Bigg Boss 14 Sara Gurpal Marriage Controversy That Made Head Turns After Life Secret Revealed

Fans have always been interested to know about the lives of contestants who go to Bigg Boss house. People are eager to see behind the scenes of every celebrity going on the show and to know more about them. In such a situation, even the Big Boss never disappoints the fans. Today, we are telling you about the contestants whose big secret opened after going to Bigg Boss house.

Salman Khan had revealed on the show about Arhan Khan that Arhan is already married and has a child. The fans of the bug boss were also shocked by this. At that time, Rashmi confessed that she only knows about the marriage but did not know about the child. However, later the dispute of both had increased considerably.

At the same time, Rashmi Desai’s affair with Arhan Khan was also revealed in Bigg Boss house. Earlier Rashmi was considered single. However, there were reports of him and Arhan being in a relationship, which became confirmed in the house. Apart from this, Rashmi Desai’s affair with Siddharth Shukla was also revealed. In the fight of both, Siddharth had said, “She comes back … she has reached Goa.”

Hina Khan stamped her affair with Rocky Jaiswal in Bigg Boss house. Rocky and Hina were in discussions for a long time, but this was confirmed when Rocky reached Bigg Boss house to express his love and he proposed to Hina Khan in a very romantic way.

Many big things about Paras Chhabra were also revealed in Bigg Boss house. His relationship with his girlfriend Akanksha, Akanksha Puri filling money for Paras clothes, Paras being bald. Apart from all this, after the breakup from Paras, Akanksha had heard him very well.

Bigg Boss contestant Nikki Tamboli has been in the limelight since day one. Now Nikki has told that she has known singer Rahul Vaidya for quite some time. Nikki talked about Rahul’s behavior towards him. In this he said, ‘Rahul used to send me voice notes, messages and songs. He used to answer by making an emoji of the heart. Nikki told that Rahul already knows them.

The battles between Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta in the Bigg Boss house have been fought by hardly anyone else. Shilpa had made big allegations on development like getting her show removed and banning the TV industry. Not only this, Shilpa had told Vikas to the TV mafia. He had said that Vikas had filed a criminal case against him to prevent him from appearing in the Big Boss.

After Siddharth Shukla’s arrival in A Bigg Boss house, there were a lot of revelations about his affair. Siddharth and Rashmi Desai’s relationship, her affair with Shefali Jariwala and her relationship with Aarti Singh came to the public through this show. Apart from this, Shilpa Shinde also spoke about her affair with Siddharth. He also told Siddhartha well.

Vikas Gupta came to Bigg Boss house and revealed that Aseem Riyaz has a girlfriend outside his house. Aseem’s relationship with a girl named Shruti Tuli was reported. But later, Aseem, Shruti and Aseem’s brother Omar Riaz defied the matter of development by clarifying this.

The controversy has arisen in the name of Sara Gurpal who came in Bigg Boss 14. Sara Gurpal, who came to Bigg Boss house from Punjabi industry, has been told by a Punjabi singer his wife. The Punjabi singer claims that she married Sara in 2014. She said, ‘I just want to prove that I married Sarah and she is lying to the world that she is single.’ Singer Tusshar Kumar, showing his marriage certificate and all the photographs taken, has claimed that he and Sara are husband and wife.



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