The first evacuation took place in Bigg Boss 14’s house on Monday. Sara Gurpal of Punjab became the first evicted contestant of the house. Before this process, all the contestants had to nominate each other for eviction. In this process, Nikki Tamboli took the name of Abhinav Shukla. But listening to the argument he gave about his nomination, the rest of the contestants lost their laughter.

While nominating Abhinav, Nikki said- ‘I want to know them, but since Rubina has come inside the house, she has been lost somewhere. Do not participate in any conversion. Even things are not happening with them, but I sincerely wish that I should understand them. But I want to be so clear that I want to know your personality and want to be friends with you ‘.

On hearing this argument of Nikki, Siddharth Shukla could not stop himself and laughed. He jokes to Nikki – Abhinav and Rubina have just got married. Both are very happy. There is still love in both. Abhinav and Rubina themselves laugh at this.

Well, Nikki Tamboli has become the first confirmed contestant of the house. At the same time, the remaining sword is still hanging on the remaining contestants including Abhinav Shukla. All two are confirmed contestants who will have to work hard to get confirmed. Salman Khan has also instructed Abhinav for entertainment in the show.



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