The TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’ has not even started a week and discussions on the wild card entries in the show have started. It is reported that a famous TV actor can enter wild card in Bigg Boss house, named Avinash Sachdev. Bigg Boss makers approached him for the show.

According to Pinkvilla’s news, when Avinash was asked about this, he flatly denied the news, but according to the source Avinash has been offered by Bigg Boss. If Avinash goes to Bigg Boss, it will be a matter of seeing how Rubani Dilac’s reaction will be. Because Avinash is Rubina’s ex-boyfriend.

The two had worked together in ‘Chhoti Bahu’ serial, both dated each other for a long time, but then things did not go well and Avinash and Rubin split. Let us tell you that Rubani has come to participate in Bigg Boss 14 with her husband Abhinav Shukla. However, she is the only AC contestant from Bigg Boss who is rejected.

Bigg Boss also gave Abhinav an opportunity to get his wife Rubina to enter the Bigg Boss house as a fresher, but for this Abhinav would have to pay the immunity earned during the ‘Jewel Thief’ task. But instead of getting an entry in Rubani’s house, Bigg Boss thought it more important to keep immunity, Abhinav saved himself. Now we have to see how much Rubina’s journey is going to take in this house. Apart from Avinash, the names of Naina Singh, Shardul Pandit, Rashmi Gupta, Prateek Sahajpal are also coming out which are being considered as wild card contestants. However, no name is confirmed yet. 


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