On the day of reality show Bigg Boss 14, new controversies are seen. At the same time, when Bollywood drama Queen Rakhi Sawant is inside the house, there is bound to be a ruckus. Recently during a task, Rakhi announced her marriage to husband Ritesh. He also tore the letter written by the husband’s hand. Rakhi says that she has not got the right of a wife. Rakhi has said many such things about her marriage in front of the family, whom you will be surprised to know about.

Actually, Bigg Boss offered the family to fulfill one of his heartfelt wishes. But instead, he also gave them a difficult task, under which they have to destroy something related to an emotion in exchange for fulfilling their wishes. In this task, Rakhi was told that she would tear the letter sent by her husband and throw it in the dustbin. Hearing this, Rakhi says that her emotions are clearly related to this letter. Rakhi said that ‘they call me sweetheart, I love my husband. I have married from heart but we have not met for 2 years after marriage. I do not think I have even found a happiness from them ‘.

Rakhi Sawant said that ‘My bond is not like Rubina and Abhinav. Marriage is my bag, it is. Whatever I said on this show, I would have known her earlier if I had not married her ‘. She also said that she will break the marriage as soon as she leaves Sha. Rakhi says that ‘I do not have the right to spoil the life of a woman and a child for myself. I do not need this letter ‘.

According to Rakhi ‘He has not given me anything which a wife should get. The right of a wife does not end on jewelry itself. While the housemates were shocked by Rakhi’s shocking talk, Ali was seen saying that Rakhi had told her many times that this hand-written letter was not her husband’s.


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