Many big changes were made in Bigg Boss 14. At first some contestants were cast in the rejected category. After this, all the goods of the contestants have not been given to them. A lot of his belongings were kept in BB Mall. Which can be taken after the order of senior Hina Khan. In this situation, all the families are facing a lot of trouble. Because only 7 items of daily can be taken from BB Mall, in such a situation, the householders cannot get their goods daily.

Rubina-Jasmine gets rebuked by Big Boss TV’s popular actresses Jasmine Bhasin and Rubina Dilac in Big Boss are very upset with this rule. Jasmine is unable to take care of her skin due to lack of products. His skin is getting worse. Because of which they are quite upset. On the other hand, Rubina Dilac is living in the garden area without any luxury due to being rejected. They are very upset with this. They do not have enough clothes nor basic facilities. In the last episode, Rubina and Jasmine become emotional while sharing their grief. She blames the big boss and blames them.

Rubina-Jasmine gives Bigg Boss a cleanup, after this Bigg Boss takes a fierce class of both and shows them a mirror. Bigg Boss summoned all the contestants to the living room, and told Rubina and Jasmine to be very upset. Bigg Boss told how Rubina and Jasmine accused him of showing them poorly on National TV. After this Jasmine and Rubina give their clarification. Rubina says- I sleep in a very tight place, I have not slept for 5 days. Big Boss, don’t break these shoulders, let them be the same. 

At the same time, Jasmine says – I was crying after seeing my skin, so I had come to Emotion and said those things. You don’t mind I was not blaming you. I will be emotional a lot in the show and will speak a lot. If my skin is bad now, I won’t feel bad After this entire episode, Bigg Boss allowed Rubina to enter the house on condition of abandoning immunity.


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