Friday’s Bigg Boss episode saw some fierce battles. In one of the recent episodes, Rubina Dilaiq was very angry and disappointed with her friend Rakhi Sawant’s behavior during a task. On the other hand, Arshi Khan had a fight with Ali Goni on the question of winning their second task.

The bygone task continued on Friday as well with Ali, Rubina and Nikki Tamboli winning. However, Arshi and Rakhi were upset that Abhinav Shukla did not favor them. Meanwhile Arshi even started crying and asked Abhinav why he wanted to win this task to Ali instead of Arshi?

Along with this, Rakhi Sawant was also seen crying during the show. At the same time, she was seen saying to Vikas that Abhinav does not respond to his feelings and even he does not save them during the task. Meanwhile, there was a sharp note between Ali, Rahul Vaidya and Arshi.

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During this, Ali said, “Don’t count me down today. The development was right.” When Arshi asked him whether Vikas said? Then Ali said, “He was speaking right. What did you say? How did you win Ali? Anything can do for the game.” He further added that he never insulted anyone and wanted the same kind of respect for himself. Rahul also asked Arshi not to talk about friendship any more.

Later Ali and Rahul are seen explaining to Rakhi that they should not cry over such trivial matters. Along with this, he also told Rakhi that Abhinav would never prioritize their friendship.

At the end, Rubina also starts crying distressed when she comes to know that Rakhi pulled Abhinav’s pulse during the previous task. Vikas said that Rakhi may be playing the character that was given to her. On this, Rubina told Vikas that such action cannot be a part of the task. Let me tell you that Rakhi and Rubina’s thinking in the show looks very different.


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