The mother of Bigg Boss 14 contestant Vikas Gupta has said that she wants to meet her son. She says that she wants to forget everything and move forward happily in life.

Vikas Gupta recently claimed in an episode of Bigg Boss 14 that his parents want to take his property. A few days after this, her mother Sharada Gupta said that she wants to “forget everything and move forward happily in life.” Earlier this week, Vikas claimed that his parents would not publicly go against him as he wanted his property.

Meanwhile, while talking to the Times of India, her mother said, “Fighting takes place in every family and it is completely normal. I want to meet my son and surprise him.”

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Earlier, he had also told a website Spotboy, “I don’t understand what Arshi Khan is talking about. Yes, I talked to her two-and-a-half years ago, but then we had any such personal conversation. Didn’t happen, which she is using against Vikas. I don’t know maybe she can have a game plan. But I have no conversation with Arshi about which she is blaming Vikas and trying to make it an issue Still working.

However, Vikas had said, “I asked him to sell his house in Dehradun and also said that he should use it for his treatment instead of giving me the share.” I had no other option, I had a loan of 1.8 crore. “He also claimed that his parents are not going against him publicly, as they are eyeing his ‘assets’.

Speaking to Ali Goni during the show, Vikas had said, “Think of the things I have gone through, my parents said directly that if we openly support Arshi in front of the media, then we will not be able to participate in Vikas’s property.” . I’m sorry to say this and God forgive me but usually children don’t go in front of parents! ”

Meanwhile, Sharda is seeking votes for her son on social media.


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