Bigg Boss season 14 has got its first confirmed contestant. Seniors have found Nikki Tamboli better than the rest of the family and they have been given many types of power. In Saturday’s episode, Siddharth-Gauhar-Hina unanimously raised their voice in favor of Nikki and made her an unbreakable part of Bigg Boss house. But Nikki got this victory, sharing the opinion of the fans on social media. If many are telling this the right decision, then many seniors are accusing them of partiality.

Debate on social media regarding Nikki

Ever since Bigg Boss has started, Siddharth Shukla’s Nikki Tamboli has seen excellent bonding. Now it would be wrong to compare Nikki with Shehnaaz, but in a short time, Nikki has also made a place in Siddharth’s heart. On many occasions, Siddhartha is openly supporting him. In such a situation, now that Nikki has got such a huge power, many users feel that Siddharth’s inclination is more towards Nikki. A user writes – being stubborn and selfish is one thing, taking a stand is another thing. Nikki falls in the first category. Winning the first task was also sacred. But son-in-law has a Nikki favorite. 

Who is right, who is wrong?

But Nikki’s fans are replying to all such tweets, in whose eyes they were sure to win. One fan has tweeted defending both Siddharth and Nikki – Nikki Tamboli was disturbing. None of the seniors sided. Nikki alone did all the work. If you look carefully, it will be known that everything was revolving around Nikki. At the same time, another user does not like that everyone is trying to surround Nikki. She says – why hate Nikki so much. That prisoner is fighting for himself. The one who is coming in the mouth is speaking, if someone comes to debate, he does not give any emotion, the task is doing well. If it is selfish, there is nothing wrong in it.

Now it is known that Nikki Tamboli has molested everyone in Bigg Boss house. If they have to get their goods, they will still be seen raising their voice, if they do not have to do any work, they will still speak openly. This quality of hers is making her a favorite of seniors, due to which she is standing in the eyes of the contestants.


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