, Punjabi singer Tushar Kumar had claimed that Sara married him in 2014. She said that Sarah was claiming in the premiere episode of Bigg Boss that she was single. Tushar also shared marriage certificates and photos to refute Sara’s claims.

Tushar said, “I got married on 16 August 2014 in Jalandhar, Punjab.” On the question of why he is sharing such details now, he said that he had to do so after Sara claimed to be single. He said, “I was receiving messages from people all over the world on Instagram and WhatsApp, while Sara is still claiming that the girl is not the one who married me. The girl who married me is Sara’s Looks just like that. ”

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To this Sara said, “The day I went inside Bigg Boss house, he was ready with these things. for which reason? All he needs is fame. I don’t care wherever she is. That doesn’t matter to me at all. For me, my life, my family, career, health, all these things matter. There are thousands of people who talk a thousand things. There was marriage and she did all that should be done. What does he need now? I have seen myself being very dirty with myself. I think no boy or girl would want this in their life where they are given mental and physical trauma. ”

According to a report in Hindustan Times, in the pictures shared, Sara is posing with Lusshar. She is wearing sindoor and traditional red bangles, which are mostly worn by married women. However, in the marriage certificate that Tushar has shared, the girl’s name is Rachna Devi.



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