The TV reality show Bigg Boss 14 has reached the finale. In such a situation, the infighting among the family has increased to reach the final episode in the house. Along with the fighting, new twists and turns are being seen in BB house. At the same time, to increase the interest of the audience, the makers are seen to increase the difficulties of the contestants of the show. Recently it has been revealed that Nikki Tamboli is going to get a big offer on this show, they will have the chance to quit the show with six lakh rupees. This offer is being given to them to fulfill one of their demands.

In fact, recently a new promo of Bigg Boss 14 has come out, in which it is seen that Bigg Boss has given the family a chance to fulfill one of their demands. But to get this demand made, Big Boss will also put a tough condition in front of the family. In this promo it is seen that Nikki has cried and cried to the Big Boss that she has not seen her mother for 5 months, to introduce her to her mother. Other members of the house are also seen asking for something from Bigg Boss.

Instead of meeting the demand, Bigg Boss has placed a condition of fulfilling different tasks in front of the contestants. This is not a minor condition but is very difficult, under this, Nikki has got an offer that she can go out by quitting the show after taking 6 lakh rupees from the prize money. Nikki is shocked to hear this, though she is not told what her decision will be.

It is seen in this video that Bigg Boss has placed a bet in front of Rakhi to tear down the letter sent by her husband Ritesh. On this, Rakhi says that she loves her husband very much and he has married heartily.


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