Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik, drowning in the swimming pool due to foot slipping, Ali Goni saved her life by jumping

In the house of Bigg Boss 14, all the families will be seen trapped for a certain time. Which Bigg Boss himself is seen mentioning in the prom video. Recently, Colors has shared a promo video of the upcoming episode in which Bigg Boss is heard giving an order to all the families. In the video, all the households appear to be stuck in the same place for a time. If someone is seen singing a song, then someone is dancing and entertaining their fans. With this, Rubina Dilac is also seen falling in the swimming pool not once, not twice but repeatedly.

Recently, in a promo shared on social media, Rubina sees Dilac falling in the swimming pool. Vikas Gupta shouts and says, “Rubina, you fall in the swimming pool. You are fine.” After which Ali appears to save Gubina by jumping. After this Vikas goes to Rubina and asks him if you are fine. Rakhi Sawant also asks Rubina, ‘Are you okay? And Rubina replied in a gesture saying that she is not well. Bigg Boss will be seen replicating this story many times.

Let me tell you, this new task in Bigg Boss house is going to be very fun and viewers will get to see a lot of new things in today’s upcoming episodes. Not only this, the new task of Bigg Boss is blowing the senses of the family at this time. At the same time, according to the media report, in this weekend, actress Devolina Bhattacharjee can be homeless from home in double aviation.


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