Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Mahajan opens big secret regarding Rakhi Sawant's husband, video is going viral

Recently, Arshi Khan has become homeless from her house during the weekend of the weekend shown. At the same time, the tussle between Rakhi and Rubina is constantly increasing. But among all these, a very interesting thing has come out in the show. The show’s makers have released a promo about this. Colors has shared this promo video on his official Instagram account. There are many such things in this video which are not only increasing the interest of the audience, but people are also constantly discussing about it. The promo video is being well liked on social media and fierce reactions are also coming out on it.

Rahul Mahajan told the truth
about Rakhi’s husband Ritesh Rakhi Sawant is seen in this video of about a minute. Rakhi is eating fruits sitting in the Samvat Garden area, when she makes a comment about Rahul Mahajan. Rakhi looks at Rahul Mahajan and says that you talked to my husband. That is when Rahul answers the question that I had called him but he said that I am roaming on Versova beach and will call later. After this, Abhinav Shukla is seen laughing very loudly in the video. On hearing this, Rakhi reverses and says that she is an NRI. After this Rahul Mahajan replies that I believe he is an NRI but he has a passport copy or photo.

In the fun
video with Rahul’s Rakhi, Rahul Mahajan repeatedly says that you don’t take Riteish’s name. On this Rakhi turns back and says, I would send Ritesh only to support me. Rahul then taunts that his wife would kill him. Then Rahul further says that now I will get you married and will read all the mantras accordingly. I will bring you a model from France, that blue eyed model too. After this Rakhi turns back and says that I want a businessman. Then Rahul Mahajan says that if you marry a young boy, you will remain young.

In the promo video, the audience is very fond of this light-hearted spat between Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan. This promo video is being highly liked on social media. What is behind this whole incident will be known only after watching the entire episode.


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